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IIM Calcutta: Emphasis is more on Profile
Over the years, IIMC has grown into a matured institution with global reputation, imparting high quality management education. It has been playing a pioneering role in professionalizing Indian management through its Post Graduate and Doctoral level programs, Executive Training Programs, Research and Consulting Activities.


IIM Calcutta – IIM C GDPI


    X %,Board, year : 89.6,CBSE,2004
    XII%, Board, year : 84.2,CBSE,2006
    Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. : Btech,(Computer), IIIT Hyderabad, 8.07/10, 2010

    Sectors, Company – Number of months: IT, Factset, 20 months

    CAT 2011:

    Quant: 99.75
    Verbal : 97.30
    Aggregate: 99.78
    (category if applicable): General

    Extracurricular : Literary prizes, working with NGO

    Any other special thing abt u: working on B-Plan

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Hyderabad, Golconda Hotel
    Date : 31st March 2012

    WAT Topic: How can we make youth politically more active

    WAT experience : It was okay, wrote some points could have been better

    your view of your preparation(0-5) and performance(0-5):
    Prep-3 performance-2.5

    GD discussion – topic – same as what
    Duration of GD : 10 mins
    GD experience: It was good, no fish market, everyone spoke. I pitched in 2-3 good points. My summary wasn’t that good.
    your view of your preparation (0-5) and performance (0-5):
    Performance -3

    No. of people in the interview panel: 3 P1, P2, P3
    Questions in PI:
    P1: Tell me what your company does
    Me: Sir, it sends financial data to clients
    P1: What kind of financial data
    Me: Started explaining giving examples, but P1 seemed unconvinced
    P1: You seem to be uncomfortable with financial fundamentals? Do you want me to move to computer science directly?
    Me: Sir, let me put it in a better way again. That might give clearer picture.
    P1: We don’t have much time over here
    me: Will explain in 2 lines this time. (then explained, P1 slightly convinced)
    P1: Okay, now explain in 2 lines why your project is crucial to company
    Me: explained my part at company and project that I am working on
    P1: This is pretty easy work to do.
    Me: Starting clarifying but P1 remained unconvinced

    P2: okay, what is this village Galore (my b-plan)?
    Me: told about it
    P2: But why would you need an MBA for that?
    Me: told some fundas, (P2 unconvinced)
    P2: Okay, why do you have this interest mythology?
    Me: told about learning’s from mythology
    P2: Who is son of Hanuman
    Me: (Got confused) Told that I am unable to recollect any son of his.
    P2: Okay, who was his father
    me: Told.
    (At that time just struck me that Hanuman never married)
    P2: Okay, now tell me who was his son?
    Me: Sir, he was unmarried, so technically, he should have no son.
    P2 started laughing on it, telling that he loved the word ‘technically’
    P2: This all is fine, but I believe at this age, spirituality and mythology doesn’t suit you. You should go around girls.
    Me: Sir, I believe spirituality and Materialism can go hand in hand.
    P2: Did you find your to-be wife?
    Me: Sir, still on searching mode.
    P2: (laughing) Of course it would be, if you go around telling girls about mythology what else do you expect?
    Me: Sir, in that case, my second hobby would be useful. (Second hobby was Hindi poetry writing).
    ( Smiles on the face of panel)

    P3: okay, what was your rank in class
    me: in top 25%
    P3: top 25 or 25%
    me: Said 25%, but in batch of 96 students, it would be pretty much the same.
    P3: If you would be first ranker, then also you would say that I was in top 1%
    Me: No sir, then I would have said I was 1st.
    P3: Then you are hiding something by telling in percentage terms
    Me: No Sir, I felt that everyone has different batch size, so i thought it would be better in terms of percentage. (P3 convinced now)
    P3: Okay, tell me difference between public key and private key
    me: (After some thought) I am not able to recollect sir.
    P3: okay, tell me your favourite subject
    Me: DBMS
    P3: Tell me about boyle’s codd normal form
    Me: Did not know completely, told what I knew.

    P3: okay, we are done

    Duration of PI: 10-12 mins

    Preparation: 4
    Performance: 1.5

    any other detail: Got tensed in between and that was the major problem. That affected my fluency.




    X %, Board, year – 88%, AP Board, 2004
    XII%, Board, year – 95%, AP Board, 2006
    Undergrad Stream – B.Tech in Mathematics & Computing at IIT Guwahati.
    CPI 8.63 out of 10

    Work-Ex: Derivatives Trader for 22 months

    CAT 2011:

    Quant – 99.46
    Verbal – 99.99
    Aggregate 99.99

    Extra acads :

    Any other special thing abt u: little bit of quizzing, dr-1 at college

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Hyderabad
    Date : 29 March 2012 (afternoon session)

    Essay and GD:
    Topic: New innovative courses like MBA in Disaster Mgmt are coming up. What are the advantages of these courses for a graduate?
    Number of Ppl present: 11
    Time: 15 mins + 15 mins
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
    Essay -> Listed out 4-5 major advantages and summarized. But wrote the advantages of the courses for India etc.. Didn’t look at it purely from a grad’s viewpoint.
    GD -> Entered around 5-6 times. Made my points. Was asked to summarize/talk first. Did so and put in another point.

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 4

    Panel Members Intro: Three profs. Work-ex Prof (WEP), General prof (GP), Acad Prof (AP)
    Me: (entered, wished, handed over certis + medal)
    AP: Quizzed me about the medal (for acads at college)
    GP: Ok, so you are from IIT Guwahati. No one talk about IIT G. IIT D, M, and B .. but not IIT G. Why?
    Me: Far away from the mainland (corrected later to the fin. centres of the country) etc.. But still a good college, right after the older ones.
    GP:   What about IIT Kgp? It is far as well?
    Me: Yea, but it has a huge alum base .. old etc..
    GP: again   Your college has been there since .. (told 18 yrs) So why is IIT G not talked about and all
    Me: Restated my points

    GP looks at WEP, AP as if “Part 1 done. Who wants to go next?”

