IIFT exam dates snapshot
Exam date: December 2, 2018
Last date to buy: Sept 15, 2018
format: Paper and Pencil based test
Sectional cutoffs: not clear
IIFT Intake: 420
Applicant: 60,000
Sections: 6
Campus: Delhi, Kolkata and Kakinada

How to prepare for IIFT exam


Here are some last minute tips for the candidates to crack IIFT exam

1. Practice with a stop watch:
First and the most important point to keep in mind while appearing for competitive exams is to manage time. If you are still wondering how you would manage your time and solve all the 200 questions that you need to solve in the four hour time period, the only option you are left with is to keep a stopwatch by your side and practice regularly.
finalise before hand how much time you are going to dedicate on each section. Quant Verbal Logic DI.
This strategy video on Cetking App will help you – Inc score by 10 marks in IIFT
2. Focus on Important Topics:
List down Important Topics and make sure you study those topics and practice a few of each of these questions.
Quant – Arithmetic and Geometry
Verbal – Vocab and Grammar
Logic – Coding, Series, Puzzles

3. Dont work on your weak Areas:
It is very easy to go along well with your strong areas, but it is the best to work on your weaker areas and give it your best shot. Unfortunately we dont have time to practice on the weak areas so dont get bog down by negative thoughts. focus on your strong areas only in last few days.

4. Don’t Overburden Yourself:
It is important not to overburden yourself while preparing for the examination. This is most important requirement for maintaining focus and concentration. Do watch a motivational movie one day before exam to calm your nerves.

5. Revise entire syllabus into Small Parts:
It is difficult to revise entire syllabus at one time. The syllabus of IIFT is too vast. Hence, classification proves better for reducing vastness of syllabus.

6. Apply Shortcuts and Tricks:
Speed is the key for the IIFT exam. This is one such practice which allows the candidates to solve questions in less time and boost confidence in the candidates. They could take suggestions from the coaching classes or take inputs from the mock question papers or guidebooks from which they prepare. Finding a pattern for any question could turn out to be gold for the candidates. At the time of revision, it is very difficult to open up entire bundle of notes as time is very less. It is better to use short-term techniques to revise syllabus in minutes. Important formulas and concept should be noted down so that it is very easy and quick to revise.

7. Go Through Previous Year Question Papers:
This will help candidates to have an idea of the examination pattern. Aspirants should practice the papers during the revision time so that they can know the time limit and can practice weak areas. Download last two year IIFT papers from the link below (end of article)

8. Remeber the cutoffs:
Remember there is overall cutoffs of around 47.5 in IIFT exam so play to win. About sectional cutoffs it varies year to year. If the paper is easy do expect sectional cutoffs but if the paper is tough.. sectional cutoffs is not there.. thats traditionally IIFT pattern.

9. Get Ample Sleep:
We cannot stress the importance of sleeping enough! Make sure you are well rested so that your body doesn’t decide to rest at a time you need it the most!

10. And the most Important of all “Don’t Panic”:
The examination is to test the eligible candidate. Don’t panic if the questions are lengthy, apply your strategies and believe in yourself that you will qualify the exam and select for the next rounds.

IIFT syllabus important areas and cutoffs

IIFT 2016 Cutoffs:
Overall 45 to 47 Marks

Section wise cutoffs and attempts:
Section 1 GK good attempts 8 to 10 cutoffs 1.5
Section 2.1 English Usage good attempts 10 to 12 cutoffs 7 (combined for va rc)
Section 2.2 RC good attempts 8 to 10 cutoffs 7 (combined for va rc)
Section 3 Quant good attempts 11 to 12 cutoffs 6
Section 4.1 LR good attempts 12 to 14 cutoffs 7.5 (combined di lr)
Section 4.2 DI good attempts 5 to 7 cutoffs 7.5 (combined di lr)

Section wise
Gk same as last year mix of static and current affairs
Quant easy as compared to last year
Verbal easy as compared to last year
LR easy section part
DI difficult


Download IIFT question papers free

IIFT 2014 question paper
IIFT 2014 question paper cetking solution
IIFT 2013 question paper cetking
IIFT 2013 question paper solution cetking

All you want to know about IIFT
IIFT will be conducting its entrance in November 2015 for 2 years MBA(IB) program for its Mumbai and kolkata campus. It is a paper-pencil based exam for 2 hours from 10 am to 12 pm. The selected students will have to undergo second round which includes essay writing & GDPI.


