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IIM Lucknow GD PI Experience

  • Date: 26-02-2012
    Venue: BangaloreProfile: Btech(IT), 16 months work-ex(Infosys)WAT-GD Topic: I would rather go with a woman’s intuition than a man’s reason
    EXP- GD was not a fish market but there were very less number of points brought up during the discussion.PI(2 Profs):12-13 mins
    Q: about my work-ex.
    me: told about my work-ex in coud computing and how it can benefit various companies.

    Q: how ELO rating in chess is given and how it changes(Mentioned chess in my hobbies)
    me: told

    Q: In what way chess is similar to management and economics?
    Me: told stuffs like better planning, pro-activeness, anticipating your opponents moves and planning according to that.

    Q: was asked name of the specific term that connects chess and economics.
    me: Told i can’t recollect(Answer may be game theory…but it is something related whatever i have told in previous answer)

    Q:Then they started grilling me on my acads…
    me: told whatever i remembered

    Q:asked me laws of E-Commerce
    me: Sorry Sir, I don’t know

    Q: how E-Commerce is possible in grocery.
    Me: told… some counter questions but answered(don’t know how convinced they were)

    Q: who is your favourite business leader.
    me: Ratan Tata… some grilling on this like why not Birla or Narayanmurthy….

    They said thank you wished me all the best.

    Hope this helps… All the best


  • Acads
    X – 85.1 %, Maharashtra Board, 1998
    XII – 89.5%, Maharashtra Board, 2000
    Undergrad – BE Electronics, 66%, 2004, Mumbai University
    Grad – MS Electrical and Computer Science, GPA 3.8, 2007, Rutgers University (NJ, USA)Work-Ex:
    Capital One Auto Finance (USA) – 34 months
    IL&FS; Cluster Development Initiative Limited – 15 months (as of interview date)CAT 2011: 99.57 %ileInterview & Essay

    Venue: Mumbai
    Date: 11th Feb

    Essay and GD Topic: All exact sciences are dominated by the idea of approximation
    Number of Ppl present: 8 (one was absent)
    Time for essay: 10 minutes
    Time for GD: 12 minutes
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Essay was fine, but miscalculated the time. Was asked to stop in the middle of a paragraph, which wasn’t even the concluding one. In GD, I spoke a couple of times. However, there were a couple of guys who just absolutely refused to let others speak and kept interrupting. Was frustrating.
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 4/5
    Rate your performance(0-5):3/5

    Panel Members Intro: Two professors (P1, who only asked personals, and P2, who asked everything else)


    P1: So, Sailesh, walk me through your background.
    Me: Described my life from school to graduation, and work-ex in a couple of minutes.
    P1: Why did you take three years for your masters? Isn’t it too long?
    Me: I was also doing research work with a professor there, and such students typically finish in two and half to three years.
    P1: Okay, so why do you want to do an MBA now?
    Me: Explained why, based on my work-ex and the future path I want to take.
    P1: Okay, so you want to specialize in…?
    Me: Finance, and again described why finance.
    P1: What are your hobbies?
    Me: Listening to Carnatic classical music.
    P1: Why is it called Carnatic music?
    Me: The name Carnatic itself is external, as in southern India, it does not have a specific name. It was given by the Marathas, whose first experience of this form of music was through the musicians in Bijapur from the Karnataka area, and they referred to this as Karnatak music. The British further anglicised it to Carnatic music. (Actually there is another explanation which I didn’t give – the name “Karnataka sangeetam” means ancient music.)
    P1: Ok, so are there any similarities with Hindustani music?
    Me: Yes, there has always been a lot of exchange between the two forms. Hindustani music itself branched out from Carnatic music due to Persian influence in the 12/13 hundreds. Even today, ragas from Hindustani music are used in Carnatic music and vice-versa. For example, Sindhu Bhairavi in Carnatic has been influenced by Bhairavi in Hindustani, and Darbari Kanada has been influenced by the raga of the same name in Hindustani.
    P1: (Looks satisfied and motions for P2 to continue the questioning).
    P2: Do you know about the Satyam scam?
    Me: Yes.
    P2: What can we do to prevent such things from happening?
    Me: From what I understand, it was an auditing scam, and hence, it should ideally have been caught by the external auditors – Delloitte (actually it was PWC). Hence, they should be held accountable as well. Also, we can look at increased reporting by companies which can be reviewed by the Government to ensure that there is transparency (should have really come up with a better point).
    P2: What is CSR?
    Me: Do you mean Corporate Social Responsibility?
    P2: Yes. Do you agree with this idea?
    Me: Yes. The idea is that a company has succeeded due to the society it is in, and CSR is a way for the company to repay the society for supporting it and helping it thrive. It is something akin to giving back to the community. So yes, it is a way of generating goodwill for the company.
    P2: Satyam had a very big CSR department, and have also won many awards for it. How could such a company have been involved in so big a scam (or something along those lines)?
    Me: Like I said, CSR is a way of generating goodwill, and is a means of creating a good image. This doesn’t automatically mean that everything the company does is equally good. We shouldn’t treat any company as fair simply based on their CSR activities.
    P2: That is true.
    Me: Further, it is also probably true that a company with such a big scam cannot be completely clean in all other aspects. If we look at the details of each company, there may be indicators of something going wrong in other smaller ways. For example, trying to illegally influence policy, or something similar. If we identify such companies and pay closer scrunity to their activities, we can stand a better chance of catching onto scams like Satyam.
    P2: Okay. The finance minister is worried about the subsidy bill. Suppose you are the finance minister, how will you reduce the bill?
    Me: Two ways – one is to reduce the amount of subsidies, the other is to increase revenues. Talking about the first part, there are many subsidies which shouldn’t exist in the first place. Ignoring those applicable to the poor who otherwise cannot bear the fluctuations of the economy, we can look at removing subsidies given the middle class. Petroleum subsidy for example.
    P2: Do we have subsidies in petroleum?
    Me: There is a price mandated by the government, currently at around 70 rupees per litre. Whether oil companies get reimbursed for their costs, or are forced to be at that price, the price fix amounts to a subsidy.
    P2: Okay, so what other areas can we target?
    Me: Subsidies given to industries. Maybe a case can be made for subsidies given to micro scale industries. But small and medium scale industries are also currently given subsidies, which is equivalent to the government trying to direct the economy, which is not its role and it shouldn’t be doing that.
    P2: Which industries have subsidies?
    Me: Textiles for example. There is a Technology Up gradation Fund Scheme that provides interest and capital subsidy on machinery.
    P2: So textiles industry has subsidies available to it?
    Me: Yes, like I said, TUFS. It expired last year, but was reintroduced recently.
    P2: (As I mentioned this, he was shaking his head as if to imply that I was wrong. I found it strange, since such a scheme did exist at the time of the interview)
    P1: (Cutting me off) Thank you, Sailesh.
    Me: Thank you, sir.
    P2: Please take a toffee!
    Me: Thank you again.

