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IIM Bangalore GD PI Experience

  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year – 91.2 (C.B.S.E)-04
    XII%, Board, year – 92.2 (C.B.S.E) -06
    B.Tech Electronics and Communication (IIT), 86.9

    iRunway (technology consulting to law firms in patent litigations) – 15 months (present)
    Infosys – 4 months

    CAT 2011:

    Quant – 99.22
    Verbal – 98.88
    Aggregate – 99.71
    (category if applicable) – Gen

    Extra curriculars : Organising events (Technical events), Roller Skating(Hockey) at District Level, Captain of winning team (cricket tournament) at college, etc.
    Curricular – Loads
    Co-Curricular – Quite decent

    Any other special thing about you: was chosen to meet A.P.J.Abdul Kalam in 2003 (when he was the president)

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Bangalore
    Date : 25/2/2012

    Essay – The young today, get so much too easily and in a short period of time and that is detrimental to their future.
    Time for thinking – 10 mins,
    Time for writing – 20 mins

    Attempt : I negated the statement and told how it is not detrimental, on the lines of access to large pool of information from internet, use of algorithms in the project u do, learning curve exponential in this age group thus contributing max to innovations, gave an example of Bangalorean Youtube Guy! I should have put some cons too and balanced the whole article which I didn’t do (many other guys did). So it was just a one-sided article from me. Let’s see how they rate them. Don’t expect much !

    Preparation : 1
    Performance : 2.5

    Interview: 30 minutes, first one to be interviewed once again !

    3 persons (1 Stress Interviewer Guy – SI (most probably an alumni), 1 old male professor M, 1 female professor – F)

    M – Tell me about iRunway,
    Me – told, explained in layman’s terms too.
    SI (very rude tone, that was prevalent throughout my interview so won’t write it again. throughout means every single sentence he spoke in the interview, seemingly dissatisfied with everything I said) –
    Why did you leave Infosys in just 4 months?
    Me – told , wasn’t learning enough…(cut in between)
    SI – How can you expect to learn so much in 4 months when people take 35 years and they are still learning ?
    Me – Told specific examples how I wasn’t learning there , then said 4 months is a long time sir.
    SI – How is 4 months a long time, what proportion is it of 35 years ?
    Me – *Fumbling*, “1/4*..(cut in between) – not even 2 seconds to calculate.
    SI – 1/4 … see he doesn’t know mathematics.
    Me – Sir 1/3*thirtyfi…(cut in between again).
    SI – what is this chicago 2011 written in ur SOP, *read out lines* ?
    Me – Sir, this is an initiative I took while working in Infosys, told them about it, and said how the current version of product is based on it !
    SI – So what is this roller skating (hockey), what is hockey doing in it?
    Me – Sir, roller skating is bifurcated into Speed Racing and Hockey and I played roller skating (hockey).
    SI – How do you play, like ur on skates and u have a hockey in hand, seems similar to ice skating?
    Me – Yes sir, it is similar but the surface on which it is played is different.
    SI – do we play it in India ? I haven’t heard this apart from ice skating
    Me – Yes sir, it’s played on national level, even international but ice skating is a huge game in comparison to it.
    M – Did you play in IIT Kanpur (not my IIT)? Do they have a skating rink ? *the guy was gettin confused about the time when I played it*
    Me – No sir I didn’t play , there’s no skating rink in my IIT and I am not sure if IIT Kanpur has it !
    SI (pitches in) – He played it when he was in school not in college.
    Me – what is the difference between roller skating hockey and simple hockey ?
    SI – told how the hockey stick (told them using gestures that roller stick is this long and has this much amount of curve and the other simple hockey stick is this long and this curve…. looked like a fool ) is different but drag-flick approach is same. started to tell about skating rink *interrupted*
    SI – So you have started your SOP by saying that you have met Abdul Kalam ?
    Me – yes, Sir met him on *Date* when he was the president.
    M – Can you tell me what 2020 means in this context ?
    Me – Abdul Kalam stated that India will be a developed country by 2020,,gave some fundaes on GDP growth rate, etc. (interrupted).
    M – Have you read his India 2020 book ?
    Me – No sir,
    SI – No point asking him about it since he hasn’t read it.
    SI – Do you follow Hockey (our national game) ?
    Me – I do keep in touch with what is going around in that sport.
    SI – Can you tell me any change of rules that have taken place in the last 10 years in this game ?
    Me – I really don’t know about the change of rules, just that I keep in touch with the happenings in Indian hockey team.
    SI – you wrote “satiated” word in your SOP. what do you mean by it. Do you use such words in ur daily communication ?
    Me – It means satisfied and I do sometimes use this particular word alot.
    SI – what is this ? “ideas stemming from real life incidents” ?
    Me – told how during the speech of Manmohan Singh in our IIT, I got the idea of a speech highlight reader and I implemented that. I have always lived by applying what I learn.
    SI – You have gone to Germany ? What did you do there ?
    Me – Sir , it was a speech analysis system for cleft lip and palate students (*interrupted*).
    SI – What you did during your internship , that was the same when u built a speech highlight reader and that you spoke of manmohan singh and all is just a figment of your imagination?
    Me – No Sir, those are two different things. In one there is speech recognition and in the other it’s speech detection.
    F – What’s the difference ?
    Me – explained and convinced.
    F – So How many team members have your worked with ?
    Me – max 6, sometimes 4.
    F – Have you interacted with your customers ?
    Me – Yes , I led the project when I was in U.S, working with the lawyers in the law firm for 50 days while my team members were in India. Handled the infringement theories of 3 defendants while distributing sub-tasks to my team members in India. But if your talking about corporations who are involved in lawsuits, then No, haven’t interacted with them (they are not our customers).
    F – Ok. again, how many team members have you worked with ?
    Me – It actually varies, the max is around 6 . The job we have is pretty dynamic, we get pulled out of projects at times if our requirement is somewhere else where I will be more efficient. Get to work in a lot of teams due to it. So , worked with 2 members and max 6.
    M – So what is your goal ? why do you want to do after MBA ?
    Me – Sir I want to go into strategy consulting having set my base in the consulting field in iRunway.
    M – Do you know any strategy consultants who helped Indian companies ?
    Me – Sir, C.K.Prahlad. He was the consultant to various companies such as Taj hotels, HUL,etc.
    SI – But he has passed away, some 3-4 years back.
    Me – Sir, two years back, April 2010.
    SI – So, you played cricket, oh you captained a team in this cricket tournament ?
    Me – told about that tournament.
    SI – Tell me, If a ball has bounced outside offstump but gets to hit the wicket, will it be an LBW (Something like that)?  (WHY SUCH QUESTIONS)
    Me – No sir, the balls need to be pitched in the line of stumps.
    SI – So (some modification related to the same in the context of leg stumps) ?
    Me – I think it would be the same but I am not sure. to be honest, I am not quite a big fan of cricket Sir. I love football though.
    SI – What kind of Football ?
    Me – English Socce (interrupted)
    SI – No, No, What league england, spain ?
    Me – Sir English Premier League and I am a fan of Chelsea.
    SI – Tell me how many european championships have Chelsea won ? (*the guy had knowledge in football*)
    Me – Never Sir.
    SI – Okay, tell me a great management guy in football ?
    Me – Sir, Jose Mourinho, he was won everything wherever he went.
    SI – No, he just won two EPL titles with Chelsea and then nothing significant at real madrid ?
    Me – (interrupting) Sir, he went to Inter, won Serie A and champions league as well and now Real Madrid is on the brink of capturing the La Liga after a long time.
    SI – We all know how real madrid is gona lose at the end ?
    Me – No Sir, I am sure they will win the title, no doubts about that (again interrupting me)
    SI – Oh, Leave it I know they are not gona win…
    M – So can you tell me top consulting firms ?
    Me – AT Kearney, Mckinsey, Boston Consulting group… those are the ones I have heard of.
    M – Okay, can you tell me a management consultancy in the field of sports ?
    Me – hmmm, I am sorry sir . I don’t have an idea!
    SI – Tell me one management consultant from India.
    Me – was gona say C.K.prahlad (interrupted)
    SI – he was is news for the last 6 months, we have heard so much abt him .
    Me – I don’t know Sir.
    M – Okay, we are done.
    SI – would you like to ask some questions ?
    Me – yes sir, how does the curriculum gets updated over here and how frequently is it updated ?
    SI – gave some fundaes and everything.
    Me – So, is there any role for students to play in it ?
    SI- yea their feedback is taken into account .
    Me – So aren’t they involved in real-time faculty meetings. Actually, I was the batch representative and got the feedback from students and presented it before and I did sit in the real time meetings to update the curriculum. so wanted to know how’s it done over here !
    SI – yea, they are not involved in the meetings but we do try to take feedback from them.
    Me- thank you Sir,
    M – thanks,
    F- Nice meeting you.
    Me – Thanks
    About to leave , stood up, about to walk out then I said this to SI

    *smiling* Sir, Real Madrid will surely win La Liga and I am dead sure about it*. Thank you Sir.
    and I walked out !

