How to manage Graduation exam and MBA exams wisely!

How to manage Graduation exam and MBA exams wisely!

Juggling between competitive exams such as CAT ,CET,SNAP,NMAT,TISS  etc., and board exams is not an easy task; very few marvel in it. Even though the difficulty level for TY boards and competitive exam is different, the pressure and anxiety while facing them are still the same.

While board exam papers are usually set keeping in mind the intellect of an average student, entrance exams are way too ahead in terms of the difficulty level of the question paper. These exams test the logical aptitude and reasoning ability of the students. They inculcate the competitive spirit among students and prepare them to face the challenges put forth by the best colleges of India.

A great deal of planning and persistence is extremely important. Failure to do justice to both the exams is one of the fears that makes students psychologically weaker. Thoughts of failure can lead to the loss of concentration and worse, depression.

Remember: The most important thing is not to panic as it is quite natural to feel a bit anxious. There is still ample time for you to address the gaps in your exam preparations.

The Thumb Rule – The Sooner the Better.

. Having a right from the start will reap you benefits at the end of your journey, which is when you need them the most. Invest a few hours, say, two to three every day, for and prepare for boards right from the start. Whatever topic you are studying for your Board exam, you could just give an extra two hours for the same topic and study from the perspective of your competitive exam. Preparing for both together in this way will be both time-saving and efficient.

Prepare For Competitive Exams right from beginning .

After your second year is completed, you would have to concentrate only on competitive exams from September. A time-table must be made in which the syllabus of 3rd year and competitive exam can be studied simultaneously. For instance, 3 hours must be given to TY and 3 hours must be given to competitive exams.

Spend Time Wisely!

Most of the competitive exams take place during or before the month of boards, leaving you with very less time to prepare for them. Make sure that you have adequately covered the syllabus way before boards begin so that you can continue your competitive exam prep . This can include solving previous years’ question papers and giving mock tests. The best method of managing both is to be regular in classes and following a timetable.

Concentrate on Common Topics.

Study the entrance exam-related topics to those you are doing at college, and try to correlate them. That way, solving problems in college becomes easier. Moreover, you won’t have too much on your plate to chew. You will have to focus on one topic per subject, at any given point in time. In case the topic being taught at the college and at your coaching institute are same, try to finish it. Build basics of that topic, which will help you in the board exams, while solving the higher order questions will be beneficial for competitive exams.

The Last 3 Months Will Make-or-Break Your Chances of Success.

Sometimes, even the most intelligent students goof up during the final months due to their overconfidence. And many so-called average students sometimes keep working hard and actively participate in the process of revision. Result? They score better than the other bright students despite being average throughout the year. So, it’s all about the cruciality of time and how well you manage your boards along with the competitive exam preparations.

Stay Stress-Free (WARNING: Avoid Facebook & TV)

Avoid logging on to Facebook or sitting glued in front of the TV. Having said that, I do believe that relaxation is essential between hectic hours of study. So, indulge in some physical games or go out for a stroll. Take a quick nap or talk to friends/family about interesting things. Eat healthy, listen to music, or do whatever enjoyable activity that works for you. And there is nothing like a regular healthy dose of sleep! When you freshen up your mind, your batteries would surely be recharged.


There’s no doubt that those preparing seriously for entrances consider studying for boards a tedious task. However, those marks are important!


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