150 must solve matrix based puzzles

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These 150 must solve questions are more than enough to score good marks in MBA CET and CMAT.
150 must solve Matrix based puzzles in MBA MAH MMS CET < Download here.

CMAT contains 36 marks of Matrix based puzzles with easy level (9 question 4 marks each)
MBA MAH CET contains 10 questions (two sets) of Matrix based puzzles with Medium to Difficult level.

Set below is based on MBA CET 2017:

Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions

Ten students namely viz A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J of ten different colleges but not necessarily in the same order have seminar on five different days starting from Monday to Friday of the same week. Each student have seminar at two different time slots, i.e 10.00 AM and 3 P.M. Each student like different colours namely viz – Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue, Black, Brown, Red, Grey and White.
Persons who like Red, Green, Pink, Black and White have seminar at 10:00 A.M. Persons who like Brown, Yellow, Purple, Blue and Grey have seminar at 03:00 P.M. I has a seminar on Tuesday at 10.00 A.M. The number of people who have seminar between G and D is same as the number of people who have seminar between C and H. Persons who like Red and Blue have seminar on Monday and the persons who like White and Grey have Seminar on Friday. B has a seminar immediately before I. I does not have seminar on any of the days before G. The one who has seminar at 10.00 A.M immediately before J. H does not has seminar at 3 P.M D has a seminar immediately after the day of one who has seminar on Monday. F does not have seminar at 3 P.M. D does not has seminar on any one of the days after E. Only three people have seminar between G and E. Persons who like Pink and Purple went to seminar neither on Tuesday nor Thursday. Neither E nor G does not have seminar on Friday. Only two people have seminar between F and J. F does not has seminar on any of the days after H. Persons who like Green and Yellow does not have seminar on Thursday.

1. How many persons have seminar at 3’0 clock between G and H?
A. 5 B. 6 C. 2 D. 4 E. None of these.

2. Who among the following person has seminar at 10 A.M?
A. C B. B C. D D. A E. E


3. Four among the following form a group in a certain way. Which of the following does not belong to Group?
A. G – Tuesday B. I – Wednesday C. F – Friday
D. G – Wednesday E. E – Thursday


4. Who among the following likes Grey Colour?
A. I B. J C. F D. D E. C


5. Who among the following have seminar on Thursday?
A. I,E B. H,J C. F,A D. D,E E. E,C


Answer – D. 4; E. E; D. G – Wednesday; B. J; C. F,A

Person Day Time Slot Colour
G Mon 10.00 AM Red
B Mon 3.00 PM Blue
I Tue 10.00 AM Green
D Tue 3.00 PM Yellow
E Wed 10.00 AM Pink
C Wed 3.00 PM Purple
F Thu 10.00  AM Black
A Thu 3.00 PM Brown
H Fri 10.00 AM White
J Fri 3.00 PM Grey

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