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Maharashtra MH MMS MBA CET Books

Maharashtra CET books by CETking
Maharashtra CET books by CETkinSet of 4 CET books

 “A much needed material for exam!” Rank 1 – Anirudh Batra

“Strategies, approach, motivation and shortcuts cover all” Rank 2 – Sujit Kumar

“Provide extraaaa edge to students” Rank 6 – Shashank Patodia

“Rightly filling the gap left in preparation for the exam” Rank 8 – Ayush Sharma Quant score 100/100

“Made me realize my Strength and Weaknesses”

Rank 9 – Prabhdeep Kaur Saluja Verbal score 90/100

Cost: 599/- (Sold only as part of following packages)
Basic MockEngg package + Books 2099/-
Intensive MockEngg package + Books 2999/-
Turbo MockEngg + GDPI + books 3499/-
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Book Summary of Complete study package for CET

Objective of CET books study package is to maximize your score in CET exam by integrating the print and online medium into one package for the CET aspirants. It includes everything you need for your CET preparation – Study material, Strategies, GDPI skills, one online CMAT actual paper, Doubt solving helpdesk and mentorship with our faculties.

CET study package includes 4 parts – study set of 4 CET books.
Part 1 – Book 1 – Verbal Ability
Part 2 – Book 2 – Data Interpretation
Part 3 – Book 3 – Quantitative ability
Part 4 – Book 4 – Reasoning ability

This study package is made with objective to provide one stop solution for tackling and accelerating in CET. This book is made in sync with the new trend and pattern of the CET examination. This package will fill in the gap for preparation for the CET exam from strategy and questions point of view. We are confident that these books will provide invaluable inputs in enhancing your scores drastically in every section. Your job is simple just follow the process given in this page. Cetking has prepared students to take MBA entrance exams for more than 5 years now. Our teams of researchers know more about preparation for the CET than anyone else, and you’ll find their accumulated knowledge and experience throughout this book.

Part 1 to4: Practice Once you have the bigger picture, focus on the content. Each book gives you a complete tour of the respective section in detail. The material in each section is divided into particular subjects. Each subject begins with strategies, followed by practice questions similar to CET exam.

Section I English Language

Chapter 1
Vocabulary Word lists – Easy, medium, Difficult Word Usage
Fill in the blanks vocab based

Chapter 2 Grammar Grammar Basics Spotting Errors Sentence Correction Underlined Errors
Fill in the blanks grammar based

Chapter 3:
Reading Comprehension Main idea or Theme based RCs
Author’s view based RCs
Supporting Idea based RCs
Inference based RCs Style and Tone based RCs
Correct and wrong statements RCs
RCs practice exercises
Long RCs practice exercises

Chapter 4:
Composition Para jumbles Sentence Arrangement Practice exercises

Section II Quantitative Ability

Chapter 1              Number system
Chapter 2              LCM & HCF
Chapter 3              Simplification, Indices & Surds
Chapter 4              Averages
Chapter 5              Equations & Inequalities
Chapter 6              Percentages
Chapter 7              Profit & Loss
Chapter 8              Ratios Proportions
Chapter 9              Partnership
Chapter 10            Mixtures
Chapter 11            Interest
Chapter 12            True & Banker’s discount
Chapter 13            Stocks & Shares
Chapter 14            Time & Work
Chapter 15            Pipe Cistern
Chapter 16            Distance, Speed & Time
Chapter 17            Boats and Streams
Chapter 18            Geometry
Chapter 19            Mensuration
Chapter 20            Height and Distance
Chapter 21            Clock and Calendar
Chapter 22            Set theory
Chapter 23            Sequence, series & Logarithm
Chapter 24            Permutation & Combination
Chapter 25            Probability

Section III Reasoning Ability

Chapter 1              Analogy
Chapter 2              Classification or odd one out
Chapter 3              Coding Decoding
Chapter 4              Blood Relationship
Chapter 5              Direction Sense
Chapter 6              Ranking Test
Chapter 7              Series
Chapter 8              Input Output
Chapter 9              Word Formation
Chapter 10            Logical Venn Diagrams
Chapter 11            Syllogism
Chapter 12            Cube
Chapter 13            Dice
Chapter 14            Number Puzzle
Chapter 15            Mathematical Operations
Chapter 16            Arithmetic Reasoning
Chapter 17            Analytical Reasoning
Chapter 18            Assertion and Reason
Chapter 19            Statement and Assumptions
Chapter 20            Statement and Arguments
Chapter 21            Statement and Courses of Action
Chapter 22            Statement and Conclusions
Chapter 23            Logical Deduction – Definitely True
Chapter 24            Critical Reasoning

Section IV Data Interpretation

Ch 1 Part 1            Basics of Tables, Bar, Line, Pie and Miscellaneous charts
Ch 2 Part 2            Must do practice questions on Data Interpretation

Chapter 2              Data Sufficiency basics and exercises

Also includes GK material for CMAT MAT exams and GDPI.

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Cetking’s flagship program will include two set of books for phase 1 and phase 2 – Most comprehensive study package available for CET.

Maharashtra CET books by CETking
Maharashtra CET books by CETking Phase 2
CET basic study material Phase 1
CET basic study material Phase 1


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