MBA for Real Estate Industry-A Review

MBA for Real Estate Industry-A Review

MBA for Real Estate
MBA for Real Estate

Over 35 million people are employed in the Indian real estate industry. Their decisions impact us over the years. Hence it is challenging as well as rewarding job. Consulting and Financing in this area is rewarding as well. A rapidly progressing career is expected of these white collar jobs. More and more people are choosing real estate specific careers. It is because one-third of world’s wealth is invested in real estate industry. Also real estate is collateral to a huge amount of financial assets. Professionals who work in the vast market of real estate, work in diverse fields such as valuations, strategic consulting, research & advisory, investment banking, transactions & leasing, asset management, housing finance, etc.

The journey begins with acquiring the relevant skills and experience. These can also be picked up during the career but that will take a couple of years. These skills are acquired through specialized education and learning by smart professionals before entering the market. There are specialized programs in real estate finance such as the M.Phil in Real Estate Finance by Cambridge University, England and M.Sc. in Real Estate and Property Management by University of Salford, UK.

RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University offers similar education in India. It offers BBA and MBA programs in Real Estate and Infrastructure Management. These programs educate students about the entire property lifecycle and how to manage them on different levels. RICS being a global industry body for real estate & construction present in 146 countries offers opportunity to learn directly from the industry in the form of frequent lectures by industry experts, site visits and real life case studies. A student’s interest area and placement is taken into consideration when internships are provided. It is found that Employers favor students with specialized degree. But the career progress of a student is dependent upon one’s dedication level.

Here is a brief explanation of the kind of specialized jobs in real estate:

Investment management

Real estate investment managers analyse real estate markets, conduct due diligence

and work out best scenarios for real estate project development and investment.

Investment banking

Globally, many investment banks have groups dedicated to real estate, particularly the repackaging of mortgages into securities and principal investing in real estate.

Valuation, appraisal or credit management

Valuation professionals usually work for banks or for valuation firms and will normally value properties using different approaches. At times, they also take decisions on whether to extend credit to a borrower.

Advisory and consulting

Real estate advisers help investors select the right property and keep check on financial performance of the investment.

Corporate real estate and facilities management

Corporate real estate professionals manage vast property portfolios held by corporates – be it acquisition or administration. Facilities managers manage major facilities, such as residential complexes or shopping centers etc. to help reduce operational costs and increase productivity of workplaces.

Leasing and sales management

These managers specialize in representing landlords and/or tenants in the transactions of commercial real estate properties for lease.

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