1. MDI Gurgaon GD PI Experience
CAT OA Score: 99.12
Section 1:98.48
Section 2:97.30

X: 90.83
XII: 90.17
Undergrad Major -B.E
GPA/%age: 83.35

Work-Ex (number of months): 0

VENUE: Bangalore
Slot: 11th march, 2pm

GD Details:
Topic: Should India focus on Renewable energy more than thermal and nuclear energy?
Number of People present: 15
Time: 20-22 min (3min to gather thoughts, 15 min to discuss, 3 min to summarize)
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Fish market, the panel made us stop also!
Other Salient Details: Please avoid fish market as the judges are put off by it.

PI Details:
Panel Members Intro: 2 gentleman (names i don know )
1. Where are you from?.
2. Which college did u graduate from?. What is its full form?
3. Why no work experience?
4. Which all calls?
5. Which will you select?
6. Did you write CAT last year?
7. How much did you get?

That is all that they asked me. Was hardly 5 min!. Was the 8th person to be interviewed. Most of them had between 5- 10 minutes. Dont know if they had to hurry up or they just dint like me . Guess im rejected!

2. MDI Gurgaon GD PI Experience
My experiences with MDI

CAT OA Score:98.8
Section 1:99.6
Section 2:93.4

X: 83
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age:71

Work-Ex (number of months):41
Sector : IT

Any other special thing about you: NAAAAThing

VENUE: Bangalore
Slot: 9 30 AM
Panel Number:4

GD Details:
Number of People present: role of indigenous leaders in UP elections
Time: 10 min
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: time was insufficient. entered couple of times. might have done better. performance okayish
Other Salient Details: every1 asked to summarise.

PI Details:
PI got progressively shorter. Started from 20 mins and was down to 8 mins by the time I went in.
Panel Members Intro: 1 prof from MDI and one from IIMB
1. what is this company u are working in and what is the market space?
2. Competitors? Number of people in India centre? Maturity of Indian market in this space.
3. You are making good money now. Y MBA now?
4. U are focused and know what u want to do. How can MDI help u?
5. Some more qs on my resume and family background.

Any qs for us?
Asked if MDI was losing focus on its flagship PGPM course by diluting focus on other training programs.

3. MDI Gurgaon GD PI Experience
CAT OA Score: 99.78
Section 1:98.xx
Section 2:99.xx

Undergrad Major – GPA/%age:73

Work-Ex (number of months): 19
Sector : Oil & Gas

Any other special thing about you: 3rd time in MDI

VENUE: MDI, Gurgaon
Slot: 9:30 AM
Panel Number: 4

GD Details:
Topic: Is corruption due to failure of the system (something like that)
Number of People present: 10/12
Time:15 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Could’ve been a quality GD but for one aggressive girl who kept blabbing the same redundant points that nobody wanted to discuss. Started the GD and chipped 3/4 more times. Individual summary was given by everyone for 30 secs.

PI Details:
Panel Members Intro: 2 young people, both male
Something about my graduation, where my college is, what my course entails.
They asked how my job was related to my graduation and in the group of students, workex was the most questioned area.
Discussion drifted towards petrol and diesel prices. I was asked a question on diesel prices which one panel member answered for me. He was incorrect but I stayed quiet. he looked quite happy with himself.
All interviews lasted from 10-15 mins. No stress, barely 5-6 questions. I also noticed that we were being given marks on our boards scores. The methodology was:

80-85….6/10 and so on

I don’t think MDI used to give weightage to board scores in the past. I expect the weightage to drop this time.

4. CAT OA Score:98.95
Section 1:96.68
Section 2:98.78

Undergrad Major – GPA/%age:7.78 ECE NIT Warangal.

Work-Ex (number of months):20
Sector :IT

Any other special thing about yo u decent extra curriculars quizzes Olympiads etc.

VENUE AI Viceroy Hotel
Slot:12th march 9:30
Panel Number:2

GD Details:
Topic:Role of indigenous leaders in recent up elections.
Number of People present:14
Time:5mins to think 15 to discuss.
Brief Snapshot of Discussion any person tried to start even before the panel had signalled and was asked to stop. Then I started off the discussion giving a brief overview and then later pitched many times with decent points but a well-known topic hence everyone got their share to speak luckily no fish market. In the hindsight could have been better as was pointed out in the interview but overall satisfied.
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

PI Details:2
Panel Members Intro:No clue
Questions: Was a very informal discussion about the gd first how it could have been better I was asked if I could add any more points and asked hypothetically if I was the best in gd which person did I consider to be the second best and why? Some discussion about my work and why the transition from electronics to IT.Some questions on my home town. Discussion about my reading habits steered it towards football about sir alex and then Chelsea and then was done.Vey short interview hardly about ten minutes hard to gauge but again as past trends show heavy weightage for cat scores hence I don’t think these performances in gdpi can improve overall rank much but still hope for the best.

