MICAT sample paper

MICAT Application Fee is Rs. 1965.

Selection Process (Batch 2017-19)
The selection process involves three steps. The process is described below:

Step-I: CAT 2016, XAT 2017 and GMAT (2015 onwards).

Each candidate has to take at least one of the three exams: CAT 2016, XAT 2017 and GMAT (2015 onwards).

Step-II: MICA Admission Test (MICAT).*

All the candidates are assessed on MICAT which consists of 6 sections: Psychometric (P), Verbal ability (VA), Quantitative ability (QA), General awareness (GA) , Divergent-Convergent Reasoning (DCR) and Descriptive Test (DT).

Preparation of Shortlist of the candidates for GE & PI

Psychometric test is a qualifier.
Those who qualify on the Psychometric test shall be assessed for MICAT sections on Verbal ability, Quantitative ability, General awareness and Divergent-Convergent Reasoning.
Those who qualify on the basis of relative performance subject to a minimum cut-off in Scaled Score** in each of the sections namely: VA, QA,GA and DCR shall be evaluated on Descriptive Test.
d. Those who qualify on the basis of a, b and c as mentioned above and on the basis of relative performance subject to a minimum cut-off in Scaled Score in DT shall be considered for short listing for GE and PI. Shortlist will be prepared on the basis of MICAT-1and /or 2 or better of the two scores if a candidate has taken both MICAT-1 and MICAT-2.
Approximately 1/10th of the total number of candidates who appear in the two MICATs will be shortlisted for GE & PI based on the Total MICAT Scaled Score.

MICAT will be held in Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kochi / Ernakulam, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai , Nagpur, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Vadodara, Visakhapatnam.

Step-III: All the candidates shortlisted after MICAT shall appear for both GE & PI

Preparation of Merit List:

All those candidates who appear in GE and PI , and fulfill the following conditions will be considered for the merit list:
Unanimous recommendation by all the panel members of PI.
At least 3.5 or more on a 5 point scale in GE
At least 4 or more on a 5 point scale in PI
For all those who meet the criteria described in point a), a composite score shall be created based on the following weightage:

MICAT: 50%; GE: 18%; PI: 30%; and CAT/XAT***/GMAT****: 2% (Scaled Scores will be used for MICAT).
Short listed candidates will be called for GE and PI at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai.

End Notes:

*MICAT is a Computer Based Test (CBT) and will be conducted twice for selection of PGDM-C 2017-2019 batch. Better of the two MICAT Scores will be considered.

**Calculation of Scaled Scores:

The score obtained individually by a candidate ‘X’ in a particular component of MICAT-1/MICAT-2 , e.g.. Verbal Ability (VA) will be converted into Scaled Score using the following sample formula for one of the components, i.e. ,VA:
Scaled Score -VA of a candidate ‘X’ in MICAT-1/MICAT-2 = ( Score -VA of the candidate ‘X’/Maximum obtained by any candidate amongst the candidates who have appeared in MICAT-1/MICAT-2 in VA) multiplied by Maximum possible Score in VA in MICAT-1/MICAT-2.
Similarly Scaled Scores will be calculated for all the MICAT-1/MICAT-2 components using sample formula in point i) namely: VA, QA, GA,DCR and DT.
Total MICAT-1/MICAT-2 score will be calculated using Scaled Scores for each of the MICAT components, namely: VA, QA, GA,DCR and DT

****Formula for GMAT conversion will be declared later

Admissions Calendar
MICAT – I Registration opens
End of September or First Week October 2016
MICAT – I Registration closes
November 25, 2016 at 11:59 pm
Issue of MICAT- I Call Letters/Admit Card
December 02, 2016
December 11,2016
MICAT -I Score (Declare on the website)
December 19, 2016
MICAT – II Registration opens
January 3, 2017
MICAT – II Registration closes
January 31, 2017 at 11:59 pm
Issue of MICAT- II Call Letters/Admit Card
February 06, 2017
February 12, 2017
MICAT – II Score(Declare on the website)
February 20, 2017
GE & PI Shortlist
February 23, 2017
GE & PI at MICA, Ahmedabad
March 9, 10 & 11, 2017
GE & PI all cities
March 17, 18, 19 & 20, 2017
Final results
March 31, 2017
MICA reserves the right to change, withdraw or introduce MICAT, GE & PI centers or any event dates mentioned above. Final centre allocation is subject to availability.