    WEP: Tell me about your work ex
    Me: I trade derivatives at xyz using abc in jkl markets
    WEP: What are derivatives?
    Me: explained
    WEP: So, why MBA then?
    Me: told .. knowledge in mgmt, finance
    WEP: But it seems you already know lot of finance. I myself can’t understand what you told earlier.
    Me : Other aspects of mgmt etc..

    AP (deep breath): You got a medal, right? Let me ask you tough questions.
    What is a context-free grammar?
    What is a regular language?
    What is a LR(0) %^*&?
    Me: Sir, I dont remember that course.
    AP: Ok, how about optimization? What’s xyz? What’s optimization???
    Me:  Told some stuff.
    AP:  Is that optimization? You just took your medal and forgot everything!!
    Me: All look at each other. Say thank you. Never left an interview room quicker.

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
    Rate your performance(0-5): .5

    It just got progressively worse. I did not expect questions from acads like Theory of Computation. Kept calm and smiled during the interview, but I guess doesnt make that much of a difference as your answers do.

    I guess it was a good experience considering that I quickly revised all I could for my IIM A PI two days later and got through.

    Initially, got rejects (not even w/l). Later, got admission to PGDCM


    10th CBSE 84.8%
    12th CBSE 88.6%
    B.tech (Electrical) IIT BHU 7.05
    Extra Curricular : Tata Crucible 2011 – Tata Track – Regional Round Runner-up
    CAT 2011:
    QA/DI: 99.5
    VA/LR: 99.76
    OA: 99.93

    Date of Interview: Feb 15 Afternoon Slot, Mumbai
    I was in panel 1, pgdm+pgdcm. Other 2 panels were pgdm only.
    WAT – Explain the popularity of reality TV shows and television game shows.
    WAT experience : A ruled sheet was given. Space for rough work was also there. They didn’t stop us midway or snatch the sheets. The topic seemed easy enough. I feel the stress should be on the reasons for popularity and not an evaluation whether the shows are good or bad – which I felt some fellow candidates were stressing more upon.

    your view of your preparation and performance: After having practiced on many essays, I felt comfortable. I tried to pitch in as many different points as possible.

    GD discussion – Same Topic
    Duration of GD : ~12 minutes
    GD experience: Felt very good. Chipped in with 3/4 strikes. Gave points like reality TV shows speak in the youth’s language; have a pan-India presence with auditions all over the country; gave an analogy with ancient romans watching gladiators fighting – rejoice the celebration, enjoy the humiliation of the loser; also said that there are various kinds of reality TV shows/TV game shows – each catering to a niche set of audience – shelf life of each maybe low but it is at TV at the centrepiece of innovation. Liked one other point by a fellow candidate esp. how he framed it – reality TV is going far away from reality with shows becoming scripted – to excite emotions and all.
    your view of your preparation and performance: This was a far easier GD than the ones I used to have with the group I used to practice with.
    No. of people in the interview panel: 3 (2 Profs+ 1 alumnus)

    Experience n PI:
    In a word, it was a Why interview.
    I felt the career goal section of the form is the most important section. Questions were opinion oriented, with no right or wrong questions. No academics, no maths, no Bengal. Yes to awareness about Mumbai. Panel tried to coax me into choosing sides when I didn’t want to. I feel if you’re able to justify your career goal, then it should be good enough. They also tried to dissuade me from doing an MBA. They tried to downplay but I stuck on with my opinion. They also asked me to choose which IIM. In the end, asked me if I have any questions.

    Duration of PI: 35 minute approximately
    your view of your preparation and performance.
    I felt good about it though not entirely satisfied. Mind you, they try to grill on your choice of specialization, if you’ve one, or the lack of it. They seemed to have a disdain for folks choosing finance, particularly I-banking, at least that’s what they seemed to suggest to me.
    Next day at the IIMA interview, I met one of the IIMC profs who took my interview yesterday. We exchanged pleasantries.
    Guys, I met folks from the other 2 panels which were PGDM only, those guys seemed to have stress interviews with heavy quant, statistics, probability, functions, number theory n all. Don’t just go by my experience. Be prepared for any sort of interview.

    VERDICT: Converted both PGDM+PGDCM


  • CAT OA: 99.78
    Xth :94.6 CBSE
    Xiith: 90.6 CBSE

    Grads Btech IITK 5.3/10 ( Extended degree)