    Positives – My projects, my work ex
    Negatives – haha, a lot of things ! you can figure them out by urself

    Preparation : 3.5
    Performance : 2.5




  • PROFILE:Acads
    X 90.13, Maharashtra board, 2004
    XII90.33, Maharashtra board, 2006
    Undergrad Stream Btech- ECE, 90.3, 2010, NIT Calicut

    18 months,Control and Instrumentation engg, NTPC, a JV in Chennai

    CAT 2011:

    Quant 99.2
    Verbal 98.14
    Aggregate 99.61

    Extra curriculars : NIL

    Any other special thing abt u: Reading, Playing Keyboard

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: IIMB
    Date : 25-12-2012

    Essay :
    Topic: “Too much too soon for a young person can be detrimental for his future.”
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Good, had different perspectives, elaborated all of them. Took a side.
    Time given : 10 min (think), 20 min(write)
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 4

    Panel Members Intro: P1: Young Current Affairs guy(Stress guy, to put it bluntly), P2: old friendly work-ex guy, P3: middle-aged SOP guy.
    P2: So, you’re from Power. I am not an engineer(where have I heard this before?(cue P1:IIMA interviewer). Put me on guard ). Tell me what you do for your company, and your role in the power sector as a whole
    Me: Told
    P2: I have a doubt. How does one manage power demand and supply? Blackouts, Power surges?
    Me: Told(Demand-response, Energy efficiency key here)
    P3: Still, I have a doubt. Blackouts at night … Dont they drastically increase grid frequency?
    Me: (Told about the entire ABT(tariff scheme) and how producers change load and takers intimate the regulatory authority earlier.)
    P2, : keeps asking a few power questions and how situation can be improved.
    Me: (Explain patiently.)
    P1: Ok, you’re good at power, Tell me what are the main issues of people in Kudankulam and how will you resolve it.
    Me: List them out and give solutions(Issues convince him, my solutions not so much)
    P1: List out European countries.
    Me: (I do.. Eng, Ger, Fra..)
    P1: (interrupts)Whats nuclear power as a percentage of Fra total power gen?
    Me: A sizeable number. Areva,…
    P1: (interrupts) no , a number.
    Me: Dont know
    P1: 80% . Now, Why no problems in France with this nuclear safety situation?
    Why no neighbors of Fra agitating?
    Me: (try giving an answer saying the demography and its livelihood needs to be taken into account… Probably more natural resources related occupations(agriculture, fisheries) in India
    P1: (interrupts).. Wine as a percentage of French GDP?
    Me: No idea.
    P1: It is quite high. So now do you think it is related to the livelihood? What about other motivations?
    Me: (Thinking..about to answer)
    P1: (interrupts)hmmm.. So what do you think about Kudankulam localites? Are they educated or not about Nuclear n all? No other motives for agitation?
    Me: They are to an extent. The extent varies, and so does the level to which they are influenced by politics.(or something on these lines)
    P1: (seems convinced)
    P3: Ok, so your SOP.(starts asking questions about this, that..)
    Me: (Here it goes..)
    P1, P2 , P3 : (start grilling me about my motives, my aspirations, my past, present , future, my influences, my preferences, moral,societal, economic and professional viewpoints, … all that jazz for about 15 min)
    (In short, A lot of this went around power consulting(something that I mentioned in the SOP), what I knew about the field, the firms in it, their expertise and what they had done in the past and scope for the future. What I look for in a firm, my ideal firm, my inspirations, motivations, obligations.. yada yada..)
    Me: (thoughtfully and patiently answer..)
    P1, P2 , P3: (seem convinced)
    Me: (Phew!! )
    P1,2,3: Thank you! That would be all.
    Me: Thank you sirs.

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5
    Any other relevant detail. : 30 min. Overall, they seemed to stress on Work-ex and career aspirations. Only P1 seemed to poke/joke/question pointedly every once in a while. P2 and P3 were chilled. Compared to this one, I felt the IIMC interview had a more hobby-interests bent and IIMA had an academic feel to it. To each, its own I suppose.
    Advice: Thoroughly research every word in your SOP. Every word.

    Positives: Well thought-out answers. Positive frame of mind. Cheerful disposition
    Negatives: The Kudankulam solutions and French questions.


  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year : CBSE , 93%
    XII%, Board, year : CBSE : 93.6%
    Undergrad : National University of Singapore, Economics, 88%

    Work-Ex: 0
    Sectors, Company – Number of months

    CAT 2011:GMAT 760

    Extra curriculars : Dance, MUN, E-Cell

    Any other special thing about u:Spent 1 year abroad working

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Bangalore
    Date : 25th Feb 2012

    Panel Members Intro:

    P1: Sitting in middle
    P2: On the Right
    P3: On the left

    P1: Hello, you’ve been waiting for a long time .. What did you do while waiting, must have heard what the others said
    M: No sir, only one or two people… my cousin is from IIMB so I met him and spent time talking to him
    P2: Oh no value add
    M: Honestly, in 1 hour I don’t know what value I can add or additional prep I can do. I preferred to stay focussed on my own.
    P1: Okay so you did some prep – what did you do?
    M: Just thought about what I want to do with my life and why and read about what’s happening in the world.
    P3: What’s happening in the world?
    M: Well, the Eurozone is the big topic lately
    P1: So what do you think will happen?
    M: If Greece is able to live up to all its austerity measures and pay off its debts then it might recover. But that seems hard because of the difficulties the measures will cause the average Greek person – pay cuts, job losses.
    P1: Okay, so have you faced any difficulties in life?
    M: Yes sir… (blah blah about my year working and studying at the same time, plus having a car .. )
    P1: Oh why’d you have a car, where in the US were you – no public transport?
    M: Told
    P1: SO what happened to your car
    M: 5 minute Mahabharata about my car tyre bursting and a friend bailing me out with his AAA insurance
    P1: So you didn’t have AAA?
    M: No sir, but the next morning I got it
    P1,P2, P3: HA..ha…ha.. Clever
    P2: Okay so what courses did you do in the US
    M: Told
    P3: Oh okay understood
    P1: So NUS – what courses do you like?
    M: (like an idiot, was totally asking for it) Money and Banking
    P2: Got excited – okay so imagine you’re a German Citizen , how do you feel about Germany giving away your money to another country
    M: True – on one hand my hard-earned money is being given away, but on the other hand lots of benefits to keeping Greece within the eurozone
    P1: Oh really, like what? They’re a sick country, just chuck them out
    M amidst constant rebuttal about But capital in Greece will be devalued if they move to drachma, plus there’s the trade issue, difficult to trade, also there’s the contagion effect to other peripheral countries and the investor confidence in the euro will fall
    P2: Gave some analogy about college and school and giving my marks/money to other people
    M: Somehow we agreed that the peripheral countries should have been thoroughly analyzed before joining and probably not been allowed to be part of euro

    Somehow interviewers still said oh we should through Greece out and bring them back in if they do well .. I said no but lots of legal ramifications. P1,P2, P3 laugh and say haha.. Economists don’t care about the legalities

    M: Haha..

    P3: But why do you think the England didn’t join the Eurozone –
    M: Said something about how they were strong in international trade, didn’t need the Eurozone as much..
    P3: (Got tired) – actually they wanted to preserve their economy

    finally moved on

    P3: Tell me your career plans
    M: Told – (and NO cross questioning!! )
    P3: here in your SOP , you took part in this e-challenge, what was it
    M: Told
    P1: So why did you not pursue that
    M: Told ( interviewers seemed satisfied)

    P1: Ok apart from studying what do you like doing
    M: Dance – explained about a performance last week
    Ps: (Seemed satisfied)

    P1: Any questions for us?
    M: Asked something about ethics
    Ps: got excited, said many things

    and that was the end

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 4.5
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

    I was the last one in my group and I think the interviewers were just tired of everything .. Felt my interview was much shorter than the people before me – not sure why..

