How to get maximum from your exam preparation?

How to get maximum from your exam preparation?

How to get maximum from your exam preparation?

Your objective must be learning the problems in such a way so that on encountering similar ones in the main test you recognize what must be done.

Things that you must mind:

1. Memorizing should be the last thing:
The problems that you do right now might not appear on the test for sure. So to do a particular problem it is a must to develop iterative steps and understanding that specific approach towards solving that stuff. Track out your way through the problem in the real test.

2. Don’t fret about getting each and everything right:
At times it might happen that you would get stuck when you know the stuff but are not getting the answer right, it is a better choice to take an educated guess quickly and carry on.

3. Don’t stress if you couldn’t solve all the problems:
Your goal must be to learn the trick and shortcut for every problem that you are solving. Your thought process, your analysis talent and your presence of mind are the most important factors that save you the horror of a bad exam.

What you must actually do instead!
1. After getting your basics of a particular topic or any sub topic (say quadratic equations, arithmetic, modifiers etc.) at hand make sure to try out 2 to 3 problems from that area. Start first with feel good problems and move on to the medium ones; don’t immediately jump to the harder one’s as they might discourage you.

2. Try to inter-mix a few topics or subtopics say a group of 4 or 6 and then go about solving them lot wise. It’s proven that when you group up or intertwine things you learn better. Say you group up quant, grammar, SC and PS and solve problems only in this domain you will find better work done.  

Next comes Reading comprehension!
You might find it a tedious something on seeing 5 questions after reading a long passage. So the trick is to do the passages with 2 to 3 questions in one lot and those which have more no. of questions must be split into 2 thus making your task easier.  When it comes to doing passages take your own time and go with the flow!

A few more words of wisdom!
1) Make use of flag to mark the pages so that you don’t have to waste your time on browsing through each and every page when you’re shortfall of time.

2) Always remember to interleave various topics, which might feel harder at first but you learn a lot at the end.

3) Don’t forget to make a scrutiny of the problems that you finish before starting anything new.

Happy studying people!

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