Analytical Writing Test
20 minutes and 1 lined page on the other side of the questionnaire to answer the following 4-5 questions.
1. What are the claim(s) made by Author here?
2. What is the reasoning provided here?
3. Is the reasoning strong or weak?
4. Give reasons.

10 most commonly repeated IIMA – AWT of Last years
1. Social media is has helped in making our world more democratic. It helps politicians reach out to the people. Even people looking to gain traction in politics can share their views and build up popularity helping them enter the political circle. Social media also helps to reach out to people to gather funds. Forums like Facebook and WhatsApp helps people communicate between themselves. (There were more positives of social media which were mentioned which I am unable to recall)
Hence, social media can only lead to a harmonious future.

2. Topic : The #MeToo campaign has been quite an exaggerated one. It is ruining the foundations of our society and worsening the current situation regarding trust on men. These allegations on men, who were respected in the society otherwise, could be disregarded until these numbers become sensational.

3, ‘Chalta Hai attitude of Indians’

4. IITians are offered subsidy for their education and it is taxpayers’ money. They end up taking management jobs and hence it is a wasteful expenditure on them. Write the claim of the author, whether you agree or not and why?
Technology impacts how children think and feel. They tend to think superficially and lose creativity. The ones who spend too much time online tend to lose focus. So they should be kept away from technology till they are 12 years old. We had to take stand for or against it and explain.

5. AWT: The Kannada Development Authority recently protested against the conducting of a Staff Selection Commission recruitment exam in Karnataka and Kerala to fill the posts of clerks, assistants and data entry operators as the exam was conducted only in English and Hindi. The KDA felt that it would put the local aspirants at a disadvantage as they wouldn’t be able to attempt it in their mother tongue. SSC countered by saying that the jobs being central government based, would be subject to transfer to other states, where they would be at a disadvantage. The conducting of a language test before moving to other states is not feasible. Hence candidates should know Hindi to attempt the test.

6. There were strong allegations against the company for using acids above the permissible limits set by foreign authorities in their Kola drink. Whereas there were no such permissible limits set by any governing bodies in India. Due to a high level of acidity in the drink, children were suffering from illness…etc…

7. AWT topic was about how technology and video games in general have negative effects on the learning and grasping power of children below the age of 12 years and how it adversely affects their creativity. The author was of the view that because of these reasons, children should be kept away from technology till they turn atleast 12.

8. The author described about social media being used by politicians to conduct campaigns, fundraisers and even influence opinions. He claimed that social media had made a fair ground for everyone to compete. The author had concluded that the social media has made the world a more democratic place to live.

9. You are the Marketing Manager, who is on leave for 2 days to look after your daughter who is sick, might be because of drinking the same Kola drink. As a Marketing Manager, how would you handle this situation after joining back? What would be your plan of action?

10. Cleanliness is something which the western world follows out of ethics and an efficient waste management system. While some other countries follow it due to imposition of draconian laws. India follows neither- and hence the leads to unhygienic public places. Children follow the cleanliness only if they are taught about it. What India needs is a proper civic education system. But who will impart this lesson? The schools and teachers are neither interested nor are willing to take up the challenge. It seems impossible that cleanliness will be taught to students. We should stop hoping for a Clean India.


IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experiences
Common Essay topics:

  • Direct cash transfer will reduce the problem of leakage in subsidy
  • Organic food, good for individuals, bad for society
  • Imagination is more important that knowledge
  • Of all the inventions and discoveries in the world, which one would you have liked to do/ make and why?
  • Topic: How social are social networks?


[separator] Most common questions asked in PI:
[/separator] 1.question on statistics,economics
2.GK questions
3.work-ex/project work
4.questions regarding to engineering study for Engineering profile candidate

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 1.
“Your school is planning to replace all books in library with digital library. Write a letter to your alma matter expressing your opinion”
No. of Panelists: 2 ( one male Prof. M and one lady Prof F)
M: (Opening the door) so Mr.X kaise hai aap?
X: Wished them and a bit confused whether to answer in English or Hindi. Answered in English.
M: What is the meaning of your name.
X: told
M: So, would you like to answer in hindi.
A: Chalega ( the panel could sense my anxiety)
M: So tell us .about yourself
X: Told ( the prepared one)
M: So, What you do basically in your job.
X: Explained
M: A few more questions from work ex.
X: Told
Now came the turn of female prof.

F : If social service, change and higher job responsibility why not IAS
X: More gyan…..
M interrupted in between
M : So, tell me how will measure the height of building… atleast 3..
X : Explained ( seemed satisfied)
M: Compare IIM A with any third grade MBA college.
X: Tried to be diplomatic ( the panel was smiling all the time)
M: Any questions from your side ???
X : Sir, wanted to know about you both
M: Not required
Overall exp : Chill but I thought the last question just screwed everything……..
Verdict : Converted

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 2.
1. An average WAT
2. A few questions on electronics. Answered 4/5 questions correctly
3. A question on current affairs. Answered correctly, my opinion could have been better

4. Spoke about hobbies, recited one of my better poems. Seemed impressed
5. Overall experience was decent, but not surprised by the verdict
Verdict: Reject

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 3.
Implementation of digital textbooks in government schools of Kerala
Time allocated for WAT- 30 min
No. of Penalists: 2
Q: Do you like statistics?
A: Yes Sir, I am comfortable with it.
Q:Name the different types of probability distributions you know.
A: Binomial, Poisson, Gaussian, Maxwell, Reyleigh
Q: Tell me properties of Normal Distribution.
A: Told in detail (Panelists were satisfied)
Q:Difference between Electrical and Electronics.
A: Told the basic differences in terms of equipment size, operating power,etc.
Q:Difference in Voltage levels of electrical and electronic equipments.
A: Told
Q:Draw a circuit Diagram of Staircase Switching Network.
A: Totally forgot at that time L Still tried for some time till they themselves said it is ok,leave it! ( This is the part I regret L )
Q:What are the various voltage levels of transmission, distribution, etc in India?
A: Told all the levels in detail.
Q:Why is voltage stepped up while transmitting?
A: told in detail again….panel was satisfied
Q:What are the advantages of doing so?
A: Told
Q:Which countries have advanced DC transmission technology?
A: Told a few I knew….
Q:Why is DC transmission technology not used extensively in INDIA?
A: Told the limitations of HVDC….
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of using HVDC technology?
A: Told..also named 5-6 HVDC lines in India…
Q:What do you do in your free time?
A: Told about a few interns I did and cricket.
Q:What do you think about the world cup?
A: Had a nice and long discussion about the matches and the teams
Q:Which teams have a good chance of winning?
A: Gave my opinion
Q: Do you read the newspaper regularly?
A: Yes sir
Q: Tell me a recent news related to Apple?
A: I first answered apple watch..they said wo purana hogaya…something else…told about their profit figure they have published…
Q: Is this Apple’s highest ever or lowest ever profit?
A: Highest ever sir.
Q:What was the exact revenue of Apple in this Quarter?
A: Sir I do not remember the exact figure but can take a wild guess….and took a really wild one
Panelists: Thank you X. Take a toffee.

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 4.
WAT : case study on freedom of expression . should there be limits or not.
2 profs.
Both middle aged
Duration : 15 min
P1: Tell me something about yourself.
Me : Born and brought up in Delhi. Final year of graduation. NSS Volunteer – social involvement. Learning Bharatnatym for seven years. Talked about my two internships – Delhi Metro and gas power plant.
(Could have said more about fests and other stuff)
P1 : Ok . so which turbine is used in this power plant?
Me: combined cycle. Two gas and one steam.
P1: what are the capacities?
Me: told
P1: what is the heat ratio?
Me: I don’t know. (Never even heard the term. I think it is related to mechanical)
P1: cost of generation of electricity?

Me: The bill charges 5 rs per unit. So must be around 3-4 rs per unit.
(Could have talked about transmission and distribution losses and that every plant has a different cost depending on many complex factors.)
P1: which turbine is more efficient? Gas or steam
Me: don’t know exactly but In case of gas turbine, the process is faster due to instant combustion. So, probably gas turbine.
P2: So, why did u choose Bharatnatyam Dance and not any other
Me : sir, initially it was closest to my home that why. But then I really liked it and enjoy it a lot. It is really vibrant. That why
P2: Tell me the difference between Freedom of expression , speech and opinion.
Me: Freedom of speech is a subset of expression. It refers to only verbal expression. Expression is a broader term and can be through variety of means like cartoons, dance, paintings. Opinions are thoughts , they may or may not be expressed.
P2: you have not taken a clear stand. If you have to take a clear stand- should there be limits on freedom of expression or not?
Me: no. there should not be limits. But people must be made aware hat they should use their rights responsibly.
P2: so, the French gov. didn’t do that? That’s why Charlie hebdo happened.?
Me: we as a society learn from our mistakes. And I think this message is clear now.
P1: But French gov. did nothing new in this direction.
Me: But many important people including the Pope have criticized the misuse of freedom of exp to offend a community.
P2: So, you are from Delhi. Do u think Delhi should be given full statehood.
Me: no. it is not practical because Delhi is very small geographically and will not be financially sustainable if made a state. Moreover, lot of central government machinery is in Delhi like the mps and foreign dignitaries visiting. Hence, Centre must have the power to control them.
There are two main reasons why Delhi people want statehood. One is law and order that is the Delhi police is not answerable to Delhi CM. and land issue – state gov. needs permission from center on land usage. DDA is not under state gov.
I think there are better ways to resolve these. Regarding police, one department of police can be made to report to CM. and regarding land- more representation of state in DDA and already some steps have been taken in this direction.
P2: So, is kejriwal mad. Making it an issue.
Me: no sir. There are issues. But full statehood is not practical. A better and middle path solution with devolution of more power to Delhi state would be better.
P1: But, there is even a country which is smaller than Delhi. Which one?
me : Vatican city
P1: how does that work?
Me: It is extremely dependent on its neighbors.
P2: what do u think about CCTV cameras being installed.
Me: I think it is a good step. But it is the second part of ensuring a safe city. It will help in catching criminals. But we can not always wait for crimes to happen to catch a criminal. It needs to be supplemented with more awareness and gender sensitization and similar moves should be emphasized.
(Could have also talked about terrorists and related activities)
P1 : So, what kind of books do you read
Me: it keeps on changing. But recently I have been reading social books about life of people. For instance, the last book I read was
It is about a girl who is of the Al-Saud’s family and talks about her life as a woman in Saudi Arabia.
And before that
It explores the life of common people of North Korea under the dictator during the 1980s and the subsequent famine of 1990s. it is a compilation of interviews of refugees from north Korea by a journalist.
P2: what is Saudi Arabia doing about oil?
Me: It has refused to cut down oil production and because of this, oil prices have fallen
P2: what is the problem in opec?
Me: Saudi Arabia is a rich country with abundant oil and low cost of production. So it can afford to sell at a low price for long. Other countries can’t.
P2: should OPEC break ?
Me: No. their strength lies in staying together because then they can monopolize the market.
P2: why do u think Saudi Arabia is not cutting down production?
Me: told about the shale gas. If oil prices remain low, then exploration of shale gas in unviable and world would continue to depend on oil as an energy resource.
P2: any other reason
Me: market share
If Saudi Arabia cuts down production, it will loose out the market share to other countries like Russia.
P2: How is Russia’s economy dependent on oil?
Me : oil forms a huge percentage of Russia’s GDP and export. And due to the low price, it is suffering a lot.
P2: could this be the reason why USA is asking Saudi Arabia to not cut production?
Me: yes. specially because of the Ukraine – Russia conflict. A lot of other sanctions have also been imposed on Russia.
P1 : so, since you have read about North Korea, tell me something about the Korean war.
Me: the communist powers mainly USSR were supporting North korea whereas USA was supporting South Korea.
P1: year?
Me : 1970s.. I think
P1: sure?
Me: I am not sure sir. Sorry
P2: who is the dictator now?
Me: KIM JONG UN after the death of his father. 94-2011 was KIM JONG IL.
P2: so what are the firsts about MOM
Me : three firsts-
1. First time in maiden attempt
2. First time in least cost
3. First Asian country
And overall it is a very good step
1. Firstly, this allied tech can be used in a lot of places.eg. Communication
2. Then, PSLV is ISROs expertise, and we get a lot of international assignments for the same. It is great.
3. It inspires young kids to take up science
Hence, it is a great achievement for the country
P2: what is the full form?
Me : mars orbital mission
P2: think of some first related to that
Me : (thinking aloud) earths orbit to mars orbit. But that would be done by every rocket. So, I don’t know
P1 : okay thankyou. Take something. Take all three.( there were three things)
Me : thankyou sir, this one is fine ( picked a toffee and went )

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 5.
WAT: NGO asking foreigners not to invest in India as people don’t get good compensation and leads to problems etc
Interview duaration:Two professors P1(30’S) and P2(50’S)
P1: Come X sit dowm
A: Thank you sir
P1: So you are from BITS where are you doing your PS2?
A: Zinnov Mgmt Consulting
P1: But you are from electronics?
A: Yes sir but i developed interest in mgmt and gave the answer of how i developed interest fests and all and mentioned this is the mgmt related company i could get at my CG of 7.7 so took it
P2: So tell us what did others tell about us
A:Spoke only to the girl who just went outside… Nothing much she just said that ‘they are good people'(both started laughing)
P2: Was she even in a state to speak ? what does good mean?
A: Sir it is very relative .. what might be good for her might not be the case for me (both started smiling)
P2: What according to you would be her definition of good?
A:May be you din’t put too much stress on her
A: Yes sir, just told you what could be her definition of good ..may be she was too cooked up sitting from morning in one of the most important inerviews
P2: So do you want tea, coffee?
A: No sir, thank you
P2: Water?
A: Water would be good( P1 takes His glass and P2 pours water in it for me … drank water)
A: Sir can I keep pen on the table?
P2: Yaa sure ,, whats the problem if you hold it in hand?
A: Nothing much but if i get nervous during the interview i might start pressing it and that would create tick tick noise so ( pen was the one which we press) Both P1 and P2 start laughing really loudly
P2: I have been taking interviews for so many years this is the 1st time I am hearing this
P2: So ready?
A: Good to get started
P1: What did they teach you in electronics?
A: Control systems,anaog electronics.etc etc
P1: Tell me a control system in this room?
A: (looked around) AC
P1: Explain its working
A: Told
P2: You told temperature sensor is used which temp sensor is used? is it thermometer?
A: Not aware of it but obviously not thermometer
P1: Tell me what is a first order system?
P1:Draw graph for its responSe?
A: Drew it and explained
P1:what is time constant?
a: told
p1: what is physical meaning of order of a system?
a: told type of energy storing elements as in cap is one type inductor second
p1: but you dint ask we which energy storing element was being used before drawing the graph
A: these graphs are generic and same for a system with a particular order so doesnt make any difference whichever energy storing element is used
p1: so what is damping?
P1:give example of overdamped system?
A: gave example of a door with tight hinges
p1: so draw response graph for a 2nd order system?
A: drew it and explained
p1: what is advantage of a second order system over first order? A: told (Now P2 takes over)
P2: So you are doing internship at zinnov?
A: Yes sir just been 10 days
P2: Ok so what do you do there?
A: Secondary research to find the R&D spending of the companies and capture it as it would be useful in a G500 list which zinnov publishes
P2: What is r&d?
A:research and development
P2: Whats the use?
A: it helps us to know the sustainability of teh company.. blackberry invested in r&d significantly in late 90’s and reaped the fruits till 2008 as leader in the market segment of corporate phones , apple started investing in r&d significantly in 200-2004 when blackberry dint so we can see the effect it has toppled blackberry as leader in corporate phones segment
p2: So does it mean that a companies sales will inc if it invests in r&d?
A: depends on if it is radical r&D or incremental r&d and said something
p2: tell me will it incraese or not?( started shaking his head in disappointment)
A: Can’t be said conclusively
p2: so you cant relate sales to r&d immediately?
A: This is as much i knew .. i am not exactly aware ( p2 to p1 .. see he is not even aware of what he is working on)
p2: why do you publish such a list? do you get money?
A: No sir, its more of a marketing strtergy as no opponent does it and we are only one carrying out such a study
p2: explain in short what u have written in awt?
A: The step by the NGO is rather extreme as if investors dont invest it would hamper our infrastructure and industries, there would be no new jobs and this would lead to additional unemployment and would harm the cause of the eople for whom the NGO claims to be speaking
p2: Are you sure?
A: Yes sir 100%(biggest mistake) ( from this moment p2 starts looking here and there after asking me questions, turnng his chair around constantly shaking his head and mostly not looking at me but looking outside the window, this continues till the end of the interview)
a:sir i can give you an example of what happened in orissa
p2: dont want your examples .. no example can make you 100% sure
a: sorry sir , i thought i can illustrate my point clearly with my example so said so
p2: so is this a fact or an assumption?
a: sorry sir dint get your question?
p2: you dont even know the question.. (gives the awt question sheet back to me) take a look
a: sir i exactly know the question, just confused with your wording as in assunmption in my argument of given one.( he was not interested and his head was down on the table ) ( p2 asked 2 more follow up questions which i answered while he was spinning his chair or keeping his head on the table)(p1 takes over)
P1: What is fdi?
A: told
a: 1. High leve of competition from multinationals might have adverse effects on our local shopkeepers 2. large number of middlemen will get unemployed, need to find something for them too
p1: will tell you a statement.. tell agree or disagree?
p1: fdi in retail wont affect local shopkeepers take big bazaar example?
a: disagree
p1: after big bazaar has opened have you stoped buying from local kirana stores?
a: no sir but before big bazaar if i used to buy 10 items from local store now i probably buy 4 from big bazaar and 6 from local store and so this surely leads to a loss of revenue for them.
p1: percentage fdi in retil? a: i know about defence, insurance dont know exact percentage in retail
p1: what is mnrega?
a: mahatma gandhi rural employment gurantee act (p2’s head was down on the table for the entire time and suddenly jumps up)
p2: i though there in a ‘N’in the name?
A: sorry sir missed Natioanl (now starts looking outside the window)
P1: So does mnrega lead to development?
A: depends sir.. if it is used for infrastructure development like in tamil nadu for building bridges it leads to development but as in case of jharkhand if it is used only to dig wells after wells just to keep the people employed it is not development
p1: so if mnrega leads to development .. why do we need industries? so NGO was right?
A: As i said development claim is debatable and we cant provide everyone employment under MNREGA so we do need industris
Finally P2 rises up
P2: Tell me about your hobbies?
A: Sir I like solving sudoku puzles, watching cricket matches and discussing on national politics with my friends
P2: Ok … thank you .. we are done.. take a toffee
A: (took one).. thank you sir(and was leaving)
P2: X you forgot your pen on the table ? and started laughing
A: Sorry sir, collected it and left