    VERDICT : Awaited


  • PROFILE:Acads
    X: 94.56, Karnataka State, 2006
    XII%, 91.67, Karnataka State, 2008
    Undergrad Stream: BE ECE 9.08/10, PESIT, 2012

    Work-Ex: 0

    CAT 2011:

    Quant: 99.73
    (category if applicable) GENERAL

    Extra curriculars : Editor of college magazine, intl paper, organised events, student assistant

    Any other special thing about u:

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Bangalore
    Date : 25.2.2012

    Essay : Today’s youth get everything too much, too easily and this is detrimental to their future. (Something like this)

    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Not very happy with it. Spoke for it.
    Time given : 10+20 mins (too much time)
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
    Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5

    Panel Members Intro: P1: The Stress Interview guy, P2: Serious guy, hardly smiled, P3: No idea why he was there. An Alumnus I think.
    Questions: So here goes..
    P1: Did you walk from your house?
    M: (All smiles) No sir, but I could have (stay very close to IIM B)
    P1: Ok. So you study in PESIT, tell me about your college
    M: Spoke in length about ranking, placements-how they are good for IT companies, not so good core companies, facilities
    P1: So which core companies have come?
    M: named them
    P1: Ok, so where have you been placed?
    M: XXXX
    P1: That’s an IT job. So, ECE, then IT, now MBA? You seem confused. What do you want to do?
    M: (firmly) I want to do an MBA sir
    P1: Don’t you think it is unfair on your part to leave that job?
    M: Gave gyan on how the recruiters new that students will leave and that their offer letters came before CAT results.
    P1: Ok, so what do you think about these rankings? There are rankings for so many things. Is it fair?
    M: Said how it helps in making a fair choice. When it comes to colleges, students could also be given a chance to voice their opinion (Mistake no. 1)
    P1: But then, what if your HOD comes and announces in your class that everyone should give the college 5 out of 5 and if they do that, their photo will come in the paper and blah blah blah
    M: Said that is not the only criteria. So many other parameters.
    P1: So, then you will say your college is bad and your photo will come in the paper. Then what?
    M: There has to be some amount of discretion. It would be an anonymous survey.
    P2: Ok, Sorry to interfere (If you’re sorry, don’t!) but how valid or fair are these rankings?
    M: same ans. as before
    P1: But say 20 years back these rankings weren’t there. Now why suddenly?
    M: Competition wasn’t the same…
    P1: Let us say your father picked a college. He did not have rankings. How did he pick his college then? He managed without them, didn’t he? Did he pick a college because it was close to his house?
    M: Uh, actually, yes sir. That is the reason why he picked the college.
    P1: So there was competition right?
    M: No sir. There was no other college he could choose from. (Score Me-Panel: 0-10 to 1-10 )
    P2: wakes up now) so, tell me what you did as the magazine editor?
    M: Explained in detail
    P2: So do you accept all the articles?
    M: Yes, because no of articles we get is not high.
    P2: So do faculty give articles?
    M: Yes (Mistake no. 2)
    P2: So, a faculty writes an article and you hate it. You don’t want it in the magazine. How will you tell them?
    M: said I will tell them it does not match with the theme, does not confine to what we are looking for.
    P1: Oh, So you are going to lie? (whaaat?! )
    M: No Sir. I won’t lie. I will tell him the actual reason
    P2: No, then ego clash. You cannot go tell him his article is ‘pathetic’ (arrey, just now you only told me to tell didn’t you? ) Then goes into corporate world and says same situations there, what will you do if your boss does something you don’t like?
    M: Said I will talk to him/her, will explain the situation, ask if they have a solution and then will implement it.
    (finally stopped) (Score: 1-15)
    P2: So, what was your fav. subject? No, the subject you hated the most.
    M: Communications.
    P2 and P1: What comn? Oral or something else (arrey, how does oral commn. become a subject?)
    M: Said, ECE communication
    P2: What is there in that? It is only sending 1’s and 0s (hahaha. Should tell this to the people who flunked the subject)
    M: No sir, lot of other details, modulation, error, blah blah
    P2: So, why didn’t you like it?
    M: Said sort of coz of the teacher(very true, had terrible lecturers) Did not generate interest. (they were going to start belting again, so…) Said we all managed, read a lot of reference books, used the library.
    P1: Go tell the faculty that they did not generate interest. (Not again!!)
    M: We have feedback system sir
    P1: no, not written. Go and tell it directly.
    M: Will explain situation to the teacher. Will say that we could’ve done better and if they could take more regular feedbacks from students.
    P1: So, what is happening in Hockey? (WHAAAAATTTTTTT?? Where the %^&* did this even come from?? No sports extra curricular or in SOP or in WAT)
    M: (thankfully read the paper today) Sir, they are going to play against France.
    P1: Women’s team?
    M: Uh… they won recently(?)
    P1: What did they win?
    M: uh… uh…
    P1: ok. What is happening in cricket? (Enough with the damn sports questions already!!)
    M: Said something about some match
    P3: (finally looks up from his laptop and decides to screw me further) Do you flow economic/business news?
    M: Yes sir.
    P3: What is happening?
    M: Spoke about monetary policy
    P1: (again) what is Repo rate?
    M: explained and corrected a wrong figure that I had mentioned.
    P1: What happens when it is slashed?
    M: explained
    P1: So?
    M: (what??) Went to inflation
    P1: When inflation is high, why did RBI slash it then?
    M: Spoke about fall of growth and wanting to promote it
    P1: Then what is CRR?
    M: Explained (mistake no 3)
    P1: that also leads to the same thing right? The RBI does not know what it is doing.
    M: (smiled sheepishly)
    P2: (rescues….) so, why do you want to do an MBA? (…and screws)
    M: explained in detail about what I wanted to do.
    P1: So you start the organisation now itself. Why you want an MBA?
    M: gave some gyan about knowledge and risk and network (mistake 4)
    P1: Open FB account, you will meet people. Go to clubs, you will meet people. You are on the wrong path. You don’t need an MBA
    M: Reiterated my stand, going more into detail.
    (Finally they stopped!)
    P1: so, what do you do in your free time?
    M: Read, music, travel.
    P1: (again looking to jack me) SO, who told you which books to read for the interview?
    M: (Laughing in my imagination) been reading since a young age, parents, and grandparent’s avid readers. Was brought up with Enid blytons and nancy drews, hardy boys..  (Score : 2-20)
    P1: Ok. You have any questions for us?
    M: Asked about the NSRCEL
    P1: explained and said I should visit it.

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 1
    Any other relevant detail.: P1 was rude. Mocked also at times. Smiled in between whenever he realized he won. P3 did nothing, just smiled in glee when I was getting screwed. P2, well, was the lesser of the evils. Also, interview was terribly long!


  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year– 95.8, AP, 2004
    XII%, Board, year– 97.7,AP,2006
    Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. — BE. ECE,86.3,2010,Osmania

    Sectors, Company – Number of months– Sevice,Infosys-18months

    CAT 2011:

    Quant– 97.45
    Verbal– 98.55
    Aggregate– 98.95
    (category if applicable)

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: IIM B campus
    Date : 29/02/2012

    Essay :
    Topic: Social networks like facebook are addictive and detrimental to society
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Explained the pros and cons. wrote the essay in general sense with diplomacy. No particular points that can strike as ‘waah kya baath hai’

    Time given : 10min to think, 20 min to write
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5):2.5

    Panel Members Intro: 3 members, one middle aged prof(M), one lady(L), one more young prof(y)


    Y: so.. infoscion.. thats how they say right?
    Me: Yes sir
    Y: Do u ppl have a common facebook page?
    Me: Yes sir.
    Y: Did u try to hack it some time and can it be done?
    Me: It can be sir.. but neva did.

    and some gyan on hacking..

    Y: so any crazy thing about u?
    Me: i listen to music sir
    Y: thats not crazy
    Me: i listen a lot sir..
    Y: even then.. its not.. how much do u?
    Me: around 4 hours a day sir
    Y: then its crazy man

    and some discussion on music industry, piracy.. should we pay so many bucks for original CDs and stuff…

    M: So u mentioned reading books.. what was the recent one u read..
    Me: Train to pak sir.
    M: tell me something about it and what did u learn.
    Me: told some general stuff about it but could not properly explain what i got from book

    and the topic went on to communal harmony as i mentioned while explaining about the book.

    M: Did u ever a face a situation that u had to handle (regarding communal harmony) and what steps can be taken to avoid them
    Me: No sir not exactly.. and told some stuff like understanding customs traditions blah blah…

    L: so tell me what is the ruckus about microfinance in AP?
    Me: faltered initially but somehow explained the issue
    L: what could be the main reason?
    Me: explained about the investigating reports pointing to MFC employees pressurizing people to payback and stuff like that..
    L: what can be done to clear MFCs?
    Me: something like .. Govt can try to bail out (God knows why i told this)

    L: explain pls?
    Me: tried to cover up but infact goofed it up

    L: why do u think govt has to do spend money?
    Me: tried to explain some thing like free rice scheme and such welfare schemes and govt should take initiative in such schemes.. blah blah..

    M: so what is the project u work with at infy?
    Me: told the scenario.. and my position..

    and followed by some discussion on interaction with clients, customers.. about work place and others..

    L: so where do u see five years from now?
    Me:  started explaining.. ( M was listening with intent but L was like ‘ yaar when are u going to stop’ )

    L: so what is the job u want to do after MBA?
    Me: told.

    They wished me luck and i was done with interview…

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3

    Any other relevant detail.–

    I know that the interview was more of a general one.. and in the competition that IIM-B has , i may have less chance of getting in.. but just “sheer respect” for the panel for making me feel comfortable throughout the process

    VERDICT– M,L,Y knows

    Hope this helps.. next on 2nd march.. for new IIMs.. will post the experience there..

    PS: Out of context, but if any1 has completed the new IIMs pls PM me.. need some clarifications..

