Improve Reading Comprehension by simplifying sentences

Improve Reading Comprehension by simplifying sentences

Improve Reading Comprehension by simplifying sentences

Have you ever turned on the TV or Youtube and heard some “expert” talking on a subject while using around technical buzzwords like Cash Flows, Confetti or Blue Ocean strategy? After a few minutes of unsuccessfully trying to comprehend what was said, you walk away feeling less smart.

Yes, we all can feel a little inadequate at the mercy of long sentences and big words; however, there is a fundamental law of life which states: The more words someone takes to say something and the more jargon the person uses, typically, the less they know about that subject.

Concision + Simplicity = Comprehension.

This happens all around us in our jobs, politics, the stock market, etc which instead of expressing clearly, tries to just impress. The key to CAT Reading Comprehension) is that when you force yourself to state something in simple terms without buzzwords, you force yourself to comprehend it. Think as if you need to translate same to a child – which will force you to get to the core meaning.

This technique is most useful at the paragraph level with most of the reading comprehension questions. At the end of every paragraph, imagine that same child is saying, “What does that mean?” The more you practice distilling the jumbled, wordy mess of jargon into the gold of simplicity and concision, the better at reading comprehension you’ll become.

Ok, I know it was painful the first time around, but let’s try this technique on the first sentence. Take a minute and try and put it in your own words. Here are 5 of Cetking’s secrets for mastering this technique.

5 secret skills to master RC
1. Don’t try and swallow it all in one bite.
2. Read questions before reading the whole RC. This will help your memory to automatically focus on areas which are needed to be addressed.
3. Your pen is your friend. Jot down any relevant notes as you split it up.
4. Simple abbreviations should be used as substitutes for jargon.
5. Diversify your reading habits. It will help you to adjust with the RC you come across in actual exam which is not from your areas of interest. For ex. Psychology, Art and Culture.

If you want to tackle the really tough Reading Comprehension in CAT NMAT passages or much easier RC IN SNAP and CET; this technique will help you get there. That said, just like mastering the rest of the topics, it’s all about practice, practice, practice!

Reading Comprehension RC in CAT
Reading Comprehension RC in NMAT
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