    Category: General

    X: Hi come on, have a seat.
    me: Thank you Sir.
    Y: SO are you from Bombay or Jharkhand?
    me: Sir, I am from Jharkhand currently based in Bombay.
    Y: Oh nice, Ranchi is a beautiful place. Been to Ranchi?
    me: Yes Sir it is.
    X: So you are a Jha from Jharkhand?
    me: Yes Sir.
    X: So you guys so big in Jharkhand, that they name the whole state after you?
    (laughter all around)
    Me: Not exactly Sir. Jharkhand means the land of forests, it has nothing to do with us ‘Jhas’.
    X: Is it? I thought it was the land of Jhas. So you are not a Jha because you are from Jharkhand?
    Me: No Sir. I was a Jha even before Jharkhand was called Jharkhand.
    (laughter all around)
    X: Man, I am confused now. Jha not from Jharkhand, Jharkhand not from Jha. So where are Jhas from?
    Me: Sir Mithila.
    X: Any famous person from Mithila?
    Me: Sir, Goddess Sita. She was called Maithili as she was the princess of Mithila.
    X: She is from mythology. Any other?
    Me: Sir, Prakash Jha, Udit Narayan.
    X: They are from Bollywood. Any other?
    Me: Sir, Jagannath Mishra. He was the CM of Bihar who built the famous Mahatma Gandhi Setu on the Ganga River near Patna.
    X: Nice, anymore?
    Me: Sir, Lalit Narayan Mishra. he was the railway minister of India in 1970s. He was killed in a bomb blast when inaugurating a railway station in Bihar.
    X: Can you name the station where the bomb blast happened?
    Me: I am not sure, but I can take a guess if you allow me.
    X: Hmmm, ok take a guess.
    Me: Samastipur?
    X: That’s right. How did you guess that?
    Me: Samastipur is one of the largest stations in North Bihar. And railway penetration in 70s was very less in Bihar. So I guessed it.
    X: You guessed it or you knew it?
    Me: Sir, I was confused between Hajipur and Samastipur. I guessed Samastipur.
    X: Ok. Anymore?
    Me: Pardon me Sir.
    X: Any more famous people from Mithila?
    Me: Sir, I do not remember the full name but Prof D N Jha from DU is quite famous.
    X: Is he famous or controversial?
    Me: I think famous as well as controversial.
    X: What is the controversy surrounding him?
    Me: Sir, I don’t remember what controversy it was exactly.
    X: Do you know what he teaches?
    Me: Sir, he teaches History. Rather he was the head of the history department of DU.
    X: Nice, so you know about him. How do you know about him?
    Me: Sir I had a discussion about his book with my brother-in-law in 2001. My brother in law also teaches history in DU colleges.
    X: So you remember everything discussed in 2001? Sharp memory you got.
    Me: Thank You sir. But it will be wrong to say that I remember everything. If I did, I would remember the controversy as well.
    (laughter all around)
    X: Ok. Now we will ask something else where you do not need your memory.
    (laughter all around)
    Me: Ok Sir
    X: Prof D N Jha was recently involved in a very famous case. Can you guess which case?
    Me: Sir, I am not sure. I can take a guess.
    X: I asked you to guess only. Do it.
    Me: Babri Masjid case in the Allahabad High court.
    X: Impressive, how did you guess that?
    Me: I could only think of one famous case where opinions of historians were needed.
    X: Right. He was one of the four independent historians consulted by the High Court.
    Me: Right Sir.
    X: What do you want us to ask you?
    Me: Sir anything.
    X: You think you can answer everything?
    Me: No Sir. I meant it is difficult for me to choose.
    X: So you don’t know what you know?
    Me: No Sir. I am very sure what I know and what I don’t know.
    X: Ok tell me what should we ask you then?
    Me: Maths.
    X: No. We have given you the Rubik’s cube to test that.
    (laughter all around)
    ME: books, football maybe.
    X: Ok we will ask about both of them. You are free right?
    Me: Excuse me Sir?
    X: I mean you are not getting delayed or something. You don’t have any appointment or anything?
    Me: No Sir, I am totally free. No appointments for today.
    (laughter all around)
    X: Good.
    The interview continued towards books, football and general HR questions.
    Y and Z didn’t ask anything. X was the one who asked everything.


  • CAT %le: 96.00 (OBC Category)
    Date: 28 march morning slot
    Centre: Hyderabad, Golconda hotel
    GD/WAT topic: Food security act because of inefficiency of public distribution system something like that..
    WAT- wrote decently…
    performance= 3/5

    GD: first time i have opened the GD, kind of okayish performance
    performance= 3/5

    Panel H1 (3 profs Left(L), Right(R), Centre(C) )

    overall kind of a stress interview, i could have handled it lot better but
    did not do well.

    C: you have 80s in 10th and 12th people are having 90s, you are not a good student
    Me: sir it is my personal best which……blaaaaaah
    C: if someone fails in an exam and says this what i can do
    Me: sir i dont think 84 & 87 are bad scores they are decent enough
    C:again in engg you got 66 so you are not a good student i am proving you see, how much your class topper got?
    Me: sir true that it is a little low …blaaaah
    C: which other calls you got?
    Me: C,L,I and 6 new
    C: why do you think A and B did not call you, do you think A and B is better than C, are you not good enough for them?
    Me: sir they have different selection criterion, and i think learning exp at iims is more imp than. Again some bulshit (already feeling ye interview tho gaya)
    C:so you are a 2007 passout which means close to 60 months and you have only worked for 24 months, so you not doing nything for 2 years in between
    Me:gave already prepared ans..mentioned something about a ngo
    L:why young people are not going into politics, cos u have already worked for a ngo?
    Me: gave some dumb reasons
    L: what do you think about setu samudram?
    Me: (thinking like…ohh boy ye tho kab ka issue hai and i do not remember much abt it, i think my first org was in chennai so that might have prompted him to ask this question) sir i feel environmental factors are far more imp than trade..again talked something
    R: so you are an electronics engg, tell me why tubelight flickers?
    Me: (i was already feeling very nervous cud not think much) i tried and drawn something on paper and said sorry sir i do not know
    R:it’s ok, asked a simple avg prob
    Me: took some time and solved it (it was very simple i should have done it much less time but my bad )
    C: ok thank you

    performance 2.5/5

    PS: i forgot to fill up the form, guys the ones who are verifying the form and certis are as ruth less as the profs, fill up your forms and paste the photo prior going to the center. good luck



  • CAT %le: 99.75
    Date: 29th march Afternoon slot
    Centre: Golconda hotel, Hyderabad.
    GD/WAT topic: A number of b-schools are offering unusual courses like MBA in disaster management. What is your take on it? list out the advantages of such courses.
    WAT- Wrote good enough!
    GD: Was a bit of fish market….lot of parallel talks. Made some really good points.
    Not much on acads, just personal profile and workex!
    The professors there are really chilled out!
    I really felt comfortable in their presence.
    It’s all about how you see yourselves!

    Result: Awaited!


  • IIM Calcutta gd pi experience cat percentile (OA): 99.87
    Sec1 (QA and DI): 99.71
    Sec2 (VA and LA): 98.88

    10th and 12th Marks: 89 and 95.4
    Engg : 5.41 / 10 (BITS Pilani, Goa)
    Work Ex : Development Engineer, VSoft Technologies (20 months as on Jan 31st)
    Extra-curricular/Co-curricular: Learnt Violin.

    Anything special

    Date of Interview: 29th March, 2:00 P.M
    Location of interview: Golconda Hotel, Hyderabad.