    Thinking back, it was a chilled out interview. Both P1 and P2 calmly listened to my answers before asking the next question. None of my responses had a follow-up question either.

    I don’t remember a couple of questions that P1 asked, but they were personals, and pretty straight-forward ones.

    Rate your preparation (0-5): 4
    Rate your performance (0-5): 4



  • GD topic: A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live
    The topic wasn’t discussed well enough because we covered only a few points..I ‘m generally not able to get my words in during GDs but spoke 3-4 times and made 1/2 new points. Thankfully, it wasn’t a fish market. I think coaching classes have helped thereInterview: Two panelists and as usual, one questioning and one mostly observing. It was a stress interview and by the end of it I was sure I was dumb and wouldn’t crack itP1: So you are from Mumbai’ve very less marks in Engg
    Now this had been tried on me during a mock interview so I knew that my marks were ok and I said that and stuck to it.
    Me: Sir my marks were considered good at the time I graduated and from the University I graduated. I was rank 3 in college and rank 21 in Mumbai University.
    P1: But then you’re setting a very low benchmark for yourself. You shouldn’t compare only with your college. You should see where you stand nationally
    Me: But sir there different universities have different systems of grading so I cannot compare myself with everyone. I have to compare with those in a similar situation with me.
    P1: The government says all boards are equal
    Me: Said something about how a person may have more marks than me but I may still have greater knowledge etc.
    P1: You should admit if you’re marks are less. You should not be defensive.
    Me: Sir i know my marks are not the best but I feel they are good. Sorry sir, I did not mean to be defensive.
    P1: So this company you work for. Don’t you think they pay very less?(looked at my reaction)
    Me: sir they are definitely not the highest paying but they pay on par with other companies like them(meaning India based MNCs )
    P1: why do you think that is?
    Me: maybe because they take more people
    P2: No it’s because they have a learning component
    Me: Yes they have many opportunities for L&D..I; have also done sos and so certifications(sly huh )
    P1: Where is their R&D; lab?
    Me: Not sure. Chennai?
    P1: No Pune
    P1: Do you want to be questioned about work or acads?
    Me: work!
    P1: What do you at work?
    Me: Described my job responsibilities. I worked on a web application and he asked me about the technology and all
    P1: Asked my opinion on e-commerce
    Me: I didn’t know what to say! I didn’t know online buying/selling was called that
    P1: explained what he meant and then said that online shopping had limitations compared to physically buying things
    Me: asked him what problems customers faced
    P1: said customers in a shop could more easily buy products acc to features they wanted
    Me: Even in online shopping, we have the facility to search for products acc to features we want so it’s very convenient
    P1: What is your opinion on the current state of Indian economy?
    Me: Different sectors are performing differently..
    P1: But what about it as a whole
    Me: As a whole it is growing
    P2: If different sectors are performing differently, what parameters can you use to get a more accurate picture?
    Me: couldn’t answer
    P1: she is not interested in economics also. Let us ask her something about politics(pl note that P1 had been quite sarcastic throughout though I don;t remember all his comments)
    P1: What is McMahon line
    Me: …..
    P1: Where is Gilghit?
    Me: …
    P1: Do you even know of such a place?
    Me: …
    P2: What is the capital of Sikkim?
    P1: I’m sure she doesn’t know that also
    Me: Gangtok
    P1 visibly surprised and P2 laughs
    P2: How many north-eastern states are there?
    I didn’t know the count so started listing them out but missed Assam and Manipur!
    P2: asked about composition of Government
    Me: 250 seats in Rajya Sabha and 552 in Lok Sabha
    P2: Are they all elected?
    Me: Some are nominated by President
    P2: No some are also present in PoK and not used at all
    P2: What are your hobbies?
    Me: Reading and sketching
    P1: Can you name an Indian artist who is famous for his sketches. Not a painter
    Me: sir RK Laxman
    They were not very satisfied with that…I told them that I while sketched, I didn’t really follow any famous artists. They seemed to understand that.Well one thing that helped me in this interview was I had previously gone through the Govt. of India website…all the states and their capitals and the govt. structure etc. I felt like I had a bad interview but it wasn’t bad looks like!

    Final Verdict: Converted!



