MBA CET form filling

MBA CET form filling

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FAQ on MBA CET form filling
1. Finger print..
Its a finger print not photo.. so u will need ink paid. if u dont have one go to any shop even grocery shop they will have one and let u use for free. You can take ur impression on a page and take pic of tht and upload.

Thumb impression for MBA CET form
RIGHT Thumb impression for MBA CET form
Wrong thumb impression for MBA CET
Wrong thumb impression for MBA CET










2. Sign upload. take your sign on a plain page and click a pic from ur phone. See the instruction about the size of the allowed pic.

Sign for MBA CET form
Sign for MBA CET form





3. Photo. upload ur pic if u have passport size on ur PC otherwise take one from ur facebook and crop it to only face.

4. Taluka and Village. Some confusion around taluka as modern names not listed in the drop down example navi mumbai taluka is thane. So please see the house agreement of ur home it wil be stated there. taluka or village. However its not important what you fill example like if u are in colaba. u can choose Kurla or Andheri wont make a difference in ur candidature.

5. Applying for All India seats. If you are home university and taken/taking CMAT ATMA CAT so please do tick tht option. You can edit the score later before cap rounds so fill any thing as of now and edit later.

6. CET paper is 200 marks. they posted 100 earlier as error which later is corrected.

7. Graduation marks. It depends on ur university rules. Like mumbai univ graduation marks is only final year marks. so fill in that only.

8. Date selection. Select any date u want each of them hav their own advantage. I will request Cetking students to fill day 2 as I will be taking paper on day 1 and will be giving u my CET 2014 (sample paper) by evening. you will atleast know the pattern strategies and all. Example some students screwed up cat as they were not prepared for 4-6 functions questions but on day 1 had told tht Geometry n Functions combined is 10 – 12 questions.

9. Centre. You can give choice of 3 centres. Mumbai students have choice of Navi Mumbai as well. remember that.

Post further questions on JBIMS dream team on FB for immediate reply

FAQ MBA CET form filling

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  1. Anmol doshi

    hello i have entered wrong marks in cet form filling of my graduation so ll be der any problem plz reply

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