JBIMS admission process

JBIMS admission process

JBIMS admission process..

This year jbims might be taking CAT XAT and CET scores for MMS and MSc program; GMAT for NRI seats. There is however no official news on this.

It make sense as well as CAT dates are over. JBIMS cannot take scores of an exam whose dates are already over. So they have to accept xat scores as its dates are still open and its a famous exam after cat. SPJain also take cat xat scores for their admission process.

Reservation seats in jbims are for maharashtra students only for all sc st obc and othet seats. For Jbims it would be difficult to rely on xat for reservation seats so CET comes handy for them.

Only negative point against taking cet scores is that the exam is conducted late in march and results come out in april.

So finally jbims might be taking cat xat and cet scores for admission into their flagship mms and msc finance program.

Tentative dates
November – Application form out.. details will be posted here: http://www.jbims.edu/admission/
December – Form submission
March – CET exam
May – GDPI process
june – final admission

Key facts:
JBIMS has 2 main programs MBA and MSc finance. I will recommend both programs – MMS and MSC finance ( MSc only if you interested in finance program at JBIMS which is equally good). You cannot change selection later.


Jbims is now autonomous – JBIMS admission process..

Finally after years and years of speculations jbims is out of the DTE control.. Let’s take a look at who will gain and who wil loose from this change..

College itself – biggest gainer of the change wil be the college itself as now can take more independent decisions which will help in better pedagogy n overall management.

Students quality – gdpi help keep the quality of students coming in control.. After two years now jbims will have a gdpi process..

Outside Maharashtra students – however it’s not clear yet but mostly the 85% quota for Maharashtra students will go and all students have equal chance to convert.

Admission process –
With new process in place.. Lot of uncertainty will revolve around the admission process like weightage of exam, weightage of acads or workex.. Even slight change in weightage can make or marr career of many.

DTE – with jbims out of CET exam (next year) the valuation of CET wil fall as many students used to take cet for jbims only.


JBIMS admission process GDPI phase…

>>Download the folder containing all documents about JBIMS shared so far….<<


JBIMS GDPI Workshop by Cetking:

Get ready for the blood bath at JBIMS… JBIMS GDPI is known for intellectual panelists and stress interviews… unprepared candidates will not be spared…

New JBIMS admission process


New JBIMS admission process

3 phase process
1. Group Activity
2. Essay writing
3. Personal Interview

Free online workshop coming soon..

Cetking jbims gdpi starts this sunday at dadar branch and online.. call 09594441448 for details.

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