How to nail NMAT

How to nail NMAT

Preparation tips for test


The NMAT stands for Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test, which is a management entrance test to Narsee Monjee institute located at Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. The NMAT exam is conducted for the purpose of admission in post graduate programme, MBA- Masters in Business Administration.

NMIMS is one of the crème de la crème colleges in india & it being one of the good institutes is a tough nut to crack but its worth the painstaking struggle.

Thus for this very reason we have compiled a list of preparation tips that should help see you through your examination & aid in securing high ranks. Prior to delving into the tips its important to understand the general syllabus & what the examination actually measures.

Tips for NMAT

In NMAT entrance exam, there is no negative marking!!!!!

Quantitatively ability, Verbal ability, Logical Reasoning. Being one of the competitive exams, the level of difficulty of most of the questions range from easy to Medium & few handy questions range from medium to difficult.


32 questions in 22 minutes…

Too many questions in too less time

  • Try to skip RC’s at first 7 attain easy questions like antonym, synonym, FIB’s etc. then if time persist, try to attempt at least 1 or 2 RC’s.
  • Quite less probability to revisit already attempted question. Thus just tick-off all un-attempted question, as it does not have any negative markings.

Quant + DI:-

  • 48 questions in 60 minutes. Roughly 3-4 sets of DI may appear, may be calculation intensive. Again the same suggestion, don’t get stuck in same question.
  • Practice as much calculation, specially inverse ratios. Try to seek those questions which take few minutes, easily solvable. The one’s which takes more time, just write the trick, & then come back again to do calculations.

Logical reasoning:-

  • This section has 40 questions and 38 minutes. Topics like sequences and series, arrangements, puzzles, coding- decoding, direction sense, blood relation based questions, weakening, strengthening, assumption based questions has appeared.
  • Brush up all your shortcuts & formulas very well.

Have proper sleep & reach the centre before time, as they have a very long procedure of verification.

Best of luck!!!

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