IIFT Exam conducting body:
The entrance exam is conducted by Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade (IIFT)
Contact Details:
Administration (Section Officer) New Delhi 011-26968315
Administration Kolkata: 033-2443 2453
The IIFT exam scores are only accepted by Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade (IIFT)

Courses offered by IIFT 2016:
IIFT offeres specialisation in International Bussiness(IB).
Two-year MBA (International Business), New Delhi, Kolkata, and Dar-es-Salaam(Tanzania)
Three-year MBA (International Business) (Part-Time), New Delhi and Kolkata
Executive Masters in International Business, New Delhi (18 months)
Certificate Programme in Export Management, New Delhi (4 months)

IIFT eligibility criteria:
Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree of minimum 3 years duration in any discipline from a recognized University/College. Candidates who will be appearing in the final year examination of their Graduation can also apply provided they should submit the proof of the qualification by 07 October 2016. There is no age limit.
Foreign Nationals, NRIs and Children of NRIs can secure admission to IIFT on the basis of General Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) score which should not have been declared before 1st January 2014 and should be received by the Institute latest by 31st March 2016.

IIFT exam cutoffs:
Cutoff in IIFT 2015 is expected to be around 50.
IIFT cuttoff is around 50 every year so this year will follow suit.
For the year 2014 was 48 and cuttoff for years 2013 & 2014 was around 50-52

Seat distribution and reservation at IIFT:
There are around 200-250 seats
Reserved Seats: 23% seats are reserved for Other Backward Class, whereas for Schedule Castes it is 15%,
4% for NRI and Schedule Tribes it is 7.5%.
General category:leaving 150 seats under the general category.

How to apply for IIFT 2016 exam:
1.Visit IIFT officail website
2.click on admission 2016 full time MBA(IB) programme
3.go to apply online (through DD/credit card)

Syllabus of IIFT 2015 exam:

Quantitative Ability in IIFT:
This section may include around 25 questions ,the level difficulty of this section will be high.
Some topics under this section are:
Equations, Ratio, Proportion and Variation
Simple Interest and Compound Interest
Percentage,Profit and Loss
Permutation and Combination
Averages, Mixtures and Alligations
Time, Distance, Work and Heights
Pipes and Cisterns
Special Equations
Indices & Surds
Set Theory
Venn Diagram
Co-ordinate geometry

IIFT Logical Reasoning section:
This section may include around 20-25 questions,the level difficulty of this section will be medium.
Some topics under this section are:
Series & Analysis
Input & Output
Critical reasoning
Visual reasoning
Assertion and reasons
Statements and assumptions
identifying valid inferences
identifying Strong arguments and Weak arguments
Statements and conclusions
Cause and Effect
Matrix arrangements
Family tree problem
Symbol Based problems
Linear word formation

Data Interpretation section in IIFT:
This section may include around 19-25 questions the level difficulty of this section will be medium
Some topics under this section are:
Bar Graph
Line Graph
Pie Chart

IIFT Verbal Ability section:
This section may include around 17-20 questions,the level difficulty of this section will be medium.
Some topics under this section are:
Comprehension of passage
Verbal Reasoning
Contextual usage
Fill In the Blanks
Jumbled paragraphs with 4 or 5 sentences
Foreign language words used in English
Sentence completion
Sentence correction
odd man out
one word substitution
Different usage of same word
Errors in word choice
mania & phobia
Incorrect words
Conditionals & Multiple Usage
Phrasal verb

General Awareness GK in IIFT:
This section may include around 10-19 questions the level difficulty of this section will be quite tough.
Some topics under this section are:
Awards and awardees
International Affairs

IIFT 2015 paper pattern:
Test duration:2 hours
Total questions:118
Total marks:100
total section: 4
section 1: reading comprehension, verbal ability-37 questions.
section 2: logical reasoning-20 questions.
section 3: Data Interpretation, Quantatitive ability-35 questions.
section 4: General awareness-26 questions.
negative marking:1/3 of the marks allocated for the question is deducted for every incorrect answer.

IIFT 2014 paper analysis:
Section 1: part 1 – reading comprehension.
The reading comprehension section was tough & time consuming, two of the passages were 2.5 pages long .
Total question – 17
Marks per question – 1
Total marks: 17

Part 2: verbal ability.
Vocabulary questions were of moderate level,The sentence jumble questions were confusing.
Ideal attempt should be 13 questions.
Total question-20
Marks per question-0.75
Total marks: 15

Section 2: part 1: logical reasoning.
The Logical Reasoning section consisted of sets on matrix arrangement,sequential output, syllogisms, selection criteria and verbal reasoning. there were 4 verbal reasoning questions which were easy.
Total question-20
Marks per question-1
Total marks: 20
Ideal attempt should be 12 questions.