  • GDPI Experience IIMLProfile
    87.2 ICSE 10th Standard, 2003
    80.6 CBSE 12th Standard, 2005
    B. Tech Mechanical 7.34, 2009, NIT Hamirpur
    Automobile 31 months
    CAT 2011
    Quant 99.8
    Verbal 87.6
    Overall 99.4
    Category General
    Extra acads nothing spectacularDate: 5th March, 2012
    GD Experience: the panel called in 13 candidates and seated them in a room which could barely accommodate even 5. Professor 1 (jovial kinds) announced that the essay would be of 15 minutes followed by a gd of 15 minutes on the same topic. No notes are to be taken for gd and gd will start once the essays have been collected. P1 announced the topic the search for omen freedom can never be complete without freedom for omen and I was aghast. I interpreted both the omen as human but it made no sense. Then I peeked into the page of girl sitting next to me and she had interpreted both of them as women. I made a cutting and changed human to women but then P1 passed a chit which had the topic the struggle for HUMAN freedom can never be complete without complete freedom for WOMEN. I wrote an essay and finished off around 4 minutes early. I started preparing for my start. The professors collected answer sheets precisely at 15 minutes and the GD commenced. It was horrendous. Around 10-11 people were speaking at the same time.PI experience:
    Me: may I come in sir ?
    P1: yes have a seat. So you have been working for the past 2 years ?
    Me: yes sir.
    P1: which company?
    P1: so then why are you thinking of pursuing MBA ?
    Me: sir before I answer this question I would like to set a context here. I have been working as a trainer for the past two years and have realized that there is a lot more that I can do to this profession and myself if I were to do it on my own.
    P1: (surprised) so you want to be an entrepreneur?
    Me: yes sir.
    P2: so what is EDI?
    Me: I don’t know sir.
    P2: (aghast) you want to be an entrepreneur and you don’t know what EDI is
    Me: no sir.
    P2: ever heard of colleges which promote entrepreneurship courses?
    Me: sir I have heard about SINE at IITB
    P1: (cuts in) so what are your hobbies?
    P2: hand me your file
    Me: handed
    Me: (answering to P1) sir I like photography and have been pursuing it for a very long time now.
    P1: (visibly disinterested) other than photography ?
    Me: sir I like riding my bike. I am an avid biker and it relaxes me.
    P2: (astonished) don’t you think this hobby of yours has serious implications for the society at large
    Me: sir as in ?
    P2: what bike do you own?
    Me: sir Karizma ZMR
    P1: what is the cc of your bike ?
    Me: sir 223 cc
    P2: what is the average ?
    Me sir: 45-50 (although I knew it is way less than that but he had already set a trap and I didn’t want to fall in)
    P2: (surprised) is it so ?
    Me: yes sir
    P2: are you sure ?
    Me: yes sir, it is a fuel injected bike and has that average according to arai certification.
    P1: we are not asking for what arai certifies (laughing)
    Me: no sir according to my experience as well it is around 45 (smile)
    P1: so did you fill up ABM ?
    Me: yes sir
    P2: (closes my file midway and sits in attention as if he is ready to tear me up now) so what are your reasons for joining ABM
    Me: sir I don’t have an ABM call
    P2: (visibly sad) (looks at my profile sheet to confirm) then why fill it in the first place?
    Me: sir to be very honest when I was filling up the form I didn’t quite know what ABM was all about.
    P1: so name some prominent Indian photographers
    Me: (surprised) (where did that come from all of a sudden) sir the people that I know
    P1: (laughing) I don’t want to know the names of your friends
    Me: (smiling) sir they are not friends just some people I know. Sir xxxx is a famous fashion photographer and told some others.
    P2: so what does your father do?
    Me: he is a bank manager
    P2: so what is bank rate?
    Me: sir as far as my understanding goes bank rate is..
    P1: (laughing) we don’t want your understanding we want exact definition
    Me: in that case sir I don’t know
    P2 so what is repo rate and how is it different from bank rate
    Me: told repo rate and said bank rate is the rate at which bank lends to customers
    P2: are you sure on bank rate?
    Me: no sir like I said I don’t know what is bank rate
    P2: is repo rate applicable to all the transactions including overnight and .. (some banking terms that made no sense to me)
    Me: everything
    P2 : are you sure ?
    Me: no sir
    P2: which areas of economy do you like?
    Me: sir I have a very surface knowledge of the economy
    P2: name two movies which were themed on the 2008 crisis.
    Me: don’t know sir. I am not into movies.
    P2: (surprised) why ?
    Me: sir frankly I don’t find it a good investment to sit in front of a screen for three hours and do nothing.
    P2: (quite happy) so you think movies are a waste of time
    Me: yes sir !
    P2: what is inflation and how is it measured?
    Me: told about the basket of goods but was cut in between
    P2: what is the basket called ?
    Me: sir if there is a particular name for it then I am not aware of it.
    P2: so what are WPI and CPI?
    Me: told
    P2: okie GOOD !!!
    That GOOD had some mystery attached to it. It wasn’t the normal hello how are you feeling? answer well. I can actually run out of words and time but still not explain the subtleness of that GOOD.
    Me: (got up said thank you and went outside)

    Verdict: Convert
    Some Gyan:
    Although the interview was good but my GD was terrible. I have been to a lot of mock GDs at TIME and to some real ones at IITB, IITD, MDI, and IMT and when I say the GD was horrendous this expression barely even tries to describe the ruckus remotely. All in all, in my humble opinion GDs are not for selection, they are for rejection. Please don’t ever loose calm even if things go haywire. Your interview will play a decisive role. Inspite of the bad gd one more guy, I know made it from the same group.



  • (Hope this post helps those who will face IIM Lucknow ABM interviews in the years to come)
    X: 92% CBSE
    XII: 96% TN state board
    B.E (EEE): 84% (college affiliated to Anna University)
    Work exp: 5 months as on the day of interview (Date: 26.2.2012)
    Venue: Bangalore
    CAT 2011:
    OA-98.4, Sec1-95.7, Sec2-98.3Essay: Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom. (15 min)
    Preparation: 3/5
    performance: 4/5
    GD: 4 attended out of 12. Hence, 6 min on same topic
    Preparation: 4/5
    performance: 4.5/5Interview:
    Two male professors. I do not remember who asked which questions. So Please see the attached image for the interview questions.
    Preparation: 3.5/5
    Performance: 3/5Result: Converted IIM Lucknow ABM!


  • Profile:
    Xth: 87.67% ICSE
    XIIth: 91.33%, Goa State board
    Grad: MIT, Manipal, ECE, 9.74/10 CGPACAT 2011:
    SEC 1: 99.63
    SEC 2: 98.72
    Overall: 99.82Work ex: 18 months at Cisco Systems.Essay and GD topic: Related to inflation (something related to the fact that inflation mugs people, and is like a killer for the common man)
    GD: Pretty decent. No fish market at all. Everyone spoke well. No conclusion or summary.
    Essay: Wrote decently. Couldn’t conclude it in 15 minutes since I didn’t keep track of time. So started off well, but couldn’t finish..