In the event of any unforeseen circumstances that may occur during MICAT Examination, decision of MICA’s Admissions Committee to conduct re-examination on the same day or otherwise shall be final and binding on the candidates.

Candidates are further advised to keep themselves available for re-examination, etc. till 6:00 pm in the event of any such requirement.



MICATMICAT has introduced 5 changes this year.
Some of the changes are:

1. MICAT will be held in computer-based format in 14 cities across the country.
2. The selection process (GE-PI) for PGDM-C 2016-18 will happen twice.
3. Candidates will have to take at least one of the three eligibility exams: CAT 2015, XAT 2016 and GMAT (2012 onwards). CMAT, ATMA and MAT are no longer in the list of eligible exams.
4. First phase Group Exercise & Personal Interview (GE-PI) will be conducted at Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai and the second phase GE-PI at MICA, Ahmedabad only.
5. Exam to be held in December as against February earlier.


MICA Ahmedabad has announced that MICAT exam will now be held on December 13, 2015, for the first phase of selection process.

The MICA Admission Test (MICAT) for the first phase of the selection process was earlier to be held on December 20, 2015. However, it was clashing with SNAP 2015 exam, which is also scheduled to be held on December 20.

“Considering many requests from the aspirants after the announcement on 17th August, MICA has rescheduled the MICAT to the 13th of December 2015 keeping the aspirants’ best interest in mind. All other dates remain the same,” informed MICA.

MICAT Important Dates

Website update and applications open September 10, 2015
Applications close December 04, 2015
MICA Admission Test (MICAT) – computer based test in 14 cities December 13, 2015
Call letters for GE-PI December 30, 2015
GE-PI (at Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai) January 15-18, 2016
Confirmed Admission Offer January 31, 2016

For the first phase of the selection process, MICAT will be held in 14 cities and GE-PI will be held in four cities – Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. For the second phase of the selection process, the timeline shall be announced at a later date. However, the GE-PI for the second phase will take place only at the MICA Campus in Ahmedabad.

Number of applicants 6000 approx.
Number of seats PGDM-C 180

List of Application and Result
List of candidates called for MICAT, Group Exercise and Personal Interview is displayed on the MICA website. The Final result is also displayed on the Website as well as the final Admission list.


Cetking Micat program
Features of Cetking MICAT Written test Integrated programMICAT

Written test:
4 Full length mocks
10 Creative Picture Writing skills tests
6 Writing skills tests – Essay
6 Writing skills tests – For, Against and Your views
3 Psychometric tests (150 ques)
10 Psychometric workshops Strategy Videos
Visual Reasoning skillbuilder
Visual GK
Current affairs
Logical Reasoning Skill builders

GDPI Training with 20 plus videos:
GDPI Basics
Interview Basics
Primers – selected topics and case studies
Management Program  Purchase Now