Section 3: part 1: Data Interpretation
The difficulty level of data interpretation varied about 8 to 10 questions in QA had easy to moderate level of difficulty. 3 DI questions were time-consuming. Ideal attempt should be 7-8 questions
Total question-15
Marks per question-1
Total marks: 15

Part 2: Quantitative ability.
There were questions on Arithmetic, Modern Mathematics, and Geometry in IIFT exam. Ideal attempt of section 2 should be 18-20 questions
Total question-20
Marks per question-1
Total marks: 20

Section 4: part 1: General awareness
The IIFT GK section was very simple. Most questions were based on current important events . few questions were difficult. Ideal attempt of should be 10 questions.
Total question-26
Marks per question-0.50
Total marks: 13

IIFT GDPI and essay writing:

Essay writing:
essay writing at IIFT is conducted to know candidates knowledge, writing and time management skills. The content of easy should be clear,descriptive and consistent.Time allocated for essay writing is 20 mins and essay should be of maximum 300 words.
IIFT essay writing topics in the last few years:
“Inclusive growth”
“Discuss measures to improve food security in India”.
“British Raj in India was good or bad”.
“Child rights in India”.
“Should CSR be made mandatory?”
“Moral policing is an obstruction to country’s art and culture”.

Group discussion:
Group discussion is very well organised ,the average time given for GD is 40mins. Each group of gd consists of 12-13 members and 2 panalist to judge. Initially every candidate is given 2mins to put forth their views and later there is an open discussion round which last for 15-20 mins.
IIFT GD topics in the last few years:
“Direct Cash Transfer a game changer or gimmick”.
“Media hype of violence leads to increase in crime rate”.
“Working women create an imbalance in the society”.
“Direct Cash Transfer a game changer or gimmick”.
“India vs Bharat, reality or perception”.
“Wiki leaks is a bad form of investigative journalism”.
“Media hype of violence leads to increase in crime rate”.

Personal interview at IIFT:
IIFT PI Personal interview last for around 40-45mins. candidates are usually questioned on their field of graduation, work experienceand and hobbies.They are judge on their general awareness, academic strength and how well they know their themself. The major area where candidates are judge for their confidence & on how firm they are about their views.

Coaching classes for IIFT 2016:
There are many coaching classes for IIFT in India.Always ask for demo lectues,past years results and faculty at the branch office Cetking has launched dedicated IIFT 2016 coaching classes in Mumbai and online.Cetking’s intensive program has helped many students gain entry intop Bschools over the last few years.Exhaustive material(5000 guestions plus) along with one of the most experience faculty makes Cetking one of the favourite couching classes for IIFT entrance in maumbai.Cetking records every lecture for students for review at home. Attend a demo lecture http://www.cetking.com/cat/free-material/kickoff-workshop/

Mock series for IIFT 2015:
Students who are serious about their IIFT preparations should take atleast 20 mocks before they sit for the actual exam. Increase your scores by upto 20 marks with Cetking mock series.Along with the mocks Cetking provides mock strategies which are good enough to help you increase your scores in the exam.See mock programs offered by Cetking here: www.courses.cetking.com

Shortcuts for IIFT 2016 exam:
IIFT exam is a speed game not like college exam where we have to solve only 6 questions in 3 hours.
Speed is the key factor for IIFT 2016.Students can join Cetking shortcuts workshops for all areas of IIFT
e.g. Quants,verbal,logic,data interpretation.Cetking’s intensive workshops are designed to increase
scores by upto 40 marks in IIFT exam.See demo shortcut videos by Cetking:http://www.cetking.com/demo-videos/

Study material for IIFT 2016:
Study materials create a big imapact on your preparations for IIFT exam. Most of the topics in IIFT syllabus are general maths & english topics, but this requires a different approach of preparation for IIFT exam.Students commit general mistake of spending too much time in solving basic level questions which are never asked in IIFT exam.Cetking has divided IIFT prep in 3 phases orange phase(basic level) followed by green phase (advance level) and blue phase for non CAT exams.Which is more then sufficient. You can buy Cetking books online on www.cetking.com/shop