Cetking MBA CET Mock 3 Executive Summary

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Top 10 colleges cutoffs Top 10 scorers in this mock
Top College Cutoffs Top Name Score
2 Sydneham
3 KJ Som
4 Welingkar
7 Dalmia
10 Chetana


Overall Analysis

There were hardly any difficult questions in this mock paper. Most of the questions were easy to medium so that you can attempt more questions.The computer-based test online MBA CET test comprises 200 questions from four broad sections viz. Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Logical and Abstract Reasoning. A student needs to attempt them in 150 minutes. There is no demarcation among questions from different sections; All questions are jumbled up ie you can find an RC passage sandwiched between a question on Probability and Visual reasoning. The fact that the test has no negative marking provides some much needed respite to the candidates. Given the number of questions, MH-CET is clearly a test of your speed and accuracy.

Row Labels Difficult Easy Medium Grand Total
Abstract 5 10 10 25
Logic 6 31 38 75
Quant 3 31 16 50
Verbal 2 17 31 50
Grand Total 16 89 95 200

Section wise breakup

This mock contained variety of questions covering every aspect of aptitute areas

Area Sub Area Total
Abstract Critical Reasoning 6
Visual Reasoning 19
Abstract Total 25
Logic Critical Reasoning 5
Puzzle 19
Traditional Logic 51
Logic Total 75
Quant Data Comparision 11
DI Bar 2
DI Pie 6
DI Table 5
Quant 26
Quant Total 50
Verbal Grammar 4
RC 31
Vocab based 15
Verbal Total 50
Grand Total 200

How to analyse this mock

What is of importance at this stage is to use the Mocks that one is writing and get the most out of the same.

Here are some ideas that one can use to improve upon on the performance in the Mocks!

In this article, I am not going to delve on the Test Taking Strategies (which will be coming in the coming week!). This article is to look at Post Mock activities to be done to improve for the next Mock and subsequently for the CET!


Analysis of your Mock Scores

There are two important aspects of your Mock Score Marks: Attempts and Accuracy!

The objective would be to increase both! However, you have to make an analysis of the increase in attempts over a period of three to five mocks. The trend for three to five mocks will give you an idea as to the state of your preparation. For eg : Here is a small chart/table one can maintain

While the illustration is given for the overall paper, it may be a good idea to have the Attempts and Accuracy percentages measured for every section quant verbal logic and Overall Test, separately.

Ideally, the trend in each of the sections and overall exam should be increasing.


Issues affecting the performance across Mocks

  1. a) Difficulty level of the paper: If an exam is pretty difficulty, then automatically the attempts and perhaps the accuracy will go down.
  2. b) Mood in which the paper is written/given.
  3. c) Change of test taking strategy
  4. d) Your own expectation from yourself: Whenever you write a paper with huge expectations, the result is more often than not contrary to your expectations.
  5. e) Silly errors: Simple calculation mistakes or overlooking a part of the problem/question can reduce your scores by a significant number.


Perform Trend Analysis

Divide each section into areas, sub-sections and sub-topics and check the trend in each area, sub-section and sub-topic. Analysis should be based on the same parameters as the overall test viz., Attempts and Accuracy.

For example: If one were to analyse Section I, then the areas are Quant and DI. Within Quant, you can sub-divide into Arithmetic, Algebra, Number Theory, Geometry, and Pure Math. In turn Arithmetic can be subdivided into the sub-topics such as Rations, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Averages & Mixtures, Time & Work, Time Speed Distance, SICI. A similar division is required for each of the main areas – Quant, DI, Reasoning & Verbal.


Strengths and Weaknesses

From the above trend analysis one can come to know ones real strengths and weakness. While there is no empirical evidence to prove such and such score is good OR bad, you can categorize your strengths and weaknesses by analyzing your latest FIVE mock scores

Strength: For a topic, if you have attempted around 8 out of 10 questions (say in the latest FIVE Mocks) and have got an accuracy of 75% or more, then you can safely say that that area is your strength.

Weakness: For any topic, if you have either not attempted or got less than 50% of accuracy from the number of questions given over the five marks.