    All the best



  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %: 97.2%, Tamil Nadu Board, 2004
    XII%: 96.4%, Tamil Nadu Board, 2006
    B.E., Electronics & Communication, 90.7%, 2010 Batch, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University Chennai

    Analytics – Mu Sigma Business Solutions, Bangalore, 20 months

    CAT 2011:

    Quant: 85.30
    Verbal: 97.84
    Aggregate: 95.10
    (category if applicable): NC-OBC

    Extra curriculars: Keyboard Player

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: IIM Bangalore Campus
    Date : 27.02.2012

    Essay :

    Topic: Indian curriculum has less emphasis on sports/fitness

    Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
    Structured the essay into three paragraphs: Current scenario of sports/fitness in Indian curriculum, drawback of having less emphasis and how to address this.

    Time given : 10 min to think and to jot down points, 30 min to write the essay (Totally 40 min)

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 2
    Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5


    P1- young and kadoos
    P2- old, soft with a stylist accent
    P3- old, soft and feeble voice
    Me: Good Afternoon sirs
    P2: Please take your seat
    P3: Hello
    Me: Hello sir
    P2: So, you are Mr. Mu Sigma?
    Me: (with a big smile) Yes sir
    P2: You know who started this company?
    Me: Dhiraj Rajaram sir
    P2: Dhiraj Raja?
    Me: Dhiraj Rajaram sir. He was my college alumnus
    P2: Which college?
    Me: College of Engineering Guindy sir
    P2: Oh, it is opposite to IIT Madras right?
    Me: Yes sir, it is.
    P2: Tell me about Dhirajs profile
    Me: After graduating from CEG, he went to US and worked there for two years. Then he got an MBA degree and joined Booz Allen. He got lot of contacts at Booz Allen and thought of starting a new company on his own and he did.
    P1: (Going through my interview form) so your alternate e-mail id is maddy_greeny. What is with that?
    Me: Sir, that was one crazy id which I thought of during my +2 sir. I like green colour. Hence the id
    P2: Green stands for?
    Me: Green stands for prosperity, freshness and go signal sir
    P1: Green stands for few other things. We have lot of green things
    Me: Sorry sir, I didnt get you
    P1: If I say this phone is a green phone, what does it mean?
    Me: Yes sir, it is environmental friendly then.
    P1: Yes, so you are environmental friendly?
    Me: Yes sir J
    P2: Green stands for envy as well
    Me: Sorry sir, I didnt get you
    P2: Green stands for envy, environmental friendly and prosperity, lot more things. Ok leave it
    P2: How many employees are there in Mu Sigma?
    Me: Sir, we are 1500+
    P2: It is a start-up right?
    Me: Yes sir, it is.
    P3: Tell us more about the work you do at Mu Sigma
    Me: Sir, at Mu Sigma we work on three main things Business, Math & Technology
    P3: Business, what and what?
    Me: Business, Math Mathematics and Technology sir. Most of the companies will do any two of these three. For example, an IT company will do only math and technology. We are the only company who do all three sir.
    P3: Tell us what you have done for Marks & Spencer (I had mentioned this in my SOP)
    Me: Explained about the reports that we generate for M&S;
    P3: So you develop only reports?
    Me: No sir, we also get some good forecasting projects
    P3: Ok, tell me one insight which you gave to M&S.; Dont give me specific numbers as it is confidential
    Me: Yes sir, I know (Explained one good insight which we gave for the client)
    P3: Hmmm ok. So do you follow retail industry in India?
    Me: Not much sir.
    P1: Do you know if Walmart is there in India?
    Me: Yes sir. In 2008, they partnered with Reliance sorry sir not Reliance, its Bharti Airtel
    P1: Yes Bharti Airtel
    Me: Yes, they partnered with Bharti Airtel and started some stores in Delhi in the name Best Price. Im not sure if those stores are still active.
    P1: Why there is opposition in India for Walmart stores?
    Me: Sir, there is fear that Walmart would eat away small small retail shops here
    P1: But Walmart is just to enter right? It will not be as big as Reliance
    Me: Yes sir. But Walmart is a huge company with huge revenue. In US itself, if a Walmart store opens up, it would eat away all the retail businesses around a radius of 5 miles. So it won’t take much time for that to happen in India sir. Because Walmart gives you products at a much cheaper rate which these Reliance cannot give. Walmart crushes their vendors and gives cheaper products to us
    P2: Is that good for a consumer?
    Me: Yes sir, as a consumer I am benefitting because Im getting at a much cheaper rate.
    P1: What effects will Walmart have here?
    Me: Sir the infrastructure will develop. Walmart will lay roads and all (thinking why I uttered this)
    P1: What??? Walmart will lay roads??
    Me: (Thinking for 5 secs) No sir. Not exactly. Walmart stores would be mostly in the outskirts and suburbs. So, the connectivity between the city will improve and the area around the stores will also improve
    P1: Hmmm
    Me: Sir, also the farmers will able to sell the products directly to Walmart. They can be assured that their products will be consumed by Walmart for a certain period. Now, there are people at different levels between the farmer and the retailer. Walmart will directly consume from farmers. This would help the farmers
    P1: Why only Walmart? Why cant these Reliance directly consume from farmers?
    Me: (Totally blank here. Thinking for around 10 secs) Sir, this is what I read from articles and all sir (lame lame reply). From what I read, I got that Walmart will directly consume from farmers.
    P1: Yes go on.
    Me: Also the banks will be ready to give loans to the farmers if the farmers are in contract with Walmart
    P2: So, it is all good right. Consumers are benefitted. Farmers are also benefitted. Then what is the problem?
    Me: Sir, the small retail vendors will be greatly affected. If you get the same product at a much cheaper rate in a big store, you will obviously go to the big store. Allowing Walmart has both good and bad sir. But I see more good in that
    P2: Ok. Will the e-commerce websites like M&S; succeed in India?
    Me: Of course sir, FLIPKART!!! (said very boldly)
    P3: Do you think Flipkart makes money?
    Me: Yes sir. Of course
    P1: Do you know how many Indians use internet?
    Me: Around 10% sir. Im not sure though.
    P1: 10%??
    Me: Yes sir, I guess it may be around 10%. But again, Im not sure
    P1: So what is the number? What is India’s population?
    Me: Sir, the population is 1.2 billion. So I think 120 million Indians use internet
    P3: By the way, your number is right J. And most of them access in offices
    Me: (big smile)
    P2: What all you should have to make online purchase?
    Me: some knowledge about online transactions
    P2: No, what all you should have like internet connection, then?
    Me: Sir, an internet connection and some knowledge on online purchasing will do sir
    P2: Payments?
    Me: Sir, now we have cash after delivery options sir. You don’t even have to have a credit card to make an online purchase
    P2: Yes there is cash after delivery option. But that courier guy should collect it
    Me: Yes sir
    P3: Do you read?
    Me: Not much sir
    P3: So you haven’t bought anything from Flipkart?
    Me: No sir. I have bought some(thinking for 3 sec) headphones sir. Basically electronic stuff I have bought
    P1: What is your hobby?
    Me: I like listening to music and I play keyboard sir
    P1: What is your ideal company? Where do you want to get placed after your MBA?
    Me: I don’t have an option sir
    P1: What???? You don’t have any option???
    Me: No sir. I mean I don’t have any choices.. I don’t have any opinion on that
    Me (continuing): Sir, but having worked in Mu Sigma for Mu Sigma, I am good at understanding business and giving insights sir. So I think consulting will be my cup of tea. Thinking on those lines, McKinsey will be my ideal company
    P1: Do you know how many people get placed in McKinsey in IIMs?
    Me: No idea sir.
    P1: Do you think it will be 100?
    Me: Definitely not sir. 100 persons will be like 25% of the batch, if the batch size is around 400. I don’t think 100 will get into McKinsey
    P1: 1 or 2?
    Me: I guess the number may be around 10
    P1: Do you think you can make it to the top 10?
    Me: Sir, I have built a decent profile for the past two years. I guess this will give a push in the list, if not to the top 10. I will have to work hard in the IIMs to further get into the top 10.
    P1: Yes
    Me: Sir, moreover all the top 10 students may not want to get into McKinsey, some may go for finance.
    P1: But yaar, who will say no to McKinsey
    Me: Yes sir, may be
    P2: uttering word by word slowly) Mu Sigma is a very good company. There are lots of good projects coming. You work with interesting business problems
    Me: (I thought he was going to ask why MBA. So started my breadth depth story) Sir, I will be given a business problem at my hand sir. I am asked to focus only on that. I go deep into the data. I know all the tables in Walmart database (little exaggerating here)
    P2: All the tables?
    Me: Yes sir, almost all. I go till the individual rows of data. While doing so, Im missing out on learning the breadth of business operations and I hope an MBA degree will help me get that
    P2: It’s not an overnight job. CEOs are not made overnight. You don’t become a CEO just after your MBA
    Me: Yes sir, I know that it’s not an overnight job. But an MBA will make my basics of business stronger than my job at Mu Sigma
    P2: (in a soft and feeble voice) Mu Sigma is still a very good company. You will get lot of interesting business problems to solve. You will get to learn a lot at Mu Sigma. Im not saying don’t do MBA, but am just saying Mu Sigma is a good company to work with
    (Now only realizing that P2 is in fact advising me from his heart)
    Me: Ok sir, thanks
    P1: Ok thank you Madhavan, we are done!
    Me: Thank you sir!

