5 most common Case Studies GDPI

How to crack Case Studies GDPI
Sample here are 5 most commonly repeated case studies

Example 1 HR Case Study
Ashish is a Vice President in a construction equipment company in the city of Mumbai. One day, his subordinate Bhonsle requested that Kale, a project manager, be transferred to the Chennai office from the Mumbai office. In Chennai, Kale would work alone as a researcher. Bhonsle gave the following reasons for his request: “Kale is known to frequently fight with his colleagues. Kale is conscientious and dedicated only when working alone. He is friendly with seniors, but refuses to work with colleagues, in a team. He cannot accept criticism and feels hostile and rejected. He is over-bearing and is generally a bad influence on the team”
Ashish called upon Gore, another project manager, and sought further information on Kale. Gore recalled that a former colleague, Lakhote (who was also Kale’s former boss) had made a few remarks on his appraisal report about Kale. In his opinion, Kale was not fit for further promotion as he was emotionally unstable to work in groups though he had seven years of work experience. Lakhote had described Kale as too authoritative to work under anyone. Lakhote had further told Gore that Kale had an ailing wife, and an old mother, who does not want to stay with his wife.
Q. How do you propose to solve this problem?

Example 2 (HR):
In a company Cancona, a woman is facing some problem as she is the only working member in her home. She takes frequent leaves and is quite insincere in her work. She is not able to deliver quality in her work. Her husband is idle and does not support her and asks her to continue her job. She does kitchen work, takes care of her kids and also works in the office. You are the manager of this company, so how will you solve her problem.

Example 3 (Expansion)
ABC is a famous south Indian food chain specialization in dosa and relation food items. They are planning expension strategy into North India. Please help them devise the roadmap.

Example 4 Business Case
A manufacturing company is suffering heavy losses and its sales have dipped substantially. You are the head of the team and have to discuss various reasons for the same. The team is also supposed to suggest possible solution to the identified problems.

Example 5 (HR ):
It was the end of performance review cycle for the year 2018 when you asked your subordinates about any problems they were facing. One of your subordinates named Natrajan told you that an important member of his team, Vardarajan, who had also won the best performance award for the year 2011, was not taking interest in work. Despite Natrajan’s counseling, no change was noticed in Vardarajan, rather his attitude deteriorated. You had also received such information from other employees. You had not interfered hoping that Natrajan, an experienced hand, would be able to solve the problem. But now that Natrajan himself brought this to your notice, you are supposed to solve it.
Q. What solution do you suggest with the appropriate course of action?

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