Interview with Rav Singh for MBA CET 2016

CET Interview: Coffee with serial topper with Rav Singh on MBA CET 2016…


“Rav is serial topper..
3 times CAT & CET topper!
Ex Mgmt from IIMA
and worked with a consulting company
based in UK. His passion for CAT & CET is infectous.
we got a chance to talk to him on CET…
and here are the excerpts”.

Cetking: 2015 will be CMAT or MBA CET CAT or MAT 2015?

Rav Singh: JBIMS is taking only CAT and CET this year. So you can apply with both scores, they will accept best of the two scores..

Cetking: Importance of MBA CET 2016for students?
Rav Singh: CET will be conducted in the month of March. The only gateway to JBIMS for Maharashtra candidates is through CET apart from CAT. It might be difficult to score 99%ile but in CET its easy to score well. Except JBIMS there are also other good colleges that come under CET like Sydenham, KJ Somaiya(mms), Wellingkar etc.

Cetking: What will be cutoffs for JBIMS through CET?
Rav Singh: Last year cutoffs for JBIMS on the safe side was 99.92%ile. In simple terms students with 99.95%ile have great chance for JBIMS.
But now with GDPI coming in to picture, Cutoffs will fall to around 99%ile or 130 marks. Top 4 colleges will end at 125 marks.
MBA CET cutoffs by Cetking

Cetking: How is preparation for CET different from CAT?
Rav Singh: Most of the coaching classes tell their students that CET and CAT prep is almost same. Actual prep is totally different for CAT and CET. CAT is mainly Quant n Verbal based but CET is mainly Logic based program.

Cetking: Will there be a GD/PI for CET?
Rav Singh: For the year 2014, no GD/PI will be conducted and candidates will get admission directly through their CET scores. But JBIMS being autonomous will be taking its own GDPI.

Cetking: What is MBA CET 2016?

Rav Singh The exam is conducted in the month of March. The Test consists of 200 questions that have multiple choices and the questions appear in a random order that assess different areas like quantitative ability, data interpretation, data sufficiency, logical reasoning, visual reasoning, reading comprehension and verbal ability. Duration of the test is 150 minutes (2 ½ hrs). There is no negative marking for incorrect answers. Therefore, it is imperative that the students attempt all the questions and intelligently guess the answers to the remaining unsolved questions.

CETking: Is it mandatory to have work experience to apply for the course?

Rav Singh: No, its not mandatory for a candidate to have work experience to apply for the MBA/MMS course. For the year 2014, no extra weightage was given for work experience.

CETking: How many seats are available in JBIMS?
Rav Singh: Total of 120 seats are available in JBIMS for the MMS course. All the seats in JBIMS are available only through their own GDPI program.  

CETking: What’s the split of the seats?

Rav Singh: The split is changing so keep urself updated on my page for details of latest seats. As of today seats breakup is:
OPEN 57 Seats – Open to all India students no reservation for maharashtra / Mumbai students
Muslim 03 seats
Reserved Category 60 seats. ( OBC 27, SC 18, ST 11, NT3 – only for Maharashtra students)

For other Colleges Sydenham KJ Som and Welingkar MMS:

CETking: Only 18 seats for OMS Outside Maharashtra candidates.. Its hard?

Rav Singh: No 18 seats for OMS students. now its all 57 seats for all India Students. So its big gain for OMS students for chances in JBIMS.


CETking: I am from reserved category what is the cutoffs for me, I know its lower than 130/200?

Rav Singh: If you are from reserved category.. DONT relax, If for reserved category students the score required is low then the number of seats are also lower. CET 2009 topper was a SC student… You have to start thinking that you are from open seat and target 99.9%ile in CET. we will talk about your category after your written test… Trust me this will hamper your performance in CET.
In CET 2012 highest score by OBC was 99.92%ile. In CET 2010 Rank 1 was an OBC student.


CETking: What are the cutoffs for JBIMS

Rav Singh: After today if you are preparing for CET dont think about the cutoffs for JBIMS or other top 4 colleges…

Dont think like a pick pocketer (cutoffs etc)… Think yourself as Bank Robber… and target JBIMS or a rank in CMAT… any one can do it…
I have done it 3 times 😛 lolz

I will recommend same thing i tell to all my students:
Target for JBIMS: 140 / 200
Top 4: 130 / 400
Top 10: 125 / 400

So for next few months you have to think only 140 plus outta 400… I am here to support in every step of preparation but hard work have to be done by you..


CETking: What is the number of proper attempts required?

Let us analyse the paper first, we have 200 questions and 150 min, i.e, approximately 45 sec per question. A score required to get into JBIMS is around 140 marks (which may change in accordance with the difficulty of the paper and the type of candidate). So, analysing the above picture we can say that CET is all about ACCURACY along with MAXIMUM ATTEMPTS. Thus we can say that 160-170 questions attempted accurately and intelligently guessing the remaining questions is the target required for Maharashtra MBA-CET inorder to be among the top ranked candidates.