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 2.5
    Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5


    There are a lot of typos..hope u all can manage with those…Acads
    X :-93.25 %,CBSE, 2003
    XII,85.20 , AMU, 2005

    Undergrad Stream( BE), Specialization(EEE), 85.70(DR 3), 2009, BIT Mesra.

    Work-Ex: 32 months
    IT, Company – XXXX India

    CAT 2011:

    Quant :-97.98
    Verbal :- 96.72
    category :-General

    Extra curriculars :

    Any other special thing about u in the recent extracurricular ,Sports some good performances, Sports Captain Schoo,Won the Inter school Badminton tournament ,College Emerging player of the year award, Organized cultural fests ,3.5 months International work ex at XXXX HQ (it’s not really special ,but this is what I have besides academics )

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: IIMB
    Date : 1st march

    Essay : Individuals are bound by social and political norms and cannot be truly free ,even in a democracy

    Brief Snapshot of the attempt:Found the topic tough. Somehow made 3 points on which I wrote, but tried to make it coherent…
    Time given : 30 mins
    Rate your preparation(3):
    Rate your performance(2.5):

    Panel Members Intro. Don’t remember the names ,one jolly old fellow (60 probably) ,one relatively younger (45 ,the Big Boss (BB)) ,One alumni ,50 yrs. of age probably (A)
    Calling them JOF ,BB,A

    Last one in the interview panel ,had to wait for 1.5 hrs. to get my turn

    The greeting exchanged
    A :-So how r u doing
    Me:- Doing good Sir
    A :-Are you nervous
    Me:-A bit nervous Sir

    A:- Why
    Me:-Sir ,some people have been saying that it was a stress interview.

    All three smile and say ,do we look like ppl who will stress ppl out…
    They also smile .
    Me:-Sir ,usually it happens that I am a bit nervous for the initial 5 secs or so ,but now I am doing perfectly fine Sir.

    BB:- (he asked 95 % of the qs)
    So, did u have tea n all.

    Me:-Yes Sir, I had coffee some time ago at the canteen.
    BB:-So, tell me how have u prepared yourself mentally for the interview ?
    Me:-Sir, I have come with a very open mind for the interview. I have come with a view to have a conversation with u all. I will try my best to answer the questions u may have for me.

    BB:-Ok.Tell us about your journey from Ranchi (my college) to Hyderabad (my job)
    Me: explained whatever happened and how I got into XXXX,and also what i did at college ,what I do here at XXXX n all…..

    BB:-Ok..tell us more about what u exactly do..
    Me:-Explained using bit of technical language ,bit of layman language

    BB:-Ok..what is this Middleware ?

    BB:-Asks me to elaborate more ..says, he always used to think that MW could be so n how n all?…can u explain

    Me:-Sir,I will explain u with an example of the product I work on. Explained decently ,with a bit of fumbling…

    BB:-So ,who all are the XXXX’s competitors in MW
    Me: Sir,XXXX is no 1 in MW since 2009.

    BB:-Thats fine ,but there must be some competitors…
    Me:-yes ,sir ,cite 2 comps which were occupied in 2005
    Discussion take a new turn now :-

    BB:-So ,XXXX is monopolising the market ,don’t u think so ?
    Me:-Sir ,by acquiring those comps XXXX is trying to penetrate a market ,and due to the merger that is happening the acquired company is getting access to XXXX R and D…so its a win win situation for both….

    meanwhile ,OJF and A are staring at me ..A is also looking into the laptop….

    BB;-But ,XXXX is acquiring its competitors ,in this way its monopolising..
    Me:- Sir, even though the comps are being acquired, due to the merger that is happening ,a better products is coping to the market which is good for the consumers.

    BB:-that’s fine ,but what about the consumers…
    Me:-I now realize, that I forgot about how consumers may be affected by an increase price of the product. I correct myself here ..I say ,I have been talking from the viewpoint of companies and how a merger and Acquisition is good for both.. tell me how many trains are there from Bangalore to Hyd.
    Me:- Sir, 5.
    BB:- Who controls all these ?
    Me:- Sir Indian railways
    BB :- So, there is no other choice for the consumer ..they have to stick to Indian railways here….right
    Me:-Yes sir

    JOF:-So now tell us ,what XXXX is doing is it right for the consumer. Good or bad
    Me: sir since the available choices for the consumers is decreasing ,so in this sense it is definitely not good for the consumer..


    BB:-So, do u follow cricket.
    Me:- Yes sir,
    BB:-So, do u think virat kohli should have been made the VC
    Me;-Yes Sir, I came across this news in the newspaper today and I think it is a good decision as we are trying to promote the youngsters to take up responsibility…VK has been performing really well and he definitely deserves this chance .

    BB:-why do u think he has performed well…he has just hit one match winning century…
    Me:-Sir ,VK is one of the best fielders in the team ,has hit 9 centuries and approx. 22 half centuries. So he has a good track record ..moreover ,the motivation and dedication he shows while being on filed is simply terrific. And I think selectors are taking note of it and thus trying to hone his skills to lead the team..

    BB:-No, the expressions n all u r talking abt are typical of Delhi wala n all…so that does not mean anything….if u talk about performance ,then why not gambhir,even though he has not performed very well. But he is a senior member of the team…has performed well in the past…

    Me:-Sir ,as I see it ,it’s all about performance and today VK is definitely one the better performing players ,so selectors are doing a right thing. Also Gambhir has been given a chance to captain and he being a senior player will be phasing out in time to come. So keeping future in mind we have to make sure that we train the younger players…

    BB …k…so why nor Rohit sharma ..How many centuries from him..?
    Me:-sir approx the same ,8-9 but I am not very sure…

    BB:- so RS also has the similar performance ..why not him…
    Me:- Sir ,I think RS is also a good player and here it’s all about training the younger talent and definitely in time to come ,RS will also get the chance…

    BB:-Why not Ashwin?explains his contribution n all…says he has taken good no of wickets…he is young also.

    Me:-Yes sir ,definitely he is a good player too. And as VK has been named the VC for Asia ,I think Ashwin will also get a chance to prove his mettle in future…

    BB:- then explains how zaheer khan has contributed so much to Indian cricket ,but has not been given his due…
    Me:-Yes sir ,Zaheer khan definitely has done good…but due to injuries and all he has probably not been considered frequently…But right now ,as we are discussing whether VK is the right choice or not I would say the Selectors have done this keeping in mind that the young ones need to be nurtured….blah blah…..

    BB:- U talk like a politician.. smiles…and then all 3 smile…
    Me:- smiling too…..

    JOF:- you are a good manager ,because you try to keep everyone happy.!!..

    Me:- smiling

    A:- So ,do u read books.
    Me:- No Sir, I am not that much into reading books….!!..

    BB:-So do u follow news
    Me:-Yes ,Sir I try my best to regularly follow the news much time u devote
    Me:-Sir, 30-40 mins..

    JOF:-So, do u only use the print media ,or internet n all…on your mobile ?
    Me:-Sir, only the print media, prefer the newspapers, not on mobile. But do read on internet at times….

    JOF:-So ,how much was your %age in college ?

    JOF:-Rank ?

    JOF:-What did u study in principles of management ?
    Me:-Sir ,a brief overview of management ,a little bit about marketing ,fin ,something like time value of money.

    JOF:-What is TVOM?
    Me: explain ,not a good answer…then i said I am giving a very crude definition as I am not able to recollect properly..

    JOF:-SO ,does it depend on inflation ?
    Me: thinking for a sec ,yes sir.

    JOF:-Could interest rate be a reason for the fall in the buying power of money…

    Me:-Yes sir, if I am paying 2 Re interest on 10 Re principal, and If interest rate rise, and I start paying 3 as interest, so net free cash with me decreases…So in this sense , I would be able to purchase less….

    Then there were one of 2 qs more…don’t remember…

    BB:- So ,we are done. Do u have any questions for us ?
    Me:-No sir.

    All: thank u then…
    Me:- Thank u sir…thanked them individually and left……

    Rate your preparation(3.5):
    Rate your performance(2.5):
    MISC. :-lasted for about 22 mins…everyone in my group had interviews ranging from 15-20 mins. Mine also almost similar…!…

    Any other relevant detail. :-It was a very general interview…..surprisingly nothing was asked from SOP….. maybe they found it not very good. Or maybe it was really coherent. They only know it……No why MBA n all ?……..difficult to say anything………fingers crossed….but the kind of competition we have at B ,it looks difficult only. Let’s see …….