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 6.
WAT: The government has decided to allocate Rs.400 crores to the development of sporting events and activities. The author argues that it is a complete waste of money as the same money could have been spent on health and education(especially in an underdeveloped country as ours). 6 follow up questions.
1st in my panel
Two professors(P1 AND P2)
P1: early 50’s
P2: middle 30’s(alumni most probably)
Both looked in a lively and cheerful mood.
P2 opened the door and asked me to come in.
Me: Greeted both of them Good Morning and P1 asked me to sit
P1: So your nickname is dodo?(I still wonder how they found out)
ME: Yes sir
P1: Why?
ME; Told how i got this nickname and added some stuff about the extinct bird (P1 looked satisfied)
P2: So you are from IIest( previously B.E. College or BESU). So what is the present scenario in your college(academically)?
ME: Explained with some suitable examples to justify my points
P2: So compare betweeen JU and BESU
ME: Told
P1: So your stream is Computer Science and Technology. So what is the difference between Technology and Engineering?
Me: Told(looked partially convinced)
P1: What is computer science(in 1 line)
ME: Told(was an apt answer)
P1: Who invented Computer and what was his nationality?
ME: told the name. Had no idea about his nationality. Told that and then took a rough guess( was wrong)
P1: So is calculator a computer? why/ why not?
ME: Told(P1 was convinced to a certain extent)
Now the disaster starts
P2: What happens when i insert my pen drive into the USB port?
ME: explained
P2: No tell me step by step .How files are transferred,, how stored and so on
ME: Tried my best to explain
P2: Suppose i break my pen drive. what will i find inside it?
ME: memory units and drive modules
P2: Nothing else?
Me: Sir there will be other modules too. However i’m unaware of it
P2: what happens when i delete a file from my laptop. Suppose im PK(now explain)
ME: took two cases. delete and go to recycle bin. and delete from recycle bin itself. Explained .. Tried to atleast.
Discussion went on for nearly the next 5 min (There were questions like how does Cbi retrive information from a computer if all files rae deleted and sorts. Didnt know)
P1: Do you know about projecT PARAM?
me: no
P1: It is some super computer based initiative taken up by the government. So tell me about super computers?what are they?
me: Told. Somehow told the exact definition
Some cross cutting questions
P1: Uve some awards in mathematics. like dat subject?
ME: yes sir
P1: find the expanded solution to (x-a)(x-b)…(x-z)
Me: Told them the normal polynomial expansion algorithm
P1: it is ok. But use some heuristic and answer in 15 sec
Me: I could not..(worst mistake. ans would be zero {x-x})
P1: Ok . go back home and keep thinking
P2: whats four color theorem?
ME: no idea sir (Why god why.. maths has other things too)
P2: So why did you not pursue mathematics
Me: told and also added how cst involves maths too especially computer control if industrial processes
P2: explain how
ME: told about laplace transform. State transition matrix. transfer function
P2: what is a laplace transform
ME: told a partially correct layman definition
P2: Only this much
Me: Also told about Z transform. How s- domain can be transformed to z domain
P2: So do you know about the dispute that happened during 2000’s in the IT industry?
Me: no sir( god… i was only 7 then)
P1:(laughing) he was too young to know. (Good. atleast someone understood)
P2: explained about the dispute
P2: so tell about some recent developments in the IT industry
ME: Google glass
P2: in which stage of development it is
Me: told that production has just started and its still in and experimental stage and consumer market unknown
P2: so you know about its functioning
ME: (frustrated by then) No sir im not totally aware of it
P1 and P2: Thank you…all the best. Have some chocolates
Me: tried to pick 1 toffee. Picked up two and returned 1
P2: you can have both also
Me: no sir. I intended to take 1 only. Thank you
Verdict: Reject

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 7.
WAT topic : Involvement of political parties with student bodies causes unrest and violence in institutions. So, students bodies should not be involved with political parties.
How strong is the argument? Give arguments to strengthen or weaken the argument given with evidences.
(I think I screwed it up big time. I’ll come to that later)
Interview panel consisted of two youngish looking professors.
I entered, greeted them. They asked me to sit down.
P1 – (going through my application) Oh! Another doctor. Why sudden paradigm shift?
Me – Gave the answer. Was cross questioned. I tried to answer but I got this feeling that they weren’t fully satisfied.
Then other professor who was sitting idle till now took over.
P2- Do you follow news regularly?
Me – Um, sure sir.
P2 – international news
Me – I don’t read newspaper regularly but I’m reasonably aware of what’s happening around.
P2 – Alright. What do you know about ‘hxzfthzgzggzg’ (I had/have no idea what he asked)
Me – I don’t know, sir.
P2 – Alright. Tell me what you know. Some recent international incident
Me – I know about recent attack on Charlie Hebdo
P2 – tell me more about it.
Me – told them what I know. Why the attack and stuff.
P2 – what do you think was it a right move by radical group?
Me – definitely not sir. Should never resort to violence.
P2 – then what should they have done? After all charlie Hebdo did hurt their religious sentiments.
Me – (paused for a moment) Um, sir they could have tried to resolve it peacefully. Maybe an open letter of something of the kind to convey their part of the story.
P2 – do you think Charlie Hebdo would have stopped? Given their history
Me – (trapped) No, Sir. I don’t think they would have.
P2 – (Final nail) So, their issues wouldn’t have been resolved peacefully but it’s not right to kill for the same. Then what are they supposed to do?
Me – Sir, what I am trying to say is I’m not that informed or knowledgeable enough to give solution to this issue but I’m sure there is some way this can be worked out. Should never resort to violence.
P1 – let’s talk about the essay you wrote.
(Basically I argued that given argument is fallacious. It has assumed that political party is inherently violent, they promote violence to student bodies, student bodies mindlessly follow them. So many assumptions. Hence it is fallacious. Gave reasoning for every assumption and how it could be wrong. And concluded with saying that only one facet of this situation is given. Advantages of this union, if any, are not mentioned. So, from given arguments it can not be concluded that political parties should not be involved with student unions)
P1 – (cont’d) so, you think political parties don’t promote violence?
Me – sir, I think it’s not wise to generalise based on few examples.
P1 – Alright, how many examples do you need to generalise?
Me – (trapped again. Took a long pause) smiled and said, sir, it’s subjective.
P1 – I know that’s why I’m asking you. How many examples do YOU need?
Me – Um, sir. (paused for some more.)
P1 – Alright. How many examples do you know of?
Me – I know about this incident in this university.
P1 – apart from that?
Me – I don’t know sir.
P1 – Alright. Do you know of any examples where political parties are fighting against each other?
Me – Um, sir I think in maharashtra.
P1 – go on
Me – BJP and Shiva Sena. Some issue related to election. (I know! ‘some issue’ ‘election’. I had to say something. I have been saying I don’t know sir for way too long.)
P1 – (visibly disappointed) you don’t think parties fight?
Me – ideally, it should be healthy clash. Not riots and killing to promote their parties. (I know it’s India but I had to stick to arguments I made)
P1 – (gave up I couldn’t see it was disappointed or what!) Alright. So, you think political parties should be involved?
Me – I am not saying that they should but from the given assumption it can not be concluded that they should be not involved.
P2 – what do you do in your free time?
Me – I watch soaps and read books
P1 – what kind of shows?
Me – medical drama. Thriller.
P1 – tell me few names of medical drama
Me – house md. Scrubs. Grays anat
P1 – what is house md
Me – told.
P1 – why do you like it?
Me – apart from usual reasons, I like it because it portrays the story of fallen hero. I like stories which have fallen heroes
P1 – why?
Me – (instinctively said I don’t know sir) but then tried to explain
P1 – what other shows have fallen heroes that you watch?
Me – Doctor who. And explained what is it about.
P1 – can you tell me the name of actor who played the doctor?
Me – told. From 9th doctor to present
P1 – I used to watch doctor who, too. I don’t think it’s about fallen heroes.
Me – explained how new doctor who reboot is different from classic doctor who and how I haven’t watched it yet.
P1 – do you know any person from India who can be classified as a fallen hero?
Me -( cursed myself for saying the word fallen heroes) took a pause, and said I don’t know. (like I said, my general knowledge sucks to put it bluntly )
P2 – what else do you do in your free time?
Me – I play TT and read books. But immediately I added I play it for fun only. Haven’t participated in any competitions and I don’t have any certificates. (cautious mode. Felt like an idiot after saying it)
P1 – of course. We are not asking for that.
How do you pick your books.
Me – explained about different and new story. Avoid predictable ones. Well written
P1 – which book have you read recently is well written according to you?
Me – Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
P1 glanced at other professor and said, count of monte cristo, sir. I think he approved. At least one thing he approved.
P1 – thank you. You may leave now. Please take a toffee.

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 8.
WAT – a case study on closing all the teacher development programmes and instead, spending the amount saved in building infrastructure like toilets in school.
Wrote a decent AWT, not great though. It was the first time I encountered a case study. Could have been much much better.
Panel No. 2 ( 1 young alumnus around 35 years of age (Call him L), another one was a senior prof (around 55-60 years of age, call him O).
Time : 18 minutes
My panelist was adamant in having short interviews for everybody. They announced it even before the start of WAT that only 20 minutes would be given for each candidate.
I was the 3rd one in my group.
L came out, called my name and asked me to come in. I was clearly overwhelmed by the enormity of the event, I could literally hear my heart pounding (generally, I stay very calm). But, I ensured that I enter the room calmly. Wished good morning to L.
Stood next to the seat, wished good morning to O. He asked me to sit down.
O : You are changing your looks quite frequently ?
Me : Sorry, I didn’t get you sir.
O : You used to have french beard, right ?
Me : ( I was like “again”, this is the 4th interview I am being asked about this). Explained how my DGM asked me to remove it.
L : Didn’t you ask for the company’s policies. How could he ask you for sth like that ?
Me : I said I didn’t ask for that, but even I felt that being a face of an organization, one should be neat and trimmed.
O : Does he have any problem with moustache as well ?
Me : I am not sure about moustache, but he had a problem with my french beard.
L : Pointed to O’s moustache. Said sir you are lucky that you aren’t working in a govt. organization. ( We all laughed ).
O : Do you think Mr. Modi should be asked to shave ?
Me : I said yes, if you go by the same logic. (They again laughed)
This discussion calmed my nerves a lot. Felt at ease.
L ; Tell us sth about yourself
Me : Explained
L : Explain your job profile
Me : Did
L : Why CASA is important ?
Me : Again explained.
L and O then started asking how I convert HNI and corporate clients. They said there is no differentiating factor in the products that banks offer. How you allure clients ?
Talked about importance of service and how it creates differentiating factor. Gave an example of Spicejet ( My client ) and how we got that client from ICICI because ICICI was not offering better services and blah blah
They asked counter questions on this for 2-3 minutes. They looked convinced in the end
L : asked me how we can calculate market capitalization.
Me : ( made the biggest blunder of my life, I thought it’s market share ). Talked about how can we calculate it by profits, revenues, size, no. of customers and what not.. I spoke for 2-3 minutes, but all in vain.
O : biggest bank in the country in terms of market capitalization.
Me : SBI(Right answer, luckily), reason given by me was definitely wrong. (I wasn’t aware that market capitalization is just No. of shares floating in the market*Share price.)
L : Why mba, you are destined to become a manager in your organization.
Me : Explained how it will shape my personality. The knowledge that I would gain help me to create difference in the organization I would be working in ad.
L : ohh, you wouldn’t leave your organization then ? (He thought I only want to work in my organization even after MBA).
Me : No, I will resign and clarified on my before answer.
L : Would you like to come back to your organization again ?
Me : I said yes, why not if given an opportunity. Talked about how BOB has helped me in the last 10 months. Experience, knowledge and etc.
L : Pointed out that I was the topper of my stream, why didn’t you go for higher studies like MSC, PHD in physics.
Me : Gave the answer. Showed them how transition happened.
O : Do you remember anything in physics
Me : Slightly (I said this in extremely low pitch)
O : name a few subjects
Me : Mechanics, mathematical physics, electromagnetics, thermodynamics (My fav. subject, mentioned it in the end)
O : tell me 3 laws of thermodynamics.
Me : I was behaving as if I am finding it difficult to recall, just a little bit of acting :P. After 10 seconds, blurted out zeroth, 1st and 2nd law.
O : Why zeroth is called zeroth law ?
Me : Explained. Took the opportunity to explain carnot cycle as well. ( I was like, you can’t corner me here, it’s my forte).
O : Nodded. Said mention your subsidiary subjects ( I guess he realized that DU didn’t give me a rank on a platter, I did work hard for it ).
Me : I studied economics in 3rd year.
O : Explain income elasticity and price elasticity.
Me : Explained. ( The only thing I liked after thermo was this subject ) Mentioned giffen goods and inferior goods as exception for price elasticity and income elasticity respectively )
O : Explain why giffen goods and inferior goods are exceptions.
Me : Explained
L : Said thank you. Take a cookie
Me : I said no for cookie and took a toffee (Smiled, he smiled back).
Final Verdict : Convert

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 9.
WAT topic
You are a principal of college with 1000 students. A group of students approach you with a proposal to allow opening of a café like Barista on campus. They conducted some surveys – like 90 % students drink tea/coffee daily, 70 % ready to pay at least Rs 80 for good café etc You have to evaluate the proposal, line of reasoning, assumptions etc
Time – 30 min
It was quite an easy case, so I think everyone would have been able to write sth good .
Panel 1: 1 prof , 1 Alum (referring both as P only )
Wished them Good Afternoon and sat down
P: How are you feeling today, then some positive comments on my name.
P: So you completed your engg then left job, what have been keeping you busy since then ?
Me: Sir I have been preparing for Civil services, cleared pre and gave Mains this December and expecting result shortly (then they enquired about the format of mains, how they went etc . I explained the format and told that I am satisfied with my effort and expecting a positive result)
P: How does IIM A fit in the overall scheme of things ?
Me: Explained how the course is relevant to the career of a civil servant, mentioned electives , public systems group at A.
P: If you like Internat. trade then you should study here (i.e. IIFT) it is known for Inter. Trade (both started laughing)
Me: I explained it’s not just about 1 elective but lot of other things. (they look convinced)
P: So you have done your schooling from DPS RKP. What is RK in RK Puram ?
Me: Sir it stands for Rama Krishna, then explained about Ramakrishna Paramhansa.
P: Where did Ramakrishna live ?
Me: In modern day AP (wrong ans) ( both expressed disapproval by shaking their heads)
P: Where did Vivekanada live ?
Me: He meditated and gained knowledge on Vivekanada rock . (again not convinced)
P: Have you travelled anywhere in the country ?
Me: Not much, haven’t got opportunity yet , although spent 9 months in Jamnagar ,Gujarat
P: Tell us about Jamnagar ?
Me: Sir historically it was a princely state , quite rich and now is known for oil sector .
P: Are there any oil fields there ?
Me: No oilfields sir , but it boasts of worlds largest grassroots refinery
P: If there are no oil fields, then why are the refineries located there ?
Me: Sir because it’s located on coastline and near to Arab peninsula from where most of India’s crude oil is imported .
P: From where is imported crude brought to refinery ?
Me: Basically Mundra port , RIL has its own jetty as well
P: Where is Mundra port ?
Me: Told its on kutch peninsula
P: Draw the map of GJ
Me: drew it neatly and marked Mundra and Jamnagar
P: What is a peninsula?
Me: Sir it’s a landmass that is surrounded by water from 3 sides
P: Which sea is located below GJ ?
Me: Arabian sea
P: How flight from Dubai to Ahd takes more time than Ahd to Dubai ?
Me: Explained on the basis of permanent planetary winds ( this discussion went on for full 5 minutes )
(After hearing such a technical answer to a generic question, he asked my optional to which I replied Geography . Thus some geog. related questions followed)
P: What are monsoons ?
Me: Explained that they are a seasonal reversal of winds, derived from Arabic word Mausim , Indian economy depends upon it etc
P: But why does it occur ?
Me: explained in detail about ITCZ shifting, how low pressure is created over N India etc
P: What are NE monsoons ?
Me: told
P: What do you do in your free time ?
Me: Sir I like to follow geopolitical events and have a keen interest in geopolitics
P: What is geopolitics ?
Me: Explained that it studies how geography of a region is linked to its economy and politics and then mentioned how roots of present greek crisis lie in geopolitics
P: How greek crisis due to it … explain ?
Me: explained in detail starting from WW2 to 1991 (some follow up questions which I was able to handle quite well i.e. again a 5 min discussion)
P: But that happened in 1991 why crisis now ?
Me: Told how they were sustaining deficit since 1991 which has now accumulated into unmanageable debt.
P: What happened in 1991 in India ?
Me: There was a BOP crisis where India had only 2 weeks of forex left .So we went to IMF which demanded reforms. Thus India opened its economy by LPG reforms
P: What do you mean by LPG (Liberalisation) reforms ?
Me: Told how custom duties were slashed across the board, license requirements eased , pvt. sector banks allowed etc
P: So we see, you are a proper Delhiite.
P: Why have you written Delhi and not New Delhi ?
Me: Explained that technically even Delhi is wrong, its NCT of Delhi and New Delhi is just a revenue district where all imp govt establishments are located…
P: What does NCT of Delhi include ?
Me: MCD boundaries defined in NCTD act 1991
P: Do you remember anything from engineering ?
Me: Sir although it has been couple of years, still I can try
P: Which is your fav subject ?
Me: Sir IC engines, mechanics
P: Tell us the diff between 3 piston and 4 piston engines
Me: told about v3 and v4, design, balance, spacing etc
P: Diff between petrol and diesel engine
Me: explained in detail (they seemed convinced)
P: What will happen if we reverse the fuels ?
Me: explained (some follow up questions which I handled comfortably ~ 2-3 min discussion)
P: So that will be all….It was a pleasure talking to you. Take a candy.
Me: Thank you sir, pleasure was all mine. ( I started leaving and forgot to leave their pen on table)
P: Plz leave the pen on the table (I apologised and came out)