    WAT topic : Unusual courses in management like disaster mgmt. How good is this for an Indian mgmt graduate ?.
    WAT experience : Average.
    your view of your preparation(0-5) and performance(0-5): 3/5 and 3/5

    GD discussion – topic
    Duration of GD :
    GD experience: fish market. Could speak for only 2 times but with good points.
    your view of your preparation (0-5)and performance(0-5):3/5 and 3/5

    No. of people in the interview panel: 2
    Questions in PI:
    Panel Intro :
    P1 : A Bengali guy.. always smiling .. good to talk with..
    P2 : guy with a serious look ..

    P1 : what is this kuppa ?? .. does this come from name of a place or something ?? ..it sounds unfamiliar..
    Me : No sir err Yes sir. It does come from name of a place. Infact most of the south Indian names sound unfamiliar.

    P1 : What are you doing now ?
    Me : told about my work and workplace.

    P1 : Why dint you try for a core job ??
    Me : I actually tried sir but couldnt fine one coz of my low grad scores. So had to take up S/W job.

    P1 : How do you feel about your job ?
    Me : I like it a lot sir .. initially I dint have any coding knowledge but later when I started learning all these things I started liking them ..

    P1 : good .. so how do you get your requirements ?
    Me : We have B.A s who communicate with customers and make a document called F.S.D and give it to us.

    P1 : What is FSD ?
    Me :   .. no idea sir it is the requirements document.

    P2 : Do you know NABARD ?
    Me : Yes sir .. National agricultural board err national board (its actually bank) of agricultural and rural development.

    P2 : (nods..) its duties ?
    Me : No idea sir .

    P1 : introduce your family briefly ..
    Me : My father is a veena artist at A.I.R. I had an honour to learn carnatic music at early stages of my life and I learnt it on violin.

    P1: Oh !! .. So If we take u into IIM C we will have a violin artist !! ..
    Me : (Smiles .. blushhhh..) Yes sir ..

    P1 : Are you a TL or something ?
    Me : No sir .. I’m just a development engg .. entry level ..

    P1 : ok.. what kind of a mind-set difference will be there between a procedural language coder and object oriented coder ?
    Me ; I’m sorry sir .. I’m not kind of exposed to procedural languages

    P1 : dint u learn any coding at your engg .. (he was actually hinting me of C )
    Me : Yes sir .. I learnt Java

    P1 : What is this course measurement techniques
    Me : It is a lab oriented course .. I dont exactly remember the contents ..

    P1 : Some question on weighing machine in railway stations. Why should we insert the coin only after the wheel stops rotating ?? .. what is the funda ??
    Me : sir probably the machine takes time to stabilize.

    P2 : Viswanath .. your engg. Performance is ABYSSMAL !!!!
    Me : (in a sad tone) .. I said it’s a disaster in my life and given a chance I would never like to be in that position. When I was preparing for my engg. Entrance exams on the back of my mind I was having a feeling that I was missing some so called fun in my life which I started exploring. But sir in the last semester I topped a course called Quality control, assurance and reliability.

    Then some Questions followed on this course out of which many went unanswered or answered in layman terms. He was actually expecting more technical answers.

    P1 : Why is only standard normal distribution used when there are many other distributions ?
    Me : I’m not sure sir it mi8 be industrial standards ..

    P1 : But viswanath when u say u are a course topper we expect something ri8 !!
    Me : (in utter embarrassment ..) smiling .. my head down ..

    P1 : Do u have a GF ??
    Me : NO Sir .. I’m losing my hair also   I’m actually a bit shyful to propose to a gal ..

    P1 : Which specialization are u interested in ?
    Me : After first year I would gain some knowledge on all the streams and then I would be in a better position to take a decision.

    P1 : As of now .. which one u like ??
    Me : I would like to take up Finance sir coz it has more quantitative approach.

    P1 : Oh .. so u like quants ..
    Me : a lot sir ..

    P1 : What does RBI do ?
    Me : it checks inflation sir .

    P1 : checks inflation !!!!!!!!!! explain ..
    Me : talked of CRR increasing/decreasing this value they control the flow of money into the hands of public .

    P1 : ok .. what is repo and reverse repo rate ?
    Me : Told correctly

    P1 : difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy ?
    Me : (after thinking for a while ..) sorry sir .. no idea..

    P1 : Ok viswanath .. do u have anything to ask ??
    Me : nothing sir.

    P1 : Thank you .. All the best ..
    Me : Thank you sir

    Duration of PI: 20 mins ..

    your view of your preparation(0-5) and performance(0-5). 3/5 and 2.5 / 5

    Guys plz do respond to it using Thank(if u think it went well) and Groan (if u think I messed it up ) .. Thank you ..



  • IIM Calcutta gd pi experience 10th: 85%
    12th 85%
    Bachelors: University: Top 3 outside USA, Engineering Department: Top 10 worldwide, Major: Electrical Engineering
    Workexp: 2 years F500 core engineering, 6 months boutique consulting firm.
    GMAT: 710, AWA – 5.5


    First they drilled me on why India, why not USA. I gave them some points.

    They drilled me on why IIM C (and why not A and B).
    1st point: I said culture and they replied “IIM-C does have a liberal culture compared to A and B, but let’s be honest this is India. Our b-schools are more academic and way stricter compared to American b-schools. Tell me another reason you want C”

    2nd point: I said esteemed faculty (former finance minister of Bengal, the guy who turned down RBI governor post to teach at C etc). They replied “oh he retired in 1978, the year I passed out”.

    3rd point: I said I like the fact that C is a mix of case and lecture style. A is only case-based and I don’t like 100% case based. Them: Have you sat in a case based class”? Me: Yes, this one time at a local business school. Them: What you didn’t like? Me: Said something about it not being suitable for finance and accounting. Them: Case based studies require a lot of preparation before-hand, so you are telling us that you are a lazy person not prepared to work hard? Me: No sir. In a mix of lecture and case based, if you teach me basics in a lecture format in the first term, then in the next term you teach me cases I will have a basic foundation. At a 100% case based place, if you put me in an accounting class without teaching me accounting, how on earth am I supposed to learn?