MICAT 2015 Essay writing skills
Essays are meant to test your writing skills, your creativity and your thought process. There will be some essays, some serious, some light-hearted. Some of the essays that appeared in MICAT were…1. The moon exists
2. Bollywood truly represents the changing Indian society
3. Should euthanasia be lealised?
4. Identify a problem the society faces today. Think of a machine to solve
the problem. Describe the machine and give its features etc.
5. Poverty still exists in India. Sketch a situation of poverty you might
have witnessed in your locality. (It went something like this).
6. Something like reducing environmental pollution is not the
responsibility of the developed nations alone, the developing nations also
should pitch in.
7. A precis writing.
8. Tata nano will add to the congestion on roads. Discuss.How to prepare:
1. Read a lot. Editorials, magazines, blogs, novels, autobiographies, porn, whatever. Anything that exposes you to writing. Recommended for all CAT aspirants.
2. Try to write, or type. Bloggers usually do very well in the MICAT essay. Develop a style. Make sure grammatical errors are weeded out. Remember, the checkers will be going through thousands of essays and weeding people out. So making a good impression is a must.
3. As trivial as it may seem, good handwriting is a plus.
4. This may sound crazy, but practice writing for a week before MICAT. Software engineers, tell me, when was the last time after Exam # 6 of S8 that you wrote something at length with a pen on paper? And doesn’t your hand hurt when you try to write a formal letter? I knew this would be a problem – and just wrote – arbit crap, yes, but it was good practice. Otherwise you’ll find that your hand really hurts in the exam and you can’t afford to waste time. This exam requires more than shading a few ovals, mind..!Aaaaaand an important one:4 hvns sake lrn 2 wryt propr Englsh n not shyt lyk dis whch no kmputr in d wrld cn decifr. use prpr grmmr n nt sms lingo n shrt frms n slang.
Take the pains to type out your IMs, your emails, your Orkut scraps, your Pagalguy posts, EVERYTHING in proper English. Even your SMSes, if it doesn’t cost you. It may seem a fuddy-duddy idea at first, but it helps. Believe me, it helps. Not just at MICA, but while working, too.

Write down for,against and your views on the following topic
“Social network sites can help companies in their work”  For: / Against:

Your views: Creative Writing (Picture) Skillsmicat umbrellamicat fish
These questions test your creativity and is one of the most interesting and fun to do part of MICAT. Once you join our program you will get 10 creative writing tests. You will get 9 pics together and you hav to write a story on that. Lets start with one pic.. Write down what comes to your mind when you see this pic:
MICAT 2014 sample paper download
Download MICAT 2014 sample paper here:MICAT 2013 Sample Paper


Visual Reasoning in MICAT
Visual Reasoning tests your analytically skills. you will be shown a pic like below and told to find the odd man out.MICAT Visual reaonsing 2


Psychometric Test
There are about 30 questions here. Basically, situations are given to you and objectively, you have to state your reaction. Some times there are two options … A question, followed by ‘Agree / Disagree’, while others contain 5 options (Strongly agree to strongly disagree). An example (5 options waala):Q: When a task is given to me, I prefer to start immediately not bothering to waste too much time mulling over the problems that may arise.
A: Strongly agree
B: Agree
C: Neutral
D: Disagree
E: Strongly disagree
The clever part is, some questions are fiendishly rephrased so that both sound like a positive attitude. Example, for the above question, strongly agree shows you are not much of a time waster. But then, take this: Q: When a task is given to me, I invest time thinking of possible obstacles and how to tackle them before starting.
So you see? A ‘strongly agree’ here would be considered positive too – a thinker, a planner. But a person temted to mark A for both will obviously show a mismatch. While we do not know if a psychometric mismatch will actually lead to lessening your chances at MICA (unlikely, really!), why take risks?How to prepare:
1. You have a year. Get to know yourself. Be honest to yourself. You’ll find this is an enriching exercise. Accept yourself. It may be hard for you to believe some things. Like I didn’t want to accept I was an atheist, but accepting it made me know myself better and all that. Similarly, be honest to yourself – find who you really are, how you tackle situations and all.
2. MockEngg contains 150 questions in Psychometric testing and strategy video to help you score more in this section.
3. Remember, you cannot afford to miss one question (miss even one in this section, and your MICAT will not be evaluated) so learn to be quick.  Purchase Now
Word Association testMICAT
There are 8 words, 4 in 2 rows. There is one word in column A that can be associated with every word in Column B. For example :Apple ………….. Orange
Mango …………. Eye
Banana ………… iPod
Watermelon …… OrchardAnswer is Apple because:
1. Apple and orange are both fruits.
2. ‘Apple of my eye’ is a proverb. Banana and eye? Naaah!
3. Apple iPod!
4. Apple orchard.It’s a really fun exercise. There are 20 of these.How to prepare:
1. It would be good to know a lot of proverbs.
2. General awareness – not the capital of Uzbekistan and pi upto 17 decimal places types – but normal stuff. And good English helps here, obviously.
3. May sound silly, but try studying up phrases like a PRIDE of LIONS, a PACK of wolves, etc. You know what I mean…!