    (I opted out of ABM. Told this to the interviewers the first thing when I entered)

    2 professors. Both male. P1 and P2.
    P1: Please give us your file.
    Handed it.
    P1: While we go thru it, why don’t you introduce yourself.
    Me: Sure. (I introduce myself. No prepared answer as such, but i knew what i had to say..)

    The next few questions were based on my work at Cisco. I won’t post it here since it won’t help you much. Questions were based completely on networking, with commonly used port numbers, TCP/IP handshake, UDP protocol, OSI layer, etc. This was the best part of my interview since I answered all questions except one.

    P2: What do you read?
    Me: Fiction and a bit of nonfiction.
    P2: Business?
    Me: Not much..
    P2: But we want to know what you read in the business sphere. This is a management school na..
    Me: Yes sir.. but i don’t read a lot of business magazines. Just read the newspaper regularly.
    P2: Can you please tell me the vodafone issue that has been in the news recently.
    Me: did. Quite decent..
    P2: Ok. What else do you do related to business?
    Me: Sir, i follow a bit of the stock markets..
    P2: Ok. So why did the stock market fall in the last few days?
    ME: (Was completely blank. I had prepared well for this qn.. I don’t know what happened.. couldn’t utter a single word for 10 seconds) (The real reason for the stock market drop was the increase in oil prices due to the Iran cordoning off and the fact that the SBI had had a bad debt with Kingfisher Airlines and SBI is a major contributor to the BSE Sensex.. so the markets fell)
    P2: U should be knowing this..
    Me: Yes sir, but at this point of time, I cannot think of a reason.. i just can’t seem to recollect..
    P2: Anyways, what are the companies in the Sensex.
    Me: (thankfully, recovered myself and named about 10 companies)
    A discussion followed about a few companies. Did well here. Made up for my blunder earlier.

    P2: What other calls?
    Me: All IIMs.
    P2: Good. All the best. We are done.
    Me: Thank you sirs..

    It was a pretty decent interview. Although I made that blunder in between, I kind of made up for it later. Not much of acads. A lot of computer networking was asked in the beginning. But that is also related to my work.

    Verdict: Converted. But joining IIM A.

    ATB for everyone!!


  • ABM call
    X %,Board, year—-86,,assam state board.
    XII%, Board, year—56,,-do-
    Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc.), Specialization(CS, mech etc.), Percentage, Year, Institute. —
    BTech,electrical engg,54(6th sem),NIT SilcharWork-Ex:
    Sectors, Company – Number of months—fresherCAT 2011:

    (category if applicable)–SC

    Extra acads : MTSE,some merit scholarships n certis.

    Any other special thing abt u–a lot of extra curricular certis…organising certis…stage singer, managed cultural events as well.

    Interview & Essay —

    Venue: Kolkata
    Date : 29th march,2 PM

    Essay : GD—Debt is worse than poverty.

    Topic: same.
    Number of people present–3 out of 6.
    Time:2 pm
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Wrote ok,,used d spelt approach as well.. i love dat approach
    GD started ..gave some points,,okayish GD….
    Time given : 15 mins.
    Rate your preparation(0-5):3.5
    Rate your performance(0-5):3.5

    Panel Members Intro:2 profs…i guess from IIMC.lets call acads one p1 and HR one p2.
    p1—tell me about u
    me-blah blah blah.
    p1–Why so low acads,u were so good in 10th,in state board, why low after that??
    me–Sir, cud not prioritise,,blah blah blah..
    p1–ok so what did u do to improve??any improvements??
    me–yes sir, did learn a lot,,blah blah blah.
    p1-What u did, if u dint study well?
    me-extra currics,too much involved in those. Also had some bad habits.
    p2–what bad habits?
    me-sir, extra currics..and…
    p2–no, other than them?
    me-Gaming, played a lot of games which hampered my studies and all..blah blah blah…
    p2– how will u survive the strict L curriculum, any plans?
    p1-you would continue with all this there?
    me-certainly not sir, i have learnt from my seniors abt handling both well..blah blah blah..all funda!!!
    p1–ok Jaydev,m telling we have taken u–so justify my decision..
    me–blah blah blah..
    p2–u dint go for placements?
    me–no sir opted out,,i had other plans..
    p1–what plans?
    me–told me plans,blah blah blah..
    p2–so hows agri related???
    me–blah blah blah,,gave some strong fundas
    p1-so IIMs make managers, not entrepreneurs, what wud u do den?
    me-no sir,,i have done an analysis..blah blah blah….
    p2-so wats d difference between entrepreneur and managers, explain with set theory, Venn diagrams,etc.
    p1–i need more explanations..
    me–ok sir,,blah blah blah…
    p1–wats ur fav subject,,explain dat..
    me–blah blah blah..
    p2-so tell me why is that doping problems exist more in east side??i min u r from dat side…
    me–blah blah blah….
    p1-so what othe calls do u have?
    p2-ok dats it,,thanks.
    me-had a pleasure meeting with u Sir.
    me–Sir,u din see my documents??
    p1—no need,they will be checked during admission,take them when u go for admissions,okk??
    Rate your preparation(0-5):4
    Rate your performance(0-5): 4
    MISC.the coolest PI i have ever had.
    Any other relevant detail. Keeping fingers crossed.



    X %,Board, year-93.5(W.B Board)
    XII%, Board, year-90.8(W.B Board)
    Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute–B.E, ECE, Jadavpur University, 90.33, Final Year.Work-Ex: Nil
    Sectors, Company – Number of monthsCAT 2011:

    Quant: 99.94
    Verbal: 93.73
    Aggregate: 99.84
    (category if applicable): General

    Extra acads : National Conferences and Publications, International Journal Reviewer, National Science Olympiad Ranker, University T.T. Champion

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Kolkata
    Date : 29th March

    Essay :
    Topic: Goal is a dream with a deadline
    Number of Ppl present: 7
    Time: 15 mins for Essay, 15 for G.D.
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Pretty flat essay, gave my point of view, but could not illustrate with too many examples. The G.D was good, everybody contributed well. I pitched in many times with vital points, and at the end, since we were coming to a consensus, summarized and ended the GD on a good note.

