How To Improve Logical Reasoning

How To Improve Logical Reasoning

LR cat 2016

LR cat 2016

Logical Reasoning
when I started with my CAT preparation Logical reasoning was something I thought would be simple to crack.Just do some brain teasers and math puzzles and life is sorted.So I started with some brain teasers from internet, blood relations,coding decoding,ranking test. These topics made me feel good as I could solve them very easily and I thought I am master at LR so with full confidence I took first LR test and was shocked to see the kind of question as I could solve none.This is when I realised that LR for CAT is completely different and I have start with a new approach.

How to get started:
I started my preparation by solving small puzzles on sitting arrangements,though sitting arrangement questions are not usually asked in CAT exams but it helped me to identify data, find links and connections in the data provided.when you solve LR questions make sure you jot down all important data, make tables as and when required and try to find connections between these information doing this would make your work simple.Usually all LR question contain some clue just read the question carefully you will definitely find some clue.These few strategies really helped me to crack puzzles. Once I got comfortable with this I moved on to difficult puzzles on games and tournaments and shares.These two topics are very difficult so I made habit of solving atleast one question on these topic everyday and doing so help me gain confidence in it.
During my preparation I made certain points which helped in solving Logical puzzles:

1.Some questions are so confusing that you tend to assume some data.never do that every time I made assumption I got wrong answer…
so avoid assumptions.

2.Read the question carefully.As I said earlier every question contain some clue which will make solving puzzle easy.

3.set timer for every question you solve. every question should take maximum 15 mins.If you find that certain question is taking more than 15 mins its better that you leave that question.

4.Draw tables and venn diagram if required because tables and venn diagram are the more organised way of noting down information.

5.some questions contain words like “all” ,“some”,“only”,”if only”,“none”, “other than”, “unless”.Pay close attention these words.
these words might simplify your question.

Ways to prepare:
There is no shortcut or trick for Logical reasoning as you have it in quants. Only thing that helped me is solving previous years papers,taking mocks on weekends to check how good my preparation is and analysing the mocks.analysing mocks helped me to know where I am lacking, and it helped me to improve my weak areas and I made sure that I don’t repeat the same mistake again.sometimes solving logical puzzles made me bore so I would to switch to solving crosswords or sudoku. This helped me in improving my reasoning skills and speed.

Books and study materials:
I used book by Arun Sharma for Logical Reasoning.Here I found varieties of question which made me familiar with all kind of puzzles.Along with this I also referred to CETKing books. CETking provide books in three phases ie. basic medium and advance.
This structured approach helped me lot in my preparations and this is how I prepared for Logical Reasoning. hope this helps you as well to Master LR and crack CAT. At times things might get difficult and might not work out as you want it to.. just stay tough and never give up and remember you were
never born to be average so just give your best short at whatever you do….

All the best.
Arjun CAT 99.4%ile.


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