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator] 10.
Essay Topic: Analyse 2 arguments made by Mr Shah on a new law making CSR mandatory. The 2 arguments were:
1. Some companies might not want to spend part of their profits on certain predetermined activities.
2. The move might discourage companies doing the work voluntarily
Identify assumptions, evidences to strengthen the arguments and then to refute the arguments.
Mine was Panel-3. I was the third to be interviewed.
One of the profs (A) called me in. The other (B) was busy with his tab. Assume that I am D.
A; So, D, what does POWERGRID(my company) do?
D: Told about transmission line construction business, CTU roles of POWERGRID, research in Smart Grid.
A: What is Smart-Grid?
D: Explained Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Net metering and Renewable Energy integration, Power Quality Enhancement, etc. (I explained everything on the rough sheet provided. B was busy with his Tab. A was listening patiently.)
A: Okay. That was quite elaborate. So what do you do as a Civil Engineer in an Electrical Utility Company?
D: Told about my roles and responsibilities in R&D facility development and design, Township designs, etc. I also added that I was involved in CSR activity……
A: Arre wait (smiles), we will come to CSR. Eventually! (Then asked me a few technical questions which I answered)
A: So, D, you have worked in CSR activities, but you wrote a disappointing essay.
D: Sir, I agree. Actually, I have worked on and read a lot about CSR. On seeing the topic, I was excited. I tried to put in all that I could recall through my work and research. And, I was also a bit nervous. And the space was limited, and the time was limited. I have put in many examples.
A: Okay, re-read the case. (Hands over the paper to me-Now B starts looking at me) Analyze the arguments. What does he say about the pre-determined activities?
D: Sir, the Act specifies 9 activities for mandatory spending of CSR. Some companies might not want to spend on any of these areas if those activities are not at all in sync with their business policy. In that case, it would be a –
A: What are those 9 areas?
D: Swacch Bharat, Namami Ganga, National Skills Development Programme, Health and Sanitation,-
A: But Sanitation is covered under Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, right?
D: Yes Sir, the latter is for creating awareness and providing health facilities and providing clean water, etc. I do not remember all the 9 areas.
A: So, what is your say on Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan?
D: Sir, provision of water in villages with no electricity and water facilities is a big challenge. Awareness is also an important issue-
A: How good is the scheme?
D: It is a god scheme. Yet, incomplete without awareness and water facilities.
A: Modi himself is sweeping roads, don’t you think it is enough!
D: Sir, the real motto of Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan is to make India Open-Defecation free by 2019-
A: Only for humans or animals also?? (Smiles)
D: Only for humans, as of now. (I smile back). Sir, if you plot awareness with time as per what Modi is doing, you will get a lot of spikes followed by degradation. (I draw the plot on rough paper. B smiles). This is not sustainable awareness. Instead, you need a total awareness at the grass-root level. (Drew curve of Continuously rising awareness and started explaining how the latter surve is better). Here, both B & A start smiling at me.
B: Okay, What is demographic mix of Malegaon(my home-town)?
D: More than 67% are Muslims.
B: Why is it so?
D: Started with 16th -17th century events when a fort was built. And the masons were from Surat and were Muslims. They settled there and started weaving works. After Famines in North India in 19th century, Muslim weavers from Varanasi, Allahabad came to Malegaon and started Handloom business. During Partition, Muslims from Telengana shifted to Malegaon.
B: Why did they shift to Malegaon? There are so many other places in Maharashtra.
D: Sir, Muslims were already in majority due to earlier 2 events. Post independence, there was a lot of mass movement. Muslims migrated to Muslim majority regions. Hindus, to Hindu majority ones. So, Muslims shifted to Malegaon. That is why, in our local dialect, we have some Hyderabadi touch. (A& B smile)
B: What bout Mollywood?
D: Yes Sir, we have a domestic film industry in Malegaon. Initially, it started with making spoofs of well-known films. Like Malegaon-Ke-Sholay, etc. The industry promotes local talent and gets good response from people. We have started with some original works on contemporary issues. It plays a very positive role in Hindu -Muslim unity in our town.
B: Two years back, a film/documentary was released by Mollywood which was based on some disease and it received critical acclaim at international level. One of the prominent personalities in the movie died of the same disease 2 months after its release. Tell me about that.
D: (Blank face) I don’t know about that Sir.
A: Okay, D, What do you do in free time?
D: (Again took the rough paper and explained with a table, both A& B start smiling) Sir, On Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, I work in an NGO named Prayatna School of Excellence. Here, I am involved in a project to segregate students not according to age but according their learning levels in different subjects. (Now, I thought Harmonium has to be told-I don’t have time. Speak Fast-Darshit-Speak Fast!) (Then, I went into super fast speech mode) Here, We have used 2 dimensional Matrix analysis to work out…… (explaining at length)
A: What was your role in this?
D: Actually, I took this initiative after I had read a case study by Pratham-NGO and MIT based J-PAL. I am doing this project on a pilot basis on a small group of students. It will be put on a larger scale later. Sir, apart from this, I also play Harmonium. (Finally I said that!)I am a student at Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya in Hindustani Classical Vocal. My school is affiliated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad……..(super fast speech mode)….I am also learning to play flute and….
A: OK OK OK. Baap re(In Hindi). Both A&B smile (at length)
A: What is this INSDAG?
D: Institute for Steel Development & Growth (INSDAG) is under ministry of Steel to promote steel as construction material. I was awarded a Gold Medal by INSDAG for innovativeness and creativity in designing modernized railway station platform. It was a team of 4 people. Sir, one of my team mates is currently a student at IIM Ahmedabad-
B: What is his name?
D; Sir, Jay Trivedi.
B: Ok Continue…
D: We came with a design which made 40% material savings.
A: How?
D: Again took the paper. Disbussed the structural system in normal gables. Gave its disadvantages. Explained that we went for Multibrace system. Hollow sections. ….. Torsional rigidity…..cross bracings….(lot and lot of technical stuff…Filled the enire rough paper-Finally I had no place to scribble!)
B: So, why is your name so complicated? What actually is your name?
D: Sir-
A (to B): Look. His name is D. Hariprasad is his father’s name. Right?
D: Yes Sir.
A: Ok D, that will be all. You can take candy (Smile)
D: (Smile) Sure, Sir!
A: (Watches closely) Take 2 if you want.
D: (Started selecting the second one-Which one to choose? ?I took éclairs!) OK Sir
(Both A& B smiling.) Thank You!!

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]

So IIMA interview actually thats been a dream in itself let alone converting it reached at 8:40.
I was number 8 on my panel thts the last was not askin everyone abt how theres went wud hv put faltu pressure on myself just revised some acads n stuff
3 ppl on panelProf 1, prof 2, Prof acads (PA) moi isshtudent (S)
P1: Please come Mr.X have a seat give me ur file..
S: Obliges
P1: So you seem to be a great guy haan??:

(almost laughing) so much in the form
S: Yes sir very feebly.
P1: so you demonstrate bones, right?????
S: (Whts that:wow: ) I am sorry sir???
P1: You hv written it here
S: Sir thats Bone Densitometer its a product I used to sell whe I was at ******** ltd.
P1: what does it do?
S: long mentioned abt osteoporosis, a bone disease because of lack of calcium, smoking and other stuff
P1: (pointing towards P2) should lecture him about smoking
All of us have a light laugh
P1: So what does patient with bad calcium shud eat:
S: eggs and milk preferably
P1: I m vegetarian and consider milk also to be non veg
S: Calcium supplements are available off the counter
P1: No medicines for me
S: (Just forgot banana) vegetables
P1: Which ones
S: I dont recollect sir
P1: ok anyways… so u were in sales for 2 yrs b4 u left…. did u like the experience…
S: loved it
P1: how were ur targets set….

P1: wats ARPU
S: i dont recollect sir( shit yaar ,:( its avg revenue per user)
P1: What were ur 3 major learnings at blue star
S: answered decently
P1: How do u define success for a salesman
S: answered properly
over to P2
P2: so u were in medical electronics
S: yes sir
P2: so what is telemedicine
S:explained properly(had read a lot abt this while working)
Then P2 went into more more specifics of the same… examples… did well
over to PA
PA: so u r an electronics engineer
S: sir electronics and telecommunications engineer
PA: OK, (he structured this question very nicely in laymans language)… how does mobile switch to a particular frequency
S: explained the process…
PA: Ok, diff between transverse and longitudinal waves
S: gave some points , not satisfactory..
PA started getting into very basics of waves… 3d, x y z axis… almost 5-6 min faltered atleast 30-40% of the time… shit man if i cud hv 12th physics book wid me that time … however, tried to smile still…
PA: Lets move ahead…. difference between light and radio waves…
S: Sir light has dual nature and…
PA: wait, consider only wave
S: sir both are electromagnetic waves… howevwer light has much higher freq.. its used in Optical fibres with much better BW…
PA: hmmm…ok
P1: Ok X,,, i think that will be enough… pl take ur certificates.
S: thank you sirs…
P1: btw what calls do u hv…
S: Sir A C I K

P1: OK thank you
Moi almost leaving..
PA: Please help urself with a toffee.
S: thanks sir..
Again the same feeling wat i had after K interview… no idea how did it go…almost 35 min
As for suggestions… do ur acads strongly from a practical point of view… e.g. for me it went into GSM CDMA from a basic phone call… and this was seen in lot of interviews…
So small dream of appearing for A interview over …:)
fingers crossed for big dream… neutral
Stay good puys….

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]

i was first to be interviewed n only girl in my group.
there were 3 panelists (p)
all through my interview they kept smiling n laughing…..n thus i was so comfortable n smiling too.

p: asked abt my college, when establised, all the courses it offers, what r future prospects of my course….
me: gave details …

p: diff b/w rna n dna….
me: answered properly…..

p: asked a lot abt viruses..
me: told briefly…

p: asked abt evolution…..whats the need of evolution…..all theories of evolution…..diff b/w them
Me: answered properly….. and this discussion went on for 10-12 mins. they tried to confuse me lot in this…..bt satisfied at last ( smiled at every answer i gave)

p: asked abt shekhawat……shekhawati ( a place in rajasthan )……similar places in rajasthan.
me: answered all abt shekhawats ( i m a shekhawat) bt couldnt tell abt similar places of rajasthan
p: born n brought up in delhi.
me: yes sir….( wth a sweet smile)
p: then its ok

only 2 panelists were asking n third was busy reading my profile….
and then the third one asked

p: how to find sugar conc. of blood…
me: told in proper sequence….

p: how to find avg. sugar conc. of a month
me: ( i hav nt heard abt any such avg.. stuff) so i said v can only find conc. at any moment…

p: again insisted …..that there should be some way
me: tried bt couldnt. ( later i found tht there is way….. bt mbbs students study these things in details nt we….:( )

p: name all north eastern states of india.
me: answered…

p: what are their capitals?

me: tried….bt doing mis-matches
sir….i do remember the name of places…..bt..
p: bt dnt rememer the exact match
me:( wth smile) yes sir .
p: its ok:)

then they asked me to leave……bt third panelist stopped me and asked this last ques.

p: one last ques…..y mba?
me: told properly…..( this is the only ques i was a lot grilled upon in previous interviews…..bt here no counter ques…..) n rest 2 panelists were nodding there heads as if they are very convinced)

me: i said that i want to work in bio tech n pharma industry only……….then explained a lot……n at last said….”being from bio medical background i can understand things( in this industry) better n can benefit this industry( pharma) a lot.”

p: u wll benefit or u can be benefited…
me: both things r there…

all of them them laughed a lot on this answer…….n then asked me take a toffee n leave wth wide smiles on their faces.

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]

Content wise very good as I knew time was less and I had to finish it soon. However, my writing was very bad.

Hope Panel does not take offence at it.

Personal Interview: (Was the second one to be interviewed. In all my interviews till date, I have been in 2nd/3rd place.)

Panel Intro:

LP: An elegantly dressed, extremely smart Lady Professor around 50. She was considerably articulate and had a little English accent. She seemed to be an HR Professor.

OP: A pretty Old Professor around 55 who was grilling everyone on Interests and General Awareness. He slept for the rest of my interview.

TP: Technical Professor around 40 years of age. He was very casual in his approach.

The Interview was pretty vague and related to almost everything that was either in my certificates or form. Though they did not try stress much, but the range of questions asked made it a mild stress interview. The demeanor of IIMC Professors suggested a more Professional approach than A’s.

OP and TP never hesitated to crack a joke whenever I missed answering something. LP was very cordial and always made me feel at home. It was only due to her that I did not feel any stress at all, though it was her questions that I failed to answer most of the times.
TP comes out and follows me in. I said Good Afternoon to each of them individually.

TP: X, You are working as .. at ..
Me: Yes Sir. A little Intro about Work-Ex..

TP: X what all did u study in Computer Science?
Me: Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Algorithms etc.

TP: What in Data Structures and Algorithms?
Me: Link List, Trees, Sorting Algorithms..

TP: Which Sorting Algorithms?
Me: Quick Sort, Bubble Sort, Merge Sort, Binary Sort.

TP: Analyze the Complexity of Each One of them
Me: Explained about Big Oh notation. Then compared the worst case and average case complexities of all the sorting algorithms.

TP: Have you done the Knapsack problem, n-queens problem in Algorithms.
Me: I covered each one of them, but I might not be able to recollect everything related to them.

TP: Okay, What did you do at your company?
Me: told decently

TP: What is Six Sigma?
Me: The result driven methodology used to improve the quality in the processes and help the bottom-line of the companies.

TP: Why the name Six Sigma is given?
Me: A long discussion for 1-2 minutes. Some cross-questions related to shifting of the mean, standard deviation and more.

LP: Can I take it over from here?
TP: Yes,..

LP: X, You have done Technical Writing..
Me: (Tries to stress my mind when I did it.)

LP: And u have got a good grade in it.
Me: Madam, it was Technical Communication.

LP: Right, So what did you do in it?
Me: Utter crap for 1 minute. It was a course I took in the 2nd year and have forgotten all about it.

LP: (Probably she thought I am serious) So u Studied the structuring of the report. Named the Two theories and asked me to differentiate between them.
Me: Ma’am I have never heard about these theories.

LP: Oh, Leave it No problem.
Me: More crap about Rhetoric, Formal Business Language

LP: X, Why should we not use Rhetoric in Business Reports?
Me: Some explanation of Rhetoric. Language used in Fictions.

LP: So I should say “X, Come Here” and not “X, Please come here and take the seat.”
Me: I think the second sentence suffers from Rhetoric. But this particular usage is due to other reasons.

LP: It is not so. Anyways, what did you do in this course in Management?

Me: Marketing, General Management, Accounting, Quality Measures, ISO standards, 4Ps of marketing, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

LP: Question on 4P
Me: Explained about Product, Place and Price. (Forgot about promotion) Admitted that I cannot recollect the fourth one.

LP: Questions on Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs.
Me: Explained Basic Needs and Self-Actualization Needs. Forgot the middle levels of Hierarchy. Then some cross-questions.

LP: (to OP) Okay Sir, you can take over..

OP: Oh Yes,X what are your interests in sports.
Me: Volleyball, Tennis, and Cricket

OP: Your father was a state level volleyball player. Are you also?
Me: No Sir, I am not such a good Volleyball player.

OP: So you play Tennis well.
Me: Pretty well, but my service is not that good.

OP: Tennis is all about Service.
Me: Yes Sir, but I meant I do not have a speedy serve, otherwise it is Okay.

OP: Okay X, if two players are tied on 6-6 on games in a set in Wimbledon final, what will happen?
Me: The match will enter into tiebreak.

OP: And what happens in tie-break.
Me: The player who wins 7 points first maintaining a difference of at least 2 points.

OP: And if it is 7-6 on points in the tie-break.
Me: Then they will continue playing until a player creates a difference of at least 2 points.

OP: Why at least? It should be exactly (Laughs)
Me: Yups. (sheepish smile)

OP: Or is it that a player can jump over 2 points. (LP joins in laugh)
Me: Joins the laugh.

OP: Okay X, how many states are there in North-East?
Me: 9-10

OP: 9 or 10 or 11.
Me: Sir, I am not sure.

OP: Okay, So let us start counting them..
Me: Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Assam, Bhutan (though I had Sikkim in mind).

OP: Then we can say Nepal also. (Even now failed to take the hint that I messed it up)
Me: No, it is a separate country

OP: Who is the king of Nepal?

Me: King Gyanendra.

OP: What are the Mountain ranges in Nepal?
Me: Mount Everest

OP: Any Other
Me: Mount K2.

OP: A site famous for Pilgrims in Nepal.
Me: Do remember one in India – Amarnath but none in Nepal.

OP: Well, we can visit Amarnath via Nepal, but it will be pretty long way (Laughs along with LP)
Me: smiles.

LP: Some more questions that I do not remember..

Okay X, Thank you very much. (Did not ask me to take a toffee. Hopefully, they have reserved a bigger toffee for me.)

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]


P1 : So X where are you working…
Me : Sir I am working in Pune…

P1 : I mean which company…
Me : Sir HSBC Software Development India…

P1 : So HSBC you are in the banking domain…
Me : Sir no sir we develop software for the HSBC bank…

P1 : What kind of Software…
Me : Sir Banking Software…. I am personally working on the Personal Internet Banking Application for HSBC USA…

P1 : So doesn’t HSBC use commercial banking softwares…
Me : No Sir as a group policy we believe in developing our own applications…

P1 : What exactly are you working on…
Me : Sir frontend technologies…

P3 : So this has nothing to do with your electronics background…
Me : No Sir…

P3 : What is CDMA and GSM and the difference between them…
Me : Explained both in detail… they further quizzed me what is TDM, FDM and CDMA… told them that too in detail…

P3 : What is USM…
Me : Told them I dont know because I had hardly heard of it…

P3 : What is RFID… and tell me some applications…
Me : Explained in detail and clearly what is RFID…

P3 : Where exactly do radio waves come in the spectrum… and also light red and violet… infra red, gamma rays etc…
Me : Drew a rough frequency spectrum diagram and explained them was sort of convincing…

P3 : What is Tri Bands in a cell phone…
Me : Thought for some time and told them that I dont know… they asked me aren’t you curious about the cellphones that you use being a E&TC; engineer… I politely smiled and told them that I had not come across that and thus had no idea… One more question on the same… same answer…

P3 : So you work in Java… ( P1 gets up and leaves the room for some time…)…
Me : Yes Sir…

P3 : So what is the difference between C and Java…
Me : Explained them the diff… told him that Java has greater ease of use and enables cross linking of libraries very easily… which is not possible in C… Java is also machine independent… whereas C is not… ( Now I have come to know that one of the major difference is that Java is an OOPS language while C is not…. had always thought that C was an OOPS language too… anyways managed it decent enough)

P3 : No no give me an application example for C and Java…
Me : I said that sir for simple stand alone applications I could use C and that for a complex web application I would use Java…

P3 : Then what is Java developed in…
Me : Told him that it was developed in C…

P3 : So isn’t Java a complex application…
Me : I said Yes sir but then Java enables us not to reinvent the all over again…

P1 had just returned and on hearing the word wheels his eyes lit up…

P1 : So GM you quiz… then could you tell me which civilization invented the started using the wheel around 500 years ago…
Me : I was stumped by the question… thought over the question for some time… and then with a smile answered Sir I don’t know…

P1 : So what do you like quizzing or setting a quizzer…. here P2 also chipped in probed a bit more…

Me : Told them that I liked both of them equally as each had something that appealed to me…

One of the very few times that P2 pitched in… maybe he was just judging me on my body language…

P1 : So what sports do you follow…
Me : Sir Basketball(NBA), Football, and Formula 1 (Ikes the order should have been in the reverse thats being careless with your words… but anyways already out)

P1 : Basketball… so how many leagues are there in the US…
Me : Sir there is the college league and professional league(NBA)…

P1 : Any other leagues…
Me : Sir there is the Street League in which the rules are relaxed…

P1 : Who is the MVP…
Me : Sir this year’s has not been declared… as the All Stars has yet to take place…

P1 : Ok last years then…
Me : Thought over it for some time and then said Sir I can’t recollect…

P1 : How many teams are there in the NBA…
Me : Sir 30…

P1 : Have the All Stars taken place…
Me : Sir they are to take place today…

P1 : So football… what is happening in football these days…
Me : Started talking about the coming Euro Championships for which teams are preparing…

P1 : What about the Premier League…
Me : Told them that Man U is leading Chelsea by 6 points… 66 to 60…

