How to prepare for SBI PO GK Section

How to prepare for SBI PO GK Section

How to prepare for SBI PO GK Section

Major question faced by students preparing for entrance exam for SBI PO is how to prepare for SBI PO GK (General Knowledge).

Gk is of double importance
(1) it will not only assist you to score very high marks in less time
(2) it will also help you to perform well in Group Discussions and Interviews.

GK in SBI PO has always been taken at the lighter side by many of the candidates not realizing that how major it can be as its a competitive exam. This page provides you effective and important tips for How to Prepare GK for SBI PO.

Major Topics covered in SBI PO GK syllabus are:
The area of General Knowledge Questions in SBI PO is very broad however if one can start his preparation in a pre-planned mode and focused on all the topics mentioned here in a organized manner, we can reassure you that you can constantly resolve more than 90% queries asked over in General Knowledge Question papers of different competitive exams. The important topics which are covered under General Knowledge Questions are:
1 Physical Geography
2 Indian and World Geography
3 Indian and World History
4 International Organizations
5 Everyday Science
6 Awards and Honors
7 Indian Economy
8 Indian Polity
9 Constitution
10 Current Affairs
11 Other Miscellaneous GK
12 Current Affairs

Go through following questions asked in SBI PO to get an idea about what kind of questions are asked in SBI PO GK section.
If you score 00 – 05 = poor score
If you score 05 – 10 = poor score
If you score 10 – 15 = poor score
If you score 15+ = poor score

1. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is located in : Tripura
2. According to UN, India will surpass China’s population by : 2022
3. Capital of Bihar : Patna
4. Capital of Seychelles : Victoria
5. Minister of steel : Narendra Singh Tomar
6. Ringgit is currency of : Malaysia
7. International Day of the Girl Child : 11 Oct
8. In currency of IMF i.e. SDR what does D mean : Drawing
9. India recently lost a case at the WTO against which country : US
10. OECD Headquarter : Paris, France
11. President of Mauritius : AmeenahGurib-Fakim
12. Nanda Devi mountain range is located in : Uttarakhand
13. Michael Clarke is related to which sports : Cricket
14. DipaKarmakar is related to which sport : Gymnastics
15. Ramayana Mahanveshanam composed by VeerappaMoily is in which language : Kannad
16. What is the PradhanMantriSurakshaBimaYojana partial disabiptycover : 1 Lakhs
17. The first driverless train received by Delhi Metro from : South Korea
18. City topped in Swachh Bharat Rankings : Mysuru
19. The Ukai Dam is located on which river : Tapti
20. The famous musician, singer BhupenHazarika belongs to which state : Assam
21. Sajjangarh Biological Park is located in : Udaipur, Rajasthan
22. First female speaker of LokSabha : Meirakumar
23. Film City near Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located in which city : Mumbai
24. The Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary : Uttar Pradesh
25. Life insurance scheme for both Husband and Wife by SBI is : Smart Hamsafar

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