IIM Kozhikode GDPI


    X: 95.4% CBSE
    XII: 92% CBSE
    Undergrad Major – GPA/%age: 8.57/10, B.Tech (Electrical), IIT Kgp

    Work-Ex: 8 months
    Sector – Pharmaceutical consulting (analytics profile)

    CAT %ile:
    DI 99.65
    Quant 91.72
    Verbal 97.xx
    Aggregate 99.44

    Extracurricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them): Trained singer, reading, some scholarships

    DATE: 21st feb, 8.30 am
    VENUE: Hotel Vikram, Delhi

    Topic: Not having any opinions at all is most conducive to peace of mind
    Time: 30 mins

    Interview Centre: Hotel Vikram (who serves tea in the middle of the interview and expects you to add sugar yourself  )
    Panel Members Intro: Old guy O, young guy Y, I (Somya)
    I was the second in my panel to be called in.

    O: What does Somya mean?
    I: Sir it means gentle.
    O: So are you gentle?
    I: Yes.
    Y: Somya tell me something about yourself – your acads, schooling, graduation, job.
    I: Blah
    Y: so you are working only since 8 months. Why do u want to do mba so soon? Why not after 3 yrs?
    I: When I was in my final yr, I realized I was more interested in the business side of things and decided to do MBA. I got an offer from blah and felt analytics was the right transition from engg to business.
    Y: I am not saying what all you did till now is wrong. Why do u want to do mba NOW?
    I:  I think now is the right time because the sooner I equip myself with managerial skills, the faster I will be able to realize my potential
    O: Somya, you have seen ads on TV for Fair and Lovely.
    Y: And Fair and Handsome.
    I: Yes.
    O: What do you feel about these products? How are they marketed? How are they targeting customers? If you working for such a company what will you do?
    I: I personally do not like these products because they propagate a feeling that skin color can be a setback in life and using their products can enhance your personality. I do not subscribe to these views and I will not like to work for such a company.  Do you want me to answer how they market their products?
    O: OK. No need.

    y: what work do u do?
    i: blah (about forecasting and simulation)
    y: which model do u use?
    I (he wanted to fit the work i do into some set of models he knew but alas it wasn’t possible or true): blah
    o: so u r from Jamshedpur?
    i: yes. i have lived in many different places but since 11th std, i have been in jsr.
    o: so do u think jsr is a cosmopolitan city?
    i: i think it is fairly cosmopolitan. started on something about Tata
    o: u know what happened with Tata in singur. what do u feel about it?
    i: i think it was unfortunate that they had to relocate. some funda about Nano – cheap – empowering middle and lower middle class people
    o: u know what was the problem?
    i: land acquisition from farmers.
    o: even then u think it was unfortunate?
    i: if the farmers are adequately compensated by allotting them land elsewhere or giving them employment, then it is not a wrong thing to acquire their land.
    o: you have heard of Wikipedia? you know in the west women r at par with men and then get as much marks as men. Why do u think then that women contribute less in Wikipedia than men? i will give you a hint – Facebook.
    i: i don’t know if the statistics say so. if they do, i think it must be a matter of choice. we can say that wiki mainly has articles on technology and women has traditionally been less interested in tech. perhaps that is why they contribute less in wiki.
    o: can u give an example to support your argument?
    i: i read that 80% of the people who write in wiki are PhD’s.
    o: is it so? interesting.
    i: We see in IIT or any other engg university abroad, most profs are male. this is an example.
    o: that’s a good point. why do u think Facebook is so popular? what do u think people do there?
    i: i think it is popular because people get to connect and stay in touch with long-lost friends who r in different places. and secondly, it is very easy to share content on fb – photos, videos etc. people like to share such things with their friends.
    o: do u use Facebook?
    i: yes
    y: how regularly?
    i: not v regularly.
    y: then? orkut?
    i: no. one reason i go to Facebook is my interest in music. i am able to find a lot of information on music on fb. (bait – to no good)
    o: what do u think when people put status msges like “went for a nice candlelight dinner”
    i: blank
    o: what do u think of people who constantly change their status msg?
    i: funda. it is a free forum. u can express whatever u want.
    o: what do YOU feel about it?
    i: i find it annoying.
    o: r u an outgoing person or a private person somya?
    i: i am not v outgoing. at the same time, i like to build strong frndship and enjoy with my group of friends.
    y: ok
    o: when u meet a person for the 1st time, what do u look for? how do u judge him?
    i: first i try to see if he is communicative/easy to talk to (i should have used the word reactive). then i see if he is a thinking person. if he has opinion on things and if he likes to analyze things or not. then i will see what his interests are. then i will see what he works on.
    o: all this u cannot see in 5 mins. what will u see in 5 mins?
    i: whether he is communicative or not.