    Here comes mine, Kind of weird feeling after my interview..Acads
    X :-87.7%
    XII,-95.2% ,

    Undergrad Stream( BE), Specialization(Mech), 87.70.

    Work-Ex: 36 months
    , Company – aerospace

    Extra curriculars painting/some social activities

    Any other special thing abt u:
    Interview & Essay

    Venue: IIMB
    Date : 6th march

    Essay : Strong opposition party is required for good governance
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Tried to give 2 points favouring it, with supporting points.. The space(paper) was quite limited.
    Time given : 30 mins
    Rate your preparation(2):
    Rate your performance(2):

    Panel Members Intro dont remember the names ,one jolly old fellow (60 probably) ,one relatively younger (45 ,the Big Boss (BB)) ,One guy ,50 yrs. of age probably (A)
    Calling them JOF ,BB,A


    The greeting exchanged
    JOF :-So how r u doing
    Me:- Doing good Sir

    JOF- where are you from? me- Coimbatore
    JOF- good, tell me what’s special abt coimbe?
    me- told, Manchester of S.india etc., BB-interrupts, is it still relevant?
    me- kept on repeating that textile industry is facing some probs etc., may be they were asking me abt the Manchester in UK & its position now? I just said it is a place in UK.. (they moved on to other Qns)

    JOF:-Tell me the best place in coimbe to buy land?
    me- said, area, discussion on it abt rate/sqft
    JOF- compare it with bangalore?
    me- told., JOF-hw come the rates here in blr n cbe are almost same
    me- tried telling that area matters, like cbe’s CBD price is equal to a suburb price in blr (not really though)/// May should have told in terms of demand..(i cant really figure it out from their expression whether they were convinced or not, but they did move to other Qns soon)

    JOF- happily– Okay, your the right person I can ask all these Qns? Now tell me why PVR charges more n pallavi less??

    me- was trying to convey that quality, service, etc.., suddenly said entertainment tax may be diff..
    JOF– no they r same evrywhr/ though your point was good
    me- again telling all those stuff, suddenly brought in the case of Satyam cinemas & their working model to divert them..,
    (I did a lot of talk here, tried explaining wotever view I had, till they were convinced, they did Qn me a lot on it )

    BB- enters, u have mentioned u like puzzles??
    me- WOT??? No SIRRRRRRRR? BB-u hav written in your sop? me- No no no, I’m pretty bad at puzzles in fact sir., JOF- see, now he is puzzled
    everyone laughs..
    BB- realises that he was checking the next persons sop infact.. remains calm forever after this..

    A: JOF hands over to A; So your from XXX company? wot do u do?
    me- said
    A- asked abt MMRCA deal/ explain your company’s role etc.,
    me- explained/ with so many doubts from JOF in between
    A- asked something on design
    me- tried to tell as much I can., Something on this for abt 5 min.,
    JOF- again , your from mech background– so tell me abt pelton wheel?? (spin ball)
    me– blinking- Sir, I know it is an impulse turbine.,
    Jof- ya right tell me, HEY SO FAR U WERE GUD MAN, THOUGH YOUR FACE DOESNT SHOW IT< wot to infer from this) draw me the schematic dgm
    me- trying to draw something… said I forgot sir.,
    JOF- draws it n finishes.., ( he asked me whether I knw wot is orthogonal…. Am I tat fool )
    me– said i know., giving a blank expression..
    JOF-again, your gud at painting.. tell me the cost of that painting n hw did u arrive at it? ( thr was an awesome painting in d room)
    me- said it shud be 15k, saying size, details, impressions, lot of work should have been put into it.. etc.,
    JOf- no more Qns on it., tell me the std ISO size of the painting
    me– A0 2+
    Jof- do u know laughter m/c? only my company uses it??
    me- no sir., JOf- drafting m/c.. me- yes sir/.
    Jof- explains the laughter m/c..
    JOf– thanks, nice talking to you..,etc., Gave hands to all…… BB-still reluctant to give hand even…<

    Rate your preparation(3.5): ( I did a lot of GK things,but unfortunately in none of my interview such things are asked..)
    Rate your performance(2):
    MISC. :-lasted for about 22-25 mins…everyone in my group had interviews ranging from 15-20 mins..mine also almost similar…!…

    Any other relevant detail. :-It was a very general interview…..surprisingly nothing was asked from SOP….. maybe they found it not very good..or maybe it was really coherent..they only know it……No why MBA n all ?……..difficult to say anything………fingers crossed….but the kind of competition we have at B ,it looks difficult only..lets see …….

    VERDICT :- Converted. Iim b really looks into your overall performance,rather than cat percentile alone


  • Category: DA
    B.E: 75
    M.Tech: 7.7
    Work Ex: 3.5Interview Date: March 3
    Essay: Some computer use.

    1. Why MBA after M.Tech
    2. What is thought process behind changing 2 companies in 3 year
    3. What is functional leader ? (Based on my goal as per SOP)
    4. what is destiny ? (Based on my goal as per SOP)
    5. what work you do roles responsibility and impact.
    5. what is u r short term goal ?
    6. Your view on health sector industry ? ( This is the question i did not answer)
    7. Your view on Reservation ?
    8. Your view on tackling health care industry problem ?
    9. Explain the paper you published in international journal ?
    10. did you read ? I say not much , then he say in IIM B you will require lot of reading will you be able to manage ?
    11. what is six sigma from SOP ?
    12. Any other question you wana ask ?




  • PROFILE:Acads
    X % – 93.3% ,TN board, 2004
    XII% – 95.3 %, TN , 2006
    Undergrad Stream – BE -ECE , 2010, MIT, chennai

    Work-Ex: 20 months
    Sectors – Strategy Consulting (Metals & Minerals Practice)

    CAT 2011: 87 Percentile. . .

    (category if applicable) : NC-OBC

    Extra curriculars :

    Main Organiser of College Tech Symposium involved in Sponsorship and Events organising …

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: IIM B campus
    Date :March 5th

    Essay : Hunger Strikes for a cause are now becoming a source of blackmail & coercion.

    Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
    The page given had hardly 20 lines I guess, just one side of a sheet. There ll be ample time so need to plan an write down ly the important points since otherwise will run out of space to write our critical points.

    Puys so take care of it…

    Time given : 10 mins for thinking, 20 mins fr writing (More than enough for the space provided)

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3

    Rate your performance(0-5):3

    Panel Members Intro:

    3 PPL, P1 – Was asking a lot of counter questions for whatever I said, P2 – silent guys just came in occasionally, L – Polite and listened carefully. All were 40-50… IIM B professors.


    Me : Gud Morn everybody…
    L : Well Gud morning , pls have your seat..
    P1: So Shankar, what s this quote you have written in your SOP (had written ” awake arise & stop not till your goal is reached “) Know who said ths ?
    Me : Yes Sir, Swami Vivekanada
    P1: Tell me where he said this, in what context ?
    Me : Told …in his speech at Parliament of Religions in Chicago, 1893.
    P1: Ok, so u r the mining expert (Am tracking Metals & Minerals industry), tell me the issues plaguing mining industry in india at present…
    Me : Sir, mainly the issues related to the forest clearance & displacement of tribals affecting mining activities of companies like vedanta, posco is affecting growth of the mining industry as there is no consensus & the issue of illegal mining in karnataka and goa mainly… Coal India not allocating coal blocks which is affecting the power prodn in the country …