CETking: Is MBA that important in life?
Rav Singh: Dont leave any stone unturned for MBA this yr…

Trust me this is the biggest jump you are going to get in your career ever. there was no opportunity till date and there will be not be any after MBA to increase your salary many fold and have your dream profile.

If you take my example… I was a typical IT engineer before MBA.. earning 3.5 lacs per year… I did my MBA in operations (strategy) from JB as I wanted to be a management consultant.. In top colleges you can choose to become what you want to become.. I joined JB for finance but soon moved to consulting…

My starting salary after JBIMS was 12 lacs and went to UK within few months.. Recovered all my INVESTMENT in MBA within my first month of my salary in UK….

As a consultant I was an merger and acquisitions expert in UK and done consulting in 16 countries..

If I want to do something now.. there no more opportunities which can double my salary…

So dont think twice and go for a kill… Next 4 months are going to change your life.. Thats why I say go for maximum target…
Target JBIMS
Target 140/200
Target solving 50 mocks

This is your aim.. atleast if u get 130/200 you will be in top 4 colleges.. If u target only 125 then end up lower rank college…

Dont know about others but I am a hard working guy and want my students to be hard working same… being a consultant by heart i am strict beliver of having your plans and strategy in place as they matter!!

trust me JBIMS formula is simple:
Plan + Practice + Strategies = JBIMS


CETking: Will CET 2016 different and difficult than 2015?

Rav Singh: We no one knows about that as of now.. but yes the level of difficulty should increase as competition is expected to increase as well.
CET 2015 was taken by 50,000 students. CET 2016 will be taken by 70,000 students (my expectation)


What about students with weak quant? how to study in CET?
Most of the students, even most of the coaching institutes are obsessed with quant… almost half of the time spent by students and lectures are on quant.. reason is that student see an easy success in quant.. INVEST 2 hours and you are done with one chapter..

but problem is unlike other exams CMAT contains only 20% quant! CAT contains 33%.. so why the obsession.. Dont solve more and more questions on each chapter of quant.. you will be wasting your time.. GK is more important than quant.

Best book for quant is Cetking’s Study package. Run through solved examples and solve 30 – 50 questions of different types.. try to innovate yourself… try different shortcuts and strategies in that..

Homework: (sorry guys that the problem in me.. I love to give homework.. and also like to keep a check on the progress  hehehe

Those who are weak in quant try this for one week and tell me how you feel…

Find out your weakest chapter in quant..
Day 1 spend 1 hour and do basics formulas and solved examples
Day 2 spend 1 hour on easy questions.. ignore tough ones and only solve easy east ones..
Day 3 do little complicated questions and exercises
Day 4 try to innovate using shortcuts and strategies..
Day 5 – hands off – try to solve every question without using pen and doing all calculations in your mind..
try this for one week.. and you will feel the difference..



CETking: Scores of which exams are applicable?

Rav Singh: For Maharashtra Seats (Home University and Other Home University seats) scores of only CET are applicable. For OMS scores of CAT, CET, CMAT, XAT, MAT, ATMA(99.99%ile) are also applicable.


How much I should prepare for CET every day?

Working professionals:

One line answer: I need 1 hour from you every day till last 2 months remaining for the exam

2 hours for the second last month of the exam

4 hours everyday during last one month of exams

Non working / Students:

One line answer: I need 2 hour from you every day till last 2 months remaining for the exam

3 hours for the second last month of the exam

6 hours everyday during last one month of exams


How are CAT, converted into equivalent score for Mh CET?

There is no conversion formula to convert CAT, its converted into equivalent CET score. So 99.99 percentile in CAT = 99.99 percentile in CET. So it’s better to apply with CET scores instead of CAT scores.


I have appeared for one of the All India entrance exams [CAT/XAT /MAT]. Is it necessary for me to appear at CET?

Every university has its own rules. You have to appear for CET and CAT only for JBIMS.

But if you are Maharashtra candidate and wish to apply for OH or OUH seats than you need to give CET.


I am an OMS candidate. I have appeared for CAT and CET. In which merit list will my name appear?

If you have scores in both CET and All India Entrance test then best of the two scores shall be considered for deciding the merit for all India Seats subject to the fulfillment of condition of the cut-off marks.


Do I need to buy different forms to get into any college?

DTE is centralized process, so you do not have to buy different forms for different colleges. Same holds true for JBIMS.


How can I join Cetking Programs

Rav Singh: You can join our online, classroom or mock courses on or call us on following numbers:

Online & Mocks – 09594441448


Thane – 09930028086

Vashi – 09820377380

Dadar – 09820377380

Kalyan – 09930028086


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