LR MasterClass for CAT 2017

LR MasterClass for CAT 2017

Master Class Logical Reasoning for CAT

Step 1: Solve the expected CAT handout
Download and solve the test in 30 minutes. 16 LR questions. 80% of CAT paper pattern to be based on this handout (analysis done on the basis of last 3 years cat papers)

Cetking-logical-reasoning-cat-master-class Handout < download

Step 2: solutions and your score:
Correct: ____ (questions × +3 )
Wrong: ____ (questions × -1 )
Final score: _____

Set 1 tournament based CAT logical Reasoning set
1. (2) E & F
2. (4) B E F
3. (5) D F
4. (5) B E

Set 2 Investment based CAT logical Reasoning set
1. (5) Cannot be determined
2. (5) None of these
3. (2) Chetan
4. (2) Chetan

Set 3 Matrix arrangement based CAT logical Reasoning set TITA questions set
1. Blue
2. Red
3. S or Q
4. UR (odd man out)

Set 4 Betting based CAT logical Reasoning set
1. (4) there cannot be three hour session between white and red
2. (3) white cannot be second
3. (5) Black or red have to be last
4. (5) white have to be 2nd or 3rd

Step 3: Watch this video
This video covers pattern, strategy and cutoffs for this section of CAT paper.

Step 4: Cetking way of solving CAT logic section to score 99%ile. Join Cetking program to get strategies for all master class workshops.. Quant, Verbal, Logic and DI. Buy here:

Cetking master class workshops include following:
TITA questions
Selection of set
Selection of question
Ideal attempt
Ideal time per set
Shortcuts on Actual cat papers

Cetking students can see detailed strategies video for each of these sets in your login.

Advance workshops > Master class > Logic

Details of CAT 2016 expected paper
DI LR section consisted of 4 sets on DI and LR each. Each set had 4 questions. Most of the sets were time
consuming and challenging. A few DI sets had logical angle to them. In general, all the sets were data intensive
with several conditions. In general, DI-LR section was at similar level of difficulty as DI-LR section of previous
years CAT papers. Attempting CAT 2000 to 2008 papers LR DI Section could be best way to prepare and know
the level of difficulty.
Calculator was useful for solving only a few questions in the set. There were 8 TITA questions in all in this
section. One DI as well as one LR section consisted of all TITA questions. Following is the rough break-up of theach section.

Overall DI/LR Section
A good student would have been able to attempt 16-18 questions overall to get 99%ile plus
In LR Section
A good student would have been able to attempt 8 questions overall to get 99%ile plus

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