P1 : Who is 3rd…
Me : Sir Arsenal… he asked me 3 times… I said it is… then he said that currently Arsenal was 4th and Liverpool 3rd…

P1 : Who is the highest scorer for Man U…
Me : George Best… then correct myself saying Ruud Van Nistelrooy(both are incorrect)…

P1 : Who is the highest scorer right now in the league overall and for Man U…
Me : Thought again and then smiled and said cant recollect Sir…

P1 : So who do you like in Man U…
Me : Still stuck in the last question I blurted out Paul Scholes…

P1 : So dont you like Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo…
Me : Sir I think Rooney is a bit too aggressive… and I like Scholes as he has been a real work horse for a long time…

P1 : So which position does he play in…
Me : Sir he is a midfielder…

P1 : What is the current standing in the Spanish League…
Me : Told him Barca 1st… Real Madrid 3rd…

P1 : Who is second…
Me : Sir I think Getaffe (another incorrect answer)

P1 : What about the Italian League… by the way what is it called…
Me : Thought for a long time and answered Serie A… told them that Inter was leading the same…

P1 : What is the recent controversy in Italy…
Me : Told him about the killing of a policemen and all…

P1 : Tell me the other controversy before this…
Me : Told him about the match fixing controversy… and relegation of the teams…

P1 : Which all teams were relegated…
Me : Sir Juventus and A S Roma (incorrect once more Roma is second in the league right now…)

P1 : What about the German League…
Me : Sir I am not aware of the exact standing but I know of the teams…

P1 : The Dutch league…
Me : Sir Again just the teams…

P1 : Ok name a few then…
Me : Ajax… Feynoord… Rotterdam FC…

P2 : What about Indian football…
Me : Sir I dont follow it much but I do know of the teams…

P1 : Why is it that India fares so badly in football and also the reason for it being so less popular…
Me : Sir blah blah about it being overshadowed by cricket.. lack of infrastructure and facilities…

P2 : Why is cricket so popular then…
Me : Sir loads of money… may be we have had decent successes in cricket… winning the world cup etc…

P2 : I feel that cricket is just a way to show patriotism thats why Indians like it…
Me : Rephrased earlier answer…

P1 : (Out of the Blue) What is the unique thing about the CJI of India…
Me : Fumbled with it and again the smile came on and said a polite cant recollect… (The answer is that he is the first Dalit CJI of India)

P1 : Ok then just name a few past CJI’s of India…
Me : Sir at this moment I am unable to recollect…

The panel looks at each other and finally says ok X… thanks a lot… take toffee… and your file too…
Before getting up showed them the magazine that i was the editor for… P1 went through it once…
Got up told them Sir no thanks for the toffees… they said do take… finally relented and took a polo ring…

Overall had a decent interview… It was a mixed bag quite a few good answers… avoidable NO’s… and 2-3 wrong answers…. after the interview had a felling that I could have done better…

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]

3 people in panel
1: a beautiful and old lady . will cal her p1.
2:a prof of operations . so will call him p2.
3:a maths bond. so will call him p3.

I was the last one to be interviewed in the panel. the lady came out and called me in. but she left the room at that time.
ME:-hello sir
p2:-hey you do not at all look like a graduate student.it seems as if you are in10 standard.he was smiling
ME:-i too gave a smile.
p3:-yes he is correct you actually look like a 10 stndrd student.
ME:-i again gave a smile.

p3:-so what are you doing in final year project.
(An important advice for all freshers at least have an idea about your B.tech project as in IIM A prof might directly ask you this.specially for iim a intrvw.)

me:-( the question i hated the most was my first question)
BUT luckily the project was on data secutity over network. and lady prof and p2 definately did n’t had a clue of wht i was saying. only p3 could nderstand what i was saying.and got away with the answer easily)
p2:-do you know what is difference between data and information.
me:-data is in raw form and processed data is called information.
p3:-explain with an example.
me:-suppose two players play and i have the data of their scores. and after reading them i can say probablity of a winnig is say .7 this is information.
p3:-what is knowledge and if you answer this then what is widom will be the last question.
me:-sir information i draw after reading information is knowledge i myself didn’t know wht i was saying)
p3:-i did n’t get you how is tht different from information.
me:-sir for ex for future i know that a is more likely to win that is knowledge.
p3:-some how convinced then ok what is wisdom.
me:-what you gain through experience.
p3:-what is knowledge transfer.you have got a jog .
me:-yes isr in accenture tech
p3:-then after 1.5 yrs you will be doing this.
me:-i said i can guess.
p3:-you have to guess as you will get ot know it after 1.5 yrs he was smiling .
me:-tried but he was not convinced.
then p2 jumped in WHY M.B.A??????
me:-answered (prepared one)

p2:-ok i know all that.
me:-(thnku for not doing any cross question)
p2:-why you have such a low ackds score.
me:-: sir honestlly i was not serious when i joined engrng. had joined hostel first time so got carried away. but i realised in third year that carrier is very impt. so studied hard for CAT.
P1:- for the first time . i know that that’s wy you r here .but when you get inside then what.
me:-madam i will definately work well.
(people i think if you have low ackds score then if you honestly agree that it was a mistake then i think will have less negative then giving fake excuses.
p1:-ok you seem to be a really intresting candidate and you are the last one too so we will have a longer intrvw for you.
me:- thnku madam.
p1:-so you know pranayam.
then some genreral stuff on yoga i answered well.
p1:-you are a reiki healer what is it????
then some discussion on reiki and acupressure.
i handled it well.
p1:- you listen to discourses on OSHO.
then some discussion on his fundamentals i handled that well too.
p2:-ok what is difference between bill and act.
me:-sir first a bill is proposed and finally it becomes an act.
p2:-how a bill becomes an act.
me:-sir not sure but some voting is done and then if president agrees then bill becomes an act.
p2:-come on you do not know how a bill becomes an act(although i gave the right answer i suppose but was not sure).
p2:-WHAT is RTI???.

me:-for eg U.P.S.C they do not give the criteria for rejecting the candidate. tat is vioation
of RTI.
p3:- i want to ask you some maths. are you comfortable
me:-yes sir.
p3:-which part of maths.
me:- i said calculus maxima minima.
p3:-diff or intitgration.
me:-sir no particular inclination.
p3:-ok plot graph ofx/x.
me:- did that and said it is signum function.
p3:-is it differentiability at x=0;
me:-no sir not continous at x=0.
p3:-write the condition of continuity.
me:-did that.
p3:-is differentiable at x=0;
me:- no sir you can make as many tangents as you want on x=0;
p3:-what are all this tangents called????.
me:- i do not know sir.
p3:-what is condition of diffentiabilty.
me:-did that.
p3:-gave a graph to me.guess which graph is this.
me:-sir some sinosuidal curve.
p3:-are you sure.
me:- sir let me see.
p3:-what will you see i am not giving you any additional information.
me:-ok sir.
p3:-have you heard of quadratic equation???
me:-yes sir 2 nd degree equation.
p3:-draw the graph.
me:-will depend on no of roots .but it is a parabola.

me:- then suddenly i saw curve was zero at three points.
i wrote (x-a)(x-b)(x-c)
me:- sir is this correct.
p3:- yes this is a cubic equation.
p3:-ok thnku.
me:- sir you people were really friendly.
i thought i would have a stress intrvw.
p3:-we do not believe in a stress intrvw.
p1:-you are a reiki healer you can cure us. why will we stress you. she was smiling .
in all it ws a grt intvw experience with grt iim a prof.

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]

WAT topic
Members – 10
Duration – 4 mins to think + 20 mins of discussion + 5 mins of summary

Snapshot – Though the case was quite limited but still group was able to discuss lot many things with some chaos occurring when some people straight away started discussing about the solution without analyzing the problem. But , others were able to control them though not fully but to some good extent. I chipped in 4-5 times.

My performance – 6/10

Duration:17-18 mins
P1: Serious one (atleast compared to the other 2 in the manner he was conducting the gd, pi)
P2: Young one (again relatively)
P3: Most casual of the 3 but at the same time interviewing with utmost sincerity.
CF – yours truly.

P1: Did you have tea outside?
CF: I don’t drink tea. I like coffee.
P1: Why coffee? It is bad for your health.
CF: I like the taste and it is one’s own choice.
P3: So, you like coffee in Baristas, CCDs etc.
CF: I prefer my aunt’s coffee any day.
P1: Why some coffee is better thanthe other?
CF: The quality of the ingredients, the recipe etc.
Then there was some discussion on coffee beans, ingredients used in preparation of coffee.
P1: You are in a room with all the ingredients of a coffee and various varieties of each one of them. Write a pseudocode for preparing a coffee keeping in mind that you don’t know anything.
CF: Takes a minute and writes.
In between P1 interrupts and says ok so wat have yor written tell me.
Then there is a discussion on the same with some counter arguments.

P1: All the things inside the room are scattered say all the types of beans. Which sorting technique will you use to sort them and on what parameter?
CF: Answers decently.
P3: What does your name mean?
CF: Explains and gives the origin as well.
P3: Who was Guru Gobind Singh? (my univ name)
CF: He was the last guru (10th) of sikh community.
P2: Why did they need gurus?
CF: Smiles and tells that I don’t know the reaason behind it.
P1: Why was he the last guru? Is 10 a good number that’s why?
Everybody starts laughing.
CF: Again don’t know the reason behind it but before his death he told that from now onwards guru granth sahib will be the guru for whole of the sikh community.
P3: Diff between server and proxy server?
CF: Answered
P3: How many protocols are there?
CF: Many
P3: Then, why only one protocol is used for communication?
CF: Sir, it is the combination of 2 protocols used for comm. TCP+IP. Explains and then tells UDP is also used.
P3: Diff between UDP and TCP.
CF: Answered (could have been little better)
P2: You like travelling. Which all places you have travelled?

CF: Little bit surprised as I didn’t mention travelling in my form. But started telling the places.
I had actually written my area of interest as knowing about different places around the world.
P2: Whcih place fascinates you?
CF: There are different parameters to judge a place and depending upon these parameters my choice may be different at different points of time.
P3: Go on.
CF: I spoke about London and the reason why. (I am glad I did that)
P3: Discuss London, its history etc.
CF: Didn’t have much idea about history so started with saying that football originated from one of the taverns in london, england.
P3: You like watching EPL therefore London. Starts smiling.
CF: Smiles
after this around 10 questions on EPL, Champions league, clubs, highest scorers etc.
CF: Answered all except one.
P2: Ok, since you like to travel, tell me if you go westwards from Delhi which all old civilizations you will encounter?
CF: Answered apart from missing 1-2 civilizations.
P1, P2 and P3: Look at each other and nod at each other saying done
P1: Thank you.
P3: You can take a toffee and have coffee outside.
CF: Thank you.

My performance – 7/1

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]

GD: case study about liquid glucose company wanting to expand sales to client, instead the client decides to stop orders altogether. This is because the drums in which the liquid glucose is supplied leak and change the colour of the final product offered by the cllient. Also, the liquid glucose company tends to change its prices every month. What should the CEO of glucose company do? ( elaborating – on special request )


Questions :
Person 1:
Tell me about your work
Why is support necessary?
Why dont IT companies just rewrite the entire code to get rid of problems?
Who’s your client? (automobile major)
Where is Electronics in automobiles?
Difference between electronics and electrical
Fundae on final yr project
Person 2:
Explain Failure on job written in form (had made a mistake in the form here)
Explain behaviour in significant incident mentioned in form .. average answer here
Where have you travelled .. replied that primarily south india
Name 3 districts in Rajasthan apart from Jaipur

Name 5 districts in Maharashtra apart from mumbai n nagpur
Why did i say not mumbai n nagpur? Whats the connection?
Why did you schedule interview in Bangalore n not Mumbai since ur from Pune? ..had got chickenpox in feb n had to reschedule.

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]


Three professors were there.
Old(abt 33 years), older(abt 40 years), oldest(abt 50 years).

old: So is resurant staff is providing tea and biscuits
Me :No Sir for last one hour, they hav provided nothing but water.
Orders the staff for providing the tea.and reads my resume.
old: So u r doing good in ur job then why MBA
Me: tells him that want to move through hieracrchy fastly.
Old: So which is ur company’s product
Me: told.
old : So how incentive is related to sales and draw one graph when no of employees are increasing and sales also incresing,
Me: Tries to draw something and shows him.
old :Ok now draw the graph when no of employees increasing and sales remaing costant
Me :drwas something and shows him
Old : give me equation for it
Me :struggles and gives up that I don’t know. (God!…why I didn’t read anything abt Graphs
Older: So ur hobby is watching movies?
Me :yes sir
Older: which movies u recently hav seen?
Me: tells him.

Older : so which one got Oscar for best movie
Me :I don’t know.
Older: which one got film fare?
Me :I don’t know.
Tea comes.They offered me and I said sure…took one sip and continues with the convesation.
Older: which 2006 movies u liked
Me :Dor and RDB
Older: so who r two heroines in Dor
Me:gives the answer
Older: who is the director
Me:gives the answer
Older:So which is last movie Nagesh K has directed?
Me : I don’t remember but can u give me some hint
Older:It has marath actor
Me :Iqbal
Older: u saw Omkara
Me :yes sir ..its based on Shekspere Othello
Older: Who is the director
Me :I don’t know.
Older :Vishal Bhardwaj
which is his last movie
Me: don’t remember ….any hint?
Older :again based on shekspere drama
Me :Macbool
Oldest enters in conversation
Oldest: So u hav excellent acads till HSC but ur grads r quite low during engg …why?
Me :Gives the answer
Oldest : So what is happening in retail sector in india
Me :Gives the answer

Oldest :u know FDI
Me :Gives the answer
Oldest : so why FDI is limited to 21% , 74%
Me: gives my opinion and tells him that its my opnion and I am not sure abt exact reason
Old :Thank u…. u can finish ur tea outside
Take the toffee.
Me :Thanks u sir
Comes outside and finished the tea and happily goes outside as the last interview was complete.

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator

Acads:X: 89 CBSE Board
XII: 83.6 CBSE Board
Grad: 8.3/10 Btech Mechanical IIT Delhi
Work-Ex: 42 Months, PwC, ICICI and iCreate
OA: 99.65
QA & DI: 99.96
VA & LR: 86.24
Category: Gen
Extra curricular: Nothing great to highlight
PI Experience
Venue: Mumbai
Date : 11th Feb
Essay Topic and brief snapshot of how you went about it:
“Direct cash transfer will reduce the problem of leakage in subsidy”
Average attempt: Not very factual write up but I ensured to conclude the essay. (Just an advice, manage your time so that you are able to conclude the essay, do not leave it in between)
Duration: around 15-20 minutes
Two male profs P1 and P2
P1: Professor from analytics and business intelligence domain
P2: Younger of the two, seemed to be quant expert
And here it goes
P1: So bhaumik tell us something about yourself
Me: Sir I did my graduation so and so……..for last 3 years I am working in BI…..(and he stopped me here before I can go on to explain my work)
P1: Ok, so what is BI?
Me: Sir if I explain it in layman terms, then it means….(stop)
P1: No, forget layman, let us actually talk what is BI
Me: I gave some gyan on what business intelligence is and what do I do
P1: Why the name Business Intelligence, what is so intelligent in it? Dont you think it is a very fancy name?
Me: I tried to convince him, it is about exploring information which is hidden in data blah blah (but he seems unconvinced)
P1: Ok, can you tell us specific analytical models you have built?
Me: Sir, I have not worked extensively on analytical models, my role has been more on functional requirement gathering and reports side
P1: can you tell us some report you have designed etc etc?
Me: took an example from my project with bank mandiri, Jakarta…
P1: But what is so extra ordinary in this work…any normal human being can do this….i do not see any intelligence in this
Me: tried to convince him with some more gyan…(but he did not seem happy)
P2: You have such a good profile and this work does not seem to be going good with your profile
Me: was speechless, could not think what to respond, again went on explaining on how my work is different, what challenges are involved etc etc..
P2 takes the lead from here on
P2: You have done graduation in mechanical, but you are now working in other industry. How do you think you are able to apply what u learned in mechanical?
Me: Sir, it is true that from technical perspective I am not applying what I learned in mechanical, but if I see from a broader perspective whatever I learned and did at IIT has helped me enhancing my problem solving and time management skills and I am able to utilize those in my current work
P2: problem solving…..Ok….. I will ask you a problem in math
Me: Ok sir
P2: Two men A and B are playing a game of throwing a ball into the hoop. Probability of A throwing the ball in the hoop is .2 and probability of B throwing the ball in the hoop is .3. Game stops as soon as one of them is able to throw the ball in the hoop. What is the probability that A will win
Me: It was such a simple problem to solve….but I made a lot of blunders. There were lot of questions in between on why u have done P(A) * P(B), what do you mean by independent events etc….at the end I still seemed confused and was not able to solve the problem
Both P1 and P2 seemed a little disappointed
P1: Ok tell me on what topic in maths do you want us to ask question.
Me: (this was a gamble, if I choose a topic and not able to answer I was gone). I told any topic should be fine sir
P1: (With a angry look, took a pen and paper and drew some random graph) Can you draw the graph of derivative of this function?
Me: thank god, I did not panic and somehow it clicked me on how to go about it. I was able to do it perfectly. There were questions in between on why this change from concave to convex etc…what is point of inflexion. I answered them all. ( My opinion, I think this was the only turning point in my interview, profs were not expecting that I would be able to solve it but I was able to and it seemed that they gained confidence in me after this)
P1: Ok, Bhaumik. So you have been to Jakarta. Can you compare Jakarta and delhi
Me: I spoke some random points
P1: What else?
Me: Are you looking for anything specific in the comparison sir?
P1: Tell us something about people, culture etc
Me: Blah Blah….
P1: ok, so lets say if you want to see penguins, what all countries of the world would you travel?
Me: Sir penguins are mostly found in antarctica
P1: No No …tell me the name of countries, Antarctica is not a country
Me: Sir – New Zealand, Australia
P1: More?
Me: don’t know other sir
P1: Ok what about Zebra?
Me: (thinking on what to speak…….) before I even start P2 pushed another one
P1: Ok, at least tell me about Timbaktu. Where will you find timbaktu? This was in news recently, you would have heard about it
Me: I am so sorry sir, but I don’t know about timbaktu
Ok, bhaumik ….we are done….don’t forget to collect your belongings
Initially waitlisted at 13 in general, finally converted….

[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]

I am in……A, B & C :))))))

My PI experience :

X %,Board: 93% (2007) XII%, Board: 93.2% (2009) Undergrad Stream : B.Tech. (Civil Engg.), IIT Delhi – Final Year (%age: 93.51) Work-Ex: Nil

CAT : Quant: 99.67 Verbal: 99.92 Aggregate: 99.97 (category if applicable)

General Engg. Male

Extra curriculars: Quizzing Club Hostel Rep, School Magazine Editor, Volunteering with National Association for Blind Any other noteworthy points in your form/CV/profile: Honda YES Award, Opjems Scholarship, NTSE Scholar, Batch Topper WAT & PI Experience


Venue: 9th Marc, Gurgaon, Country Suites & Inn


Essay Topic and brief snapshot of how you went about it:
Organic food, good for individuals, bad for society
Spoke about what is organic food, not bad in long run, mentioned about ailments of Punjab farmers, cancer train due to pesticides etc. Drastic shift affects our chemical industry, a combination of both needed, small scale industries can get help by going in for organic farming etc.