    P1 : Ok wrt tribals issue in Orissa, on the 1 side it s the country’s economy and on other hand the life of poor tribals who are displaced , what will be your standpoint…
    Me: Sir, I feel the companies wishing to clear forest areas and tribal people for mining should part away a portion of their profits for the welfare of the tribals – be it in form of monetary or developmental help or offering incentives for setting up business or employment.
    P1: but you know these private comps, they won fulfill their promises, they can easily evade from paying money and also you think they won send away the tribals sooner? also the tribals won be educated, how do u think they can employ??
    Me: Sir, these companies should give their profits to a Govt instituted Welfare body which should take care of the develomental activities. In such a case the private comps or Govt comps can also be made to pay the money without fail and they can use ths for the welfare activities. Also this should be a transparent body.
    P1: Ok so what about the forests you are destroying, you have no problem with that?
    Me: Yes sir, that’s a serious problem, but for the sustainability of the economy and development of the people & soceity, we need resources and so it becomes necessary to mine essential minerals even though it involves clearing forests, but we can compensate for it by the Govt initiating in suitable afforestation projects and promoting Greenery development to soothe the degradation caused due to the rapid clearance….
    P1: You r saying that you will destroy 100s of years old forest and replace them within a day is it?how is it possible, all your so called alternatives all take centuries to come up
    Me : Well yes sir that’s true, but there is no alternative. To maximum extent we can avoid touching the reserved forests but if there is no other option but to clear them, we have to go ahead to sustain the economy and development activities otherwise we will be too much dependent on imports and will sharply decrease our country’ growth…
    P1: ok, now coming to illegal mining, what is the issue and whats your solution?
    ME: Sir, because of the present FCFS rule in awarding mining leases, people get mining lease due to political clout without the necessary credentials and illicitly mine the minerals, this should be avoided by forming a regulatory body which will monitor the issuing of licences.
    P1: But even now illegal mining happened because of influential people gt their way… You are aware of OMC?
    Me: Orissa Minerals Corporation sir?
    P1: No no, I meant the reddy brothers company, they illegally mined from a location nt assigned to them…. explained that… What do you say, such ppl will anyway manipulate the rules.
    Me : Yes sir, but presently there is no law in place, so atleast giving a framework …
    L (interrupts) : You mean to say there is no monetary body to supervise the issuance of licences?
    Me : Yes Ma’am (P1 also ackowledges to her). So in this situation, if we constitute a National Minerals Regulatory body as proposed by the Govt as well in the mining bill to be tabled in the budget sesison, it will provide a system or a framework wherein atleast the affected people or somebody who comes to know of any illegal activity can report it and get justice …
    P2: We don’t want whats in the mining bill, tell us what you will want?
    Me : Yes sir, I also ackowledge the same view, afterall the mining bill was written after taking the viewpoints of many activists and other stakeholders in similar cases to avoid any future stalemate in mining activities.
    So I believe constituting a national regulatory body will provide a monitoring body to supervise how the licenses are issued, There can some prequalification criteria for the bidders to eliminate the speculative bidders and selecting the appropriate people.
    P1: You are giving an outline, tell me the mechanism hw it is possible to prequalify?? It’s very difficult, on what basis you all do that
    Me : Well sir, the prequalification criteria can identify whether the bidders for mining licence will create potential value for the downstream activities or they are just speculative bidders trying to make money and doesn’t know the process…
    P1: So l will give the licences y vertically integrated miners?
    Me: No sir, that’s one criteria, we can see their previous capabilities, capital structure, methods of mining whether they have the sufficient technology, If they are new players, we can ask their plans and purpose, process to be employed etc to ensure the mines go into right hands, once the potential bidders are identified, we can allow bidding and issue licences.,
    P2: But any company will involve in mining for profits, and they will indulge in illegal means.
    P1: Ok, tell me one Indian company which doesn’t go through illegal means to achieve profits? The whole Govt is corrupt…
    Me: Well that may be the situation sir, but then atleast we can ensure that the process is transparent so that companies don’t use their political clout and get these licences at cheaper prices compared to market prices. So in the present lawless situation in Mining industry where the states enjoy supreme power, establishing a national regulatory body will be a good positive step forward…
    P2: Okie tell me, should exports be allowed in minerals say the case of iron ore?? or it should be utilised only for internal consumption?
    Me: It is essential to ensure the supply for local market but at the same time to make sure the companies enjoy good profit margin, should not ban exports maybe should allow it at a high duty rate as in the present case where 30% duty s levied
    P1: How will comps get higher profit margin by exporting?
    Me : Well the pricing is higher there sir, and also they export the high quality products say in Iron ore, they sell the ores with higher iron ore content to overseas market while sell the lower grades within India .
    P1: OH is that the case?
    Me: Yes sir, European or North American countries don’t accept iron ore with lesser Fe content (64%) while here in India buyers all settle for poorer qualities since they are cheaper.

    P1: So you say quality of steel in Europe is higher than in India??

    Me : Well not always, we do have suppliers selling high quality ore in India but also we have buyers of low quality ores here which is also predominant but there lay high quality ores are accepted.

    P2: So you are saying TATA, SAIL, Jindal all are producing low quality steel?
    Me: (Kind of taken back) No sir, just meant quality considerations are higher in Europe & other developed markets.

    (P1 & P2 look at each other … all of us confused !!!)

    L: Ok tell me about your work, what you do daily?
    Me : Explained how we do primary, research, secondary research etc…
    L: I don’t want “we”, tell me what you did specifically…
    Me: Ok Ma’am, explained again…
    L: So takes up a project I did for Vedanta that was mentioned in SOP and asks abt it …
    Me: Explained fully
    L: So how many were there in the team
    me: 2 of us …
    L: what was your role? u lead the project or played a support role?
    Me : Both had equal responsibilities as it was a huge global project, also the other person had another project to work on so he left in the midway and I completed it.
    L : Ok so you all interact will stakeholders, gather info from sources and analyse and present is it?
    Me: Yeah …
    L: you will give the presentation in PowerPoint or excel rite?
    Me : YEs Ma’am…
    L: And you will present this to the client? or your boss will?
    Me: I will be present in there during the presentation, since I all lay know key insights thru my discussions…
    L: So you say your boss’ role s just to accompany u, U play the entire role??
    Me : No ma’am, b4 presenting to client, have to present to the boss , he has 35 years of exp so will ask in and out abt the growth rates, forecasts, etc mentioned in the report… Only after satisfying his review, after clarifications, the report will go thru…

    L: Ok, So tell me about this other project u have mentioned (a middle east client)
    Me : Explained.
    L: Totally how many projects u have worked on ?
    Me: 7-8
    L: Ok… that’s fine… I just wanted to know your daily routine in your office work

    L looks at the other panellists …
    L: Ok we are done now, Thanks …

    Me: Thank everyone and leave!!!!

    Rate your preparation(0-5):4
    Rate your performance(0-5):3
    Any other relevant detail.

    totally 24 were called. divided into 3 panels of 8 each. 4 didn’t come in our panel so interview went about 35-40 mins for the remaining 4 of us.

    Not sure , the panellists maintained a stiff look throughout the interview … Let’s see (Kind of didn’t satisfy them reg the exports part … )

    All the best to all of you …. Hope this helps in some way….



  • PROFILE:Acads
    X – 92.3%,TN-Matric Board,2005(school second)
    XII- 94.6%, TN-State Board,2007(school first)
    Undergrad Stream – BE , Specialization-CS, Percentage 96.3%(college second), Year-2011, Institute-K.S.R.C.T – Anna univ.

    Work-Ex:NA(Joined in TCS on 2nd feb 2012. Won’t be considered as workex)

    CAT 2011:88.28 percentile

    (category if applicable):NC-OBC.

    Extra curriculars : Won prizes in poetry, quiz and elocution.(state-level).

    Any other special thing abt u:Won college-level project contest.

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: IIM-B
    Date : 5-mar-2012

    Essay :
    Topic: Depiction of violence in media causes increased societal tolerance for violence.
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt:Wrote a coherent piece I guess.. But then.. they may see it different..

    Time given : 10 mins to think.20 mins to write.
    Rate your preparation(0-5):1.5
    Rate your performance(0-5):3.5

    Panel Members Intro one lady prof(L), one old prof(O), one relatively younger guy..probably alumnus(A)
    Every single question from my S.O.P. Not a single general question. Felt strange.. Also a very cool panel. They cross-questioned me only twice or thrice in the whole 30 min interview. No idea what to make out of this.
    Rate your preparation (0-5):4(Prepared loads of GK, current affairs)
    Rate your performance (0-5): 2.5? (May be 1.5… honestly no idea… They didn’t show any signs of satisfaction or even rejection of my views… Literally no expression for the whole half an hour!!)
    Any other relevant detail-They didn’t stress. But then they didn’t show any form of satisfaction on their faces too.. May be they’ve already decided my fate??? Who knows!!)

    HMMM.. Let us see.. No high hopes thou….


  • PROFILE:Acads
    X – 94.6%, CBSE
    XII- 89.6%, CBSE
    B.Tech – 8.42 (Mech Engg. from IIT KGP)

    Work Ex – 32 months (IT)

    CAT 2011: 98.47

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: IIM-B
    Date: 7-Mar-2012

    Out of 8 people in our panel only 6 turned up. Reporting time was 8 am but certificate verification started at about 8.40. They were just looking at your ID card and asking you to read out your marks for 10 & 12, GPA for grad and length of work ex. (they were verifying it against the data you’ve provided in the application form).
    Essay started at 9 and ended at 9.30. Interviews started from 9.45, I was second last in the group and mine ended around 12.