    4th point: Finally sir I want to go to C because I want to learn Bengali culture. I am a Kannadiga and i lived in Gujarat so both A and B would offer me nothing new to explore. C would be a totally new experience. Plus I see that Bengalis are everywhere in top management at many banks in India (including the one my dad works at), so I want to learn what is the secret of Bengali culture that propels Bengalis to success in the business world. (btw my mom had warned me the day before on not to raise this point).

    They said if you want to know about Bengali culture then stay in Kolkata for 6 months and study the culture, no need to waste 2 years of your life doing an MBA. And the reason Bengalis are at the top in India is because 35-40 years ago only Bengalis were applying in large number to banks, insurance companies, IAS/IFS type jobs, and hence today they are at the top. If you want to know why Bengalis’ success goes talk to your dad’s bosses, don’t come to IIM-C.

    Then they said that faculty, class profile, placements etc are very similar at A/B/C, why do you really want to go to C?

    By this time I had run out of points to talk. I said something about the active clubs, the student drive body etc.

    I said oh wait I have one more reason for C. I said C has the largest alumni network in India and it’s good for networking.

    Them: What do you mean?

    Me: Well 15 years from now if I am a partner in a consulting company and my class-mate from C is the CEO of a firm, he would be more inclined to give a consulting contract to me than to my competitor.

    At this point they absolutely lost it. They said that yes we have the largest alumni base in India. But our alumni’s are for meeting up and having chai-biscuit not for “networking” as you put it. We believe business should be abt 100% merit.

    Me: I respectfully disagree. Business is essentially “human” in nature and that it’s always more about relationships and less about merit. I am not ruling out merit. All I am saying is given two equal candidates, if you have a common bond, say that you went to same b-school, you would be more inclined to trust the person you went to school with and give him the contract.

    They seemed rather unhappy.

    Then they started on my career choices and tried to convince me why MBA is a bad idea for me. At the end they said “beta I think you need to clearly think why you need an MBA, if at all, for your career choices. At the end of the day we think an MBA is not necessary for your goal. You may think of us as some old forts trying to advice, to take our advice or not is your choice.

    And just before leaving, the person who counter-questioned me the most asked me how I found the discussion. I said I loved it as the career that I want to embark on would also have a similar setting – working in teams with people who have different opinions and that I need to stand my ground without losing my cool.

    Them: Best of luck for future.


    Duration: 15-20 minutes.

    My own perception: Bad very bad. It was like they didn’t want me there from the very outright. My hopes aren’t too high.

    Verdict: Convert!!


  • cat percentile (OA): 99.78
    Sec1: 99.XX

    10th and : 85 % and 12th Marks : 70%
    Work Ex : 12 months
    Extra-curricular/Co-curricular: An average one

    Venue : IIFT , Qutab institutional area, New Delhi
    Time : 1400 hrs, 20 march 2012

    Panel : D5
    11 candidates + 1 overseas candidate.

    WAT/GD : is reading no more a leisure thing? how has the advancement of technology affected the concept of leisure?
    A good start…my god, it’s my hobby and i willl have tons to contribute…. but then everybody had a smile on their face coz all the candidates had reading hobby(a fact i found out later)……

    15 minutes were given to write an essay with max 200 words.

    GD(10 mins) started right thereafter. I must say C candidates are much more ruthless than any GD i have attended before.

    3-4 guys started(me being one of them) and went on for 10 secs. . Started big with a quote from Bertrand Russel ( but nobody was interested. Everybody had their own story)..
    Then i decided to stop myself. Chipped in on 3rd number with some good points . 3-4 entries with example of Britannica encyclopaedia. Were asked to summarize in the end in random order. I was the 5th one to summarize and would call it a decent effort. My points were repeated with reference(to me), hope they noticed it….

    Rate preparation : 3
    Rate performance : 3.5 ( could have done better in WAT)

    We were being called for interview in the list order.

    We were having a little chit chat outside. I was having lol with an overseas candidate I made friend with during the verification process….
    First guy to be called in for interview was out by the 5th minute(Coz i went to washroom on synchronized time and he was coming out the interview room as I shut the washroom door)…..

    2nd guy – 6 minutes and then it picked up a bit in the duration. I was 5th one to be called in (my number on the list was 6th), and once I was in, panel realised their mistake but decided to interview me.

    No. of people in the interview panel: 3
    Duration of PI: 10 minutes
    The panel is P and M is peaceful warrior

    P: What does Malvinas in MNIT means ???( that’s my engg college name)
    M : history of madan mohan malviya, educationist, freedom fighter, fighting against caste discrimination, gave year of birth and death.(year impressed them), a college in Gorakhpur with the same name.

    P: Can u Name a place near Gorakhpur that has to do with Buddhist religion
    A : Sir, are we talking about Kushinagar? (Panel nods). sir that is the place where Buddha went into Samadhi i.e. he left earth.

    P: Where did he get Nirvana??
    A : Sir that would be Gaya.

    Had a little discussion about Gautama Buddha, his history, his father’s name (didn’t know), his son’s name(i share the name)… and his own original name.

    P: U seem to be very good with general awareness. Can we discuss the same ??? But the question will be progressively difficult.
    A: Sir, I will be happy to do that and try to answer as much as possible.

    P : Pick up a geographical area and we will ask you about that.
    A: (thought about discussing Africa, but then went with Middle East, thank god) Sir Middle East.

    P: Ok where is Damascus,
    P ; Who is its ruler?
    P : What’s d recent news over there?
    (it was a cakewalk)

    P : In which country is Jerusalem ??
    A : Sir, a controversy is going on the Jerusalem but accd to UNO, it’s a part of Israel.

    P: Ok what is the controversy about Jerusalem ?
    Started with 2nd world war and persecution of Jews..(cut short)

    P : In which country did it fall before 2nd world war??
    A : Sorry sir, I dont know that.

    P: ok, give me two wars of middle east with the year( he stressed on the term year).
    A: Sir, 6 days war that was fought in 1967 and Israel invasion of Iraq in 1981.

    P : What happened in 1973??
    A : Sorry sir, I’m not aware of that.