All other areas/topics would come under a ‘Grey Area’ where a little more effort can get that topic into a Strength area!

You will notice to your chagrin that the areas you thought were your strengths could actually prove to be your bête noire. The obvious remedy would be to spend time on the weak areas and improve upon the strong areas.



Section wise break up of MH CET MOCK Verbal Area

We have divided verbal into 3 sections – Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar.
This set consisted of many questions on Reading Comprehension. The passages were an easy read and the questions were direct so students should solve them. Many of the questions were based on Vocab (Fill in blanks, Cloze tests, Synonyms and Antonyms) with overall level of difficulty being easy to medium. Grammar questions of Error Spotting were easy to do. An attempt of about 35-40 questions from this area can be considered to be a good attempt.

Area Name Total
Grand Total 50

Section wise break up of MBA CET MOCK Quant Area

There were 50 questions from this section in this mock, a large number of questions have been based on Arithmetic, which mainly included Percentages and Ratios. The questions varied from easy to moderate in terms of difficulty level, hardly any difficult question in this section. There were few sets of Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency questions. Students hardly spend time to practice Data Sufficiency and Data Comparison questions. Do expect 1 – 2 question from every section of Quant in this section. This set of 50 questions was easy to moderate and an attempt of about 40 questions from this area can be said to be a good attempt. However DI is always little calculation intensive and Data sufficiency is always time consuming.

Sub Area Area Name Total
Data Comparision DATA COMPARISON 7
Data Sufficiency 4
PnC 3
Series based 4
Grand Total 50

Section wise break up of Maharashta CET MOCK Logic Area

This section comprised 75 questions, which we have divided into 3 sub sections namely Puzzles (arrangements based), Critical Reasoning (verbal reasoning) and Traditional Logical reasoning questions.

Some questions on Series are always time consuming but few of them could have been attempted in no time. The 4 questions on Venn diagram and the questions on Statement Conclusion, Statement Argument, Statement Assumption and Implicit Statement were moderate in terms of difficulty level. You can also expect questions on Analogy, which were quite easy in the section. There were also symbol based sets which had questions on Mathematical Relations and Blood Relations. The remaining questions on Anagram, Input output, Coding/Decoding and Odd One Out have been reported to range from easy to moderate in terms of level of difficulty. An attempt of about 60 questions from this area can be considered to be a good attempt.

Sub Area Area Name Total
Puzzle Puzzle 19
Traditional Logic Coding 11
Series based 13
Grand Total 75


Section wise break up of MBA MMS CET MOCK Abstract Reasoning

Abstract reasoning questions consist of Visual Reasoning and at times Verbal Reasoning as well. This is the trickiest part of CET exam. The diagrams are difficult in itself but the constantly looking at computer screen is very tiring for the eyes and brain.

Sub Area Area Name Total
Critical Reasoning COURSES OF ACTION 1
Critical reasoning 5
Visual Reasoning FILL IN THE BLANKS 4
Series based 12
Analogy 3
Grand Total 25

Finale Strategy for MBA CET exam

Questions on Quant, Logic and Verbal Ability were very easy and these were the areas where students could have maximized their attempts. On the other hand, Arrangements, Data Interpretation and Visual Reasoning could have been a bit troublesome and should have been played with care.
Few incorrect questions, across the paper, and numerous grammatical errors were reported by students which is intentionally kept in the mock as its there in actual cet paper as well. One noticeable fact was that there were quite a few questions in the Reasoning section that were picked from the IBPS and SSC tier 1 paper. Overall, a genuine attempt of about 180 can be considered good.

The fact that the test has no negative marking provides much needed respite to the candidates. Given the number of questions, MH-CET is clearly a test of your speed and accuracy. A candidate should look at attempting 180 questions in 150 minutes with 85% accuracy and then randomly marking the remaining questions. No question should be left unanswered.
As can be seen from the analysis and the pattern of the paper the focus on Logical Reasoning is very high. Statement Conclusion/ Statement Inference/ Statement argument/ Implicit statements form the crux of Verbal reasoning questions in this section. Candidates should practice well for the same. Series and pattern questions form the bulk of Mathematical puzzles in this section and can be practiced through Bank PO papers or mocks.