1. IMT Ghaziabad GD PI

GD: – Case study on Independence and Accountability.

Decent came in 3-4 times.

Pi (Interactive and jolly)

P1:-Why MBA after M.com??
ME:-Sir It is a logical conclusion to my course of studies and enable me to apply my knowledge in real life applications.MBA would help me in managing people and taking decisions bla..The ankit dikshit Why mba thing..

p1:How would it help in decision making??
Me:- Would learn the tools and skill set to properly analyse incomplete information and take an efficient decision.

P1:-M.com doesn’t enable you to analyse and is only theory??
Me:- The case study based pedagogy of MBA would help in Application While the M.com course have enlightened me with more knowledge.

p1:-Then Why not MBA last year?? And why not CA ICWA etc.
me:-Sir i gave cat last year was not well prepared and so i decided to join M.com as a stepping stone for MBA and as a backup.

P1:-But how do you Justify doing M.COm??
me;_ was like wth.with smile and bla

p1:- Then academics related questions which i answered correctly.
Questions were
1)how to treat goodwill?? 2) Capitalization method 3) calculate yield rate
4)Type of taxation 5)what are direct and indirect taxes 3) NRI income tax ability
7)Vat Mod vat etc…

P1:- ok i am done

p2:- so you love movies
p2:-what type of movies
me:-All sorts of movie
p2:-so going to watch Nobel chor??(with a wry smile)
me:-smiling… Yes i am thinking to
p2:-Last movie u watched
me:-The girl with dragon tattoo
Then we had a lovely informal discussion more so with p1 about the movie how did i get hold of the movie why it has not released in India. if you were a member would u have allowed.. yes those R rated scenes are integral part of the movie. At the end with a smile P1 again asked p2 now off to you he said it’s alright with a smile and a nod.

I went up and said shook hands and said thank you.

the interview went like a breeze while coming out i was thinking was the interview really over or did i shook hands a bit too early.. I made some mistakes in certain answers but they didn’t grilled me in those also helped certain times.

I don’t know would i convert or not but it was such a lively fun experience> Enjoyed it really..

2. IMT Ghaziabad GD PI

CAT OA: 91.51
Date: 18 Feb, Venue: Mumbai.. 8:30
GD Topic: Is advertising good for the society..
Group of 12 people… Made pretty decent entries and it looked as if the entire GD was happening between the 4 of us.
Personal Interview.
same 3 panelist :Alumina Student :AS, Young Professor (YC), old professor (OP)
AS: What does your company do?
me: blah blah blah… satisfactory answer i guess.
AS: what is your role in the company.
me: I train people and have also been sent to London for the same.
YP: how many employees.
AS: who is the Owner
YP:: what is Aeronautical Engineering>
me: GYAN
YP: Does HAL hire you guys after you pass out.
me: no sir, they prefer mechanical engg.
YP: so what do u guys do then?
me: sir basically most of the people go abroad and do their master and then they easily get a job there because the field is very much in demand there.
YP: SO what all books do u read.
me: Jeffery archer, SS< blah blab
YP: do u know that Jeffery archer was sent to prison?
me: Yes sir, and he wrote three books there known as Prison Diaries1 ,2 and 3
yp: he also wrote short stories.
me: yes sir.. “hereby hangs a tale” which was based on some real life experience and some frictional.
YP: in that same book there was a story about India.
me; Yes sir, about an Indian bo and i knew that so told him.
yp: don’t u read any other books?
me: no sir.
Thank you… done…

don’t know what to make of this interview…. didn’t ask me any of the basic questions nor anything technical…..
completely shocked….

3. IMT Ghaziabad GD PI

PLACE and SLOT: IMT(Near Kala Mandir,Robinson srt ,kolkata), 12:30 pm

CAT Score:96.8
BE: 80

Work-Ex (number of months): 54
Sector :IT

GD Details:
Topic: “International Adoption : should it be banned?”
Number of Ppl present: 13
Time:5min for reading,10min for fighting and 5min for summary

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
V good discussion.no fish market….
everybody chipped in……
Though i said only once…..
A guy didn’t say nething even the panel asked him to say something

5 mins for summary was like 3 mins in real time. time travels fast. Managed to write only 2/3 pnts

Remember:u need to write down all the points discussed in the 10 min discussion
during gd….besides this nothing else…DO NOT ADD THE POINTS THOSE WERE NOT DISCUSSED

PI Details:

Panel Members : 3 (Same GD panel)

Questions Asked:

1- Introduce ur self
2-Why PGDM(IT) , not exec (as i m having more thn 4 yrs of exp)
3-Hobbies-playing football,chess, flying kites
5/6 questions on this……eg- who is ur fav team/football club, fav players…tournaments u watch …wy chess…wy kit flying….