    o: do u know about japanese tea ceremony?
    i: no sir,
    o: do u know about japanese culture?
    i: v little
    o: do u know about any other culture?
    i: a little about france because i went there for internship (bait – to no good)
    o: ok. suppose u r relocating to a new country. what all will u keep in mind so that u can adapt to the culture there?
    i: in the workplace, i will see how people r behaving. in France, i saw that people like to keep professional and personal lives separate. in India, we move around with the same people with whom we work. so i will have to find out whr to draw the line. then i will see what the dining habits r are. what, how and whr do people like to eat..so that i don’t make them uncomfortable. then i will see what is the etiquette in public places e.g. in France, it is v important to maintain the queue, hold the door for the person behind you etc
    y: u r an electrical engineer. explain generator to a layman.
    i: funda
    o: we r short of time. that’s all.
    i: thank you sir.




    X: 85.6% CBSE
    XII: 88.0% CBSE
    Undergrad Major – GPA/%age: 6.99/10, B.Tech (Electronics), IT BHU
    NC OBC

    Work-Ex: 31 months
    Sector – Semiconductor (Imaging)

    CAT %ile:88.37

    Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them): Photography, watching movies, playing chess and real time strategy games

    DATE: 26th feb, 8.30 am
    VENUE: Hotel Vikram, Delhi

    Topic: Education is the progressive discovery of our own negligence
    Time: 30 mins

    Interview Centre: Hotel Vikram
    3 members in the panel. Lets say P1, P2 and P3.

    P3: Are you ?
    P3: Where do you work?
    P3: Tell me about your job.
    P1: Why do you want to pursue management?
    P2: I think you are doing very well in your job. Why do you want to change it?
    P2: You can learn about management while working also.

    P1: What is your overall percentile, quants score and verbal score?
    P1: What is special about IT-BHU?
    P1: What is special about Banaras?
    P1: What about your social responsibilities?

    P1: But that was in college. What are you doing now?

    P1: What does CRY stand for?
    P1: But money is not the answer. You are not personally involved.

    P3: I get that when you start your career, you probably don’t get time. But in which field would you like to contribute in future?

    P2: What is your passion?

    P3: What do you like to shoot?
    P2: Which camera do you have?
    P2: Is it a DSLR?
    P3: Why DSCs can’t go beyond 3x or 4x zoom?
    P2: Difference between digital zooming and optical zooming

    P3: Who is your favorite photographer? Do you read any magazines on photography?
    < told them that I don’t follow any famous photographers or magazines. Subscription of photography magazine is very expensive also. But I have read a lot of books on photography by Scott Kelby and Bryan Peterson. I also admire the work of these two photographers.>
    P3: What do you do with the photographs you shoot?

    P1: Tell me about your weaknesses.

    P3: Do you drink?
    P3: Good.

    P2: Do you socialize?

    P3: Yeah, I was wondering why you look so uhmm….

    P3: Yes.
    P2 and P3 smile. I didn’t see the reaction of P1.

    P2: What other calls do you have?

    P2: Suppose you convert them all. Which one will you prefer?

    P2: But you must have done some research. Especially if you are going to an interview of some institute.

    P1, P2 and P3 look at each other. Okay, that’s it.

    Stood up. Shook hands.

    Verdict: Awaited


  • Acads:
    X: 74.4%
    XII: 82%
    Undergrad Major – GPA/%age 73%

    NIL/Sector – Number of Years

    Date: 26th feb (1.30 pm)
    vanue: Delhi

    Essay: “education is an admirable thing,but time to time it is seen that anything which worth to be known can’t be taught”(something like that)

    Panel Members Intro if possible names and their specialisation):4 members(2 profs(P1 and P2) and 2 alumnis(A1 and A2))
    me as M
    Questions(with your answers):

    A1 opened the door and asked me to come in:
    entered in the room(sudden shock,I was not expecting panel of 4)

    p2: plz have a seat
    M: TU
    P1: have u verified your documents?
    M: no (so slow your verification officer is)
    p2: would u plz introduce urself?
    M: blah blah…..
    (A1 was making some notes by observing me and A2 ,a cal soul,was smiling )
    P2: U r in meerut currently?why this city always in news for bad reasons?
    M: ohhh really.some gyan on communal differences……………..
    P2: what are the industrial conditions in meerut?
    M:told about gold markets, agriculture equipments etc…………
    P1: what about your hometown Kanpur?
    P2: what is the distance b/w Delhi-meerut?
    (A1 comes in action)
    A1: what are your hobbies?
    M:acting,mimicry,LAN gaming(counter strike)
    A2:ahh counter strike(he was also a killer)
    A1: mimicry, it is interesting.
    p2: whom do u mimic?
    M: Irfan khan,amitabh bacchan………….
    P2: good
    P1: at which level have u performed so far?
    A1: have not u thought of getting on a bigger stage?
    M:told about my future plan regarding this?
    A2: have u heard of XXXX(some weird name)?
    M:mmmmm……no sir
    A2: they r current world champions of counter strike.See their videos, they are amazing.
    (why do they know everything )
    P2: what r your views on Indian politics?
    M: told (why I told about 2G scam,ab band baja)
    P1: so u think scams are related to the politics
    M:no sir, but scams are surely related to the politicians
    (smiles all around)
    P1: so u think dual party system is best for India?
    M:made some points

