IMP CAT 2015 : The Shortest Testing Window of 1 Day, Comprising Only 2 Sessions

IMP CAT 2015 : The Shortest Testing Window of 1 Day, Comprising Only 2 Sessions

CAT 2015
CAT 2015

Common Admission Test (CAT) 2015 takers are in for a surprise as it is going to have the shortest testing window of one day comprising only two sessions. Prof Tathagata Bandyopadhyay convener CAT 2015, faculty and admission chair at IIM Ahmedabad says “For CAT 2015, at an operational level, we are planning to have it on a single-day in two-sessions rather than on two-days in four sessions like last year.”

So how it would improve CAT 2015, the query is responded by Prof Bandyopadhyay sharing the vision for future “This will help in enhancing operational efficiency and quality of the test content” The decision to convene CAT 2015 in a single day in 2 sessions has been taken after the CAT 2015 group meeting. The group includes all the stake holders responsible to conduct the examination. Till 2013 when Prometric used to be the testing partner agency to conduct CAT, the exam used to be conducted in 15-20 days with 2 sessions each day and time constraint was also applied to solve each section within the prescribed time limit. After conducting CAT for 5 years since 2009, Prometric was replaced with the new testing partner TCS in CAT 2014. The testing agency TCS and IIM Indore, the CAT 2014 convening IIM brought with it number of innovations and changes that envisaged putting CAT back to its pristine glory. Those who took CAT before it was turned into a computer based test might remember that CAT used to be of only 1 day affair.  Now IIM Ahmedabad and the test conducting agency TCS are placing CAT at the same good old standard.

One day CAT: More Candidate friendly

CAT 2015 may surely prove to be more aspirant friendly than earlier CAT exams as CAT 2015 test taker is free from scheduling the test date and session selecting the most convenient test date. Since there would be only 2 test sessions on the testing day, no speculation has to be made. In all probability the CAT 2015 would be held on weekend. The long nightmares when to schedule the test and get the best and convenient date as per the suitability during the 15 or 20 days testing window are over. Aspirants will get the information about their test site and session from the CAT 2015 exam centre after the last date of registration. Candidates now have to focus on preparation more while scheduling of test will be taken care of by the testing agency TCS.

One day CAT: No Score normalization issue

1 day, 2 sessions, same type of questions, same pattern and same exam composition are what CAT 2015 has in store for the aspirants. No more calculation is required to assess what appeared and when during the 40 separate sessions, what is the difficulty level through each session and how the score for each session could and each day would be normalized by CAT testing agency and IIM for such long testing window.

CAT 2015 scoring and normalization is proposed to be thoroughly transparent. The difficulty level through all the 2 sessions is expected to remain the same and the scoring and normalization of scores will hopefully not create an issue in CAT 2015 as happened in CAT 2013 which attracted court cases on normalization issue.

Working Professionals not to worry for leave

CAT has been a preferred test for working people as more and more working executives appear in CAT every year. No leave will be required to be applied for, by these working professionals who plan to appear in CAT 2015 as the exam is proposed on weekend. If you are preparing for CAT 2015 and wish to bell the CAT in 2015, it’s a good opportunity as there may not be variation in difficulty level in either of the 2 sessions in CAT 2015.

IIM A & TCS gear up to have smooth CAT 2015

To have a glitch free and smooth aspirant friendly CAT 2015, Prof Bandyopadhyay has shared that there will 115 test cities. It is a well known fact that each test city will have more test venues which will facilitate the test takers to have less journey hazards as they might find the CAT 2015 exam centre very near to their place.

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