Rate your preparation(0-5): 2/5 Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5/5


PI: Questions and snapshot of answers:

Two profs 1Male: M, one lady prof. : (L), I: me

M: Where are u placed?

I: Credit Suisse, sir

M: Going from civil to uncivil, you are doing a disservice

M: (Before I could respond)What will u be doing?

I: Analyst in Prime Services Division

M: What will be your role?

I: Blabbered something about providing data and all to superiors..numberc-crunching.

M (not convinced): U are not sure abt it.

I: Yes sir, teams to be decided only after training

M: History of Credit Suisse?

I: Told year, founder, purpose

M: What is Investment Banking?

I: Sir, as far as I know, we offer financial advisory services, assisting clients in their asset management, taking money from them and investing in markets and charging a service fee.. M: Who all are competitors of Credit Suisse?

I: DB, JPM Chase, Goldmann Sachs

M: Would you call GS an ethical firm?

I: No, sir, an unethical one.

M: What is unethical?

I: (Flabbergasted) Sir, when try to take undue advantage of others

M: Demystify undue, ok, do you know what GS did?

I: Told them about ‘Too Big to Fail’ and all,

M: Are you sure that was GS?

I: No sorry, sir, it was Lehmann Brothers, I am very sorry sir, I don’t know what GS did, I know that its CEO, Henry Truman became the Secretary of US Treasury.

M: Ok, since you are Department Topper , didn’t you have job offer from core sector.

I: No sir, in IIT, not many Civil Engineering companies come on Day 1. Schlumberger was the only core company and they don’t shortlist DR1 & 2 as a matter of policy. They feel that we will go for Masters or Ph.D.

L: Why are you not going?

I: Normal Gyaan and fundae

M: You should have done some projects?

I: Yes sir, I am currently working on a project on Evironmental Impact Assessment on the Golden Temple.

M: It is Gold, it doesn’t react.

I: Amritsar is a crowded city, blah blah. Sir, it is a very thin layer of gold foil pressed on Copper. Told about sizeable conc. Of NO2 & SO2 being present, aqua regia dissolving it and then it is copper that is exposed and it gets corroded. Another hypothesis we are exploring is the presence of hydrocarbons from vehicle emissions like limonine and styrene which in the presence of NO2 might form ozone and then corrode the gold, since gold is especially reactive to ozone.

M: Anyother Project?

I: Yes sir, Env. Effects of replacing Portland Cements with Fly Ash. I was working in the opp. Direction, told him about the correction needed to be done for claims of Carbon credits by industries for doing so. Explained him the funda.

M: But fly ash has always been used?

I: Told him about it being zero emission and cement being ‘ungreen’.

M: What is a carbon Credit?

I: told

M: Do you think its trading has picked up?

I: No, Kyoto Protocol failure

M: Explain the working, how are they allocated?

I: Explained, CDM etc.

M: Where does the money come from?

I: From the companies who buy it.

M: Just don’t emit then.

I: Sir, they do an analysis, what is cheaper, the green technologies are a bit expensive.

M: What did romans use for building?, Binder right, what did it have?

I: I said clay and was thinking.

M: Do you remember saying pozzolana, volcanoes might be of use?

I: Sir pozzolana materials have silica, explained him the cement chemistry and told that CaO will also be needed, i am thinking how to get the Ca(OH)2…..clay has silica like volcanic ash.

both of us couldnt figure out where will Calcium come form

L takes over….

L: What do you read ?

I: Recently PG Wodehouse and the last novel I read was ‘The Great Indian Novel By Shashi Tharoor’

L: A bit late to PG Wodehouse. These are just three books, what else.

I: India After Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha, Fountainhead.

L: You don’t read any genre.

I: Ma’am I did till my sixth sem but I have been a bi tied up since then. Only reading that I could finish up early. Earlier I read Indian History.

L: Fiction or factual?

I: Ma’am factual. But The Great Indian Novel was fiction, told her a bit about it.

L: (Smiled), so you enjoyed it.

I: Yes ma’am.

L; How did you get into quizzing as a hobby.

I: Told her the reasons, not very specific quizzing just random trivia.

L: So u are a general quizzer.

I: Yes ma’am, so I then became the Quizzing Rep of my hostel, a tem of reps organizing quizzes in the fest.

M in the meantime asks me a bit about a scholarship.

L: So u went into organizing quizzes now

I: Yes Ma’am.

M: How abt a civil Engg. Quiz

I: I will try sir.

M; Longest Railway tunnel in India.

I: Jawahar Tunnel?

M: I asked for a railway tunnel. I: (No idea is it not a rail tunnel sir, I think its one?

M: Highest railway station?

I: Don’t know sir.

M: Highest Planned railway bridge.

I: Planned over Chenab.

M: Height & length

I: No idea

M: Asks the height of a couple of passes

I: No Idea

M: height of Mt. Everest

I: 8500m (don’t noe why I said that when I exactly noe what it is)

M: 52 m less.

I: Smiled Yes sir.


M:Thank You

Thank you sir


[separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]

IIM Ahmedabad GD PI

Venue: Monarch Luxor, Bangalore
WAT Topic was “Imagination is more important that knowledge”
After having written a very good essay in L interview, I felt a little blacked out when I got this topic. I remembered that 15 minutes flew when I wrote L interview and so had no doubt that a 10 minute time is very small. Wrote fast. Wrote about Apple (cursed myself for doing this… while I was writing.. I knew almost everyone would have written about them). Wrote about low-budget movies. Wrote about disruptive innovation. It was a clumsy essay.
This Interview was probably the coolest interview conducted by any prof ever. I have read zillions of interview experiences on PagalGuy before, but none came close the totally amazing time (more than 30 minutes) I spent in that interview. I am dividing the interview into 5 parts. It will be long. 🙂
Prof Intro:
P1 – The Explorer (Young. Late 30s or early 40s)
P2 – The Thinker (Young. Late 30s or early 40s)

Part 1 – The WORK out
P2: Tell us about your job at Cisco.
I: Talked about my job role. Talked about my organistion in general. Talked about the product I am working on. Explained my job role. A monologue of more than 1 minute.
P2 : Why is your product next generation? (Mentioned that in my 1 minute)
I: Explained that. Mentioned Energy Efficiency feature.
P2: How do you save energy?
I: Explained. Mentioned how saving energy reduced the operating expenses for our customers and how we use this fact to win more customers.
P1: So how much energy is saved because of your energy efficiency feature?
I: Dunno Sir.
P2: Give one more reason why saving energy is important.
I: Global Warming!
P1: Tell us your carbon footprint.
I: Sir, I don’t know how to measure it. The quantities that would possibly be involved in calculating that is the electricity spent when I am at home or working in office. The carbon emission due to the products I consume.
P1: You are missing on important thing. (Small pause). What do you breathe out?
I: Smiled wide. He caught me! Breathed out a few CO2 molecules.
Part 2 – The Cookie Conundrum
P1: (Points to the biscuit lying in front of me) How do you think this is made?
I stare at the biscuit for a few seconds. P1 asks me to feel it. Tells me it will help me answer better.
I: Tell them that I have gone to a bread factory. Explained how a bread is made. Wheat -> Flour -> Dough -> Baked -> Bread
P1: Why is bread fluffy?
I: Fermentation! Explained what it is.(BTW normal bread is unleavened. Its fluffy because of baking powder. They didn’t seem to mind that)
P1: What is yeast?
I: Initial population of microorganisms which act upon the dough. (Like most of the answers, my real answer was not as articulate as how I have written here. Clarity in retrospection J )
P1: Ok now tell how a biscuit is made?
I: Told that it will have additional ingredients like sugar, butter etc. It will be cast in a certain shape. There will also be more work done in case of variants like cream biscuits etc.
P1: If I keep my biscuit out for a few days it doesn’t get spoilt. Why does bread get spoilt?
I: (Scratched my head (In my head)) Preservatives… (Eureka) Because bread has moisture content. Biscuit doesn’t. Moisture gives ideal conditions for microbes to do Jingalala. Spoils bread.
P1: Can you make bread to last long?
I: If we can get rid of moisture. If we heat normal bread and get a toast, it will last longer than normal bread.
Part 3 – The land of ELEPHANTS and polar bears.
After having ample discussion on biscuits, P1 asked me to compare the size of a Polar Bear and a Tiger. He asked me to draw and show. Drew something. He looked confused. I told him the polar bear is standing. Then made its hands and legs. Laughs all around. P1 said my answer was not correct.
P1: Okay tell me the weight of a Polar Bear.
I: Don’t know. (Smiling. Thinking – ‘are you serious!’)
P1: Weight of an elephant.
I: Don’t know. Must be in tonnes. Don’t know. (Gave my best smile)
P1: Take  a guess:
I: (Think for 10 seconds) Must be equivalent of weight of 20 men. (P1, P2 laugh)
P1: Let’s try finding out the weight of an elephant. Make assumptions. Let us know what assumptions you make.
What followed was an insanely pointless but fun calculation of the weight of an elephant in an MBA interview. Assumed that elephant is a cylinder (chucked its leg). Got its volume. Assumed that BMI of elephant = BMI of man. Calculated my BMI (Lots of assumptions here too). Finally got the value of elephant’s weight as around 1050 Kg.
After I calculated, both P2 and I looked at P1 curiously.
P1: (Smiling) Looks like you have got a baby elephant here. Elephants weigh around 4000 Kg.
P2: So we have got some errors in this data. How could you have taken care of it?
I: Its based on a judgment sitting here. Maybe I can keep a range of values for each assumption I make and then I can get the final range, based on taking the positive assumptions all the time or negative assumptions all the time.
(some more discussion on how to account for errors)

Part 4 – The Khichdi
This section I am adding all the random questions which were asked throughout the interview.
P1: If let’s say you have to go to Solomon Islands, How will you go from here?

I: Clueless. Paused for 10 seconds. Then said maybe it’s one of the islands near Australia. (P1 smiles and nods). I tell him that if we were to go by sea, we could go via bay of bengal via Singapore.

P1: If a tree was allowed to decide for itself the kind of leaves that it can have, what kind of leaves will it choose?
Some discussion on the type of leaves and how they vary with temperature, water availability, leave shedding for plant excretion etc.

P1 : Tell me the volume of Lake Pichola ( Lake in Udaipur. The place from where I come)
I: ( In my mind – _/_ P1. How do you know about Pichola now?) Sir difficult to make assumptions and proceed as the water level is very uneven throughout the lake.
P1: What geometrical shape will you use to calculate, if you were to assume and move forward.
I: Hemisphere.
P1 is satisfied. Looks at P2 and says I am done.
Part 5 – The Netagiri 

P2: So what hobbies you have mentioned here. (I had written reading and blogging.) So you read blog or write blogs.
I : Write (ofcourse J )
P2: What did you write last?
I: Told. You will be surprised to see what I wrote and would wonder whether P1 had read my blog.
P2: What else do you write about?
I: Politics.
Discussion about Politics. Incompetence of Rahul Gandhi. Opposition opposing for the sake of opposing. Went on for 5 minutes.
P2 says we are done. P1 says “Good” (Did he just say that!! Or is it my post interview delirium) asks me to take a toffee and a biscuit 😀

A piece of advice – Go beyond all the coaching class stuff. B school interviews can be totally about elephants, biscuits and Rahul Gandhi. I was expecting a lot of acads as I am one of the few who got through with less than 80% in graduation. But the professors of A showed why its best in the business!

    • [separator]IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI Experience[/separator]


    • X: CBSE, 2003, 82.4


    • XII: CBSE, 2005, 85.4


    • B-Tech, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute (Gandhinagar), Information and Communication Technology, 80.7


    • Infosys, Information Technology – 32 months


    • Quant: 100


    • Verbal: 98.88


    • Aggregate: 99.99

Curricular, Co-curricular, Extra curricular

    • Chief election commissioner of our college


    • Worked with and NGO for a period of around 7 weeks


    • Cleared 1st level of French language


    • Mentor to 1st year students during my final college semester


    • Some of my sketches have been displayed at a few art exhibitions.


    • : Catering college, Mumbai, 19th Feb, 8:45 am


    • Topic: Of all the inventions and discoveries in the world, which one would you have liked to do/ make and why?


    • Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Wrote very abstract, couldn’t be specific, mismanaged time, concluded in 7.5 minutes itself.


    • Time given: 1+10


    • Rate your preparation (0-5): 4


    • Rate your performance (0-5): 3

Personal Interview

    • Panel Members Intro: Male Prof (MP), Lady Prof (LP) – both comfortingMP: You work in Infosys, which place, phase etc. What is that you do?


    • Me: UI dev team, development, training etc.


    • MP: What is unique about the website you are making?


    • Me: Told about social commerce. That offers and products can be automatically customized based on past searches, browsing history and order etc.


    • FP: But isn’t it against privacy etc.?


    • Me: told that anyways data is stored for registered users, so…


    • FP: But sometimes it happens for unregistered user too… then?


    • Me: Gave some IT gyan and it is incorrect for unregistered users if IP is tracked etc…


    • MP: what do you think are the prob. with Infosys today (or something of that sort)


    • me: told reasonable answer based on 1? Overexposure to US and Europe, 2. Late in expansion outside through M&As; and 3. Focus on high margin projects. Also said that it has started necessary steps in the areas and working towards them.


    • MP: So how is Infosys trying to expand (told trying to move to consulting). Asked if there is any product services initiatives too.


    • Me: Explained about associated departments and how it is trying to foray into other areas.


    • FP: which is the biggest players in consulting whom Infosys stand against, and what can Infosys try to expand there?


    • Me: Names Accenture as the biggest, told something about using its brand image, maybe small contracts with its biggest players (whose consulting partner isn’t Infosys) and gain in reputation slowlyMP: Have you made your adhaar card?


    • Me: No, not yet sir, my father applied for it in my home town.


    • MP: How do you ensure that no 2 cards are assigned to same user… ?


    • Me: They have central repository etc. etc.


    • MP: How would they know whom to issue to and validate against, how would list be generated?


    • Me: I am not too sure about the system, but maybe using electoral rolls, ration cards etc.


    • FP: But there are people who have no identification and this is the only source of id for them?


    • Me: In that case, there should be certain provisions for registering that user with extensive background searches.. etc.


    • MP: But how would they ensure duplicacy etc….?


    • Me: again some IT gyan, cut short


    • FP: Sm1 can register here, then in his hometown also with other name and fake ID, den?


    • Me: Tried to say from IT perspective againMP: Seeing French certificate, do you know French, can you speak and write?


    • Me: yes sir, at least what was taught in the 1st levelFP: You did your engineering? From Gandhinagar, where all did you go around the place


    • Me: told the places in Gujarat and Rajasthan where we went

MP: Again the UID, do you read detective books/ novels
Me: No sir
MP: Do you read at all?
FP: what are your hobbies (seeing the form), oh he reads novels
Me: Mam, primarily fiction
FP: Have you looked at the meaning of a novel in a dictionary, are there any other kinds of novels?
Me: Mam, fiction, inspirational, self help
FP: Oh, So, you mean all books are novels
Me: Books is a superset, it also includes text books, cut short
FP: So, you mean all non text books are novels
Me: Was to say something, cut short
FP: What all have you read
Me: Named quite a few novels including P.G.Wodehouse and Da Vinci code.
FP: Full form of PGWodehouse, where is he from, his plot is based in which place?
Me: told
FP: where is the plot of Da Vinci code based?
Me: I suppose Rome (I knew it wasn’t, but why did i say it, Paris grrr… )
FP: ok, so which sect of Christianity is talked about in it (told), what other types of sects in Christianity are there?
Me: told, i don’t know mam
FP: so, the church in Rome is for which sect (told Catholics), who’s the head (told Pope)

MP: again on the UID question, i will give you a hint – think unique
Me: Sir, maybe DNA (what an idiot)
MP: parents can have the same DNA
Me: Oh yes sir, sorry, that cannot be used

MP,LP: ok, thank you, take a toffee on your way out.
(How could not i think of finger prints and retina scans even after watching so many CID episodes, English movies etc.  … I knew that they are used, but couldn’t think of there, how stupid am i)

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 2
Any other relevant details: Go as yourself, you cannot specifically say what to expect and react.


  • IIM Ahmedabad GD PI PROFILE:
    X %,CBSE,90.4,2003
    XII%, CBSE,87.8,2005
    Undergrad Stream:BTech(ICT),DAIICT,8.09Work-Ex:20 months, Business Intelligence CAT: Quant :90.80
    GENExtracurricular : Lawn Tennis(district),swimming(City) all sports relatedInterview & EssayVenue: Dadar Catering collegeEssay :
    Topic: How social are social networks?
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: decent,fluent,concluded
    Time given : 1 min to think 10 min to write
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 0
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5PI:
    Panel Members Intro: p1: techiie guy, p2: eco prof
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5p2: What is the meaning of your name?
    p1: why the goti??
    p1: So from kota to gandhinagar?
    p1: <>
    p1: So what are you doing now?
    me: <>
    p1: what is on demand analytics?
    me: told..
    p1: so why IIM A?
    me: same old { key terms used BI, and Info mgmt}
    p1: what are the forms of BI?
    p1: what is BI?
    p1: Why can’t people directly look it up from database?
    p1: What is intelligent about converting excel to visualization?
    p1: Why do managers need it, they are duds to not look at database?
    p1: So computer science..
    p1: what all courses?
    me: computer netwroks,algo,data structures said some HM courses also.
    p1: what is the full form of CDXXX(something he said)
    me: no idea
    p1: what is the difference between router, gateway and repeater
    me: told
    p1: are u guessing or u sure?
    me: sure sir
    p1: so u r saying router is part of internet, gateway is part of typically LAN and repeater is between router and gateway
    me: sir repetor can be between any two routers over the network to amplify the signals
    p1: (convinced)
    p1: what is internet?
    p1: so why can’t we have internet by connecting all the LANs of the world by laying wire ?
    me: :S{confused} we can have it
    p1: so what do you think is telephone also internet? All the telephones are connected via a network.
    me: :s Sir we can say so ..
    p1: No No even normal phones …can we say telephone are also internet.
    me: it seems like yea never thought about it!!! :S
    p1: ok ..let’s take a ball, no biscuit..ok let’s take a coin and I toss it what is the probability that it lands 90 degree ?
    me: sir 0 on a normal surface.
    p1: no surface is such it can land 90.
    me: then we will have to find regions where it can land 90 count them.
    p1: {seems he can’t make a question out of it, changes question} ok leave this. Now suppose there are 3 boys after a girl..1 phool 3 maali { guys was a very long question in short ABC have guns, problem of A shooting and killing 0.4 , B 0.6 c 1}. What would be the best strategy for A if he is going first?
    me: sir can i take a moment.
    me: sir A should kill C { gave the reason}
    p1: ok now what would be the best strategy for B if A misses?
    me: sir he should also try and kill C.
    p1: and C?
    me: kill B he has the highest problem of killing him.
    p1: { gave some another scenario in same case, don’t remember i took a moment to think and he says ok try it home}
    p1: ok try this at home and see what comes up { said as if the scenario was not possible ..don’t know}
    p1: ok.{he is done now, looks at p2 all this while he was reading my form very diligently and also essay }
    p2: what is this band Aerosmith? Which genre?{written it hobbies details}
    me: details…{blues and hard rock genre}
    p2: tell me as if u r telling your parents. we don’t know difference between jazz, blues and hard rock
    me …  told stuff{ no technical details but musically what’s the diff}
    p2: can we use the same instrument to have all this music?
    me: yes { some more stuff}
    p2: ok, so your interest in politics?
    me: yes sir, like to follow countries affairs blah
    p2: Suppose you are the central minister and you have to go to public and say that what Anna Hazare is doing is not right. What be your principal stand.
    me:  {quiet long answer i gave, but in short stuff on Anna Hazare not interfering when govt has said it is trying to being out the best bill and second going out in public and saying vote for this part or not….used the word civil society}
    p2: why can’t civil society ask people to vote for someone?
    me: i don’t think it is there job…and blah blah
    p1: but in Gujarat they are saying to not vote for Modi?
    me: i don’t think it is there job they can bring out the fact. You can say don’t vote for someone who is uncivil but can’t pinpoint.
    p1,p2: thanks it was pleasure talking to you , take a toffee.
    me: thank u sir, pleasure meeting you.Duration: 30 minsNOTE: Could not recall all questions, and what i have written is not the exact question they asked but the gist of it..some question also asked on what is mgmt.? what is efficiency and effective? but can’t remember there order now…It was a long interview. I think i never panicked…was confident had smiles…Chilled out panel..smiling..seemed positive to me..let’s hope for the best.VERDICT: Awaited.