Cetking is kicking off their special MICAT workshop online. Here is where you will start noting MICA’s penchant for suffixing itself with anything starting with CA. MICAnvas, MICAmpus, MICAmpaign, MICAreers, and now we call Roxy the MICAnine!The MICAT is one of the most fun tests to take. A few years ago it used to be quite different and used to be called a relatively boring-sounding MET.Fill-in-the-blanks24 H in a D (hours in a day)
365 D in a Y (days in a year)
11 P in a FT (players, football team)These are the easy ones. Among the tougher ones were:DS of the M (Dark Side of the Moon. I got this, thank you Mr. Waters!!!
12 GB, S on the W (12 Great Bumblebees, Sitting on the Wall) :|How to Prep:
1. Well, nursery rhymes will help!
2. I’ll give you the link to a post that has a lot of these puzzles – someone took the pain to search for them online!
3. Proverbs and anything related to such numbers. But such prep is limited and this section is likely to change next year.Archie comicNo, really! This happened once… MICAT had a three-panel Archie comic, with the bubbles erased – we had to fill ‘er up. So, you never really know what to expect for a MICAT, now do you!  Purchase Now
MICAT Last words How to prepare:
1. Close that Coaching institute textbooks / Quant books and get yourself a stack of Archie Double Digests!
2. Don’t fill the damn thing in haste: Space is limited in those bubbles.
3. Be funny, goddamnit! MICA is one insti where humour is appreciated!!!
4. Cetking MockEngg program is enough.

Tips for MICAT exam
1) MICAT is for 2 hours. If you come late you will not be allowed to write the test.
2) As of last year, ONLY in the psychometry section all questions were compulsory. Other sections had a negative marking of 1/4th of the original marks.
(P.S: Confirm by reading the instructions really carefully)
3) MICAT will have some sections like Quants, DI, Word Association, Verbal, Psychometric, General awareness and Essay.
4) Read the call letter carefully, take a print, take a valid photo id (e.g. Driving license, Voter card, Passport / College Identity card / Pan card) out and also carry items like HB pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener and foot-ruler.
(No i don’t know why we are asked to bring a foot ruler so don’t ask me) :P5) Its also better to check out the MICAT venue before the actual exam date.
6) Do not use SMS language while writing essay’s. Last year’s paper had an essay and another story writing exercise. 2008 paper had 4 essays and 1 precis writing exercise to be completed within 30 minutes. So be prepared for anything. Practice writing a lot.
7) MICAT is supposed to be a creative test so be prepared for any kind of surprise.
8) For General awareness apart from going through current affairs keep yourself updated with the events happening in the media world (TV channels, newspapers and radios), knowledge of tag lines and punchlines might also be useful.
9) Knowledge of Idioms and Phrases, Proverbs might help you in Word Association Test, Verbal and General Awareness sections.
10) Psychometric: Choose the answer that is closer to what you do, if it is not exactly what you do. Someone has mentioned that s/he does this as well as that… In that case, what exactly do you do first. Tick the first response and not ‘may be I could do this also’ response.
11) Essays: Will check your language skills as well as logical thinking skills.
12) Weightage to handwriting in MICAT: Only one section needs us to see your handwriting. Hence 20% in case there are 5 section
Also, please remember that unless your handwriting is legible (not necessarily good), it will be a tough task to check your paper and that may work against you.
13) Marks for each section will be given in the paper. So you can figure out. Calls depend on number of applicants and their overall performance in MICAT.
14) You must attempt each section. Not attending an entire section is not an option.
15) Easier said than done, Keep a cool head while giving MICAT and all the best…  Purchase Now
MICAT Prep videos
MICAT Paper Pattern
The duration of MICAT exam is 2 hours. The paper is divided into 2 parts – Paper 1 and Paper 2.Paper I (Section I)
In previous year’s question paper the topics included in this section were- Visual Reasoning, Word Association, Data Sufficiency and Statement Conclusion. It consisted of 35 questions with 5 answer options for all the questions.General Awareness
In General Awareness section the questions pertain to topics such as advertising, general global awareness, general knowledge, marketing and media. It consists of 25 questions with 4 answer options for every question.Paper I (Section II)
Writing Ability
To check the writing skills of a student this part of the test is conducted. The topic given last year was ‘Trial by Media’. In the story writing question, pictures are given to the students and they have to write a story based on the pictures.Paper II
Psychometric Test
The paper 2 comprises of Psychometric Test and the duration is 30mins. The paper consists of 3 sections, E, F and G wherein all questions are compulsory.  Purchase Now