    Rate your preparation(0-5): Essay: 2.5 GD:3
    Rate your performance(0-5): Essay: 2 GD:4

    Panel Members Intro: Two profs…one bespectacled(P1)….another a middle aged prof(P2)

    Entered. Pleasantries exchanged.
    P2: So, tell me about yourself.
    Me: Told for about a minute.
    P2: Ok, who is the governor of W.B.
    Me: M.K. Narayanan
    P2: What’s ur opinion on Mamata’s take on the railway budget?
    Me: Told at length about how federalism was rising its head, how populist measures were harming the overall safety and finally concluded with India’s vote against Sri Lanka.
    P1(P2 seemed impressed by the answer) : U have done a number of papers in Handoff Managemnt…..What is Handoff??
    Me: Explained….
    P1: What is soft and hard handoff?
    Me: Explained..
    P1: U are a reviewer of an international magazine…so what all papers have you reviewed….
    Me: had a good discussion on it…
    P2: U have a good percentile…What other calls?
    Me: All
    P2: How did the other interviews go??
    Me: Sir, mediocre…couldn’t solve some maths prob…
    P1: Ok…we’ll also test that…what’s differentiability?
    Me: Told.
    P1: Difference between continuity and differentiability. Name a function continuous but not differentiable.
    Me: Told.
    P1 and P2: You seem to be good in acads and project works..why transgressing…just becoz others are doing?
    Me: Sir, most of my friends have applied for GATE or GRE…its me who has chosen a different line…
    p1: Why?
    Me: At conferences, our papers were applauded but never implemented. On speaking with personnel from different industries, we understood that we did not look into cost factor, marketability etc. Since then, I have done lot less research and devoted more time to enrolling for an entrepreneurship programme, setting up a business plan in rural communication in our inter-departmental fest.
    P2: Sachin is a great batsman. But cudn’t be a great captain….Accha, what is leadership?
    Me: Told
    P2: Good. What I was saying is that you might be good in electronics, but not necessarily good in management. Why not stick to ur own line?
    Me: More Gyan….
    P1: U are from Haldia. What’s the river that flows by it.
    Me: Sir, Rupnarayan
    P1: What are the problems faced the Haldia port?
    Me: Told
    P2: Some personal questions regarding my family background, my brother (a would-be doc), why I dint take up Medical
    Me: Had a good discussion, including some sensitive topics…Was very honest with few things that I won’t be writing here…
    P1: That would be all. It was nice speaking to you.
    Me: Thank u sirs. It was nice speaking to you as well.
    As I was leaving the room, p2 called me back…
    P2: See, You come across as a hardworking person. Keep it up. Dont let yourself be bowed down by what others say or think about you. You put in the hard work…you achieve…don’t let others dampen your spirits….All the best for your future.
    Me: (Amazed at such generosity) Thank you sir. It was very encouraging of you.
    Smiled and left.

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 4.5 (This interview being the last amongst A,B,C,L…there was almost nothing that I had left to chance )
    Rate your performance(0-5): 4 (I rated it this high coz of two reasons: Firstly, my A,B,C performances were mediocre and this lifted my spirits. Secondly, others in my time slot did not have an equally satisfying experience. It was really a great panel )

    VERDICT: Awaited



  • Acads
    X % : 90.17%, ICSE 2003
    XII% : 61%, CBSE 2005
    Undergrad Stream : B.Tech CSE, KIIT University, 2010Work-Ex:
    TCS(18 months) Oracle Apps ERP ConsultantCAT 2011:
    Quant :99.93
    Verbal :95.15
    Aggregate : 99.87
    (category) : GeneralExtra acads : NIL

    Any other special thing abt u: was Project Leader in my first project at TCS.

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Kolkata
    Date : 30-03-2012
    Number of Ppl present :9

    Essay & GD :
    Topic: History proves that Anonymous means a woman. (something like this, don’t remember the exact sentence)
    Time: 15 mins essay, 13 mins GD
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: Wrote a nice essay. Started the GD and once again the moment I stopped it was all chaos.
    GD was stopped in between and Prof warned us against mass-ban in GD. Even then things didn’t improve. Made 3-4 entries.
    Time given : 15 mins
    Rate your preparation(0-5):4
    Rate your performance(0-5):4.5

    PI: (15 Mins)
    Panel Members Intro: M : Male prof(Economics, Fin, Stats prof), F: Female Prof (Communication)

