maharashtra mba cet 2006 paper pdf online with solutions
PAPER – maharashtra mba cet 2006 paper pdf online with solutions
SOLUTIONS – maharashtra mba cet 2006 paper pdf online with solutions


MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 2006 paper pattern

Question Nos. Area Type of Question Level of Difficulty
1-10 Analytical Reasoning Assorted mix individual questions Easy to Very Easy
11-15 Analytical Reasoning Letter and Number Series Moderate to Easy
16–25 DI Data Interpretation Line Graph Moderate – Looked Lengthy
26-30 Verbal Paragraph Forming Moderate
31-35 Verbal Grammar Phrases Easy
36–40 Non Verbal Reasoning Odd Man Out Moderate
41–45 DS Data Sufficiency Logic Based Easy
46-50 Analytical Reasoning Deductions/Syllogism Moderate to Easy
51–56 Analytical Reasoning Number Series (two numbers wrong) Difficult (2) to Easy (2)
57-61 DI Data Interpretation – Table Moderate
62–65 Quant PPL/Ratios/Time & Dist/Quadratic Easy
66-75 Non Verbal Reasoning Series Moderate
76–85 Verbal Synonym or Antonym paper Easy to Moderate
86–90 Analytical Reasoning Mathematical Statements & Conclusions Easy to Moderate
91–95 Analytical Reasoning Analytical Puzzle (Distribution) Easy to Moderate
96–100 Quant Permutation & Combinations Difficult to Moderate
101–115 Verbal Reading Comprehension and Synonyms/Antonyms Moderate to Easy
116-120 Analytical Reasoning Puzzle Circular Arrangement Easy
121–125 Analytical Reasoning Symbols and Notations Easy to Moderate
126-130 Quant Comparison of x and y Easy to Moderate
131-140 Non Verbal Reasoning Series Moderate
141–145 Verbal Grammar correction 4 places underlined Easy to Moderate
146-150 Verbal Reasoning Probably True /False Moderate to Difficult
151-155 Verbal Reasoning Implicit Assumptions Moderate to Easy
156-160 Analytical Reasoning Assorted Coding/Series etc Easy to Moderate
161-170 DS Data Sufficiency Quant based Easy to Very Easy
171-175 DI Data Interpretation Easy to Moderate
176-180 Non Verbal Reasoning Analogies Moderate to Difficult
181-185 Verbal Reasoning Course of Action Easy to Moderate
186-190 Verbal Reasoning Selection Criteria Easy
191-200 Verbal Cloze passage Fill in the blanks Easy to Moderate

































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  1. I like how you comment on the prep corsue techniques..I agree with everything you have said so far. Interesting how you point out the point about paraphrasing each paragraph in 1- 2 keywords. I never did that. hence it would cut down on my VR time. good to note.