    P2: I think we have done with u. Do u want to ask something?
    M: Sir I want to ask one thing that in India why do give such a great emphasis to english? china is setting a great example by progressing with their language?
    (Itna sannata kyo hai bhai………..)
    A1:this is the question answer of which comes from your side……..
    M:Sir, u are the best persons I have met so far to ask this beautiful question. (what was beautiful in this?)
    P1:well hindi is our mother tongue and we should feel proud in speaking hindi.
    P2:well convey our message to others that if somebody wants to be interviewed in hindi, we are ready for that
    (is it really so……………….)
    P1:well i will reply that it is globalization that has made english such an important tool.(smile)

    P2:So we have done with it.plz verify your document.
    handshakes all around and smiles…………..

    >>> All persons in the panel were calm and smiling.No stress was there.A good and healthy interactive session.



    X – 91.8(CBSE)
    XII – 91.2 (CBSE)
    Undergrad Major – B sc, biotechnology, banasthali university)

    8 months

    Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them):
    * quizzing
    * social work
    * badminton player

    Topic: life is experience.more experience u have better u do…
    Number of Ppl present : 40
    Time: 30 mins
    Other Salient Details: The paper had 5 A4 size sides. There was no word limit. You were given 25 minutes to write.

    Interview Centre: Hotel Vikram, New Delhi
    Panel Members Intro:
    1. T. N. Krishnan

    2. Sudershan Kuntluru

    interview experience
    my interview started with introduce yourself,i told them about academics,project which i did,told them about the social work in which i was involved ..teaching women how to make khadi and then selling them in khadi bhandar and the german language i know.
    then i was asked why mba ..told that ..they asked did u think biotech is a promising field ..told about personalised medicines,human genome,its impact on agriculture ..then they asked me about pharma companies ..told them about generic and patent drugs and CRAMS..then they asked me what is kreb cycle ..told …antibiotics for what kind of organisms it is effective ..and what is treatment for cold….then it moved to intellectual property rights …..asked about bicon ..and its R n D….they asked about social work ..khadi n stuff …asked what is difference between khadi n handloom,..asked about banasthali…location ..

    pi was more acads based for me..and lasted for about 20 min


  • My interview was on 21st feb 1pm…
    • Topic “consistency is the last resort for those who are unimaginative”…found it easy and wrote for about 20 mins of d allotted 30 in about 2nd 1/2 pages….
      PI lasted for about 10-15mins couldn’t keep a check on time….
      as soon as i entered they asked introduce yourself..
      i started i am jolly person…interrupted in between…u didn’t tell your name. Then said sorry and told them my name and started with it again. Then spoke for some 20secs on it…
      then i said i have a sound temperament…stopped in b/w and asked shall we check it…i said yes and started with mugged up ans again. Then again stopped in b/w and they said now u don’t come across as a jolly person…i smiled and kept quiet. I started speaking again. But stopped again…
      they asked suppose u have a big data and u have to calculate mean median and mode…so give us a practical application of mode. I gleefully gave them the example of democracy where one puts his question in front of a group and whichever option gets the maximum vote is the mode as well as the ans to my question…then they asked more about stats…
      in b/w the second panelist took over. He asked u like to play sports….
      i said yes…i am passionate about crick and football..
      he asked what as per me r d differences b/w football and crick…
      i answered…it happily…gave 2 points and then stopped
      he said is it all…
      i said no there can be many more..
      he said then give a few more..
      i gave him a few more and b/w he again stopped me and asked
      what is your contribution to the game of football….
      i kept silent and couldn’t speak much except for 1 trivial point…
      then they asked how can 1 go to Kozhikode..
      i answered via a train to Kozhikode or to the nearest station nearby or via a flight to Kozhikode or a nearest airport to it..
      then they asked what is the route that the train takes to Kozhikode..
      i kept silent and said don’t know…….
      he asked about major stations
      i said Kanpur can be 1 as it is a big city and possibly in the route…
      he said no..and said Mathura, Jhansi, Gwalior r there..
      now came my blunder. I said Gwalior is in Assam. Confused b/w Guwahati..
      he laughed it off and said it’s a logical mistake…
      then d 2nd took over. Asked name 1 socio and 1 economic problem that India faces…
      now he entered into my domain..
      i answered it pretty well…in b/w he kept on cross questioning me…
      then d 2nd asked u r not consistent with your acads. I got 62.33 in my grads 1st yr…but covered it in 2nd and 3rd yr..
      i answered it..
      then he said thank you…
      i was about to leave the room when he asked have u got your documents verified…
      i said not yet sir…
      he said go get them verified…
      i couldn’t gauge what he was trying to say there……
      fingers crossed…..hope they overlook my Gwalior blunder…


