Excellent JBIMS placements this summer

Excellent JBIMS placements this summer

The highest pay packet offered for summer placement at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) this year went up by almost 35% compared to last year. The highest stipend received at the premier institute this year was Rs 4.5 lakh for two months, up from last year’s Rs 3.35 lakh.

In the last five years, the highest package received for summer internships went up by 125% at the institute, while the average stipend offered to students has grown by 53% in the same period. The summer internship placements are for two months only.

Of the total students, 10% received a package of Rs 2.8 lakh and above, and 30% received around Rs 2.2 lakh. Banking, financial services, insurance and investment banking sector (BFSI and IB) hired 31% of the students from the batch. The sector is known for making offers to almost one-third of the batch every year. For three years since 2011, the highest stipend remained at Rs 2 lakh, and then witnessed an upswing since last year. The average package also saw a 17% growth from last year.

FMCG and pharmaceuticals hired 21% students, after BFSI and IB. E-commerce firms, which were not a part of the placement profile till last year, were accounted as a separate segment this year. But not many firms came visiting the campus from this sector as the placement time-frame did not match with that of the firms. Of the 72 companies which registered, 68 participated in the recruitment and made 123 offers.

Placement committee member Priyank Chheda said the recruitments got over in record time this year. He added that the summer placements will lay a strong foundation for final placements of the senior batch this year. Consulting firms like McKinsey & Co, Boston Consulting Group and Accenture Strategy continued to hire from the campus. The domain recorded more than a three-fold growth in the number of students being hired. Source: times of india.

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