    M: Introduce yourself and your family in 2 mins.
    Me: Started…
    F: (Cut me in between) Where at TCS?
    Me: Kolkata.
    F: The guy who came before you is also from TCS Kolkata. Do you know him.
    Me: No mam, TCS has 5-6 buildings in Salt Lake, we might be in different buildings.
    F: Why so many buildings?
    Me: They had one building then they ran out of capacity and in order to keep all the projects in sector-5, they moved to other buildings.
    F: Makes sense. Continue your intro.
    Me: Finished.
    F: Your most memorable moment in college.
    Me – I wasn’t expecting this question) Said about the CS game team we made in first year and how we became college champions, created a Brand name of our team, did M&A; of other players .
    F: Would you also take similar initiatives at IIML?
    Me: I would do for sure. In college I started a club, whose members used to meet regularly in the evening and together used to prepare snacks like, sandwiches, Jhalmudhi etc. But during this process we had such an enriching discussion which was actually the aim.
    F: Appreciated me for the idea. How has your life been at TCs and ur biggest learning?
    Me: It has been rewarding. Took some risks which paid off and I ended up becoming a project leader. My biggest learning was become a much better team player. Elaborated a bit.
    F: Who is the head of TCS?
    Me: Took me 5-6 secs to recall his name. N. Chandrasekhran
    F: Who is ur regional head?
    Me: Don’t know. Never met him. I reported to my account manager.
    F: You just worked in your team or did you ever get a chance to interact with some leaders at TCS.
    Me: I did have some interactions. Mentioned them.
    F: What did they have which you don’t have as of now and which made them leaders?
    Me: Innovation is the key differentiator, I have innovative ideas but those leaders implemented the ideas despite having limited resources and made TCS the market leader. I have the Internet and knowledge and ideas are a click away, they didn’t have such facilities. Becoming successful, while managing through limited resources and against all adversities is something which I have to learn.
    F: Passes me on to M.
    M: You are a madwadi, where does this name come from?
    Me: Marwadis were people who belonged to Marwar region of Rajasthan, they migrated to other parts of India in big number and this term was coined for them by the people of Kolkata.
    M: Are you happy with your job?
    Me: To some extent but I am not really satisfied. We have the complete project plan for next 4-5 months, things move at a slow pace with little little surprises. Moreover, I want to work with good Products and TCS is from service industry. Customer interaction which is my biggest strength is limited to one client at a time, I am looking for more customer interaction on a larger scale.
    M: Your client would be from US?
    Me: Yes.
    M: What is your exact work?
    Me: Described it in detail.
    M: How is these kind of consultancy work different from the work in KPO?
    Me: We majorly provide business solution in the form of software development and functional guidance. Analytics is very little involved in my work. KPO are just BPO, which also provides some analysis to the client by processing data. They don’t develop software.
    M: Why do you want to do an MBA?
    Me: Gave a satisfying answer and showed my interest in Product Development and Marketing.
    M: You wud be dealing with files in your project. How do you ensure file protection while transferring them to clients.
    Me: At our end, TCS is protected by firewall and at the client end, they have a password protected directory and the password is shared to us. We copy the files. If the data isn’t sensitive then we don’t worry about encryption and password protecting the file.
    M: Do you also store a copy of the file?
    Me: Yes.
    F: I am almost done with all my questions. Just last one, tell me two criticism you got while working at TCS.
    Me: First, initially when I was a fresher, I was always charged up and impatient, wanted to get the tasks completed really soon. While approvals of a resource, I wanted my supervisors to hurry up things. My PL asked me to slow things down and I have become a more patient person now.
    Second, I was very competitive and at times when there were incidents of free-riding in my time, I wasn’t very supportive, later I developed into a much better team player and there were times when I was in office during weekend, just to help my team-members with their tasks. I was really appreciated later and as I mentioned previously, becoming a better team player is my biggest learning.
    F: Ok, we are done. have a nice day.
    Me: Thanks you. It was a pleasure taking to you.

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
    Rate your performance(0-5): 4.5

    Totally unexpected. Never though that L would take a complete HR interview. No acads, no current affairs, no geography, no quant, no GK, no economics. The guy before me was grilled only on Quants and Stats.

    Such interviews are straight reject or select. As if they wanted to know me as a person.

    VERDICT : Convert



  • Call for PGP (did not apply to ABM)Acads
    X – 86.4%, ICSE Board, 2004
    XII – 92.4%, Commerce, ISC Board, 2006
    Graduation: B.Sc. Economics Honours 2006-09
    Professional Degree – Chartered Accountant  (passed in May 2011)Work-Ex: 2 months
    Company – Suresh Surana & AssociatesCAT (2011):
    QA:95.09 %ile

    OA:98.47 %ile
    (category if applicable) General

    Any other special thing about you:
    Karate (1st degree brown belt)
    trained swimmer
    NSS college team leader
    Student editor for departmental journal
    Regular Blood donor n organised camps in college n community


    Venue: Kolkata
    Date : 31.3.2012

    Topic: Rest leads to rust
    Number of Ppl present: 8
    Time: 15 mins to write followed by 15 mins of discussion

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 4

    Panel Members Intro: 2 one young (Y) another middle-aged prof of eco/maths (EM)
    Y – Introduce urself while we go thru ur docs. ( jackpot lag gaya…)
    Y n EM- Why MBA if ur inclined towards community service ( gyan…)
    then went to maths…
    EM – difference between a matrix n determinant (told)
    EM – give me the determinant value of this matrix (wrote a 3×2 matrix..arey sir kyun mera popat bana rahe ho…cant solve this sir… we can solve square determinents but not this one)
    EM – differnce between correlation regression….gyan… cross questioning on the terms used…linear non-linear…diagrams…limitations of r…
    was abt to ask more on maths wen Y (who was busy going thru my docs) came to my rescue and said “no use asking her…she’s got 100 in pure maths in ISC  … thank u sirjee…bacha liya apne…. then asked abt which school n board… I’m a Loreto gal sirjee ..
    EM – wats ur family background (dad GM Accounts in xxxx Ltd. in assam… which converted from pvt to public ltd. last yr…. EM cross questions..
    EM-wats limited co.? difference between pvt ltd n public ltd (gyan)
    EM n Y-wat motivated u to do eco n CA (gyan)
    Y – wat hv u been doing since graduation in 2009 (gyan)
    Y – then y MBA wen u already hv done CA (rata rataya gyan)
    Y – so wat other calls… Indore Sir…
    Y- ok Indore n new 6 IIMs… no sir …did not apply to the new 6 … i’m quite focussed on wat i want.. seemed convinced
    Y – I see u had subjects like strategic management in CA-Inter…do u remember anything (arey my fav subject…did u think i’ll leave out subjects studied 3 yrs bak even after they had the word MANAGEMENT in it!!!  maine MBA ka syllabus dekha hain ji) gyan…sir we learnt concepts like BCG matrix, GE model, SWOT analysis n TOWS matrix, BPR, TQM, 6 sigma…blah blah…
    Y – no no… do u remember Porter’s 5 forces model (again JACKPOT  …ye toh subah hi pada tha… full gyan… tried to grill on one dicey point … but i was armed … full-on gyan with practical example… finally convinced him )

    both smiling… Y – good…. EM – all the best to you…

    while i was getting up …
    EM – so u wud be joining a big company
    my reflex reaction – no Sir, I’ll be joining IIML

    both stunned…looked up at me… wide smile … Y – wow EM – confident gal  thank u sirjee …..

