data interpretation

How To Improve Score in Data Interpretation Part of all Competitive Exams

data interpretation

Data Interpretation as the name suggest requires good interpretation and analysis skills.It isn’t as scary as it sounds all it requires is hang of quick calculation and you crack it.Data Interpretation is a part of all MBA entrance exam to check how well you can read and apply data an a manager sections in DI, there are three sections in DI the difficulty level may vary depending on the data given.
Bar graph
Line graph
Pie chart
Tips on how to manage DI
Read the given data carefully don’t assume anything. Be clear on what is asked. Check the given options, if the values given in the options are not very close use approximation this will help you save time. If some question requires more time and effort it would be wise to leave that question and come back if possible.

Math basics required for DI
If you are lucky enough you might get visual DI which does not require much calculations but most of the DI questions are usually calculation intensive.Topics like ratios,percentages and averages are intensively used in DI so make sure you know them well. Knowing squares of numbers till 30 will help you in calculations. Vedic mathematics does wonders in multiplication of large numbers which will
help you save time.
Just keep practising as many questions as possible to get comfortable with calculations.
Get your hands at some shortcuts tips and tricks.set timer for each question you solve this might be difficult in the beginning but eventually it will help you develop speed. CETking has designed its study material in three phases basic,medium and advance.The three separate sections will guide you to build your foundation and will make you comfortable in all varieties of questions thus helping you master DI.

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