How I prepared for NMAT

How I prepared for NMAT

Tips from the topper itself


Who can offer you better tips on how to prepare for NMAT than those who have grind themselves, have cracked NMAT earlier.


Here’s an NMAT Preparation Guide for you by our experts:

How did I prepare NMAT?

When you are giving mocks of NMAT, you must pay appropriate attention to all sections. Here are some other preparation tips for NMAT that you must keep in mind:

* Start your NMAT with basics that you have already prepared for CAT. You can also refer to Cetking books that are prepared by many subject experts.

* Beware of using too many reference books. Use the ones that cover maximum syllabus and suit your learning style.
* It can help you to score more by indexing topics in order of priority or weightage they carry in NMAT.
* Grill yourself into the basics until all your fundamentals are very clear as NMAT is specifically designed to test how well students have grasped the topics and how they apply them to a given set of problems.
* Revise, practice using NMAT MOCKS, check solutions from them, seek help where needed and revise and practice again.
* Time management is an important factor in NMAT. So, while solving mocks, keep an eye on your watch too. If solving a question is taking too much time, mark any answer (since there is no negative marking), & move on.

* A customized plan for NMAT preparation can go a long way in scoring good marks. You can design your study plan by keeping these points in mind too. Don’t forget to allot some time for recreation and exercise too. And at least six hours of sleep!!!!


These article is prepared as per tips given by Shayaan, NMAT 2015 topper.

His marks are as follows:-

Overall scores:- 231 & 216 (two attempts)

Quantitative Ability:- 95 marks

Verbal Ability:- 61 marks

Logic Ability:- 75 marks

On exam day….

When you go for your exam, ensure that you carry the following with you:

Primary ID

Secondary ID

Admit card

Confirmation email

Photocopy of primary ID: The test centre staff will retain the photocopy of your primary ID for their own record.

The test centre staff will return the copy of your admit card to you after signing and stamping it. Make sure that you retain the same because you will have to carry the same copy for later attempts of NMAT, should you wish to attempt more number of times.

                                        May the course be with you.

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