New Type Input Output Questions
Study the given information carefully and answer the given questions:
An input-output is given in different steps. Some mathematical operations are done in each step. No mathematical operation is repeated in next step.

1. Find the addition of two numbers obtained in step III?
1) 1.5 2) 3 3) 7 4) 3.5 5) None of these

2. Find the sum of numbers obtained in 1st step?
1) 232 2) 185 3) 188 4) 183.5 5) None of these

3. What is the multiplication of the numbers in step II?
1) 442 2) 452 3) 472 4) 462 5) 422

4. Which of the following is the lowest number in step I?
1) 86 2) 57 3) 80 4) 89 5) None of these

5. Which of the following is obtained in step 4?
1) 1.5 2) 2.5 3) 3.5 4) 1 5) 0.5

Answer – 4) 3.5
Answer – 1) 232
Answer – 4) 462
Answer – 2) 57
Answer – 5) 0.5

In first step:
5 × 1 = 5, 3 × 2 = 6
1 × 3 = 3, 2 × 4 = 8
2 × 4 = 8, 2 × 4 = 8In second step:
Adding all the first digits: 5 + 3 + 8 = 16
Adding all the second digits: 6 + 8 + 8 = 22
In third step:
1 + 6 = 7, 7/2 = 3.5
2 + 2 = 4, 4/2 = 2
In fourth step:
3.5 – 2 = 1.5
42 51 29 32 71 14

Machine Input Output Questions in Reasoning
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These types of questions regularly come in the competitive examinations. Although they may look complex but they are not so tough. Only factor in that they are time-consuming and time is premium in a competitive test these days.

What is this Input Output in reasoning
Generally one is asked to imagine that there is some kind of computer or Machine. This machine have to given a instruction to perform certain kind of action in each step after that is gave a desire output.

Consider the following  Input Output Questions problem

Input  :   Sale   data  18  23  for  95  then  38
Step I :  data  sale  18  23  for  95  then  38
Step II :  data  95  sale  18  23  for  then  38
Step III :  data  95  for  sale  18  23  then  38
Step IV :  data  95  for  38  sale  18  23  then
Step V :  data  95  for  38  sale  23  18  then
Step VI :  data  95  for  38  sale  23  then  18
And step VI is last step


Now short approach to solve this is not to see whole pattern but directly see the last step. Generally it will arrange words according to dictionary in forward or reverse manner and digits also in ascending or descending form. It could be any pattern given by the examiner, but in almost all cases you will be able to figure out the pattern by watching the last step only

In this question we can see in last step that ENGLISH alphabets are in dictionary order starting from
A to Z and numbers are in descending order, so our half work is done… as we know the pattern of the arrangement i.e. first an english letter with higher order, then highest number, then english letter in ascending number, then number just less than highest number and so on…….
One more step is to see that words are arranged in each step by shifting or swaping
Shifting : shifting means tat desire numberor alphabet comes to its place and all the words and letters are shifted as it is after that word

For eg
data  goat solo eat her zoo
now eat has to come before goat so we shift it as
data eat (goat solo her zoo) arranged as it is
Swapping : In this type one word is replaced by other one

For eg
Data goat solo eat her zoo
We swap it as
Data eat solo goat her zoo
(here eat and goat are interchanged)
Now as per the present scenario we mostly have shifting type of pattern and we have a short trick for it to find answers of question

If it is given in question that Second step of input is so and so find fifth step, so in these question instead of solving it completely, we can see that if given step is second step so AT LEAST two words are already arranged  so look at the given stucture that if 2 or 3 or how many words are arranged after that instead of writing it step by step cut the words with PENCIL which are arranged and then cut the next word which should come next and increase the counter of the steps i.e. step 3 in your mind, then cut next word that should come in the arrangement and increase step counter. One thing that is to be noted that is you should not worry about the arrangement that should come after shifting because after cutting the word in the arrangement, the uncut words will always make correct pattern after shifting.

In some cases the required word or number which is to be arranged is first letter in the first letter of the resulting arrangement, in this case we will cut tha word ornumber but we will not increase the step counter as we do not have to shift it anywhere, it was already at its place

For eg
It is given that first step of the arrangement is
Data eat solo goat her zoo
Then according to the rule at least one word is already in its place i.e. data is in its correct place, now we check the next letter EAT, and we find that this too is on its correct place so 2 letters are already arranged

Data eat solo goat her zoo (Step I)

so we first cut these words and proceed forward to check out next letter in the arrangement, and we find that next letter should be GOAT, so we cut it and increase the step counter so it will be our Step II.

Data eat solo goat her zoo (Step II)

Then next word should be HER so we cut that letter and increase the counter by one and it becomes step number III

Data eat solo goat her zoo (Step III)

After step III we find our next letter of the arrangementwhich should be SOLO, so we will cut that letter BUT COUNTER FOR STEP NUMBER WILL NOT INCREASE because it is already in its place. So we are still on step III.

Data eat solo goat her zoo (Step III)

After this we will look out for next letter which is ZOO, so we will cut it and this time also we will not increase the step counter as it is also on its correct place.

Data eat solo goat her zoo (Step III)

* Generally there is a question in which it is asked that step III or any step of the arrangement is so and so, then he asks any of the previous steps than step III or whichever step is given, step I or step II in this case. In these question the answer will be CANNOT BE DETERMINED.

Explanation : For these type of question answer will be CBD as we can see in above example also that the word which is to be arranged can come from any where i.e. its position could be anywhere in the given pattern before actual arrangement, we can see that goat comes before solo in the above example after actual arrangement, but in the provided input it was after SOLO, so position of any word cannot be determined in previous step and hence we cannot find pattern of previous step.

Shortcut Guideline to solve Input Output Questions

(1) 1st see output then input because without knowing what is final result you may be confused.
Let suppose there is a pen it made  with ink, nib, plastic cover etc. first if you will see the pen then you imagine how this pen made. Otherwise you have to give ink, nib plastic cover than you not imagine what happened. So, 1st step should be see the output.
(2) 2nd step is the ‘see input’.
(3) 3rd step is ‘see other steps that how the output formed’.
Remember for Input Output Questions
(1) We cannot find previous step means if 5th step or 4th step is given and we have to find out 3rd, 2nd and input. Then we cannot find it. So, our answer will be Cannot be determined

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