Any other relevant detail.:Nothing much no prep required at all.

5. MDI Gurgaon GD PI Experience
OA Score: 99.73
Section 1:99.26
Section 2:98.99

X:91.6 CBSE
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age: 7.07 CGPA

Work-Ex (number of months):0
Sector :

Any other special thing about you:

VENUE: Gurgaon
Slot: 2
Panel Number:1

GD Details:
Topic: CSR is more for the company than for the community
Number of People present:9
Time:20 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: 2 mins for thinking, 20 mins to discuss and 5 mins for everyone to conclude. Was a total ruckus. Did speak a few times. Could have been better.
Other Salient Details: No summary asked to be written. However everyone was asked to summarize/add at end.

PI Details:
Panel Members Intro: P1 was middle aged strict proff. P2 was old strict proff. Both asked almost equal no. of questions. No smiles, no greetings, both looked through me as if I had committed a crime coming inside

My interview was the last and had to wait for almost 3 hrs and even then it was the longest. Usually interviews were about 20 mins but mine went on for 35-40 mins.
I was asked everything under the sun ranging from Indian economy, World economy, Service sector, Growth and contribution of different components of the economy, TCS, Wipro, ITES, Agriculture, Kingfisher, Eurozone, Elections, Headlines, Carbon Footprint, Carbon Tax, India’s future, My future, Father’s business, My aim in life, Hobbies, Qualities of manager, Importance of Passion and Dedication, Innovation I can bring, my future plans regarding father’s business, What questions would I ask when recruiting a manager, importance of coaching centres, Engineering vs MBA, What all newspapers i read, Printed newspapers vs online newspapers, india vs china etc etc…….
Dont remember exact questions as it was like a bombardment on me . Next question was asked before I could finish my answer. I was in a trance by the time I came out.
But none of the questions in my interview were the regular Why MBA, Why MDI, Strengths etc etc. types. However such questions were asked from others.
My preparation: 3.5 /5
My experience : 3.5/5 ( Or probably better or worse i dont know)

Any other relevant detail.

Request to all aspirants: Wear your lucky charms/tabeej and pray to Gods to have mercy on you.

6. MDI Gurgaon GD PI Experience
CAT OA Score:99.16
Section 1:99.76
Section 2:85.39

Undergrad Major – GPA/%age:7.5(in final yr)

Work-Ex (number of months):0
Sector :CSE

Any other special thing about you: Me

Slot:9:30 am
Panel Number: 2

GD Details:
Topic:Social media is a waste of time for students
Number of People present:12
Time:3 min to think…15 min discussion…
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:Talked about everything to fb being place where ppl can connect…ppl talk about events both at clg level as well as national level like anna hazare campaign…negatives of social media…addiction and wasting time…uploading everything…
GD went well…I introduced the topic and chipped in 3-4 times
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

PI Details:
Panel Members Intro: 2 profs – 1 Male (M), 1 lady (L)…quite cool panel…smiling throughout interview
Me- greetings
M – You read PG yesterday??
Me-Yes sir
M-So do you even post on PG??
Me- Yes sir…
M- so what pagal are u??
Me- Sir newbie :
M – kk…So whats NREGA??
Me – told
M – Talk about recent elections in 5 states
Me- told( skipped manipur CM name…)
M – u r acting smart…Dnt u think we know u skipped manipur CM’s name
Me – Sir i can’t recollect
M – U seem a typical north indian
M- tell me the states and capitals of eastern states
Me – told
M – Tell me capital of Lakshadweep..
Me – told
M – tell me CM of Delhi, Punjab,Haryana and Rajasthan
Me- told all except Rajasthan
M – u r not even a pakka north indian
M – tell me 2 cities in Kerela, Andhra and Karnataka apart from the Capital of dese states..
Me – couldn’t recollect any except Mysore
M – ok…gimme ur file…
L – a hypothetical situation…about being in a company and not getting promotion..what will you do?
Me- told
M,L – ok..you can go..
Me- thank you Sir, Ma’am

Any other relevant detail. – more like a smooth discussion than interview…Lasted 10-15 mins

7. MDI Gurgaon GD PI Experience
OA Score:96.90
Section 1: 97.86
Section 2: 88.24

X: 82.6
XII: 87.00
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age: 69.96

Work-Ex (number of months): 31
Sector :Manufacturing

Any other special thing about you: The search is still on.