    EM – so do u know somebody who’s studying at IIML
    me- not personally but we’ve been allotted mentors…
    than a candid discussion abt wat all i asked n wat did they tell me… good laugh…. ended on a light note

    Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
    Rate your performance(0-5): 4

    VERDICT – awaited…. next up IIM I

    BEST OF LUCK to u all



  • before the interview and after the interview life has almost changed for me.
    No point in now realizing how i have performed but every moment i think of the same that i could have done that i could have done this…
    time came and time went by.GD Written :- some thing about women instinct and men’s reason.
    Started writing defining instinct and reason. why i will go with women’s reason because of their nature and all and why men’s reason are complicated and all.
    then written about not going with instinct all the time but will try to value the reason’s and will then go.Negative Part :- Was not able to conclude on timeGD Discussion :- Smooth spoken 3-5 times, fish market at times but stayed away from fish market and spoken when got a chance to spoke.

    2 people.
    Old and young.

    Old :- Started with tiger conservation
    Me :- told the number of tigers and then what are the reasons and what i will do.
    Old :- explain why we protect tigers.
    Me :- Tried to explain but was missing one point which he bought out.
    Sustainable development?

    Young :- Your documents are not complete , i went out from interview and taken them i forgot them outside

    Me :- sir sustainable development i know but i don’t know the exact definition ..explained what ever i know.

    Young :- Another Negative did some spelling mistake in written GD part, both grilled on this.
    Me:- I admitted, Tried to explain but was confused so said sorry.

    Old :- some probability terms.
    Me :- sorry

    Old :- explain variable, give example in real life and explain about salary is a variable or constant.
    Me:- explained gave example but i think made mistake on salary stating it as a constant most of the year with increment at the end of the year.

    Young :- can it be incremented only at the end of the year.
    Me :- no it can be incremented in between on the performance.

    Old :- explain about your state
    Me :- explained.

    Young and Old :- explain ABM
    me :- explained everything i knew they didn’t interrupted and i was speaking for some 2 minutes.

    Young : we will not give you PGP ?
    Me :- first one will be PGP and then ABM
    Again explained ABM…

    As each day is getting pass, my mistakes and positives are coming out.
    i was confident, not fumbling even a bit in the interview and was totally smiling but MADE MISTAKES.

    I made it a smiling conversation even though they were grilling and very not happy at times but i was myself , answer what ever came to my mind .

    I know nothing can be done but i don’t want to loose the chance.
    I tried by best … nothing more to say..

    Best of luck to all who has done with and to all who are still waiting.


  • Venue: NOIDA, the hostel ctually. And may i add the hostels at NOIDA are amazing. Attached bathroom in each room with shower curtain!! Wah kya luxury hai!!!!Two panelist: P1:Prof Arunabha Mukhopadhyay , P2: Middle aged guy.P1 takes my file for checking,
    P2: So, u have done your B.Tech in???
    P2: Why do you want to do MBA. You should go for phd.
    Me: KYUUUUUN????) Gyan,,,growth, knowledge, oppurtunities blah blah. Basically recited my “why mba”
    P2: So tell us about your self
    Me: Jackpot! Vomitted another well prepared answer.
    P2: So you are working in XXX. Explain what you do.
    Me: Blah blah blah
    P1(Free from checking my marks): See you do such and such work, i think you should go for a phd. such companies prefer phd’s for higher positions. rattled off a couple of examples
    P2: so few ppl do phd as well. why do you want to become just another manager. do a PhD
    P1: yes we need more PhD
    Me: nahi karni yaar!!!! (in polite terms)
    P2:some questions about general market scenario related to my field of work
    Me: managed a good answer.
    P1: Some questions related to my graduation subjects.
    Me: ahha, yeh to mujhe aata hai.
    P1: See you are good in what you do, obviously, it’s so interesting. I think u are very intelligent, u should go for a phd. Think about it.
    Me: Fir??? vaise thanks for the hidden compliment, u are the first one ever to call me that) ir, have thought a lot about it, gave examples from work etce tc
    P1: ok, still think once more
    P2: Name some south indian dance forms(mentioned dance as hobby)
    Me: Bharatnatyam, kathakali, ODISSI
    P2: In shocked tone, ODISSI is SOUTH INDIAN???
    Me: Well it’s south from here!!!(What was i thinking)
    P1&P2;: Hahahahahahahahahahaha
    Me: Hehe
    P1: How is president elected
    Me: electoral college
    P1: what college is this?
    Me: consists of MP etc
    P1: And how can a prez be removed?
    Me: Impeachment
    P2 looking at P1: Okay thats it.
    Me: thank you
    P1; oh wait, show me your grad %, where is it mentioned
    P1: how do you calculate it
    AND think about phd….
    Me: yeah yeah ryt!
    P1: nice talking to you
    Me: Thank youOverall a chilled interview, both were nice. Went on more like a chat

    P.S:No toffee offered, kya yaar. They even had a bowl of dry fruits on the table. Kuch to offer kiya hota


    X %,Board, year – 81.88
    XII%, Board, year – 87
    Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. – BTech (ECE), NIT, TrichyWork-Ex: KPMG (IT Risk Advisory), 19 months
    Sectors, Company -CAT 2011:99.98

    Quant – 99.97
    Verbal – 98.72

    Extra acads : Nothing special, but few college level certificates

    Any other special thing abt u: none

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Noida
    Date : 4 Mar, 2 PM

    Essay : Tax is paid in the sweat of the labourers..(something like that)
    Topic: Tax is paid in the sweat of the labourers..(something like that)
    Content: focused that taxes are necessary evil..important for the nation and the society..people are unwilling to give but important for our welfare only.. then types of taxes..taxes are skewed like indirect so that poor are affected…need to restructure tax structure..etc etc etc
    Time: 18 Min
    Brief Snapshot of the attempt: spoke 3-4 times..
    Time given :
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): can’t say..