  • IIM Ahmedabad GD PI PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year Maharashtra State board: 90.13
    XII%, Board, year Maharashtra State board 90.33
    Undergrad Stream BTech NIT Calicut (ECE) 90.3Work-Ex:
    Sectors, Company – Number of months NTPC -(Power, Control and Instrumentation) – 18 months         CAT :Quant 99.2
    Verbal 98.14
    Aggregate 99.61
    (general category)Extra curriculars : NILAny other special thing about u: Reading, Playing keyboardInterview & EssayVenue: Bangalore
    Date : 24-2
  • Essay :
    Topic: “The most inspirational person you have ever met”
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Wrote about my dad, had content, and put it forth in 3 paras with a proper end
    Time given : 1 min(rough), 10 min(write)
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3PI:
    Panel Members Intro: 2 gentlemen(P1: person with an engineering background, P2: current affairs guy (miscellaneous expertise)
    P2: No achievements to speak of?
    Me: No sir, haven’t won medals or published journals/papers..
    P1, P2 : (Amused)
    P1: What do you do at your company?
    Me: Answered
    P1: (Smiling)Why the transition from ECE to Power?
    Me: Said something on the lines of power being a control s/m and me liking that subject
    P1: But your work isn’t related to control s/m right?
    Me: no, but its a tiny part of the entire s/m(tongue-in-cheek)
    (P1: seemed convinced)
    P1: Ok, Im not an engineer(he is bluffing here..it is revealed later..), tell me in layman terms , what’s your favourite subject and what you like about it..
    Me: (Said Solid State devices, and went on the lines of amplification, noise immunity etc..)
    P1: That’s fine, but compare the noise avoidance capability with modulation..and explain it practically(like in this room)..
    Me: (Explained..went on a tangent,.said transistor operation is like a horse with blinkers.. freq modulation is like shouting over the noise in a room.. )
    P1: (Asked a few more questions.. led to him asking me to draw a high pass filter)
    Me: (Drew, and explained the equations and circuit on prompting.. 2 min)
    P1: Not interested, explain practically..
    Me: (Again, explained.. 2-3 min spent pondering over the phase lag between R and C)
    P1: (seemingly convinced, P1 hands over that baton to P2)
    P2: How many plants does NTPC have?
    Me: Said
    P2: How many of these under construction? Name all of them
    Me: Said most of them
    P2: Does India import/export power?
    Me: Doesn’t export, not sure about importing
    P2: It does , from Bhutan.. Tell me why it is so?
    Me: Probably because it has a good source of fuel
    P2: Which one?
    Me: Don’t know for sure, coal?
    P2: Hydel
    Me: Sheepish.. ok..)
    P2: Ok, which mode of production is the cheapest?
    Me: (Unsure)Thermal..
    P2: Isn’t it hydro? What are the per unit costs?
    Me: Thermal : Rs 3-4/unit.., don’t know about hydel.(turns out it is a rupee-odd cheaper)
    P2: (blank face)
    Me: (his love for hydro is driving me crazy)
    P2: Ok, since you have work-ex, tell me what you will do if you are appointed to improve the healthcare situation in India?
    Me: Said something on the lines of collecting data, analysing it, forming a plan with the help of an expert panel..
    P2 : (Catches me.. )Who will you appoint?
    Me: Doctors..
    P2: All of them?
    Me: well-qualified and experienced ones..
    P2: No one else?(P1, P2 smiling)
    Me : innocently..) ministers of health from central and state..
    P1: But they are corrupt..
    Me: That’s unavoidable..
    P2: No one else?(kept pushing me…)
    Me; (took the bait).. bureaucrats with healthcare expertise.
    P2: No one else?
    Me: (exhausted)No, too many cooks spoil the broth
    P1, P2: (Smiling..)
    P2: Whom would appoint as the head of a power PSU?Is engineering a must?
    Me: It is preferable, but I wouldn’t make it a pre-requisite.
    P1: I resent that , being an engineer(me catching his bluff. Too late though)
    Me: (Damn..)Still, I feel it’s better to get insights from other sector professionals
    P1, P2 : We’re done. Have a melody.
    Me : Thank you
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5
    Any other relevant detail. 15-20 min. It wasn’t a stress interview, but they are on the look-out for bluffing(eg: P1).
    Positives: Kept my cool, smiling throughout, acad question dealt with, WAT went reasonably well
    Negatives: Nil on achievements, Could have handled the healthcare, work-ex and final questions better.VERDICT Converted( Joined A)


  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year – 91.2 (C.B.S.E)-04
    XII%, Board, year – 92.2 (C.B.S.E) -06
    B.Tech Electronics and Communication (IIT), 86.9Work-Ex:
    iRunway (technology consulting to law firms in patent litigations) – 15 months (present)
    Infosys – 4 months     CAT :Quant – 99.22
    Verbal – 98.88
    Aggregate – 99.71
    (category if applicable) – GenExtra curriculars : Organising events (Technical events), Roller Skating(Hockey) at District Level, Captain of winning team (cricket tournament) at college, etc.
    Curricular – Loads
    Co-Curricular – Quite decentAny other special thing about u: was chosen to meet A.P.J.Abdul Kalam in 2003 (when he was the president)Interview & EssayVenue: Bangalore
  • Essay : The most inspirational person you have ever met
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Ofcourse, Abdul Kalam ! wrote his quotes when he met me, how I am inspired from him, what qualities he has which have acted like a beacon for me till date, Wrote a crisp one, sat idle for the last two minutes, then suddenly started scribbling some more and mid-way the guy called it off and I handed over the paper ! Most of my friends wrote “Dad” , something different here from my side I guess !Time given : 1(thinking), 10(writing)
    Rate your preparation(0-5):3
    Rate your performance(0-5):3.5PI: Two guys
    Panel Members Intro: Two gentlemen (in 50s), P1 and P2 !I was the first guy to be interviewed !
    Questions:P1: So, can you just tell what your company does ?
    Me : Told (also gave an example in layman’s terms)
    P1 : What’s the turnover of your company ?
    Me: Told
    P1 : Who are the main competitors in India considering it’s a very niche domain ?
    Me: Told
    P1 : What is their turnover compared to yours ?
    Me: Told and also explained how different they are in structure like different verticals.*I speak a lot*  . Told how our company set its base in U.S and expanded geographically from there (provided some stats on patent litigation activity in U.S) and justified the strategy.
    P2 : Why did you leave Infosys ?
    Me: Told and convinced them that I wasn’t learning anything there with examples) *I speak a lot* … also told them the big initiative I took there on which the current version of a product by Infosys is based.
    P2 : So, you have met Abdul Kalam ?
    Me : Told them the date !
    P2 : So, what really inspired you ?
    Me : Told about creativity, innovation and told them the questions I asked him and the answers I got ! Explained why it inspired me ! told them he emphasized on applying what you learn, just learning is of no use ! Told him how IITs spend 4 lakh on a student per year ! Told them the instances (my projects) where I came up with ideas from real life incidents, applied what I had learnt to make that thing (Gave an example of Manmohan Singh’s speech in our IIT, where he fumbled while reading from an e-reader and told how I thought of the problem and implemented a Speech Highlight Reader)
    P2 : The media says “he isn’t a great guy, he is a ***** (don’t remember what he said, some bad word)”, So what critical evidence do you have to support your claim?
    Me: Told them that my views about him are based on the lecture he gave and the personal meeting I had with him. how he explained how he did physics even though he didn’t have any interest in it but which helped him later on (Again Applying what you have learnt). Media can always bring out negatives just as they did about Steve Jobs after his death even though he built the company which was on the brink of a collapse.
    P1: So you know Maths ?
    Me: I guess, I’m good at it.
    P1 : What is a Taylor’s series ?
    Me: Wrote the expression and explained its significance.
    P1 : So you know statistics ? I don’t think so, you would ve done (interrupted by me)
    Me : haven’t done much in it, but I implemented Hidden Markov Models in Speech Recognition which are stochastic models. I can try.
    P1: Can you tell me, what is a median, a mode and a mean ?
    Me : Wrote and explained with a real life example (placement statistics if shown to the public).
    P1 : So what will the college use while giving an honest review of the placement statistics ?
    Me : The choice will be between the mode and median (explained why I ruled out Mean) and it will still depend upon the statistics in hand and accordingly we can decide if it will be a mode or a median ! (Seemed convinced)
    P1: What is that distribution where median mode and mean are equal?
    Me: Told and explained with graph (normal, bell shaped,68%,variance,etc.)
    P2 : You told IITs spent what (I said “4 lakh per year”) yea, so how do you make sure you pay them back. Isn’t it saddening to know that people are opting for MBAs ?
    Me : Told them how I have applied what I’ve learnt, though I didn’t make a product but have taken initiatives (projects) and if the juniors batch implement what I did and make a product out of it, my work’s done ! Though, even I am saddened about the situation that people really don’t use the learnings in a productive way ! (seemed convinced)
    P1: So u have an international experience, nice, what challenges did you face and tell me what was the biggest problem ?
    Me : Told and convinced them (i guess) using examples from my project I led in U.S while working with the lawyers.
    P2: What are your general interests ?
    Me: Sir, I love playing and watching football and I am a Chelsea fan
    P2: Why Chelsea, everyone says Manchester United ?
    Me: Told them how most of the fans in India are glory-hunting fans (din’t use this word but in a way explained it, no offense to the REAL united fans )…. and told them about the history of Chelsea, owner took over, started from scratch, built a team (named the owner and the coach), I am a fan of great defence, told them about the longest unbeaten home record.
    P2: What is their position right now ?
    Me: 5th in the league Sir !
    P2: Do you think they can win the title ?
    Me: No Sir, going through a bad phase right now and 4th spot is the target for Champions League Qualification ! we also lost a match in CL 3 days back (*I speak a lot* )
    P1: Can you tell how will you go about managing a team, rather, assembling a team, how will you chose players, if you have all the players (best, average, poor) ?
    Me: Explained with a football formation on the paper how having all the best players on the field can create problems and how selecting players who can play to each other’s strengths can be a bigger force (Gave them the example of Tottenham Hotspurs).
    P2: You told about innovating and creativity, What will you do if the other guy/guys in the team resist your idea ?
    Me: Sir, I have faced this issue while doing my B.Tech Project where I had an idea and my partner wasn’t convinced about it since there were no algorithms in place for what we wanted to do ! we researched for two weeks, targeted every block of the whole process, what algorithms are already there or what we need to devise on our own, it bore fruits and we came out with a successful project !
    P2: it was nice meeting you.
    P1: Thank you.
    Me : Sir,
    P1: Yes
    Me: Actually the essay which we had to write, I used the BOP approach to solve poverty problems and I have researched a lot on it and hence I wanted to gather your views on it and its feasibility. (*I speak a lot*)
    P1: *Smiling* We will not answer that. We are here to ask questions.
    Me: Not a worry Sir, Thanks a lot !Rate your preparation(0-5): 3.5
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5Positives – Interview/WAT mostly played to my strengths
    Negatives – Should have spoken less




  • PROFILE:Acads
    X : 94.56, 2006, Karnataka State Board
    XII: 91.67, 2008, Karnataka PU Board
    Undergrad Stream: BE Electronics and Communications, PESIT, CGPA=9.08Work-Ex:0 CAT:Quant: 99.73
    Verbal: 95.15
    Aggregate: 99.63
    (category if applicable) GENERALExtracurricular : Chief editor of college magazine, international paper, student assistantshipsAny other special thing about u: Both parents doctors (Half my interview was about this)Interview & EssayVenue: Monarch Luxor, Bangalore
    Essay : The most inspirational person I have ever metBrief Snapshot of the attempt: Wrote about my grandmother, who was a cancer survivor. 3 paragraphs with good content. There was enough time to write.
    Time given : 10 minutes
    Rate your preparation(0-5):3
    Rate your performance(0-5):3PI:
    Panel Members Intro: No idea what their names are. Two male profs P1 was the happy one who kept smiling throughout, p2 was more serious.
    (After pleasantries were exchanged)
    P1: So, tell me about yourself in short
    M: Same by hearted thing about where I am, hobbies and why MBA. In why MBA, i mentioned about my father work and how I would like to carry it forward
    P2: So, if that was what you wanted to do, why didn’t you take up medicine
    M: The centre that my father built was only during my second year. When I was in 12th, although I had taken up Biology as a subject, I was never good at it. My aptitude was in Maths and Physics.
    P1: So, what is your favourite subject in Maths?
    M: Differentiation……. and algebra
    P1: (Going through my certificates) Linear Algebra (It was a subject in 3rd Seem)
    M: Not so much sir
    P1: Ok, so this centre that your father is involved in, how would you improve it?
    M: 1. I would provide more facilities for the patients parents to stay (It’s a paediatric care hospital), provide a play area and a centre for children to rehabilitate after they have been cured.
    P1: Ok, so tell me what according to you are the main challenges faced by doctors according to your experience?
    M: Time management, because they get calls in the middle of the night and no chances can be taken. Also, for a paediatrician especially, since children cannot voice their symptoms unlike adults can, it becomes very difficult to diagnose the disease. For eg: Adults would be able to tell the doctor about a leg or stomach pain, whereas babies cannot. So it becomes all the more difficult.
    P1: Ok, so how would you use computer science to make their life easier?
    M:  (Comp. Sci????) Sir, I am an Electronics and Communications engg.
    P1(Smiling): Oh, ok.. So how would you use ECE to make their life easier?
    M: Hospitals used various equipment to track the vital statistics of patients, these could be sent regularly to the doctor’s phone so that it becomes easier to check on the patient.
    P2: Ok, that would be very easy to do right? What else?
    M: Yes sir. Another thing would be, the labs which conduct tests are generally not in the same hospital. SO, there could be a way to directly send results to the doctors phones. I think this is already being implemented. I am not so sure.
    P1: Ok, What about a webcam? Can that be used?
    M: Yes sir. That also can be used.
    P1: So, if you had to build a centre for paediatricians, what are the 3 things you would provide?  (why?!!)
    M: I would provide them with whatever equipment they need. ICU’s, PICU, NICU..
    P1(Cutting me short): Ok, so infrastructure. What else?
    M: Other incentives such as other facilities such as schools for their children. So that they can live with their families and do not have to worry about being in different locations.
    P1: ok, so residential facilities. What else?
    Me: Racking my brains for a 3rd point) Said something about super specialization in pediatrics-pediatric surgery, orthopaedics etc. (not a very convincing answer)
    P1: What about the night calls? How would you tackle that?
    M: Well the doctors could be on rotations. In certain places, the PG’s take up night shifts and whenever there is an emergency, the doctor is called>
    P1: So, you would make the life of a doctor easier at the cost of someone’s life?
    M: No sir! PG’s are doctors. But they are beginners. Also, other doctors can gauge if the patient is doing well. If the patient is not stable and they feel that it could lead to an emergency, they stay back. Only if the patient is stable do they go home.
    (P1 seems convinced. Phew!)
    P2: (finally talking about something other than health care) Ok, So you have written that Poverty is the biggest challenge faced by India. Why do you think the schemes implemented by the government are not successful?
    M: Corruption…
    P2: In what way corruption?
    M: Spoke about scams, MGNREGA one
    P2: How do you know about this? The money is directly put into their accounts. So, where can the money go?
    M: Told something about media and bank accounts (Not very convincing)
    P2: Ok, that’s ok. What else?
    M: Lack of awareness. The people for whom these schemes are made are not aware of them. The educated class is, but not those in rural areas.
    P2: ok. What else?
    M: (Why should everything be 3 reasons??!) The population sir. The number of people for whom these schemes are to be implemented are so many that it becomes very difficult.
    P2: hmm.. Ok.
    P1: So, you said you like differentiation and integration(NO!I did not) right? Can you name one function which is a derivative of itself?
    M: e^x sir
    P1: ok. Draw the graph for xx|
    M: I drew it. took about 5 seconds.
    P1: Explain it
    M: Explained.
    P1: So, is |x differentiable at 0?
    M: No sir.
    P1: Why?
    M: Sir the RHL and LHL don’t match.
    P1: Limit or derivative?
    M: (Smiling) Sorry sir, derivative.
    P1: What is the LHD?
    M: -1
    P1: and RHD?
    M: 1
    P1: What about the graph you drew? Is it differentiable at 0? Work it out.
    M: Worked out. Yes sir, it is. It is 0.
    P1: Ok. Can you define differentiation for me?
    M: Wrote the formula (thank god for 12th math!)
    P1: Ok, so why was differentiation invented? Do you know who invented it?
    M: Newton.
    P1: Ok, so why?
    M: Uhhh.. Gravity?
    P1: (laughing pretty much) no no.. Not gravity.
    P2: So, you were the chief editor of your college magazine. What did you have to do?
    M: Spoke in detail about recruitment, teams, coordination, etc.
    P1: So, you are from Mangalore right? Recently there was an air crash there. Can you tell is why it happened?
    M: Spoke about table top runway. Plane couldn’t land in time so crashed into the valley.
    P1: Which airlines was it?
    M: Air India sir
    P1: Are you sure? Was it not another subsidy of it?
    M: Was it???) I think it was Air India only sir
    P1: Ok. So, how would you use ECE to overcome situations like this?
    M: Application question again ) Spoke about use of sensor in plane to detect distance right runway. In case the distance is too ahead, raise an alarm to warn the pilot or otherwise, to prevent wrong judgement, put the plane on autopilot so that it cannot be landed (Kind of flawed. But they bought it I think)
    P1: Ok. So what is this black box?
    M: It’s orange in colour sir  It records conversations in the cockpit, the height of the plane, speed and other details.
    P1: So when this crash happened, there was this term ‘go around’ that was used a lot. Do you know about it?
    M: Sir, I can make a guess about it and went on it explain.
    P1: That’s a very good guess
    P1: so, do you know about American Presidents?
    M: (Where in the WORLD did this come from????) Yes sir. Few of them and not in any order (Thinking of ‘3’ names )
    P1: Who was the first one?
    M: George Washington
    P1: Do you know Benjamin Franklin?
    M: Yes sir. He was famous for his experiment with lightening and electricity.
    P1: What else to do with US history?
    M: No sir, sorry (Should have told about currency) (FYI, he was involved in Declaration of Independence)
    P1: Ok. So this is a trick question. Which American presidents are not buried in America?
    M: (What an idiot I am to not get this one!!) Thought for a few seconds..
    P1: What is the criteria to be buried in the US?
    M: They die in the US?
    P1: (smiling broadly) So, anyone?
    M: uhhhhhhh
    P2: Think again, do they have to die?
    M: (Late brainwave!) (Smiling as realization strikes late ) Oh, the ones who are alive sir – Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Bush.
    Both of them smiling and it seems they are thinking “haha, fell right into the trap!”
    P1: So, which are the states which surround Karnataka?
    M: Kerala, TN, AP and maharashtra
    P2: Why does Karnataka and TN keep fighting?
    M: Spoke about Kaveri dam issue
    P1: So, who was the prime minister of India from Karnataka?
    M: Told Narsimha Rao like an idiot!
    P1 and P2 (both smiling) : no no..
    P2: I’ll give you a clue. His son was the CM.
    M: thinking…
    P2: thats ok
    M: (late brainwave!) Sir, Deve Gowda
    P1: yes. Correct.
    P1. Ok, that’s all. You may go now. Take your certificates.Rate your preparation(0-5):3
    Rate your performance(0-5):3
    MISC: They kept smiling ad nodding throughout. Especially P1 seemed amused most of the times.
    Any other relevant detail.VERDICT: Awaited