  • cat score : 90.29
    venue : hotel vikram new delhi
    date : 25th feb

    essay topic: Man is not old until regret takes place of his dream.
    30 min essay writing (bahut jayda hai) wrote about 2 pages..

    pannel 1

    don know the name of professors…
    p3 my left side, p2 middle1, p1 right side

    p3 : tell me something about your self.
    me: told them blah blah… ratta mara hua

    p3: soo u r frm bihar
    me: yes sir (while p2 was continuously watching me)

    p1:ur fav subject
    me: told them digital and microprocessor

    p1:what is latest microprocessor
    me:told them (bt wasn’t sure about dat)

    p1:r u sure?
    me:blink blink…….

    p1:how many bits r there in new up(microprocessor)
    me:again wrong(told them 32 bit wasn’t expecting these question i
    thought they will ask question on general up like flag,register blah blah..)

    me:…………..{and he told me about new up and bit}

    p1:name some company who manufacture up..
    me:told them
    and tried to told him dat at that time i got confused and said operating system bit..
    (he asked me some more question on up related to latest up)

    p1:u r from patna
    me:yes sir

    p1:tell me something historical ………………..
    me:told them about ashoka and bodh dharma(my biggest mistake)

    p1:soo after which war ashoka directed him self towards bodha dharma
    me: told them

    p1:where is kalinga?
    me : told them
    (next few question were related to the ahoska ancient capital and other historical name of patna..and some more historical king.. )

    p1:who was the first king of the India?
    me:got confused… and told raja BHARAT..

    p1:laughed and said then what about raja dasharath …
    me:helpless(sir history kyun puchh rahe thee yar)
    then sir told me he was expecting something else..
    after few talks related to history with sir p2 started

    p2:do u know circle?
    me: again confused)… which circle sir?

    p2:shape.. geometry?
    me:yes sir

    p2:what is area of circle?
    me:said(kuchh to thik se samjh mien aaya pure interview)

    p2:what is pi?
    me: said something

    p2:raidus of circle in terms of pi?
    me:…………..(atleast shuld’hv told them area/pi) bt thought its nt easy1..so didn’t ansrd

    p3:y low accad in b.tech

    p2:soo u did your b.tech frm cusat…
    me : yes sir

    p2:y cusat ..there are many good eng college in north India..
    me:told them.. blah blah

    p1:(instantly)then y not iit?
    me:said i tried but wasn’t able to get through coz of my chem score

    p2:if u can go cochin for b’tech thn y didn’t u tried for colleges in malesia,srilanka,songapore..

    p3:how can b sure dat u’ll perform better in college
    me said bat my btech score …. (and he looked upon my score)

    p3:after mba?

    p3:it means u r looking for insurance in life?

    p3:what is financial crisis?
    me:told them

    p3:who is your role model?
    again he wasn’t expecting this answer

    p3:why?(with little surprise)
    me:said about leadership skil and other things..

    p1:kk what is common b/w freedom fight and these scam?
    instantly he gave me some hint like at dat time first prison
    and then i continued dat and then they got power bt these days powerful people are gettin into jail…
    and all laughed…

    p2:do u know allapuzha?
    me:yes sir and said something
    during whole in interview p2 was continuously asking me why cusat for b.tech?

    p1:what is today’s headline ?
    me:thank god paper padha hua tha)…told them about 2g scam news

    p1:who is responsible?
    me :told him…

    p1:what r u doing currently?
    p1:how many calls do u hav?

    some more question were related to leadership skill and something dat happend during interview like i pronounced a word very badly then they said something and laughed bt i tried to correct my self..
    my interview wasn’t based on any continuous question.. mainly it was all based on the my previous answer and some discussion on what i said…
    was expecting something related to current issues bt they didn’t asked

    oa: not satisfied…(interview time about 25+min)



    X – 88
    XII -87.4
    Undergrad Major – 70.7

    Work-Ex: 6 months IT

    CAT %ile
    DI – 98.6
    Quant – 99.2
    Verbal – 62.3
    Aggregate – 98.3

    CASE/GD : It’s better to be an authentic loser than false success,it’s better to be dead alive than to live dead

    Number of Ppl present ~35

    Interview Centre: Hotel vikram 130 pm 4th march
    Panel Members Intro: dont know so will refer them as p1 p2
    Questions(with your answers):

    The question came from everywhere.No relation in between them.