4-Do u believe in god?
Have u seen him?
Define god?

The above questions arose as i said something about god while answering another query…

5-Wy did U switch from tcs to infy…

6- Wy MBA?

That’s it.
Anyways ATB to others.

Prediction:- GD(Not a good performance), PI(Good 1)


4. Hi Everyone,

Here goes my IMT GD/PI exp :

Name: Shishir Tripathi
Profile: CAT 97.70%ile, work ex:16 months,Average acads
Centre : Bangalore
Date : 17Feb,2012

The process started at 8.30AM sharp with 5 panels checking the documents of the candidates. The whole process took about 1 hour . Then all the candidates were divided in 5 panels and were accompanied to different rooms for GD.Each panel had 13 candidates. GD was a case study on “Are engineers better managers?”. Apparently everyone in my group was an engineer so everyone was coming out with the same points. I tried to bring in few counter views but i was aware that the interview panel would be the same and hence if i oppose strongly that might go against me . We had a GD for 10 minutes which I will say was not that good as there was hardly any discussion.After that we were given 10 minutes to write a synopsis of the discussion.

Next was the PI round. My panel had two professors ( P1:male, P2: female)

I entered the room and wished them good morning. They replied cheerfully.

P1: What is the meaning of your name?
Me : I told them it is the name of a season according to hindu calendar..blah blah..
P2: What are the other seasons?
Me: blah blah
P2: Do u have a telescope ? ( I had written stargazing as my hobby)
Me: No, but i am planning to buy one.
P1: Are you able to see the night sky in Chennai. ?
Me : Gave them the gyan …. blah blah…
P2 : What is the nearest star to earth?
Me : Sun .

They started laughing I don’t know why??
P2: The next nearest star?
Me : Thinking thinking… (P1 gave a hint and said the name starts with Prox..) I jumped at it and said Proxima Centauri…
P1: What is pole star?
Me : blah blah..
P2 : Why MBA?
Me : blah blah
P1: We are professors and I am telling you that you will not be managing people or organisations after MBA. Still will you go?
Me : Yes,…(Again tried to justify)..
P2:How good is your GK?
Me : Pretty good ..
P2: Have you heard the name Shirish recently?
Me : Told about SRK incident.
P1: There is a scam going on in UP are you aware of it.?
Me : There are many scams going on in UP . Which one are you talking about?
they burst into laughter…
P1: Ok, tell me any recent financial news…
Me : Told about Coca Cola relaunching Citra..
P2: You know whose brand was thums up?
Me : I fumbled with the name and said Ramesh Thapar…he corrected and said Chauhan..
P2: When did Coca Cola leave India..?
Me : 1977.. ( He corrected me saying it was 1978..)
Me : Gave the gyan about the pre liberalisation incidents …
P1& P2 : Ok, Thank you and All the best.
ME : Thank You.

I guess interview was Ok. But m worried about the GD. Anyways lets hope for good.

All the best to everyone.


5. IMT Ghaziabad GD PI

My interview was held on 21st February, at The Hotel Pai Viceroy, Bangalore.
Work Experience- 18 months(Infosys)

We were a group of 6 candidates(2 hadn’t turned up). Once in the GD room, we were each presented with a sheet of paper with the case study titled ‘Is democracy the best option for India?’. After being give about 10 mins to map out our thoughts, the discussion began. I was successful in introducing the topic and leading the discussion. The discussion went well, with about 90% of the candidates participating wholeheartedly. The rest were dragged in too . At the end of the GD, I and other candidate concluded . We were also told to personally jot down our synopsis of the GD.

The interviews began soon after the GD.
The topics covered were:
Oil Painting(I had mentioned it as a hobby)- the various styles, my favorite artists, the comparisons of their styles and works, etc.
Badminton(another hobby)- the currents ranking of Saina Nehwal, the international team rankings,etc.
Infosys- its annual turnover, whether it had debts, its last Quarterly Results, etc.
Indian Airlines & Kingfisher Fiasco- main points, how it can be corrected, new policy regarding ATF, performance of other airlines.
Army Chief age row- how it could have been handled,etc.

