Last minute tips for CAT 2016

Last minute tips for CAT 2016

With CAT round the corner. Note the Last minute tips for CAT 2016

1. Make a fixed strategy
Many students will not be able to complete paper in time.. just end up doing only few questions per section and miss evening looking at all questions. So finalise the time allocation per section so that you can atleast see the compete paper and solve the easy ones in each section.
Ideal recommended time per section in CAT 2016:CAT exam last minute study tips
Quant 30 mins for first 17 questions
Quant 30 mins for last 17 questions
Verbal 30 mins for first 17 questions
Verbal 30 mins for last 17 questions
DI 30 mins for 16 questions ie 4 sets
LR 30 mins for 16 questions ie 4 sets

2. Remember sectional cutoffs
Each section is equally important so remember to touch each section.. Actual attempt will vary according to level of difficulty but you should have a ballmark figure in mind. Cetking recommends CAT 2016 expected attempts to be around 70 – 80 for good percentile.
Quant 25 attempts
Verbal 25 attempts
Reasoning 12 attempts (3 sets)
Logic 12 attempts (3 sets)
Overall – 70 – 80 attempts for 95%ile plus.

3. Easy questions first
Remember to pick up all easy questions first as there are many questions which are there to break your speed.. so avoid them and focus on easy questions..
Ideal number of easy questions in last 3 year CAT papers:
Quant 12
Verbal 15
Logic/DI 12 (3 sets)
Total 38 – 42
Finding and solving these questions itself will help you go past 80%ile in CAT exam.

4. Negative marking
Remember careful about negative marking is highest in CAT 1/3. In CAT 2016, each correct answer will fetch you 3 mark, while each wrong answer will attract penalty of 1 marks. There is no negative marking for unattempted questions and subjective questions. So, if you are not sure about a question, it is better to leave that question rather than attempting it wrong. Leaving paper blank ie Zero attempt itself will get you 50%ile ie more than half of the students end up with negative marking because they attempt only few questions and make them all wrong.

6. Quant section
Most of the students are scared of maths so they avoid this section but maths is always high accuracy and full of easy questions (12 easy questions in last year CAT paper). So atleast pick up easy Arithmetic questions (percentages, averages, etc) and Modern Maths (Set theory, Logs, Inequalities) which are easy to solve first. Leave all heavy time taking topics like Time Work, Permutation Combination and Time Speed for the end. Remember question selection is very important keep a thumb rule of 2 mins per question handy.. moment you feel a question might take more than 2 mins leave it for the end.

7. Do not get stuck on a question
Never get touchy about any question and hence do not waste time if you are not able to crack it within 2 mins. We have seen, many candidates get stuck with questions like difficult Logic based DI set in LR/DI section and waste precious time. Never do that. If you feel that you might get stuck, leave it for later stage.

8. Verbal ability
RC is always time taking to solve so keep it for the end as it will take ur speed down.. do all paragraph based questions and Critical reasoning questions before jumping to RC.

8. LR/DI section
like RC in verbal.. LR/DI section contains long analytical puzzles which are very time consuming.. keep that for the end as it normally take long time to solve. Pick up all simple looking arrangement puzzles, bar charts line charts first before jumping into long logic based DI and LR sets.

9. Practice Online Tests
Since CAT 2016 is online, it is very important for you to be familiar with the online testing environment. You should give a couple of mocks at the same time of the exam. If your exam is at morning 9:30 you should be at centre by 7:30 which means leaving home at 6:30. if you are late night study person, getting up at 6:30 will be pain and make you walk like zombie. So you have to be active by 6:30 every day for last couple of days. This will make you comfortable with the timing and also help you prepare your strategy for the exam.

10. Good night sleep
Take Proper Sleep Before Exam: Candidates should take a proper sleep before the exam day and should have light breakfast before the exam. So that you are at your best during the exam. Remember to leave home on time and check the correct address of the centre.

All the best

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