January 2016 is going to be hell for MBA aspirants

January 2016 is going to be hell for MBA aspirants

January 2016 first two week is going to be one of the worst period of their lifetime for mba aspirants..

September October
This is the time of burnout and tension as time is clicking fast but you prep is far from completion..

This is the period of frustration exam is round the corner and most of the students are now just waiting to end it.. they don’t just can’t wait for November end so that all this ends.

Dec is golden month… students dont want to open book again as the main devil CAT is over. Now same old books sounds like a burden.. this will take its toll on other exams like nmat snap n micat in December.. but do enjoy December month as January is coming!

New year eve… welcome 2016
Party as hard as u can..
Party like no tomm..
because there is going to be no tomm…

January 2016 is going to be hell for MBA aspirants
Xat exam
Cat result
Snap result
Nmat results
Gdpi calls

All major results are lined up in same period which is going to make your life hell.. If couldn’t score well is fine but if your friend scored and get a few IIM calls.. you won’t be able to sleep properly.. If you have to repeat cat than 2016 is going to be full of struggles.

Even if you get a few iim calls still you will be tensed as now starts the uphill task to prepare for gdpi.. and mind it IIMs are ruthless in their gdpi..

Objective of writing this is not to scare you off but help you prepare for the future.. live in present and focus on your studies so that you are able to celebrate your success next year..

Remember all this pain hardwork tension is an investment for brighter future.. we always save now so that can spend lavishly in future. Same way working hard now is for bigger better n fatter paid jobs in the future..

Failure and success is part of life.. some will fail and some will succeed. They makes us more stronger.. trust me this failure is nothing as compared to what hardships some of the people are facing around us..

I remember a quote…
“I was sad that i have no shoes.. till i met someone who had no feet”

So don’t worry it’s all part of life… karam karo fal ke icha mat karo.. work hard now and future is bright.. so focus on studies.. everything will fall into it’s place.

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