    X %,Board, year-87.4,CBSE,2005
    XII%, Board, year-87.2,CBSE,2007
    Undergrad Stream(B.Tech), Specialization(ECE), Cgpa-8.09, , Institute-VIT,VelloreWork-Ex:NILCAT :Quant:99.10
    (category if applicable)NC-OBC
    Extra curriculars : NIL
    Any other special thing about u:NaahInterview & EssayEssay Topic overty and economic inequality in India
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt. Told the unequal distribution of wealth. Talked of following socialism method in a way. Also talked about Occupy Wall Street movement.
    Time given :1+10mins
    Rate your preparation(0-5):0
    Rate your performance(0-5):3.5PI:
    Panel Members Intro 1(30+) and P2(55+)
    P1:By the time I go through your document, tell me about yourself.
    Me:Told.Gave special hints about history and constitution of India.
    P1:So from patna,tell how Nitish kumar is performing.
    Me: discussed the pros and cons.Discussion went on for 3-4 mins.
    P2 who was busy going through the Curtis chips in.
    P2:In essay u have written about socialism as the solution. What exactly is socialism.
    Me-Told about the constitution and how it was added in preamble by 42nd amendment in 1975.Some discussion went on to nationalisation of banks of 1969.Dealt well.
    P2-U have also written about occupy wall street movement. What exactly is that.
    Me-Told how people have opposed the government policies in New york which favoured richer people. Some discussion on that about its implication in Dalal Street.
    P2-you have mentioned in hobby that u are an avid reader and have read 80+ books(novels) in yr. engngg life. Tell us about 2 of them u have loved the most.
    Me-Told about The gr8 Indian novel(Shashi Tharror) and India after Gandhi(Ramachandra guha).Explained in detail about both the books.
    P1-So u r an ECE engineer. Let’s c how much u remember.
    Me-(Gaye kaam se)
    P1-some question about rectangular and circular antenna.
    p2:some distribution curve.
    I Told that i am strong in calculus.
    P2:Gave me something to differentiate and asked about maxima and minima.
    Me-Did comfortably.
    P1:Some question about 2G,3G and 2.5G.
    Me-Did well.
    P1:Tell me some recent advancement in communication these days.
    Me-Fumbled a bit.
    P2:Tell me a function(graph) where mean, median and mode are equal.
    Me: dint know but showed a series hypothetically. Four no’s 1,2,2,3.
    P1 signalled the interview is over. Said thank you and left.
    Every1 was offered a toffee except me.
    Went on for about 25-27 mins.
    Rate your preparation(0-5):4.5
    Rate your performance(0-5):3.5Expected VERDICT: Not very sure. But was one of my better interviews.
    Any feedback welcome..UPDATE:A straight convert


  • PROFILE:Acids
    X %,Board, year – 93 (AP Board) -05
    XII%, Board, year – 95.6 (AP Board) -07
    B.Tech (IIT), Topic: How should India grow in the next 10 years?Essay: Wrote so many points but all in a hurry…was dissatisfied with my effortPI
    P1 : Tell me about the project you did in Germany
    Me: blah blah
    ( went on ) (for like 5 minutes i explained the aim and approach etc.)
    P1 : That is just normal work. What did you do which others could not do
    Me: Just managed to say something but he didn’t seem impressed
    P1: What else did you do there
    Me: I went there when football was going on. So watched in public screening…
    P2 Cuts me short
    P2: Ok Ok tell me what is the meaning of the name “darmstadt” (that is where i was interning)
    Me: Sir I don’t know
    P1: You can make a try
    Me: Sir Stadt means a city but i don’t know what darm is
    P1:What did you like in the place you studied
    Me: Sir rasgolla is famous there. I liked it..Though its actually from Odessa the rosgollas we get there are quite good (shouldn’t have spoken excessively  )
    P1:what? Rasgollas are from odisha?
    Me: (i knew its from odisha but in the heat of the moment) Sir I have frineds from both odisha and bengal who argue over it,but i am sure i saw a TV programme on Rosgolla where it was said they are actually from Odisha
    P1: What? DId you watch a odisha channel?
    Me: No sir, I was watching it on some English national channel
    (its actually from odisha just checked out. Don’t know what the fuss was all about)
    P1: Ok Ok let your friends argue over it..let’s move on….(yaar did he genuinely not know rosgollas are not from odisha?? or he thinks they are from bengal)P1: Now you are working here in bangalore..what do you do?
    Me: blah blah
    P1: tell me more in detail
    Me: said a few things..(he seemed convinced with this)
    P1: Ok what about the gate in your college? When was it built?
    Me: I don’t know sir (looked like a fool there myself  )
    P2: Ok You worked as an editor for your magazine what were the challenges you faced
    Me: Gave a few
    Don’t know what to make of their laughing at me throughout that
    P1: Ok you wrote many things in essay what do you think we should do in the next 10 years which is important
    Me: Sir actually all of them are possible, we cannot put them on the backburner just because they might be more expensive. When We waste a lot of money on CWG Games or 2g Spectrum if we can avoid such scams from happening again, i don’t see a point why we cannot manage all those that i pointed out
    P2: You wrote of RTE. What is it?
    Me: It is about compulsory education for 6-14 year olds. this will help us improve literacy levels
    P2: Are you sure it’s for 6-14 year olds or its based on primary classes?
    Me: yes sir its age
    P2: Are you sure?
    Me: yes sir
    P2:Will we be the only country that will do this as in making it a fundamental right?
    Me: Yes sir (what an id**t i was. It’s not..)
    P2: Ok you watch football. Tell me who is the only German player to have won world cup as both coach and player
    Me: Took some time…said Franz Beckenbauer (its right  )
    P2: Who is the present manager of Manchester united
    you can go…
    Take a toffeePreparation level :4
    Total Performance: 3


  • X %,Board : 88.2, icse
    XII%, Board, year : 88.4, icse
    Undergrad Stream :mechanical engg.
    Percentage: 6.82/10
    Institute. : IIT guwahatiWork-Ex:Sectors, Company – : HAL
    Number of months :31CAT :Quant :99.95
    Verbal :99.5
    Aggregate :99.99Extra curriculars : State level gold (sports)Interview & EssayVenue: bangalore
    Essay :
    Topic: ” Poor condition of health care in India”
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
    Time given : 1 min to think, 10 mins to write
    Rate your preparation(0-5):
    Rate your performance(0-5):PI:
    duration: 25 minutes
    Panel Members Intro: 2 young profs.
    1 of the profs took the certis, the other took me
    1) What work do u do ?
    2) Why management?…. how does it help in your organisation?….. example of how the lack of managerial skill affecting your organisation ?
    3) Revenue of the company? (HAL)….why does it take money in advance from IAF ?
    4) What is public-private partnership…..give an example and explain
    One of the Profs was still busy looking at the certis…. suddenly asks…where do u work……….the other prof answered him before I could and then :5) Questions on probability :
    i) 2 bullets in a revolver, 1 shot, u don’t get killed  …. would you want the second shot to be taken immediately…or after once again revolving the (goli bharne wala)ii) U wait at a bus station for 10 mins, randomly from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. …similarly your friend….what’s the probability u 2 meet?….( in the end had to make a probability curve for the same for the time range…)6) What’s a the use of differentiation….how do u get to know if its a minima….. what about y=x^47) an aircraft used for a 8 hour flight daily….the other used for 4, 2 hr flights daily…which one depreciates faster?Thank you…
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5MISC. : the pakodis and chatni kept besides the paper where i was writing the answers etc. was a big distraction

    Any other relevant detail. : Stay cool…. My interview hardly required any preparation except for having a good sleep and being fresh


  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %, Board, year: 87.67%, ICSE, 2004
    XII%, Board, year: 91.33%, Goa Board, 2006
    Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc.), Specialization (CS, mech etc.), Percentage, Year, Institute. : ECE, MIT Manipal, 9.74/10 CGPA, PassoutWork-Ex:
    Sectors, Company – Number of months: Cisco Systems, 18 monthsCAT :Quant: 99.63
    Verbal: 98.72
    Aggregate: 99.82
    (category if applicable) GENExtracurricular: TT (College, district, school, taluka – Won all), Board member in a few college clubs, a few national level participations and wins, some more curricular awards…Any other special thing about u:Interview & EssayEssay: The most inspirational person you have met
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Did decently well. Wrote on my mother (there was some tragedy early on in her life from which she recovered)
    Time given: 1+10
    Rate your preparation (0-5):3
    Rate your performance (0-5):3.5-4PI:
    Panel Members Intro: Two guys P1 (had a smile, and was doing the bulk of the questioning), P2 (Looked stern, but was chilled out)
    P1: SO you work in Cisco. Have you heard about Telepresence?
    M: Yes I have.
    P1: Can you tell me what it is?
    M:Gyan… (mentioned in between that it is costly)
    P1: how much does it cost?
    M: Around a crore
    P1: Ok. Go on..
    M: continued with my gyan..
    P1: So if I make you the marketing manager for Telepresence, tell me how you will sell it? What challenges will you face?
    M: Told quite well.. Convinced them.
    P2: You are a marketing manager already!
    M: (sheepish smile)
    P1: So you have been to Greece for your internship. Compare Indian and Greek work ethics.
    M: Did a decent job..
    P1: Compare Bangalore and Athens as a city.
    M: Again a decent job. Mentioned that there is an Island in Greece where all houses are supposed to be white in colour.
    P2: (with a smile) which island is that?
    M: Am not sure.. But I think its Santorini.
    P2 smiles.
    P1: Greece has been in the news recently.
    M: Yes sir, European debt crisis.
    P1: Can you please elaborate?
    M: Told the entire thing.. They looked convinced.Then some discussion on the essay (India’s challenge) that I had written. Had to defend every word that I had mentioned. Did quite well.P1: What do you like in Maths?
    M: To be frank, am not very much in touch with maths.
    P1 and P2 smile.
    P1: Still, what would you like?
    M: calculus maybe.
    He gave me a second order differential equation to solve. Started solving it. Made a small silly mistake in between. P1 pointed it out. I rectified it and started proceeding.. It was taking time since i was out of touch and had to think a lot.P1: okay, forget this.
    Gave me a few graphs to draw and a definite integral problem. Solved all of them correctly.P1: We are done. Please take a toffee and leave.
    M: Thank you sirs..I think it well pretty well. In one or two places, I didn’t know the answer. But overall, pretty decent.Rate your preparation(0-5): 3.5-4
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5-4
    Any other relevant detail. Everyone was quizzed on maths. SOme were even quizzed on acads. But these were few.

    VERDICT: Converted


  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year: 94.5% CBSE,2006
    XII%, Board, year: 94.8%, CBSE, 2008
    EEE, BITS Pilani, 8.92/10, Final YearWork-Ex: NilCAT :Quant: 98.89
    Verbal: 99.62
    Aggregate: 99.78
    (category if applicable) GENExtra curriculars : VP, E-cell; A few organizing committees; 10+ National Level QuizzesAny other special thing about you: IEEE Paper in Beijing, NTSE, KVPY, GE Innovation Award, Top 0.1% Merit Certificate in 10th and 12th, Gold Medallist, DPS RK Puram, MITACS fellowship for summer research in Canada.Interview & EssayVenue: Monarch Luxur, Bangalore
    Date : 24/2/12Essay : The most inspirational person you have met
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Started off well, could not finish my conclusion. (Will it come back to haunt me?)Time given : 1+10
    Rate your preparation(0-5):2
    Rate your performance(0-5):2PI:
    Panel Members Intro: Two guys P1 (tech ), P2 (non tech/misc)Questions:
    P1: Tell me about your Btech Project.
    M: Told how i am on a semester long internship, told them about the project.
    P1: What was your favorite subject and what did they teach you in it?
    M: Communication Systems, gave fundae.
    P1: Have you heard of Fiber Optics? Then went on the grill me on basics of optics, why optical fiber and why not wire etc etc
    M: Handled decently, they helped me out and gave hints through side questions when i got stuck.
    P2: I have a problem here give me the optimized code.
    M: was a simple yet tricky situation, managed to give it to them in 2 if statements, they accepted it but told me that it can be done even better.
    P2: So you went to Canada for your internship. Draw Delhi and Edmonton on the paper and tell me all the countries you flew over.
    M: Started blurting out all the countries, was cut mid way.
    P1: Do airplanes take straight paths between source and destination?
    M: No Sir, i draw the curved path on the paper and show them that they tend to go towards the poles first.
    P1: Do you know the name of this concept.
    M: No Sir.
    P1: Its called the Great Circle effect. Do you know why it happens?
    M: Took half a minute but it struck me: Sir, The earth bulges at the equator.P1 and P2 look at each other and conclude the interview.
    Was told to take a toffee. While I was getting up, was told to check out the optimized solution to that problem.Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): Decent but cant quantify.MISC:
    Any other relevant detail: Was a very pleasant interview. Very helpful interviewers. If you are a fresher, acads are a certainty.



  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year: 93.40%, CBSE, 2003
    XII%, Board, year: 81.6%, CBSE, 2005
    Undergrad – B.Tech (Metallurgy) from IT-BHU, CGPA – 8.33Work-Ex:
    Manufacturing – 5 months, Consulting 13 monthsCAT :Quant: 99.36
    Verbal: 99.92
    Aggregate: 99.95
    (category if applicable) GenExtra curriculars : Debates, case study, elocutionAny other special thing abt u:Interview & EssayVenue: Mumbai
    Date : 18/2/12Essay : What explains the runaway success of Harry Potter books
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Haven’t read a single Harry Potter book nor seen a movie (truly ). A friend of mine did, so wrote what I remember from bakar sessions with him. Talked about magical world and escape from mundane everyday, coming of age storyline, teacher-student relationship, everyone can relate to, irrespective of adult or kids, etc etc
    Time given : 1+10
    Rate your preparation(0-5):
    Rate your performance(0-5):PI:
    A young proof (YP) and an aged proof (AP, found out from the A website who he is)
    AP – You are the 5th person from XYZ company whom I am intrvwng. Why do so many people want to leave it?
    Moi – blah blah blah blah
    AP – But XYZ is in consulting right? Still people want to leave it? Anyways, what I know about XYZ is blah blah. Tell me something I don’t know.
    Moi – Sir, we are trying to expand the industries to which we provide our consulting services.
    AP – But you are good in one industry. Expanding your portfolio to something else? Why would a company do that? Tell me something other than hedging risks.
    Moi – Told about how skillsets are transferable
    AP – That is OK from the supply side. What about from the demand side? You may not get a good project right away? Would you like to work on a less glamorous project?
    Moi – yes sir. I am still in the early stage of my career. I would love to work with multiple sectorial challenges.
    AP – Hmmmmm. What about someone older?
    Moi – It maybe an issue with someone who is comfortable only in one industry, but as you said sir, its experience, and it takes time to develop.
    AP – Hmmm.. So 2 years since you passed out of college! Do you remember your metallurgy? (smiling)
    Me – I hope I do sir
    AP – OK, which deposits are found in India?
    Me – blah blah
    AP – Why are most steel industries located in East India
    Me – blah blah
    AP – Now tell me something about the steel making process
    Me – Gave synopsis, explained history, various technologies used
    YP (had been nodding to whatever I had said till now) – Can you explain continuous casting to me?
    Me – Sure sir! blah blah
    YP – how many plants in India use it?
    Me – Sir i can’t give you an exact count but almost all plants use it.
    AP – Do you remember functions?
    Me – I do sir
    AP – gave a cubic equation and asked to find maxima
    Me – Idiot me did not realize it can’t have any. Found out dy/dx, then d2y/dx2 and found it to be 0
    AP – What happened?
    Me – Sir, I am getting confused. Started drawing the graph
    AP – No, do without drawing. OK, change the cubic to square and solve.
    Me- Solved and gave the answer
    AP – How did you do it?
    Me – Explained
    AP – Now use the same logic for the cubic
    Me – Sir i am doing it but getting d2y/dx2 as 0.
    AP – Now draw the graph
    Me – Did
    AP – explain to me what you see
    Me – explained, function would keep on decreasing till – infinity and keep on increasing till + infinity
    AP – then what would be maxima/minima?
    Me – None sir!
    AP – Good!
    Me- Thank you sir!
    AP – So what do you read?
    Me – Varied over the year’s sir. Used to read Hindi poetry in school
    AP – Favourite poet?
    Me – Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
    AP – Do you remember any poem of his?
    Me – Shakti aur Kshama
    AP – Can you recite a couple of lines for me?
    Me – Sure sir! I remember the entire poem. Recited first 2 stanzas
    AP – Hmm… who else did you read?
    Me – Sumitra Nandan Pant, Hairvansh Rai Bacchan
    AP – what of Harivansh rai other than madhushala?
    Me – Sir i don’t remember the name but can explain the theme of the poem ..did
    AP – whose version of madhushala have you heard, amitabh bacchan or manna dey?
    Me – neither sir, my hindi teacher’s version
    AP – laughing! OK. What else do you read?
    Me – blah blah
    YP – You watch movies of Guy Ritchie and Tarantino too? Which is Guy Ritchie’s latest film?
    Me – Sorry sir cant recollect right now (its sherlock holmes ), but tarantino’s last is inglorious bastards. Am waiting for the Oscar nominated films to be released in India sir.
    AP – Good! You can have a candy
    Me – Thank you sir!Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3
    My view
    Both proofs smiled and nodded throughout! Hope it meant something!VERDICT: Awaited