    P : Have u heard the word Sinai ?
    A : Yes sir, it’s a desert between Israel and Lebanon. (asked me if i was sure about the location). Sir i m not very sure with the neighbouring country. ( Ok, leave it)…(actually its israel-egypt)

    P : Where is Suez canal??
    A : (OMG, i was blocked) sir it’s near Gaza strip. I can’t recall the country name.
    P : It’s in Egypt. ( I smile back)

    P : Why did u resign from your job.( I’m currently not working)
    A: gave them a rata rataya answer. (Grilled a lot on that)

    P : Your college names are going to get you in trouble. Tell us about Patanjali.?( Again my 10+2 college name)
    A :Sir, these were the best colleges in the field that they are teaching and I didn’t had a control over their name.(Everybody smiling)but I would be happy to discuss about them. Told about him, yoga sutras, treatise on Panini’s vyakaran, 2nd century ** Indian sage.

    P : Your Dad works in PMGSY. tell us about it.
    A: Told to the best of my ability and they seemed OK with it

    P : Recent books that you have read.
    A : Kashi ka Assi ( its hindi literature about varanasi and very good). by Kashinath Singh. ( U read Hindi novels?? – Yes sir, with a big smile)…. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.( Other books by him – told 3 books ) and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

    P : Ok , that would be it. Do u have any queries??
    A : No sir, thanks.

    It was a very chilled out discussion and I am happy with the effort I have put in. Luck was definitely on my side today. No personals, No grads , No acads, No maths. Colleague candidates informed me that it went for about 10 minutes.

    Rate your preparation : 3
    Rate your performance : 3.5

    Verdict : Awaited.



  • Venue IIM Calcutta

    GD/WAT TOPIC : Privatization of higher education in India … your views on that…


    P1:lady P2: an old prof

    P1:U passed out in 2011 …. what have u been doing since then??
    me: I have my joining delay from December… now it’s in May…
    P2: Ur Domain?
    me: Instrumentation and Control
    P2:Write the equation of a control system
    me: did also do the diagram too
    P2:Is it right?
    me: Yes sir
    P2: No I think the controller should be after the process
    me: No sir it’s before the process.. It controls the process by changing control signals… bla bla bla gave sum funda
    P2:U know calculas?
    me: err….) yes sir.
    P2 tel me the difference between differential and difference equation?
    me : remembered IIT JEE)No Idea sir
    P1: right the control system equation using control signals of P,PI,and PID
    me: did . P1 checked it was alright…
    P2 : k now solve a Fourier transform problem
    me: felt I’m a GATE student wanting for an admission in M tech) I don’t remember sir
    P1k what did u study in Industrial management?
    me: told bla bla
    P1: Ok tell something about Marketing Management
    me gave the 4P’s funda
    P1 ok we’re done

    My experience: Well believe it or not … this is the entire experience  …… and i was not asked a single question other than acads….. From next time I would rather prepare for GATE to get into IIM C….  … totally screwed this time around… ATB to the rest….. forget about budget and gadgets prepare your acads….



  • Cat percentile (OA): 96.67
    Sec1: 98.XX

    category: NC-OBC.
    10th and : 90 % and 12th Marks : 92.40%
    graduation: 8.41(CGPA)
    Work Ex : Fresher.

    Extra-curricular/Co-curricular: An average one.. core committee member of environmental club and editor of its magazine, also OPJEMS winner in first year and other scholarships.

    Venue : IIM C
    Time : 23rd march, afternoon slot

    Panel : K2
    10 candidates allotted, 1 absent.

    WAT/GD : rise in the number of terrorist activities, your views on possible reasons.
    WAT: wrote decent about old perspective on the problem and the exception to it. and different factors that abet it. wrote the full page provided.

    GD: was first GD of my life, not even mocks prior to it. 2-3 guys started aggressively.. and weren’t allowing anybody else to speak.. tried to present my view.. but keeping the situation in mind.. thought it was better to keep silent. spoke in the end when everyone was asked to summarize their views about the topic.

    No. of people in the interview panel: 3( 2 faculty, sir(S) and madam(M), and an alumni(A))
    Duration of PI: 15-20 minutes

    was 6th person on the list, but since one was absent, called in 5th position.
    interview was mainly based on my interest(in the field of aircrafts) and what i want to do in future as i had mentioned in the form, so won’t be of much use i guess. but nevertheless here’s my experience.

    enter the room and wish all the panel members, one at a time.

    M: why don’t you start by telling us something about yourself?? (finally a interview which started with this typical question. otherwise it’s always been unpredictable starts..!! )
    me: told .. mentioned about my interest in aircrafts.
    M: why are you telling about your interest in aircrafts, we are not recruiting for air force or army?
    me: told.. said it’s been my interest from very beginning hence.
    A: asked about the different aircrafts used by Indian air force..
    me: told all of them
    A: are you missing something?
    me: (after thinking) sir unmanned aerial vehicles??
    A: no, trainer aircrafts.
    me: ohh.. yes sir.
    A tells other panel member that i got most of them..
    M/A: why didn’t you speak in GD.. when you spoke you made sense and everybody else was talking rot.
    me: explained my view.. said sir
    A: but you should have taken charge of the situation everyone else was talking rot.. you should have corrected them..
    me: sticked to my view and explained it again..said i thought it would have worsened the situation..
    A possibly asked one more question about GD, don’t remember exactly, explained my view..
    A: was this your first GD?
    me: yes sir..
    A: how many interviews you have had??
    me: told..
    A: don’t they have GD?
    A was then informed by other panel members that they don’t have GD’s anymore…
    A: then you must have faced such a situation for the first time.. thinking what to do…
    me: smiled and agreed..
    M: what is your graduation subject??
    me: told..
    M: and what is your CGPA..?
    me: told..
    M: don’t you think, by the standard of your subject.. they are a bit low..
    me: agreed and told about the reason for the same..
    A: so what are the planes that generally keep crashing..
    me: told..
    A:mig 23s and mig 25s have all crashed??
    me: told the right information.. explained it…
    A: and what about mig 19s..
    me: told that they were never in service with IAF..
    A: are you sure..
    me: yes sir..
    (seemed like a slight smile on his face)
    M: reading my form and asked about my future goal..asked whether i was aware of the requirements of it..
    me: replied in the positive..
    M: have you been placed in campus interview??
    me: told..
    M: what are your views on HAL??
    me: started telling.. cut in between..
    M: i think it a gone company..
    me: told that in terms of finances, it may be.. but the type of work done by it isn’t..
    M: they only do this assembling.. what you call knocked down kit.. what else..
    me: told that most of their work did comprise of assembling..but they have taken many initiatives on their own..
    M: asked about an example of such work..
    me: told one example..
    A: asked some question regarding gate and stream of bits and operations.. was speaking in low volume..
    cudn’t get him.. so asked him to repeat his question.. cudn’t get him again..
    felt like standing up and getting close to him…
    replied something and tried to convey that i still didn’t get him..
    ‘A’ simplified the question this time and asked the gate used for addition
    me: told.. (but wrong.. made a silly mistake)..!!
    A: and the gate for multiplication…
    me: told..
    M: ok.. that is it..