    P1 – Are you working
    Me : yes sir, working with TCS. working on a development project
    p1 – what do u develop? cars ? chemicals?
    me- no no sir, it is an IT company
    p1 – so exactly what are you doing?
    me- in layman terms, developing their website so that orders can be made online by the company’s website.
    p1 – have you heard of captcha?
    me – no sir
    p1 – ( trying to explain something something but i couldn’t make out what he was trying )
    me- (finally i remembered what exactly captcha was ) yes sir i got it now.
    p1 -y is it used
    me – gave gyan to reduce spamming coz computer cannot authenticate itself coz of captcha etc etc.
    p1- ok.wat is ssl?
    me – ( forgot full form )
    p1- my bank account also display image of something and some message when i log into it, y is dat?
    me – sir that is set my the account holder.
    p1- no no. i get the random picture.
    me- sir that is set by the account holder only.
    p1-ok.y is it used?
    me- for security
    me- (tried some explanation on security but they dint seem convincd  )
    p2- what is sensex?
    me – (yeh kahan se aagya?? ) i said to display share prices of various companies involved.
    p2- sensex is this much point.wat does this mean?
    me – i don’t know sir
    p2- canara bank,axis bank, abn amro bank.. what is the differenc in terms of ownership?
    me – told.
    p1 – whr r u currntly working?
    me- noida
    p2- full form of noida?
    me – told them
    p2 – noida is in which district?
    me – noida is itslef a district ( arrgggghhh silly me … )
    p1- leave it..how will u go to noida in metro from here .. ( asked kitni der me aur kaise aur kaunsi line ki metro pakdoge )
    me- told ( also told that i was in trivandrum for 2.5 months and etc etc )
    p2 – whr is kozhikode.oh u know dat u were there in trivandrum
    me- yes sir it came on my way to mysore
    p2- how far is mysore from tvm?
    me – told ..
    p2- who is india’s president?
    me – told..
    p2- is president nominated or elected?
    me – nominated
    p2- who elects president?
    me – ruling party ?? ( dint know ) I am not much into politics.
    p2 – ok.wat r u other hobies? do u like reading
    me- told them about a book
    p2- who is the author and what does it convey?
    me – told ( they looked convinced )
    p2- other calls?
    me – imt , no other iims, gave jmet iitb d etc..
    p2- what wud u choose iim rohtak or imt? and why?
    me- gave reasons (look convinced )
    p1-ok dats all..
    me- i would like to ask a question (asked about research programs going on)
    p2- i dont know what is this
    p1- i also dont know..
    p1 – r u sure u checked iim Kozhikode website?
    me- yes sir there are 11 programs . i am sure .
    p1- y r u asking? do u have any interest?
    me – I may get more intersted if i know more about it. I am curious regarding this how state and national govt and foreign instis are doing for these research programs?
    p2- i’ll go n check tonight.Ok all the best.
    me- thank you sir

    lasted for around 20-25 minutes. dint know y were they asking random question out of nowhere. questions weren’t linked, one from sensex to other banking etc etc.



    X – 90.4
    XII -91.4
    Undergrad Major – 73.6

    Work-Ex: 44 months, Automobile

    CAT %ile
    DI – 88.6
    Quant – 98.8
    Verbal – 86.8
    Aggregate – 96.54

    CASE/GD : It’s better to be an authentic loser than false success,it’s better to be dead alive than to live dead

    Wrote 3 pages: 2-3 quotes likhe n fundebazi arnd it with some examples, I would rate 7/10
    Number of Ppl present ~35

    Interview Centre: Hotel vikram 130 pm 4th march
    Panel Members Intro: dont know so will refer them as p1 p2
    Questions(with your answers):

    It was like a rapid fire round of a quiz, kuch bhi kahin se bhi.
    P1: Tell me about Yourself
    Me: Btaya rata rataya

    P1: Why electric vehicles not so popular
    ME: Told funda about cost, less range

    P1:he said Reva is there for quite sm time now, wy isnt it popular in India
    ME:Again same fundas

    P111: do u know Reva is popular in another country??
    ME:I said yes, London

    P1:So wen it can be popular there wy not here
    ME:I gave funda about infrastructure

    P1:do u mean roads?
    ME:I said charging infrastructure

    P1:bt that can be made
    ME:I said it can be bt it is driven by the govt and administration not OEM, gave example of China