The interview lasted for about 20+mins…it must have gone well because I got a call and I will be joining in June’12

A lot of importance is given to what we put down on the profile sheet. So it would be wise to note down genuine hobbies & interests so that we don’t come across as being fake:-)

Hope this was helpful…all the best!!:-)

6. IMT Ghaziabad GD PI

cat percentile: 98
10th and 12th Marks: 68 and 85
Work Ex: 3.5 years
Date of Interview: 2nd feb 2012 , 8.30 slot
Interview Location: Ghaziabad
No. Of people in the panel: 13
GD Topic if any: Honour or tenure , What controversy does it …?
Duration: 15 mins
Questions:There Were 3 judges in my panel , one a 50 year old happy man, other a 33 year old lady gaga and a 40 year old calm lady.

i entered with a big smile as the calm lady went outside for some reason i don’t know

have a seat said lady G
LG – tell me something about you not in the form
me – yes i am from this place
LG- something not in the form
me- mam i am coming to it ( but patience she seems to be lacking as interupted again)
HM – So you are working , what is your package?
me – beeep
HM – at your age you are earning a decent amount , so why do you want to do your MBA?
me- sir dream and all….
HM – ok what sort of venture?
me – ….
LG – So a venture , would you write down what would be the over heads you will incur in your venture and the total money you would require ?
me – mam it’s just a dream………
LG- still write it down , gave me a paper and pencil
me – wrote some thing not impressive in a very bad writing.
LG- laid back
HM – what do you work ?
me – …….
CL jumped from back side and asked
then why do you want do your MBA
me – told the same story and she asked some reason for me to say a particular thing on which i said you were not here and i mentioned something earlier that completes the whole meaning
CL – ok sorry
LG – came forward and laid back again
me – ( better )
Hm – asked somehting and said he is done
CL – so what are the objectives behind MBA?
me – …….
CL – no learning
me – all these objectives will lead to learning
CL – ok thankingyou
me – thankingyou.

Overall Experience: the interview was chilled out only but it’s me who could convince them ( what i managed to gauge from their faces) rest very good management , the arrangements were good as well, and the organising committee members did their job very well.

Your Evaluation of your process: finger crossed

7. IMT Ghaziabad GD PI

Name:Shubham Jain
cat percentile:95.26
xat percentile:99.62(i wrote both of them on the form)
10th and 12th Marks:90.8,88.6
Work Ex:No
Date of Interview:2-2-2012
Interview Location:Ghaziabad
No. Of people in the panel:3
GD Topic if any:Blocking of content on website
Duration:5-6 mins(it was a fishmarket.So they stopped it in between. And asked evry1 to give the summary and your own view if any individually. Gave 2-3 good points..:cheers
Questions fdi…euro debt crisis…who were MAharaja Agrasen and Guru gobind singh and also their teachings(now this question was a lol)…my past projects….mamta banerjee’s party…

Overall Experience:both GD and interview were good and went smoothly…Overall a really good and satisfying experience…

Your Evaluation of your process optimistic about getting into IMT..

8. Name:Sameer Arora
cat percentile:96.27
10th and 12th Marks:91,83.4
Work Ex:2.1 years
Date of Interview:3-2-2012
Interview Location:Ghaziabad
No. Of people in the panel:3
GD Topic if any:Artificial Rise in property prices due to vested interests of politicians and real estate promoters
Duration:5-6 mins(almost everybody spoke 2-3 times save me, i just chipped in once with a counter point , overall not a very good experience)
WHY MBA..almost 5 times in five different avtars manifested itself before me…asked whats my specific work profile at Infosys..was adamant to ask elctronics and communications quest..but i straight away refused and told that i can only answer about my technology on which im curently working…questions about why infosys has changed its name and a little glitch on my part( i forgot filling up preferences) was higlighted by two members…

Overall Experience:GD bad, Interview OK

9. Name: Saurabh Kundan
Cat percentile: 93.xx
10th and 12th Marks: 88.xx and 87.xx
Work Ex: 1 year 5 months
Date of Interview: 3rd Feb
Interview Location: Ghaziabad
No. Of people in the panel: 13
GD Topic if any: Case based GD – vested interests in the real estate sector (politician-builder nexus)
Duration: 5 min reading, 10 min discussion, 10 min writing synopsis

1. What do you do at ?
2. Why did you choose ?
3. What are your favourite subjects?
4. Why your job profile is not in line with your favourite subjects?
5. Why grad score is lower than school scores?
6. A question about hobby. (Reading)

Overall Experience: Good

Your Evaluation of your process: Good

Overall I would rate my performance as average. No more questions please. Little sad, no call from XIMB and SP JAIN at 93.xx XAT


10. IMT Ghaziabad GD PI

Name: Aishwarya Agrawal
cat percentile:98.13
10th and 12th Marks:90.6,87.6
Work Ex:27 months
Date of Interview:3rd feb
Interview Location:IMT-G
No. Of people in the panel:3
GD Topic if any: caselet based gd….case was smthing about real estate prics and corruption ni India….
5 min to study…10 min for discussuion,,,5 min for writing synopsis…
it was good…peaceful…a couple of times it became loud…but overall good…

PI….panel-3members…2 gentleman and 1 lady….lady left the room for a while…1 gentleman asked most of ques….
focussed on job…am from mech..so questions were based on learning, challenges, why mba, specialization preff..

Overall Experience:very good… the volunteers were vry good, helpful and friendly…..vry well organised…

All the best for your process…..