    thanked each of the panel members individually and left the room.

    verdict: awaited.


  • Cat %tile – 98.13 (NC-OBC)
    Sec-1 – 99.01 %tile
    Sec-2 – 88.24 %tile
    Background- Chemical Engineering,IIT Kgp : Fresher – CGPA-7.43,

    GD /WAT topic – is privatisation in education sector an only solution to improve the quality of higher education in india ?
    GD went ok, gave some concrete points with facts .. was asked second last to summarise .. in my view the guy who dint speak anything was asked first to summarise and the order perhaps went like that ..
    WAT also same topic, went ok.


    Now interview ->

    panel consisted of 3 profs – 1st- lady (organisational behaviour); 2nd- maths prof, 3rd- very old prof ( dint ask anything in the interview, was just observing me, i heard that he did this with most of the candis in my panel .. i guess he was there to observe !! )

    In brief questions asked were ->
    Mam- why u leaving your job ? why dont u remain in chem engg?
    Mam- why low grades ? (CG-7.43)
    Sir- What is DE, ODE, PDE (coz i had taken nsopde in my fourth sem, those who had taken prob-stats, they were asked q from that)
    Sir- hw many tangents from a point on the circle ?
    Mam- General Psychology  almost 6-7 arbit questions since this subject was in her zone of expertise !! questions like — what is philosophy? what is psychology? perception ? gostwald’s theory ? observation ??
    mam- (on looking my extra-acads) … started inquiring about awaaz (campus newspaper ) having 7 editors  .. asked abt sponsors, work, structure etc

    All the profs nodded to indicate that we are done

    but then mam asked- u know current affairs, rite ? ( i nodded) and she started asking about budget
    what is direct tax and indirect tax? difference ? opinion ? sales tax ? ses ?


    Verdict – Awaited


  • My IIMC experience…
    Date: 25 march afternoon slot
    GD/WAT topic… Privatization of Indian education… your views on that…
    WAT- wrote decently…
    performance= 3/5
    GD… spoke 3 lines… summarised ok types…
    performance= 2/5

    Panel= K1
    P1= old prof… P2= lady prof…
    entering… face beaming with a full to smile…
    greets both of them smiling…
    P1: so what u doing these days?
    me: answer m in my final year mining engineering
    P1: ISM
    me: nope IIT Kgp…
    P1&P2…; both… oh good…
    then P1 gives me one shovel dumper scheduling problem…
    me solves it… gives him my answer…looks satisfied..
    P2 asks: what’s your hobby???
    about to answer P1 cuts short and asks What subjects have u been studying in the last 3 years..
    me: answer starting with QDM(equivalent to Operation Research) and blah blah…
    P1: ok what have u learnt in QDM???
    me answers the topics that i know… and end it with Statistical Quality Control(SQC)
    P1: asked something on PERT/CPM….
    me: silent for some time trying to recall
    P2: ok leave that …tell me what have u been learning on SQC
    me: answer about the importance of learning SQC and tell about the normal distribution that we use…
    P2: draw me a normal distribution…
    me: i drew it…
    P2: what is the range of X??
    me: maam.. we use the Z distribution with Z=(X-mu)/ sigma
    P2: what is the mean and sd of Z distribution??
    me: mean is zero and sd is one…
    P1: what is on the x axis and y axis
    me: i tell them
    P2: tell me what is f(x) in the y axis
    me: i told… seems satisfied
    P1&P2;: ok we are done you may go…
    me: thanks them individually with a full to beaming smile and leave….

    Overall perfomance= 3.5/5

    thats it…
    i dont know what to say of it…




  • IIM C Interview Experience:-

    X – 87.2
    XII – 88.4
    B.Tech – 80.6

    CAT: 99.61
    Category: General
    Work Ex: 25 months in IT Sector (with TCS)

    GD/WAT Topic: Are there any other reasons than Tourism why the historical places should be preserved and protected? Give your opinion.

    WAT (15 mins) – Tried to come up with a decent article. Wrote about culture heritage, technology and attached stories and legacies of kings with suitable examples. Satisfied.

    GD – Few were very aggressive in first 2 minutes. I tried to calm them down from creating fish market. Failed miserably. Later part of GD was well-structured. Came 3-4 times. At the end, everyone was given 1 minute to summarize. It was good.

    I had a panel of 3 members: P1- Very articulate and sedate; P2- Inactive but watchful; L- Only lady, young, in her late 20s, I guess she was an alumnus.

    P1: So Rajesh, you work with TCS?
    Me: Yes Sir.
    P1: You have completed two years, right?
    Me: (grins) Yes sir.
    P1: How has been the journey?
    Me: Told.
    P1: Why do you want to do MBA?
    Me: Started with what skills I have and what skills I want and how MBA would bridge that gap but P2 interrupted in between.

