IBPS 2015 analysis preliminary exam

IBPS 2015 analysis preliminary exam

IBPS 2015 analysis first cut analysis of day 1. Do check this page later for detailed analysis later.

IBPS prelims day 1 was very easy paper… easily expect cutoff to touch 50…

Ideal recommended time per section in IBPS 2015:
Quant 20 mins and do 20 questions
Verbal 15 mins and do 20 questions
Reasoning 25 mins for 30 questions
Target minimum 60 to 70 questions to clear the cutoffs

Minimum IBPS 2015 expected cutoffs:
Quant 6
Verbal 6
Reasoning 10
Overall 48

Remember to pick up all easy questions first as there are many questions which are there to break your speed.. so avoid them and focus on easy questions..
Ideal minimum attempts should be atleast:
Quant 12
Verbal 12
Logic 20
Overall 65

Overall easier than last year ibps.. full of arithmetic no geometry.
Quant questions breakup in ibps 2015 prelims:
Percentage 3
Avg 3
Mix 2
Series 5
PnC prob 3
Time work 3
Tsd 3
For scoring in quant atleast pick up easy data comparison and arithmetic questions which are easy to solve first leaving all heavy time taking topics like equations Permutation Combination and time speed distance for the end.

Overall easy with very less RC as compared last year ibps.. loads of Vocab based questions

Verbal questions breakup in ibps 2015 prelims:
Grammar 5
RC 5
Para 1
Fill 5
Vocab 1
To score in verbal do all Vocab grammar and paragraph based questions before jumping to RC.

Logic section
Easy to medium questions. Two sitting arrangement questions one easy and one medium.

Break up of reasoning questons
Sitting arrangement sets easy 5 medium 5
Coding 5
Verbal reason 3
Relation 4

Sitting arrangement puzzles.. keep that for the end as it will take long time to solve. Pick up all coding decoding deductions syllogisms questions first.

Final word
Every slot and day exam of IBPS different so you might get different set of questions.

Never get touchy in IBPS about any question and hence do not waste time if you are not able to crack it within 1 min. We have seen, many candidates this year get stuck with questions like RC, quant or seating arrangement/puzzles in reasoning part and waste precious time on these. Never do that. If you feel that you might get stuck, leave it for second round.

Read how to attempt IBPS 2015 paper tips here.. http://www.cetking.com/last-minute-tips-ibps/

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