  • PROFILE:Acids
    X %,Board, year: 89.83%, AP Board, 2002
    XII%, Board, year: 96.00%, AP Board, 2004
    Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. : CSE, Osmania University, 86.13%, 2008 PassoutWork-Ex:
    Sectors, Company – Number of months: 42 monthsCAT :Quant: 95.95
    Verbal: 99.5
    Aggregate: 99.23
    (category if applicable) GENExtra curricular : Participated in few events but no awards/trophiesAny other special thing abt u: NahInterview & EssayVenue: Monarch Luxur, Bangalore
    Date : 27/2/12Essay : Preaching without Practice is an unhealthy habit
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Not bad
    Time given : 1+10
    Rate your preparation(0-5):2
    Rate your performance(0-5):2-2.5PI:
    Panel Members Intro: Two guys P1, P2 (both smiling all the time)
    After pleasantries exchanged;
    P1: So you are from XXX company, tell me about your work
    P2: Listening and going through my certificates..
    Me: Mentioned all the projects I worked on and my responsibilities at work
    P1: How many branches does XXX have all over the world?
    Me: Not sure
    P1: Where is the head quarters?
    Me: Answered
    P1: Have you ever been there?
    Me: Answered that I haven’t yet
    P1: How does XXX distribute the work among different geographies?
    Me: Said not sure of the strategy
    P1: Do you work with people across geographies? How do you interact with them?
    P2: Explained how I interact with the customer support, maintenance teams and with multiple teams in India as well…Seems satisfied
    P1 & P2: So tell me how XXX sells….what are the modes of payment…Explain the circumstances and why you’d go for different payment modes
    Me: Not very confident…I was asked to guess…..took sometime and took a guess….Cross questioning …..answered but fumbled a bit.
    P2: So you scored a cent percent in mathematics throughout your studies…you must be good at it….tell me what is an irrational number
    Me: Answered about improper fraction and then corrected later
    P1: Are you feeling stressed out?
    P2: Take some water and chocolate…..you don’t have to be nervous
    Me: I said I’m feeling a bit nervous
    P1: Are you like this since childhood? Or is it acquired later?
    P2: Looks like you have decent extra-curricular activities…How did you perform there if you were nervous
    Me: I said I was like that since childhood, even when participating in those events, but how I overcame them because of the interactions and work life @ office
    P1: So you mentioned you like singing. Explain more about it
    Me: Mentioned i mostly sang filmi songs and started learning Hindustani Classical Music from last July in a famous institute.
    P1: Asked something about my guru (don’t remember the question. I think it was asked in hindi and i couldn’t understand)
    Me: I said I don’t know
    P2: Why Hindustani, why not Carnatic? As you’re from Andhra you should have gone for Carnatic music classes.
    Me: Explained (not very confident) about the difference in the way of teaching.
    P1: Do you like hindustani style more?
    M: Yes
    P1: Who is your favorite singer?
    Me: S.P.Balu
    P2: Isn’t he trained in Carnatic music?
    Me: I said yes, but he is well-versed in all styles and recorded songs in most of the languages
    P1: Yeah, he can sing both classical and Pop
    P1,P2,Me: All of us laughed
    P1: okay, tell me more. What do you follow generally? Do you have friends?
    Me: Yes
    P2: So what do you discuss with them?
    Me: I said we discuss mostly about Telugu films (reviews and opinions). And also personal lives
    P1: Do they differ with your reviews?
    Me: Sometimes, yes.
    P2: What is the frequency?
    Me: very less
    P1: Do you subconsciously tell them what they want to hear because you know what they like?
    Me: Maybe sometimes, but I usually say what I feel
    P2: Do you watch any movies other than Telugu?
    Me: Yes, English
    P2: So tell me the differences between Hollywood and Telugu movies
    Me: Told few (Should have explained more )…mentioned that regional languages are mostly according to the local people tastes….asked if Hollywood is any different….I said yes they are according to the global audience….Was asked if I was sure…..Or was it because we want to be global…I said may be
    P1: Are you always like this conforming to what people say at home, work and with friends?
    Me: I said yes that’s my character
    P1: Can you be rebellious? Do you want to be a rebel?
    Me: I said I can be and mentioned as example at work. If required, I can do that. But I don’t want to be rude.
    P1: Agreed. Of course, no one wants to be rude. A rebel doesn’t have to be rude.
    Me: Yes. Agreed.
    P1, P2 looked at each other and said they’re done
    Me: Thank you very much sir. I was about to get up and P2 offered a toffee. Took my certificates from him and started coming out.
    P1 & P2: Thank you and good luck. Please finish the registration process (As I was the 1st to be interviewed, I had to do the registration later)
    Me: Sure, thank you sir.It was a decent interview after a pathetic performance at IIM L. But I felt it should have been better.Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3VERDICT: Awaited (Hoping for a +ve result)



  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year – 93 ICSE 2006
    XII%, Board, year – 95 CBSE 2008
    Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. BE EEE Bits pilani 86.3%Work-Ex:0
    Sectors, Company – Number of monthsCAT :Quant 99.83
    Verbal 91.96
    Aggregate 99.59
    (category if applicable) GENExtra curriculars : Clubs and departments in coll, 2nd highest total amongst sahodaya schools bang, TA in 1 course in collInterview & EssayVenue: 27 feb monarch bangaloreEssay : Practice what you preach
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Cant say
    Time given : 10 min
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 2-3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 2-3PI:
    Panel Members Intro: 1- maths prof 2- elderly prof
    when i enter 1 is in the loo
    2 – so what is todays business news ? (It was 1130 am)
    me – sir havent read the business paper today but said there is a lot about kudankulam nuclear plant in the paper
    2 – no i want business news…tell me yesterdays ?
    me- sir there was an article about telenor searching for a new partner in India as Unitech has withdrawn
    2 – ok fair enough…tell me where is telenor from ?
    me – Sir I think Norway but surely one of the scandanavian countries…(It was norway)
    2- which of indias neighbours is associated with telenor ?
    me – no idea sir
    2- it recently had a noble laureate ?
    me- maybe bangladesh but not sure…
    2 – ok so u don’t know for sure….it is bangladesh and the noble laureate is mohamad younus
    1 enters the room and starts looking at my form
    2 -ok so tell me what is management ?
    me – mumbled something about the task of managers…overseeing and guiding others
    2 – put your points and give me one statement or any management gurus definition
    me – put my points in a statement form
    1 after looking at my form
    1 – so interested in football…what do u watch ?
    me – sir bpl
    1 – ok name one latin american player who doesnt belong to brazil or argentina / (heard the q as not a latin american )
    me – david beckham
    1 – latin american !!??
    me – sorry sir i heard not a latin american ….sir edinson cavani
    1 – which country ?
    me – sir uruguay
    1- tell me something about Uruguay then
    me – gave gyan …they hosted the first world cup and won it also won the second world cup…they won one more later
    1 – u remember the year ?
    me – 1930 and 1934…don’t remember the 3rd year
    1 – ok…go on
    me – they have a controversial player named luis suarez
    1 – ah…wat did he do ?
    me – explained about his hand block and how he prevented ghana from entering the wc semis
    1 – ok…one more player did something similar – maradona ?
    me- explained ‘hand of god’ goal to beat england
    1 – do u think this is ethical ?
    me – no sir…FIFA should have taken it up…explained how suarez was banned for racial abuse recently
    1 – forget recently…what do u think should have been done then ?
    me – linesmans job sir..but cant blame him…FIFA should have taken it up
    1 – ok…so u are comfortable with maths i assume ?
    me – yes sir…am a fresher
    1 – oh yes…why did i even ask then…choose a topic
    me – probability
    1- ok draw the normal distribution
    me – drew
    1 – equation ?
    me – don’t remeber the constants but the e power term is…(gave)
    1 – maxima minima ?
    me – sir 1 max no min
    1 – how ?
    me – differentiate sir….and showed him
    1 – why is this point maxima ?
    me – sir double differentiate…showed him every step…very long took 5 mins
    1 – ok fine…how many points of inflexion ?
    me – sir 0..
    1- think carefully..what is a point of inflexion ?
    me – explained smthing abt slope being 0
    1 – tell me in terms of convexity and concavity
    me -no idea sir
    1 – ok…tell me what is binomial trial ?
    me – said 2 events…1 problem p other 1-p…multiple runs…one run called bernoulli trial
    1 – u r telling me only the preface…explain more
    me – explained how to calculate using bernoulli theorem and lil more
    1 (laughing) – u r still giving me only a preface
    2 – u r also part of the anti ragging squad ? explain ?
    me – explained…they seemed convinced
    1 – ok…recently in guwahati a leopard killed ppl…being an ece engineer design a system to catch the leopard but not kill it
    me after thinking 1 min – sir in a narrow path put 2 motion sensors across and connect it to a large cage on the top to take into account speed of the leopard…wen it crosses the sensor will go off and hence the cage will fall
    1 and 2 look at each other and and tell me they are done
    1 – pls take a toffee b4 u leave
    i shake hands thank them and leaveRate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): cant say
    Any other relevant detail. – int was very long almost 30 min…even they dint realise till the last questionVERDICT – hv your sayPS. Come-on guys, start pouring in with your experience.




  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year:- 96.4/CBSE/2006
    XII%, Board, year:- 96/CBSE/2008 (COMMERCE)
    Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. BCOM(H)/SRCC/DU/75.2%Work-Ex:7 Family Business
    Sectors, Company – Number of monthsCAT:Quant: 99.18
    Verbal: 97.56
    Aggregate: 99.48
    (category if applicable)
    Extra curriculars :
    Table tennis player (district Gold)
    Any other special thing abt u: Topper in state in board exams(sorry fr unconventional format now )1 March
    IIFT New Delhi
    Time: 9:00
    We had a form to fill and carry with us to the centre . The form had questions about personal details and essay type questions including academic achievements, extra-curricular, Why ABM, Some problem in your life, and how you handled it?I reached at around 8:15 (well in time). To my surprise, there was very low turnout. Only 16/60 present. (3-4 girls).
    STAGE I : Group Task
    we had a group of 6 people. We were given a case study. The length was one A4 size sheet.
    The instructions:
    5 mins for reading
    15 mins discusiion
    5 mins for writing summary of discussion(special mention that summary of discussion and not what you think about the topic)The case study was on Sarva shikha Abhiyaans elementary education programme and the problems in its implementation.
    We had a nice Gd
    I started Off the GD. Gave good no. Of entries. No fish market at all. Overall satisfied.
    While writing summary not evenm given full 5 mins. Sheets were taken in about 3-4 mins.II STAGE: InterviewMy turn was 4th. People before me had long interviews. (25-30 mins). They were being grilled on academics and den why ABM .
    After number 3 and before my turn they took abnormally more time for reading the form(others it was 2-3 mins, my it was around 10 mins)Two people (both male) 30-45 years. Both looking professors. (Pannel for GD and Interview was same)
    my interview started abruptlyInterviewer: I Me:M
    I: did u have tea?
    M: No
    I: why?
    M: I had my coffee in morning, so didn feel like having one now.
    I: so you are a coffee guy?
    M: No I like both tea and coffee, but its just a matter of chance I had coffee today
    (Then there was a discussion on various types of coffees, which is better, how better, Bru Nestle)
    I: so what is this co. Where you work ?
    M: told about my family business, my purpose of joining and learning etc
    I: asked about consumer product and capital product difference?
    M: explained, had a discussion of about 5 minutes on it. ( he caught me on one question which I could not ans)
    (another important thing, I tried to keep it as cool and chilled as possible, interviewer and I was constantly smiling and laughing.)
    I: What subjects are your interest
    M: Accounts and eco
    I: he asked question abt PPF, and relation to my business
    M: explained well, related to business well
    I: economies of scale
    M: explained, but couldn’t go in detail of long run (forgot)
    I: Substitute goods (again came back on tea and coffee)
    M: explained thoroughly, explained with tea and coffee, den in general.
    I:asked about my sports and all
    M: told
    I: hobbies/ leisure time activities
    M: told about visiting various places, north Delhi campus etc., short trips to various places near Delhi.
    I: thank you . Offered me toffee. Offered me a samosa( only I was offered that!! Just a co incidence. He as ked me to choose one out of two types of samosas. Then while I was leaving he said we just made a substitute good!! Laughing a lot!!)
    (15-17 mins)


  • PROFILE:Acads
    X – 91.2, CBSE, 2003
    XII- 84.4,CBSE,2005
    Undergrad : Instrumentation & Control Engineering, NIT Tiruchy , 8.7
    Work-Ex: 30 months
    NTPC, Power
    CAT :Quant: 95.4
    (category if applicable)Extracurricular : Paper on “Distribution of Prime numbers”- rejected by JAMS ,resubmitted to annals, paper was reviewed by fields medallist, Certificate in Project Management, Department ChairmanAny other special thing abt u: I am good at origami (took a paper model to the interview , was complemented for the same )Interview & EssayVenue: Hotel Savera, Chennai
    Essay :
    Topic: Common sense is a result of prejudice before age 18 ( not the exact wording but something similar to that)
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Tried to define common sense & prejudice ( not that good) went philosophical abt innateness & empiricism ,also argued that age is not the criteria, concluded vaguely. (Overall not that great)
    Time given: 10(+1). One had to write the essay in the F section provided in the form so that’s the space constraint.
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 2
    Rate your performance(0-5): 1-2PI:
    Panel Members Intro: Two profs, P1:asked the majority of qn’s ,age late 40’s i guess , P2:was mainly verifying my certi’s age may be around 50 .
    Questions: Most of my questions were purely technical hence it wouldn’t be of much help if you are not from C&I; , NTPC.
    P1: So you work at NTPC what do you do?
    Me: I work as a maintenance engr in Coal handling Plant (CHP), I have just commissioned Stage II of my plant.
    P1: Ok, so tell me about how coal is unloaded using a diagrammatic representation (I was provided a paper).
    Me: I drew and explained really well (after all I have been working in that area for nearly a year).
    P1: What is the problem with Indian coal?
    Me : Explained the various grades – bituminous and all, also explained about the ash content , explained problems with CIL and so on.
    P1: So is coal the only factor affecting the efficiency.
    Me; No, how water is converted to steam also plays a part.
    P1: Ya, the efficiency in India and the rest of the world ain’t same right.
    Me: Yes in India it’s around 33%, developed nation 40%.
    P1: yes, that’s because of different in technology right, I don’t remember exactly what are they.
    Me: Sub critical & super critical boiler.
    P1: yes, yes. So what’s the difference?
    Me: Super critical is once through boiler and sub critical there is a drum and so on. I also explained abt 660 MW, 500MW, 800MW boilers in brief.
    P1: Fine, So what are the instruments which are used in CHP and why?
    Me: Pressure sensors (explained why), solenoids said a few more.
    P1: So how does a limit switch work?
    Me: explained abt the make and break of contacts (P1: was satisfied)
    P1: So this is my last qn to you ( interview was fine till then) so how does one measure the radial speed in motor vehicles.
    Me: (Had no idea why he suddenly asked abt vehicle speed) I said we can use tachometer
    P1: Ok, so explain how tachometer works?
    Me: The tachometer’s shaft is connected to the rotary part of the wheel and they both rotate at the same speed.
    P1: What is the output of tachometer?
    Me: Output is voltage and frequency, by knowing freq we can measure speed.
    P1: How is this voltage generated?
    Me: Actually it is a tacho Generator so that’s how.
    P1: So how?
    Me: U mean in a generator?
    P1: I have no idea of how a generator works so tell me.
    Me: (Was shocked for a minute, this was so trivial that I almost got lost, thought for a minute ) Said there are electromagnets and rotating magnetic flux produces current this is faraday’s or Fleming’s law I am not sure.
    P1: (Gave a weird look, u don’t remember the law exactly, this is XIth STD physics) anyways so how does this voltage gets converted to speed.
    Me: Said something like V-F converter was not very confident here.
    P1: So draw a V-F converter?
    Me:Sorry sir, I don’t remember right now.
    P1: Ok (to P2, pls take over)
    P2: So name some power surplus states?
    Me: Gujarat, Delhi. (I couldn’t recall the other ones).
    P2: So what is the plan to increase power?
    Me : Said about UMPP’s , advancement in Hydro and in Wind ( named Sulzon) ( forgot to mention abt Nuclear)
    P2: So who are the leading producers of wind energy?
    Me: TN, Gujarat, Maharashtra added that Gujarat has the max wind potential ( for a second forgot that these ppl are from Gujarat).
    P1: Immediately intercepts, why Gujarat has max potential.
    Me: Said high wind speed, favourable gulf of kutch ( this was a wild guess, later checked net and found my answer was to the point ).
    P2: Continuing so why did DMK lose the election.
    Me: Said 2G scam, not that development down south n all.
    P2: So how did DMK won election in 2006.
    Me: Said same problem with ADMK also so far the past 25 yrs these two parties alternate themselves to power.
    P1: Laughs and says then they can have a mandate and say I will rule for 5 then you do.
    Me: No sir not exactly people hope for change and do so, in fact this time vijaykanth’s party is the opposition so if a genuine candidate comes we are ready to vote also MK is old and one day his end will come so there might be a change of power within the party also.
    P1: So are ppl planning on ending MK.( with a laugh)
    Me: No sir that would be unethical.
    P1: So you like Maths right?
    Me: Yes sir a lot , I have done research on prime numbers.
    P1: Ya I saw that by JAMS due you mean Journal of American Mathematics Society.
    Me: Yes
    P1: So why did they reject your paper.
    Me : Gave the answer with Terence Tao ( fields medalist gave to me ) saying that the content was original but it didn’t met JAMS standard and moreover JAMS reject 85% of paper submitted to them.
    P1: So did you try any other journal
    Me: Yes Annals
    P1: Surprised do you mean Annals Mathematics
    Me: Yes.
    P1: So what did they say
    Me: Haven’t got a reply
    P1: How long has it been since u submitted
    Me: May be an year.
    P1: Oh then maybe you should contact them
    Me : Sure
    P1: Btw I saw your origami ( smiles)
    P1 &P2;: Ok thanks , take a toffee.
    Me : Had handshakes with them and then left.Overall the interview was ok except for that generator thing (lame) , the profs heard me out and gave enough time to explain .
    Rate your preparation (0-5): 4
    Rate your performance (0-5): 2.5( because of that generator)Duration : 15-20 mins ( they mentioned in prior that all interviews would be for 15-20 mins )VERDICT: Awaited
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