MICA GE PI Spot offer Experiences:MICAT

MICAT GE PI Experience 1.
B.Tech. (EEE, NIT Trichy) – 66.3, 10th – 73.4, 12th – 75, work ex – 1 yr (Oil & Gas) , 9 months (education sector)

Here goes my experience! 🙂

My GE went well with 10 of us being given the task to “make an ad for the harmful effects of chewing tobacco and one ad for unsafe sex.” within 30 minutes total..
There were ppl who tried to mess up, as our group has lots of enthu ppl, many dominators too. I personally tried to take the sensible path, was just trying throughout to let the team proceed to some meaningful conclusion. Eventually, after 15 mins I made my presence felt, in a way that I united the team to come to a single idea and kinda got into director type role. So eventually we successfully completed the ad!

PI experience:

2 Females and 1 male (all in later 40s):
M1 – good afternoon bhuvan
me- good afternoon! 🙂
F1 – so bhuvan, where are you working?
me – with a CAT coaching as a Quant faculty sir.
M1- humm.. this is your second job, why the switch?
me- I joined first job as a management trainee in marketing from college but it turned out to be operations profile and so I had to shift.
F2- if you were interested in marketing why not marketing job?
me- I applied, but in corporate you don’t get a good marketing job without an MBA and so, here I am!! (shut her mouth :D)
M1- what do you think is required to make a career in this industry?
me – good observation, interest in creativity ofcourse you won’t be doing the creative work directly but u’ll be taking decisions like wch ad to go for, wch medium is more effective etc. which would expect you to understand things in that way and other blah blah!!
F1 – you’ve been in gujarat for 1 year, what do you think about modi?
me- gave both pros and cons
M1- you are earning decently, do you know that you might not get these salaries after MICA initially?
me- yes sir I know, but as you can see from my first job switch, at this stage of career i understand the value of base fr a good career rather than just money.
M1- what do you know about communications industry?
me- ofcourse I do sir, that is why i’m sitting here!
M1 – what do you know about this industry? the profiles etc?
me- told about the four verticals…
M1- do you have idea about the career path for an account planner?
me- told
M1- are you highly ambitious?
me- yes!
M1- so would you wanna become CEO etc.?
me- not exactly, I wanna open my own firm
M1- by what time?
me- by age of 40 approx, I would rather explore this thing more in MICA!
M1- humm.. okay, because MICA ppl generally don’t reach CEO positions generally, CEOs are expected more of a general mgmt expeience..
me – yup!
F2- which other calls do you have?
me- MDI, results awaited
M1- how many classes do you take per day?
me – avg. 2 to 3!
M1 – isn’t that too much? it would be tiring?
me- no sir, its normal, I guess m young enuf to handle that atleast!
M1- but still 6 hrs per day of lecture is a lot!
me – humm.. I don’t feel it sir! 😉
F2- you don’t seem to give a balanced analysis of modi, its more positive
me- elaborated negatives again and said they are crucial!

Verdict – SPOT Offer!