VENUE: Gurgaon
Slot: 09:30 on 22nd March
Panel Number: 3

GD Details:
Topic: “Is MBA reqd. as a qualification”
Number of People present:12
Time: 10 mins.
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Like a typical B-school entry level GD it was a fish market. We discussed on the advantages of pursuing a MBA, expensive course structure, fat salary packages after the course etc. Further the discussion moved on to the contribution of MBA to society. The points were getting repetitive after some time and we were asked to stop then.
Other Salient Details: Summary was not asked for.

PI Details:
All the interviews in our slot lasted for an avg. of 15 mins.
Panel Members Intro: They never introduced themselves.
Questions: I am posting all the Q’s which I recall were asked to our group members and not specifically to me alone as I see people are not posting very frequently on this thread.

Q1- In your view how did the GD go?
Q2- One person was asked why he was making faces during the GD and looking directly at the moderators.
Q3- Views on the recent Union Budget?
Q4- Recent Books read.(Went to one of the freshers in our group).
Q5- Taking the data of my past academic performances, I was asked to interpret the data and predict my percentage(Assuming I did get through) in 2014.
Q6- Basic Q’s on Job profile, Why MBA now, How MBA empowers you(I had mentioned the word “empower” in the GD), How will you react if you don’t get through in any of the colleges this time, your weaknesses etc.

To summarize I would say that the interviews for freshers normally stressed on college subjects, current political topics, hobbies etc. and for the Work Ex people it mainly focused on Job profile, GD experience.
The duration as always is in MDI interviews was not too long. About 15 mins

8. MDI Gurgaon GD PI Experience
CAT OA Score:96.4
Section 1:91.21
Section 2:97.30

X: 87
XII: 80
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age: 66

Work-Ex (number of months):0
Sector :

Any other special thing about you:

VENUE: Gurgaon
Slot: 2:00 PM
Panel Number: 1

GD Details:
Topic: Can generation X provide leadership to the country?
Number of People present: 12
Time: 2 mins to think, 15 mins to discuss, 5 mins to summarize
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: One of the better GD that I’ve attended. No fish market. Everyone got to speak. Although my performance was not very good. Just entered 1-2 times.
Other Salient Details: Some people were asked to summarize, including me

PI Details:
Panel Members Intro: P1- A gentleman, P2- A lady
After a long wait came my turn.
Me- Good afternoon sir, ma’am
P1,P2- Good afternoon. Please sit.
P1- Hmm.. You are from XYZ college. Which university?
Me- Told
Then a few questions related to my college and university by P1
P1- What are your hobbies?
Me- Told
P1- Ok.. So you are a mechanical engineer. What is the importance of a differential in a car or in any other vehicle for that matter?
Me-Thought for a while. Then while was explaining was cut in between by P1.
P1- Do you read novels?
Me- No sir not much into novels
Now P2 interferes
P2- How would you rate your GD performance?
Me- Gave an honest answer.
P1- Which newspaper do you read?
Me- Told
Then he asked me one question related to recent punjab elections which I cannot gather.
P1- Ok I’m done. Asks P2 if she wants to ask something?
P2- No I’m fine
P1- Ok then you can leave. Thank you
Me- Thank you Sir, Ma’am
In this interview there was no Introduce yourself, no why mba and it hardly lasted 7-8 minutes. They hardly asked anything. Don’t know what to make out of it. Hoping for the best

Anyways the experience was good and the campus is beautiful. Would like to join if given the opportunity

9. MDI Gurgaon GD PI Experience
CAT OA Score:97.61
Section 1:93.72
Section 2:97.96

Undergrad Major – GPA/%age:68%

Work-Ex (number of months):0

Slot:9.30 am
Panel Number:3

GD Details:
Topic:there are many shortcuts to success and somethin somethin
Number of People present:12/12
Time:2 min to think..15 min of discussion..summary at the end..
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: fish market definitely..