    P2: So, You feel confident after attending training with TCS?
    Me: I do, Sir.
    P2: Have you wrote CAT before?
    Me: Yes Sir. But last time I didn’t get any calls. But I realized that CAT was within my reach.
    P2: How did you realize that CAT was within your reach when you didn’t get call from any college?
    Me: Told what I learnt and how I overcame my areas of weaknesses.
    P2: Very well-planned strategy, I must say!
    Me:  Thank you, Sir. (But what was that? Why’re they flattering me? Are they setting me up? )

    P1: Rajesh, how was the GD?
    Me: Told how good we performed and how better we could have performed. Also, told about the fish market which could have been avoided.
    P1: I saw you were trying to calm them down but why did you give up after one attempt.
    Me: (smiling) Sir, when I tried for the first time, I was not heard. So, I raised my voice and there I felt that I was, in turn, adding to the chaos. So, I preferred waiting for them to ease a bit.
    P1: (smiles) Nodded.

    Hands me over to the lady.

    L: You’re comfortable with probability?
    Me: Yes, Ma’am.
    L: She gave me a question on dependency between events. The question had two parts.
    Me: Solved.
    L: Are you sure?
    Me: Yes Ma’am. (Actually, I had solved one incorrectly!)
    L: Okay. (Looks towards P1 and P2) We’re done. They nodded.

    L: You have anything to ask from us?
    Me: No Ma’am. Thank you.

    The interview lasted for about 10-12 minutes. This is making me apprehensive as they didn’t ask much. To me, it looked as if the interview had no value and they had already decided whether to take me or not.
    It’s a problem if they ask and it’s a problem if they don’t. God, help me!
    Anyways, All the best.

    Verdict : Awaited.




  • Work Ex : Technical Sales Engineer in an Oilfield Piping Supply company for 18 Months

    GD : I initiated the GD since I was desperate abt C and also bcoz I ve put a poor show in L.Made a quick start and was interrupted by a Guy  who wants to Moderate the GD. Moderation was really required but he couldn’t impress. GD went on and everybody expressed their points(No direction) . Was asked to summarize and some guys were giving totally new Points in the summary part
    GD Preparation : 3.5
    GD Performance : 3.2

    P1 : Middle Aged Man with Specs
    P2 : Old aged Serious Guy
    P3 : Smart, cool and very tall Guy around 35-40(may be Alumni)

    P3 : Asked me Where I’m coming from?
    Me: Told Dubai and my Work as a Sales Engineer.
    P3 :Asked if I came for this interview alone?
    Me : Told I have come for a week. Have other calls as well.
    P2 : Are u currently Working?
    P2 : Did u have a break in between?
    Yes. Five months in my family Business and Joined a Diesel Generator OEM based in Blore as a Marketing Engineer. But told I had to Quit as the product Quality was less and unit price being high and I couldn’t sell it to people I know since I was not confident of the Product.(This Experience was not added in my form since I didn’t have any Pay slips and thus a gap of close to one Year – Struggled a lot during this one year finding the right Job)
    P1 : How did u get a job in Dubai?
    Told about Naukrigulf and online Interview.
    P2  o you love your Job?
    Yeah! I love my Job and blah blah blah
    P2 :Is it the money or Job you love?
    I told it’s the job as there is a Good target and it’s great to chase them.
    P3 ; By the way Did you achieve your targets?
    Told I didn’t achieve my targets as it was too Huge, It was 18 Million AED but got some orders with really good margins. Also told I was one among two in my company who was offered an Increment
    P1 :What is the issue going on in Middle East?
    Told about Jasmine Revolution
    P1 :Asked more about Uprising?
    Told issues happening in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia
    P1 :What is Current oil Price?
    P 1:Will Oil Price Increase?
    Libya will resume it’s oil production soon. So the Oil price may stabilize
    P 1 : Any other issues that is affecting Oil Price?
    Told about Hormuz Strait, It’s importance for Oil and Gas companies and Iran closing down the same. Also told about Iran halting it’s oil Exports for EU. And told I may be wrong with what I just said reg oil price(That Oil price will Stabilize).
    P 1 :Heard there are a lot of issues and Difficulties in starting a Business in UAE.
    Told Yes, and told about changing rules Overnight especially Visa rules, Labour rules in UAE etc. But companies inside Free Zones are safe.
    P 2 :What are the places travelled?(Mentioned back Packing as a Hobby)
    Told Jordan and Some parts of Oman
    P 3 : Why Jordan?
    Told that was an ideal spot to start with backpacking and to get a feel of Backpacking. Also told about Visa on arrival, less Expenses(which in reality turned much Expensive).
    P 2: Places Visited in Jordan?
    Told Aqaba,Deadsea,petra,Amman City
    P 2; What is petra?
    Told abt Rock cut Architecture and it being one of the Seven Wonders
    P 2 : Who Built that?
    Not sure and told might be built by people of 400 ** (Not convinced)
    P 2: What’s so special about Petra?
    I told abt its importance for Jordan Tourism, how big it is, Special Features etc
    P 2 : Where else in Jordan?
    P 2 :What is Dead Sea?
    P 2 :Why it is named Dead Sea?
    P 3 :Where have you travelled in India?
    Told I have never crossed Kerala,Tamilnadu,Karnataka
    (Although I recently travelled to Delhi,Mumbai,Goa I didn’t have any knowledge abt it)
    P3 : Tell me the Road Route from Chennai to Goa?
    Told sth.Not convinced!
    P 3 : Does it touch Andhra?
    I don’t think so. But told Not Sure!
    P 2 : Pointed to door In Interview room and asked What the Mechanism behind a devise is that is attached to Door?
    Told that I think it is a Hydraulic device
    Correct! It is a Hydraulic Device Explain the process?
    Told Piston,Cylinder,Compressing and Finally told Not Sure
    Ok! Azhar, My last Question to you!! And he asked me abt some colour question?
    I answered sth and they even helped me.. But couldn’t give a firm reply.. So again told Not Sure..
    Ok Azhar! Thank you!
    Preparation : 3.5
    Performance : 3.5
    It was really a feel good interview and interaction was really good(Even though I was not sure of some of their Questions). They treated me like an adult unlike other B Schools and they just wanted to know me as an Individual. I started loving IIMC more than ever before Not sure of the Outcome but ….


IIM Calcutta gd pi experience

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