    Panel Members Intro: one senior prof(q) and a middle-aged prof(q1)…panel random interview…
    q. So what have you taken for lunch?
    q. what was the topic of discussion outside? which one was the most interesting qs which you heard from previous interviews?
    q. what have all you prepared for the interview?
    a. Everything..
    q. Okay, tell some political news.
    a. told some ..skipped up elections..but was cross-questioned on the topics which i told..
    q1. some work related questions..
    a. gave an overview of my assignments..
    q1. what’s with the google’s new security policy..
    a. answered…
    q1. so in you company which mail client do u use…why u don’t use gmail…which is the most secure way for communication…
    a. answered somewhat in a decent manner..
    q1. so ece..nit trichy..draw me the circuit of mosquito repellant!  passed me paper and pencil
    a. after thinking.sir there are 2 typs of mosquito repellant..high freqncy sound wave based and chemical based..and somehow the question got diverted…and asked me more about sound-wave based repellants..told whatever i knew…but it was not the complete explanataion…
    q1. so u have won a competition called ‘das kapital’ in your college?
    a. yes sir, it was a management simulation event…
    q1. who wrote das kapital?
    a. karl max.. sir i also wonder why they put the event name as das kapital when it was a free market event!
    q. don’t u think this guy karl max went from bengal (i am from kolkata) as he is using the word ‘das’?
    a. in first attempt i couldn’t understand what he was telling!! and then q1 pitched in and explained the PJ!!
    a. i said communists are also in kerala..then rectified that now kerala is ruled by udf…
    q1. sure abt kerala?
    a. yes sir…
    then some discussion was going on..
    q1. how frequently do you lie!
    a. answered…then again some random discussion was going on…q stops the conversation abruptly and tells” your interview is over! thanks”..
    q1. do u have any other questions?
    a. no…
    q: then send the next guy within 30 seconds!! go…

    **the end was very abrupt..i don’t know what happened**

    Rate your preparation(0-5):3
    Rate your performance(0-5): can’t say

    VERDICT: Awaited…


  • PROFILE:Acads
    X: 95.4%, CBSE, 2004
    XII: 92.0%, CBSE, 2006
    Undergrad: B.Tech (Electrical), IIT Kgp, 2010, 8.57/10Work-Ex: Analytics, ZS Associates, 20 monthsCAT 2011: 99.53%ile overall

    Extra curriculars : Classical singer, voluntary work at NGO

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Noida Campus, IIML
    Date : 5th March, 2012

    Essay and GD: A person who aims at nothing hits it.

    Brief Snapshot of the attempt:
    Time given : 15 minutes for essay
    Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
    Rate your performance(0-5): 3

    Fish market is an understatement. Everyone shouted. The only good part was everyone came out unhurt.  I entered the discussion 3-4 times, gave examples against the topic also.

    Panel Members Intro: P1: Young and bald professor, P2: Old professor

    I knocked and went it.
    Me: Good afternoon.
    P2: Good afternoon. Please sit.
    P2: How old is this photo?
    Me: Not very old. 2-3 months. I have lost a lot of weight.
    P2: Why? Tension?
    Me: No. Started exercising.
    P1: Tell us about yourself, your family, where you work.
    Me: I am very fond of music. I learnt classical music when I was in school and in college, I was a member of the music society where I performed on stage several times. But in office I am not getting a chance to sing..
    P2: OK we give you a chance. Sing 2 lines.
    Me:  I will sing a movie song by Asha Bhonsle.
    <1 min of Roz Roz Dali Dali followed>
    P1: Very nice. You have come to the wrong place.
    P2: No no. Career is also important
    P2: You were in this Alumni Cell. What did you do there?
    Me: Explained.
    P1: Which other calls?
    Me: A B K I S new IIMs
    P1: K done?
    Me: Yes.
    P1: Stress interview?
    Me: Yes. Somewhat.
    P2: What is your engineering branch? Remember anything or only remember analytics now? Should I ask you?
    Me: We can try. I remember the basics. I still use some engineering concepts like probability distributions, state charts.
    P2: Write down Biot Savart law equation.
    Me: Sir I do not remember.
    P2: OK. We are done.
    Me: Thank you.



  • PROFILE: PGDM + ABM(Dint fill the ABM form though)Acads
    X %,Board, year – 75.2
    XII%, Board, year – 84.8
    Undergrad Stream, Specialization, Percentage, Year, Institute. – B.Tech (Metallurgy), NIT Trichy , 8.89 CGPAWork-Ex: 1.5 years
    Sectors, Company IOCL, Refineries divisionCAT 2011:98.34
    Quant – 98.6
    Verbal – 92.4

    Extra acads : National level volleyball achievements, Member of few college clubs

    Interview & Essay

    Venue: Noida
    Date : 5 Mar, 2 PM

    Essay : Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
    GD on same topic, was kind of a fish market at times, but 15 mins was enough for everyone to speak, I was a bit aggressive I guess
    Interview Panel: two members: P1: middle aged prof(asked most of maths and HR questions) P2: middle aged female prof(asked generall awareness)

    P1: tell us about ur job
    Me: blah blah..
    P1: so it seems to be a technical job, do you do data analysis or something of that sort in ur job?
    Me: No
    P1: Had u been in ur Boss’ place what would u like to change in the system, be very specific
    Me: gave some answer .. but It was indeed a pretty bad one.. created negative impression
    P1: do u know stats?
    Me: never had a course on stats but I have a fair Idea
    P1: ok what is meant by stats?where can a common man use stats in real life??
    Me: blah blah.. then said mean median etc. can be used to get an idea of the placement packges offered at a b-school(Now why did I say that , should have given many other good examples like getting an idea of the perforrmance of a particular school in academics etc etc.)
    P1: gave a set of values and asked to find the central tendency of it.
    Me,: couldn’t satisfy him, was asked to leave the question
    P1: what do u do in ur free time?
    Me: said I have national level achievements in sports
    P1 : what do u want to learn at a B-school? or do u just want it for a good pay package?
    Me: bla blah
    P1 to P2: would u like to ask something
    P2: u had a subject in basics of civil engg in ur first, so can u tell us the speciality of the sea-link in MUmbai?
    Me: tried something(I am a metallurgical engineer man, not civil
    P2: okay which company produces color steel which is used in malls , metro stations and all?
    Me: made a guess, but was not sure, actually there is nothing called color steel in metallurgy(later found that JSW provides pre-painted steels to its customers)
    P2: but u are not sure?
    Me: m coming across this term for the first time( and this answer finished my chances completely)
    P2: okay good luck

IIM Lucknow GD PI Experience