We were first given a case study. It was about a professor who has to decide what grade to be given to a student who is poor. Now this student is working at some place to pay off his fees and as a result of this his academic performance is affected. The professor deduces that a D is all that he can get, but to fetch a scholarship the student needs a C. So what should the professor do?
There was also a fitness test asking questions about how fit you are, what the importance of exercise in your life is etc.
Then we had the GE. We were shown a coke ad which was Bihar-centric. It was the Aamir Khans 5 rupaye mein coke ad. We had to convey the similar message which was ad pan-India. We were given chart papers, sketch pens and glue.
Initially it was little chaotic as all were flooding ideas and it took some time to settle down a little and finally come to a common consensus. Finally we enacted a skit kinda thing which went out really well.(kudos to all! :cheerio:)
After that I had a 5 hour break. I was listed for the panel -3 and my no was 15 (or 16 out of 21) .There was this guy who had his interview in the same panel as mine and was some 3-4 candidates ahead. He had the same profile as me! Same company, same batch, same engg background (including the branch) .Apparently he was grilled on his background and stuff and his experience actually gave me jitters. But to my utter surprise, my interview was no where related to why MICA, my interests, my SOP, likes, dislikes nothing! Here goes my interview:-
There was a young guy (YG), an old man (OM), a pretty lady (PL).
PL: Do you want tea or coffee?
Me: no Mam, thank you.
PL: you can have some.
Me: No Mam, I dont usually take tea or coffee…
PL: is it? Never! Strange
OM: at least have some biscuits… Help yourself I instantaneously picked one. I dont know why I did that! 😳
PL: So you are staying in Bangalore. Where in Bangalore do you stay?
Me: said
PL: Whats up with the development of Bangalore?
Me: Well Mam I have been in Bangalore only for 10 months and I dont find anythings wrong with its development.
PL: is it? What about the traffic?
Me: thatll be a problem in any metro. In places like Mumbai it is even worse.
So on a comparison Bangalore is much better.
PL: how far is your office from your place of stay?
Me: said
PL: how do you commute?
Me: said
PL: Company bus or public transport?
Me: said
PL: 10 years ago employment was a problem. Nowadays even a +2 passed student gets a job. How good is it for the future of India?
Me: blah blah
PL: Do you work in shifts? (I wonder how she came to know of that! :lookround:)
Me: yes Mam
PL: Dont you think young people working in graveyard shifts are really?
Me: blah blah..
YG: you earn this much. Are you able to cope with the expenses in Bangalore?
Me: (wat! Even I feel the company pays less :p) blah blahed even more
PL: do you save?
Me: yes
PL: how do you stay? PG/flat and what is the rent?
Me: (now this was getting personal ) I gave the detailed expenditure list of mine 😛
YG: So you manage to spend and then save also? Why are you living like this? You are young, spend all, enjoy and do whatever that interests you. Get an iPhone.
Me: ( I do that anyways! ) blah blah more and more
YG: so you must be knowing the fees of MICA. What are your plans, how do you plan to manage expenses then?
Me: (oh god… what are they thinking? Am I poverty stricken or what??) Told them what my plans were
YG: I like the way you think. But after that if you dont get a good pay, do you think its worth all the trouble? Coming here at MICA and studying?
Me: (finally!! Somewhere close to my prepared answers!) Gave them lots of gyan
OM: (for the first time!) youve mentioned awards at your work place. What was it all about?
Me: told.
YG: youve mentioned cleanliness. Here in MICA we will give you 8 girls in a room to stay. How will you stay clean then?
Me: (I wanted to say I know you dont do that here!!) told
YG: what do you know about MICA, basically the extracurricular activities etc
Me: told them.
YG: do you think its worth doing these kind of stuff? (I had mentioned someone had done a film festival in my home town)
Me: again… more of gyan!
YG: ok you are done. Thank you. You want to ask anything?
Me: where is Roxy? (the micanine MICAs pet)
OM: hes not well. He is under medication.
Me: thank you sir!
While leaving, I could hear PL saying I see a lot of cats here around but..
The interview must have lasted around 25-30 mins
And I got a SPOT OFFER: D!!!:clap:
So my takeaway is you really dont need any preparation. You never know what they might ask you. Stay chilled. It helps!

Application Package

The application package consisted of the following:

Statement of Purpose
Three likes and dislikes
Top three Achievement
Academic background
Professional background
Group Exercise

Time allotted: 10 minutes for preparation + 2 minutes for presentation
Team: 7 people

“We were asked to come up with ‘communication tools’ addressing two – five year olds on how to reduce the consumption of chocolates and candies. It was related to dental hygiene. We came up with a skit and a poster. Both these tools were very simple and to-the-point, keeping in mind the age of the target audience. I worked on the poster while others worked on the skit. At the end, we were applauded by the panellists for our interpretation of the task,” says Ritwika

Personal Interview

Immediately after the GE, Ritwika was called for the PI. There were three members in the interview panel. This is how it went:

Q: So you are an English graduate. What do you think about adaptation of books into movies/plays?