    P1:Asks u are a electrical engineer,, wt do u design in a normal car which is not a hybrid/electric
    ME:Smjhayaa, so many electrical parts in car, lamps, charging system, battery etc. And engine is controlled by electrically

    P1:He said that is electronics??
    ME:I do both electrical & electronics

    P1:Wt is the diff b/w electrical n electronics(bhgwan jaane ye kahan se aaya)
    ME: fatta diya, about signaaling and machines

    P1:Hv u heard of the car called Prius(Kon nahi jaanta)
    ME:I said yes

    P1:Wt was the market problem reported off late in that
    ME:Explained about the acclerator pedal problem

    Abey bohot ho gya ab to chhod de
    P1:U are an electrical engr, Wt is CT & PT
    ME:Har electrical engr ye question pakka padh kar jaata hai ivw me, pel diya

    P2 was quiet all this while reading thru my CV, ab isne rapid fire shuru kiya

    P2:Hmm, so your marks are these avg or above avg
    ME: Above avg

    P2:What was your position in your batch
    ME: batch of 70

    P2: did u appear for CAT before this
    ME:I appeared last year

    P2:Why not before that
    ME:I knew this ws coming, so diya funda about conscious decision exposure to industry falana thikana

    P2:U have written about doing PGPX
    ME:I wud, If I dont make it this time

    P2:So next yr u’ll try for PGPX
    ME:I’ll try regular next yr agn n if not cleared then PGPX

    P2:wts the diff b/w regular n PGPX
    ME:I had no idea, hawabazi maari….1 yr duration, course considering your exp, netwrking with people with exp from diverse industries

    P2:Which all colleges offer PGPX
    ME:I said ISB & GL

    P2:Arent u missing smthng major
    ME:I said oh yeah, IIM A B C

    P2:IIM A is now 12 th ranked PGPX programme in world, hvnt u chkd d rankings
    ME:No Sir, I hvnt

    P2:Where r u from originally
    ME:Bengali brought up in patna

    P2:And u wrk in
    ME:Gurgaon, that is Haryana…..and i have studied in Delhi

    P2:So wt is NOIDA
    ME:kahan se aaya bhai, bt pata tha btaa diyaa

    P2:Which district
    ME:Smhw I knew, bulb jal gyaa bas dimaag ka, btaa diya

    P2: do u know of the Libyan crisis

    P2:How is it going to afeect us as in India
    ME:Petroleum prices ka funda de diya

    P2:Wt kinda books u read
    ME:Fiction n a bit of philosophical fiction. I told about the last book I read, 5 people u meet in heaven

    P2: Do u believe in fiction

    P2:So wy u read it
    ME:Its about taking away the positives from the book the good things and casting aside the unrealistic stuff(Fultoosh Gyaan)

    P2:So wt u learnt from this book
    ME: diye funde

    P2: Which leader do u admire??
    ME: Steve Jobs

    P2: Why??
    ME: Hardware revolution, visionary, IPOD interface for volume control, PC in a normal house kinda stuff revolutionary vision.

    P2:wts the ownership structure of your cmpny
    ME:Btaya, itna parent cmpny k pas hai rest in stock market

    P2:How mch is it with promoters
    ME: (No idea at all) maine bola baki sab market me hai

    P2:Wts the full form of SEBI
    ME:I fumbled here, Securities Exchange bol kar ruk gyaa I dunno wy. Fir bol diya nhi pta

    P2:Wrts a stock exchange

    P2:Indian Stock Exchngs

    P2:Full form of SENSEX

    P2: other stock exchanges of the world

    P2: do u dabble in stocks
    ME:No I dont sir

    P2:which bank do u have account

    P2:SBT?? Why??
    ME:Convenience, is there in my office campus

    P2:Where is Travancore??

    P2:3 banks, Vijaya Bank, HDFC & ABN AMRO, wts the difference
    ME:I differentiated on basis of their prime businesses

    P2:No tell me in terms of ownership structure
    ME:Btaya, PVT, Natioanlized & Semi nationalised

    P2:Who is the Governor of RBI

    I think ab tak thak chuke the dono

    P2:That would be all from my side

    P1:With a smile, It was nice meeting you. All the Best
    ME: Thank you Sir, Nice meeting you too

    I dont think I cud hav done any better than this, So I am more or less satisfied with the interview. ab aage to allah hafiz




    This was the first interview this year.