    Topic: Fears of global warming are exaggerated and are hindering progress
    Time given: 10 + 20
    Rate your preparation (0-5):2.5
    Rate your performance (0-5):2.5

    Panel Members Intro: Two lady profs, one male prof.
    Mostly around why MBA and why Finance (had indicated this as my preference).
    Some questions around work ex and what knowledge from your mech engg. do you apply in your job (none by the way ).
    Usual taunt regarding you did mech first, currently in IT and want to move to finance – you seem lost.
    Overall the interview lasted about 25 mins (felt a lot longer with all the why MBA questions), was about the same for all. A bit of mocking here or there but overall the panel was good.
    Rate your preparation (0-5):2.5
    Rate your performance (0-5):2.5

    VERDICT: Converted



  • PROFILE:Academics –
    10th – GCE O Level – All distinctions
    12th – GCE A Level – All distinctions
    UG – NUS Mechanical Engineering – CGPA 3.63/5

    Work-Ex –
    1 year 8 months till date – Supply chain management in Aerospace industry (Sourcing & Demand planning)

    GMAT Score – 720 (Q48, V41), AWA 5.0 (Overseas candidate)

    Extra curriculars – Choreographer/instructor/performer for 10 years in Singapore

    Interview & Essay

    Venue – IIM-B campus
    Date – 08 March 2012, 9am

    Essay –

    Topic – As a society, we must adopt e-books over print books.
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt – Wrote a balanced viewpoint. E-books preferred for non-fiction where content is extremely important. Print books cannot be replaced by computer screens when it comes to novels as themes and flavour are equally important.
    Duration – 10 minutes to think, 20 minutes to write.
    Rate your preparation (0-5) – 0
    Rate your performance (0-5) – 3

    Interview –

    Panel Members Intro – Panel 2 – 2 middle-aged men ~ A in the middle and B on the right, 1 lady (L) on the left. They did not introduce themselves but looked like, they belonged to the adcom.
    Duration – 25 minutes

    L: Hello, looks like you had all the time to interact with everyone! What did you find out?
    Me: Yes! Good mix of candidates – freshers and people with workex.
    L: No, what did you find out about the interviews?
    Me: No stress . Inclined towards workex and SoP.
    L: So what are you expecting?
    Me: That the trend continues
    L: Okay, let’s fulfill your expectations then!
    L: Your SoP keeps boasting about SME consulting. Why suddenly this?
    Me: The inspiration came during my exchange programme at IIT-B where I met immensely talented and passionate people. They started their own enterprise based on their talent but growth stagnated as they are usually not very well-equipped to carry out market studies for customization requirements and target audience to capture market share. A consultant can help do exactly that.
    L: But suppose I come from the food industry and he comes from automobile. How can your studies apply to different industries?
    Me: That is exactly why I want to join a strategy consulting firm post-MBA. Multidisciplinary demands and experience spanning across various industries will build up my knowledge for SME consulting in general.
    L : Ohhh! Okay, so when do you intend to start your enterprise?
    Me: Not anytime before spending at least 10 years in strategy consulting. The time is necessary for me to go to a leadership position and understand how the senior management plans for strategic growth.
    L : Alright. So, I have one more question. Why do you spend so much time dancing?
    Me: I have always been a performer as far as I can recall. 3-4 years before, I took the initiative to go a step further and mentor teams for competitions or performances.
    L: Why do they require motivation, as you mentioned in your profile?
    Me: In Singapore, teams consist of trained dancers and untrained non-Indians. It is a huge challenge to polish up choreographies on them and ensure that they meet the desired level.
    A : So, what kind of dance do you teach?
    Me: I have my training in B’natyam, Kathak and…
    A: So you teach Indian classical?
    L: So you teach small children?
    Me: No, I have mentored A level students. I mix salsa, ballroom and Indian classical.
    L: Then why have you not done your arangetram?
    Me: Because I wanted to explore other forms of dance as well.
    L: But arangetram would have given you so much of name!
    Me: Yes agreed. But my relatives are all in India… It wouldn’t make sense for me to do it alone back in Singapore
    L: Wouldn’t you do it for your self! Why dance for others?
    Me: I would definitely want my relatives to be a part of such a big event
    B : On the topic of dance, what are the dance forms visible in the Southeast Asian countries, where Ramayan and Mahabharat have strong influence?
    Me: I have seen their dance dramas based on local myths of Bali and Phuket. Their dance forms have evolved over time from their local culture.
    B : Hmm okay.
    A : Okay, tell us about your workex.
    Me : Demand planning for spare parts… Blah blah blah
    A: Okay, in your previous role – you have mentioned about JIT replenishment. Tell us one of its disadvantages.
    Me: The biggest disadvantage I felt was, customers take the hit immediately if suppliers are unable to absorb spikes in demand that could arise from business growth. Suppliers need to grow at the same rate.
    A: But this is a common problem for all supply chains. Suppliers need to grow at the same rate as customers!
    Me: Agreed. But in comparison to a pull system (where a supplier stocks up inventory), a JIT replenishment magnifies this problem as the suppliers are building to demand.
    A : Okay, tell us one more disadvantage.
    Me: I’m sorry, can’t recall any major ones right away

    The panel confirms with one another that neither had any more questions

    L: Do you have any questions for us?
    Me: Yes. What does diversity mean in IIM-B?
    L and A both answer this very enthusiastically
    Me: One more question. What are the experiential learning opportunities?
    L chirps in merrily for about 2-3 minutes and then, A adds on.
    Me: Okay.
    A, B, C: Okay, we are done. Thank you.
    Me: Thank you for your time .

    Rate your preparation (0-5) – 3
    Rate your performance (0-5) – 3

    Any other relevant detail: 2 goof-ups. 1) Why did I not do arangetram. 2) The second disadvantage of JIT replenishment. Otherwise, the interview was conversational and positive. No stress at all.



  • PROFILE:Acads
    X %,Board, year – 88%, AP Board, 2004
    XII%, Board, year – 95%, AP Board, 2006
    Undergrad Stream – B.Tech in Mathematics & Computing at IIT Guwahati.
    CPI 8.63 out of 10

    Work-Ex: Derivatives Trader for 20 months

    CAT 2011:

    Quant – 99.46
    Verbal – 99.99
    Aggregate 99.99

    Extra acads :

    Any other special thing abt u: little bit of quizzing, dr-1 at college

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Bangalore
    Date : 8th Mar 2012 (morning session)

    Essay :
    Topic: As a society, we must adopt e-books over print books.
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
    Place was limited. So the flow of my essay was pretty bad.
    Time given : 10 minutes to think, 20 minutes to write.
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 2.5

    PI: (25 mins)
    Panel Members Intro:
    3 members. One young looking guy (L), one slightly aged prof (M), and another middle-aged prof (R)
    L was focused on finance, M was leading the interview and R asked few but questions

    M: So, why are you wearing a suit?
    me: formals, interested in joining IIM B
    R: Why do you think was a course called ‘Art and Craft of Autobiography’ put into your graduation curriculum?
    me: gave some fundae
    M: You have a course called ‘Money and the Financial System’. what are the components of Money and the Financial System?
    me: blah blah .. forgot financial markets
    R: What are NBFC’s?
    me: blah blah .. screwed up here.
    L: What are financial markets? Basic use of financial markets?
    me: IPO, redistribution blah blah
    L: What is derivatives trading? Why is it required?
    L: Who trades futures?
    L: How are oil futures traded?
    M: ok, so tell me three geo-political factors that influence oil prices?
    R: What % of oil is consumed by Europe?
    me: about 20%
    R: Population-wise, What % of the developed world stays in Europe
    me: about 40-50%
    R: What are the second and third biggest economies?
    me: China and Japan
    R: Now, what do you think is the % of population that stays in Europe?
    me: (in spite of thinking ‘but China isn’t developed, right?’) If we consider China, 30-40%
    L: What do you expect from this course at IIM B?
    me: yadda yadda …

    M: Ok enough finance, Suppose you are the prod. manager of an IT/mobile phone/ hardware company, where prices fall 20% every year. How would you maintain the revenues?
    me: technological innovations. Apple iphone example. a lot of blah blah
    R: Suppose I have a radically progressive tech. innovation. Should I release it immediately or release an inferior model?
    me: Option 2 .. iphone 4s before iphone 5
    M: Iphone 4s is a flop, right?
    me: ………….

    (Now it became rapid-fire. Couldn’t even answer one before the next one came in)

    M: Devise a derivatives for memory chips?
    R: Who will buy it? Who will sell?
    M: Are producers allowed to trade on their products?
    me: blah

    M: Ok, that’s it. Thank you for coming.
    me: Thank you sirs. (twice)

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 2.5
    Rate your performance(0-5): no idea. 2-3.5

    Any other relevant detail: Be prepared for anything. Brush up on all your grad courses. I tried slowing down the pace of the interview, by writing down a detail or slowly telling the answers. But, it didn’t work. They just kept rushing ahead when I did that. So, get ready to think on your feet.

    VERDICT: Wait and Watch




  • 10th : 91.5 (ICSE)
    12th : 98.0 (TN State Board)
    B.E. : 9.49 (College of Engineering,Guindy – ECE)CAT 2011 : 97.51% (VA : 90.51 QA : 98.xx)

    Work Experience(as on Sep. 2011) : 29 months

    Extra Curriculars : Carnatic Musician and AIR Artiste ; I have given stage performances

    Calls : IIM B,I, S and new 6 IIMs

    IIM Bangalore Essay / PI Date : March 1st 2012 2:00 PM

    Essay : Even in a democracy,people are bound by social and political norms and are not absolutely free

    PI : Stress Interview centering around music as a social service and later on my work experience and its relevance to the PG Programme

    Result(IIM B) : Converted

    IIM Bangalore GD PI Experience

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