A: Masses say a movie is never able to justify the book. But it is actually the limitation of the medium. To reproduce an entire book within a certain time (two or three hours) is difficult. All intricacies of a book cannot be captured on screen. But then there are both good and bad adaptations. It is how a certain director handles a subject. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are some good examples.

Q: You are an English Literature student and a fresher. Are you fit for MBA profile?

A: Being a recent graduate from humanities, I can give a fresh perspective to any discussion. My profile can add to the diversity and richness of class discussions which are mostly dominated by engineering grads. Sometimes job experience does not mean you are good at marketing. If people are coming from coding background, they are as new to marketing as I am.

Q: You have never lived in West Bengal. What do you think of the Bengali culture from an outsider’s perspective?

A: I have observed this about all communities in foreign land – they tend to form close bonds. In Bengalis too, there are so many things to connect on. Bengali clubs hold Pujas which is based on cultural familiarity and appreciating similar kind of music and food.

Q: Tell us about your NGO experience what did you do? How did it affect your personality?

A: (I told them about work profile and how it helped me as a person)
Working as a peer educator spreading awareness helped me to learn thinking on my feet. For example, we went to Nizamuddin Basti in Delhi. No one was helping us or listening to us. So we made the little ones sit down and started giving them sexual education. At that point, it’s all about how you handle pressure. Such acts also call for leadership and teamwork qualities. Today, if boys are educated, they’ll become better men – men who have the sensibility of respecting women. In our pre and post evaluation reports, a change in the thinking pattern of boys was noticed.

It is easy to read about feminism in class and not actually to do anything about it. So, I enrolled with the NGO and spread awareness on taboo, patriarch society.

Q: Which society will you join in MICA?

A: (I already knew about every community and had interest in Jagriti (social service wing of MICA) Sankalp and the literary community)

The whole interview lasted for about 10-20minutes.

Verdict: SPOT OFFER! “I was told that I am the perfect fit for MICA,” recalls Ritwika.

Ritwika’s take on the PI

“The duration of my PI was about 15-20 minutes, which was pretty less when compared to other aspirants’ PI that lasted for almost an hour! Also, I got none of the general questions such as ‘Why MICA?’, ‘Why PGDM(C)?’ or ‘Likes/Dislikes’. The PI was like a conversation about my experiences and my take on some topics. I was asked to analyse the Bengali Culture from a migrant’s perspective. Apart from being an English Honours grad from DU, I was a member of my College’s Dramatics Society. May be that is why I was asked about my take on books being adapted into movies/plays. Finally, I was asked about my experience at the NGO.
“So that was that. Everything was done by 3 PM. Results came out very late. But the tense mood in the Audi was lightened up by some brilliant singers in the group who took to the stage and sang some of the classics by Kailash Kher and KK,” says Ritwika.

Ritwika’s Tips

“Make sure you maintain a good score in your CAT/XAT mocks, especially focussing on the VA section. The next step in the process is the MICAT. This is a paper that does not require much preparation as it tests your creative and reasoning abilities for the most part. As for the GE, show that you can work well in a group, not letting others participate or being too talkative does not help, quite the contrary, it may harm your chances. In the PI, you may be asked to justify the decisions you have made regarding your academics or your career. Depending on your interest, the panellists may ask questions about the Marketing and Advertising Industry. So it helps to be abreast with the latest developments in these fields. The PI in MICA does not attempt to ‘grill’ the candidate. They try to ensure that you are the right fit for MICA.

“Humanities students feel at home in MICA because Marketing and Communication studies borrow a lot from the fields of sociology, psychology and anthropology. Thus, MBA in Marketing is a good career option for students from the Arts background,” says Ritwika.

Currently, Ritwika is a second year student of Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Communications (PGDM-C) at MICA.

Compiled from various Sources: cetking students,, etc.

Written : A lady hired by a company becomes pregnant just before the appointment date. What would you do ?