    X – 75
    XII – 75
    Undergrad Major 77.2 (B.sc Maths.)
    Work-Ex: 44 months( 2.5 Years in Wipro,1.4 years in Banking)

    CAT %ile: 96.77

    Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests : Certificate in debates, Prize in wipro

    Essay: What is the measure of success for a man: or for that matter for a women
    Number of Ppl present : 25(1 absent)
    Time: 30 minutes
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
    i think i couldnt write the essay well, i found the topic too much abstract so wrote whatever came into my mind. Couldnt structure the essay also.neways just completed 3 pages writing all craps about what are the measures of success for a man starting with what defines a success , the qualities associated with success such as temperament, honesty, self belief etc. Gave examples of mahatma Gandhi, Einstein and mahendra singh Dhoni.i will rate my essay as 1 out of 5 and am having no hope in the essay part.

    Interview Centre: Vikram hotel
    Panel Members: A handsome looking guy more inclined towards mathematics. (P1 this guy gave instructions during the essay) P2 Unknown new guy

    Questions(with your answers):
    P1 : calls me in
    M : Good Morning Sir

    P2 : Can I see your interview sheet
    M : Sure sure(handed over the Interview Sheet)

    P2 : So, you are working in Indian Overseas Bank.
    M : Yes sir, for the past 1 and a half years.

    P1 : Tell me what is your job all about?What kind of Loans you give?
    M :Told

    P1 : Difference between semi urban, urban and rural advances? How will u classify them?
    M : told

    P1 : Suppose u have a balance sheet of an SME company. how will u decide whether to finance the company or not?
    M : told Ratio analysis. Current ratio, DSCR, Asset quality and ownes contribution in the assets. (Forgot to mention Debt Equity ratio.)

    P1 : Hey arent u forgetting something? Wont u calculate Debt Equity ratio?
    M : Yes sir, That is what i missed, Debt equity ratio is equally important i.e. total debts/Tangible net worth

    P1 : RBI Its functioning, who is the current governor of RBI?
    M : Told

    P2 : CRR,Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, Bank Rate, How they are used by RBI?
    M : Told

    P1 : Suppose i m a layman how will you make me understand what a subprime crisis is?
    M : I made a mistake told the answer as if i m dealing with a banker in high sounding banking words.
    P2:Are he is a laymen he doesnt know all these things. be more general as if u r dealing with a farmer.
    M :Simply tried to explain(Though couldnt convince completely).

    P1 : ok, So tell me five water brands name?
    M : could remember only two(names were not clicking in the headL)

    P1 : ok,So you have done Bsc in Maths. (I got prize in Stastistics and Probability theory debate). Please explain what this debate was about?
    M : Told.

    P1 : Tell five continuous Distributions?
    M : Told just 2. I dont go through the acedemmics(Not these extremes in statistics. Was hoping more questions from Work ExL silly mistake)

    P1 : Normal Distribution and its charecterastic? Draw a Normal Distribution?
    M : Drew the curve and stopped. It was long back i studied so said sorry sir i dont remember.(Mistake)

    P1 : suppose 100 people are waiting in a counter waiting for a bus. What distribution will you apply?
    M :sir…..normal distribution(Said out of sheer guts as was not sure about the answerL

    P3 : You are well established in the banking domain. Y MBA now? That too regular course? U shud opt for IIM Ks IDL(Interactive Distance learning )Executive course. That wil suite you more
    M : Spending too years in the classroom with rigorous syllabus and interactive face to face discussion with the faculties will help us in the real time projects in the much better way.some other funday.

    P1 : No No there also u have webcam facility u can directly interact with the faculties. Projects are real and well structured.
    M : Ok sir, i will look into the site to know more about the programme.

    P1 : you are working in baramati,it comes under which constituency and who is the candidate? Ministers ?
    M : Told

    P1 : What all companies are there ? Some knowledge about the city?
    M : Told

    P1 : I still think u should continue in the bank and do executive MBA? Regular MBA is not worth for u as you are more interested in banking. What is u do MBA and u land into sales marketing related jobs?
    M : No sir, i would like finance and would like to again come back to Banking sector as i seriously like banking, My father is also a banker and i have grown us seeing ratios, balance sheets and financial statements.ratios came early to me sir(I shouldnt have said thisL bachao bachao)

    P2 : u like finance that is ok? But dont say ratios came early and all those stuff. Why did u join wipro then?
    M : Sir it was campus placement. I decided to experience the corporate culture and functionality first before pursing my dream as it helps u to analyse things in a much better way when u spent some time in the industry with real time projects. Luckily my client was also UBS and Nokia. So it was somewat related to banking upto an extent.

    P2 : why did u leave wipro then?
    M : i told the truth by saying i was laid off owing to the financial meltdown and crisis resulting to pink sleeps. Entire account was shifted to erricson and whole team was shown PINK sleeps.and then told how i prepared for banking exams in 6 months and jokined Bank even when i had good offers for MNCs in IT field.