PI Details:
Panel Members Intro: one male professor(M) and one lady(L) professor
M:hmm..so u r a mech engg…which is ur dream comp as a mech engg..??
L:why mba now without work ex..??
told ( kanthast ho chuka hai) some cross questioning..M laughed at some answer. Then told about the case study competition that i had won. Then asked it in detail. Then asked some problems that had come up during the competition and how did i handle it..
L: these are some of your strengths i believe. Tell us about any weakness of yours..
L: ok, we are done..
thank you sir and thank you mam kehke nikal liya..

I personally think its most important that u remain honest throughout ur interview..and dont get bogged down by some mockery by the panelists..

10. MDI Gurgaon GD PI Experience
score : 95.26%
quant 95.76%
english 88.8%

MDI GD/PI Process (30 March 2012)
GD: 12 members, 2 panelists (2 minutes to think, 10-13 minutes of GD). No summary asked.
Time: 0943 hrs
Topic: Can India sustain its growth over long run?
Execution: Fish Market, Someone started off abruptly.
Talks started off with Services sector, GDP & demographic dividend in concern. Pitched in facts concerning IT industry (Scale, exports) etc. After many attempts someone allowed me to give this opportunity to speak & pitched in facts & stats regd. Agriculture & why is it necessary (due to inclusive growth concept).
In all2 entries in the GDpure figures based points
PI: 1104 hrs (4th person to go in) (total time 9 mins. I guess).
One panellist : Daisy Chauhan
Second panellist: Don’t know the name
DC: What do you think how did you perform in the GD.?
Me: I had many points in regd. To the GD & could have contributed better to it but still I pitched facts about the concerned sector in the flow.
DC: So you have been in a dance competition.
Me: Yes.
DC: How do you think dance helps? I am not saying this is bad or something. But still how it helps you?
Me: First of all, it eases you, helps you relax. Secondly, it actually helps you in unleashing creativity.
Thirdly, it helps in keeping your body fit. I have turned into a fitness freak now.
DC: So do you dance these days too?
Me: Mam, I don’t get time to do so but still for the fitness part, I go to gym 4-5 times a week. This keeps me fit & lively.
DC: You have secured 78.8% in 10th & 76.6 % in 12th. What do you want to say about it?
Me: Mam, are you talking of the disparity?
DC: No no, I mean to say people these days get 80-90% marks but you have stayed low.
Me: Talked about personal issues.
DC: What’s your score in CAT?
Me: Mam, 95.26%ile.
DC: So did you take any coaching for CAT?
Me: No mam, a friend of mine took coaching & he led my way through telling Do’s & Don’t’s.
DC: What other calls?
Me: Great Lakes, SIIB, GIM. (forgot to mention DSE).
DC: Converts?
Me: Mam, Great Lakes & SIIB converted. GIM – WL
DC: OK. What is your family background?
Me: My father is an income tax consultant, mother a home maker & brother a CA.
DC: So why did you come in this field. I mean you should have taken up CA itself.
Me: justified about my position
P2: So, this seems to be a fancy or something. First you had interest in Engg. & now you are coming for MBA.
Me: No mam. Everything gives you learning. I believe that I start off every day thinking myself being at Square 1. So it gives me opportunity to learn.
DC: What do you know About MDI?
Me: Gave info about MDI.
DC: Is it a accreditation?
Me: Oh sorry mam. Its an MoU.
DC: how accreditation help?
Me: Gave my explanation (Gyaaaaaan)
DC: How case studies help?
Me: Some more gyaaaaaan
DC: But I don’t think this would help. Because there is no point learning the history.
Me: trying to explain….
DC looking at other panellist with an puzzled look. She nods OK.
DC: Thank you.
Me: Thank you mam. Have a nice day!
Fingers crossed.

11. CAT
CAT OA Score: 98.20
Section 1:88.3
Section 2:99.4

Undergrad Major – GPA/%age:7.18

Work-Ex (number of months):42
Sector : Power sector

VENUE: MDI Gurgaon, 15th April (Last day )
Slot: Morning
Panel Number:2

GD Details: 14 people were there in my panel
Topic: B-schools neither do schooling nor business
Number of People present:14
Time:12-15 minutes after initial 2 minutes for thinking over the topic
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Okaish kind of GD..Nearly turned into fish market couple of times. Chipped in 2-3times

PI Details:
Panel Members Intro ne female and one male professor
PI mostly revolved around my job, my role in it, rival companies and its future scope…
Asked a bit about hobby and about PPP and BOT…

Any other relevant detail: everyone in my panel was having around 98 percentile…

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