Why Management Is The Best Option After Engineering?

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If we go by the stats, the premium management colleges of our nation are largely filled with engineering graduates. In fact, many students put a full stop to their studies, only when they have completed MBA after B.Tech. Let’s have a thorough discussion on why management is apt to opt for after engineering –

Kinds of engineers

 Type 1: Those who have done their bachelor’s degree in computers or IT; they are absorbed by the IT industry.

Type 2: Those who have done their bachelor’s degree in non-IT subjects like electronics, mechanical, telecom; they get absorbed by the non-IT yet technical industry.

Type 3: Those engineering graduates who are willing to perform a business-oriented role such as marketing, generating leads, entrepreneurship etc.

Why Management after engineering?

 For type 1: The IT or software engineers are given the role which is less relevant to their public acknowledgment in the organization. After few years, they feel they lack that concrete identity and recognition. So, they pursue management to lead the IT team rather than working as a part of it.

For type 2: The non-IT sector is vast. However, the expertise taught at the college level is specific and limited. It might take years for a non-IT engineer to learn the set of skills required by this huge industry. Even after that, they are known to be dissatisfied with the given credit. So, they also choose to manage a team rather than working as a part of it.

For Type 3: The candidates with entrepreneurial skills and a recognized degree of engineering precisely fulfill the qualification of techno-management requirements. In order to validate this qualification more and make the best use of this rare blend, they choose to pursue MBA after engineering.