    P1 : Fine tell me some investment bank names? U seem to be much involved in banks.
    M : merryl Linch,Morgan Stanley, Lehman Bros(Now not existing)

    now P2 : What is the full form of SAARC? Its member countries?
    M : told named 7 members was missing one.

    P2 : You are missing one one neighboring India a small country?
    M : Bhutan sirJ

    P1 interrupts : no K we are done with your interview u can go now..
    M : Thank u sirs thank u very much, it was nice experience talking with u guys( People were young i dont know how i said guys. It came just with the good flow of the interview. I think this may ruin my chances. No faculty will like to be addressed as nice experience talking with u guys) I think this is a gone case unless and until they dont feel offendedLhow i did such a blunder????????????????????????????

    P1 & P2 : Please close the door?

    M : Sorry sir. And closed the door.

    Any other info which you would like to provide:I was expecting more Current affairs and WorkEx Questions.couldnt answer anything from acedemics five years back convincingly. The panel was very friendly and always smiling, I think all three of us were smiling all the time.

    Interview Time : 25 Mins.
    Verdict : I feel have got know chancesL
    Guys please review how my interview went? Any comments most welcomeJ whole night i was drinking got up just now at 12.oo Now next IIM L on 9thJ




    X 90.53 (Maharashtra)
    XII 89.67 (Maharashtra)
    Undergrad Major – 72.94 %age (Mumbai)

    TCS (Manufacturing domain)- 33 months

    CAT %ile:
    Aggregate 93.41

    Extra curricular/ Hobbies/Interests(if you have mentioned them) -pretty decent .to mention a few (apart from college fests), Toastmasters (loads of activities in hyd, amateur lead guitarist, chess player + some social work

    Topic:The most valuable thing is intuition ( something of this sort on intuition, just a one liner)
    Number of Ppl present : around 30 , i guess. ( divided in 2 grps)
    Time: 30 min
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Started well , but i guess i took too much of time to introduce the subject terms and my main idea. Could not conclude properly. I was almost done, but thought of writing one more sentence and they asked to stop. coulndt complete the sentence..

    Other Salient Details: Dont waste time in thinking too much. i could write just 2 and 1/4 pages.. there were 6-7 pages. I would rate my essay as 6/10

    Interview Centre: Dadar, Mumbai
    Panel Members Intro:3 members (dunnon their names, if i get their names from iim k website, i wll post here)
    Questions(with your answers):
    P1: A gentleman with thick specs and a tika on forehead ( he had snatched somebody’s paper, as that guy wasn’t giving his paper even after the time was over
    P2: Senior prof, with dark complexion and bald head
    P3: Another prof with french cut
    M: and myself

    I was the first person on the list. both the panels started at the same time , immediately after the essay was over, no time pass at all.
    P2 : Introduce yourself
    M : Did that. ( i kept some open ends in my intro, was expecting them to pick up any one from these) but they didnt fall for that.

    P3 : Straight away to workex, what is PLM?
    M : Explained

    P3: which are the tools you are working on?
    M : Explained

    P2: Are these TCS products ?
    M : No sir, these are owned by so and so comp. etc…

    P3: Which are other products in the market ?
    M :told

    P3 : which one is marker leader?
    M : told

    (A bolt from blue)
    P1 : Which subject you r comfortable with ?
    M: IC engines saar!! ( what else do the mechanical engineers say in iim intvs lolz!!)

    P1 :Smiling (phans gaya saala) Whats CI and SI?
    M:Told but fumbled for a while. forgot SI fullform out of nervousness (how on earth could i do that

    P2: (suddenly) what CRDi?
    M: told i dont know much but it is technology used for diesel engines .

    P2: (thinking that i just guessing) r u sure? petrol or diesel
    M: yes sir, its used for diesel for sure (itna to pata hai sir)

    P1: Are u comfortable with maths?
    M: Yes sir( chalo kuch to accha hoga  )

    P1: a simple prob on probablity
    M: gave the answer

    P1: check it again, are u sure of that?
    M: yes sir ( checked it again) ( dunno whats happening, why is he asking so many time to check)

    P2: which is most imp socio economic prob of the country ?
    M : I chose poverty

    Some more questions about how its economic and social as well, i felt i answered in a little oakyish manner, couldnt be fluent.

    More over P1 was in mood to pull my leg. He was almost laughing after my answers, as if i was bluffing, and even when i kenw answers were correct.

    Anyways overall performance wasn’t very good, i should have put more efforts.

    I felt that i performed in following manner
    Acads -moderate
    current affairs- okay

    Also it got over within 15 min.. dunno if they thought, that i m not good enough isliye bhaga diya!!

    Verdict: Chances look bleak.. looking at my performance. lets see

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