GE : Use American sign language (from the chart given) to make ads against Euthanasia an Eve teasing.

The GE is a fun exercise that lasts for 30 minutes. Relax, chill out, and contribute.


I – Interviewer, M – Me.

I – So, your profile tells me that you like music. What do you do ??
M – I play the violin and sing.
I – Can you sing for us ?
M – Jumping at the opportunity…YES !!! Sang..

I – Device an ad for Kerala without using any of the cliched features like cuisine, Kathakali, nature etc…

M – The ad starts in France. The French guy is eating his veal cutlet with a fork and knife. He then goes to Kerala.

Next, show him traveling by autorickshaw, rowing a boat, sweating profusely, dancing at a local festival, acting as a mahout.

Last scene – The French guy is eating beef, holding the slice with his hand. He has a lungi on, and no shirt.

Tagline – Everyone is a Malayalee. Come home.

I – Good. Asks other questions like “Why MICA ?”, etc……

M – answered.

Result – SPOT OFFER.

GE is Group exercise it may be anything for instance we were given a line “Create an ad campaign for early detection of cancer in humour”

Now, we had to make an ad and it ought to be funny Dont worry, its a team thing not like the usual GDs this is more to do with your team skills. Be open to ideas, think freely, express without inhibitions and you’ll be just fine.

Slot 6th April

Case Study : Same as last year. Newspaper vs Bottled water company. Newspaper printing articles saying that BWC water and tap water are same quality according to some research. BWC threating newspaper to pull out its 3 crore advertisement. What would u suggest the newspaper to do?

GE : What message swami vivekanand would have conveyed if the world was ending in the years 1977 , 1987 , 2000 , 2008 , 2020

Topic was somewhat like this and the other ge topic just replaced swami vivekanand with mahatma gandhi.

I think nobody needs to worry about GE. Its a fun task. I was zapped when I read the topic however you just have to go with the flow with your group. My group was a bit chaotic and aggressive in the way they started when everyone tried to make their points and making it sound like a group discussion. However slowly and steadily we got organized and made a good campaign out of it. I think so.

Dont be aggressive . Keep track of time. Listen to everyone. Give everyone a chance to speak. Keep suggesting ideas.

PI : I think it was my lucky day. Seriously. I got the most chilled out , relaxed panel out of all the four. No grilling. It was a simple casual conversation for 10 mins.
However the part that made me anxious for 7 hours till the results were announced was that the panel dint ask me the standard questions.

I was NOT asked
Why mica? , Why mba?, why mba after it?

I was NOT asked
Anything from my SOP , Nothing from my likes and dislikes, not even from case study. ZILCH.

The pi starts this way.

Panel 1 : Arbind Sinha (AS) Rohit Trivedi (RT) External Panel (EP) and ME

AS :” Malpani” , tumhaare surname mai bahut dum hai… tell me something about ur solid surname “Malpani”

ME : Sir , before that I would like to tell you something about my name also. Its supposed to be spelt as PRATEEK and not PRATIK.

EP: Oh , infact i’ve written PRATIK over here. You are correct.

ME : Sir , people normally think that since my surname ends with ANI i must be SINDHI however m a marwari.

AS: Your dad is in textile business. Tell me about it.

ME : Told.

AS : You come from an urban, well to do family. What will you do for the society as in the social work.

ME : Told them something about Ad campaigns and making people aware and motivating them to do the right thing.

AS: Awareness and motivation are two very different things.

ME: Sir , they can tag along. Explained how.

EP: You have written sourav ganguly as one of your likes. Why do you like him.

Just when I was about to answer.

AS:Tell me the difference between India vs Pakistan match and India vs Sri Lanka match.

ME: I told them about dhoni’s speech after we won against Australia. Then told them we share a rivalry atleast in world cups with pakistan because we havent lost against them even once. There was more pressure and aggression but if you see quality of cricket it was better in the finals.

EP : I get lots of messages that all matches are fixed. How they are properly planned so that India plays Pakistan in semis.

ME: No Sir , there is no proof that it is fixed and I wont comment anything till there is some solid proof. I like to believe that its genuine.

AS: What will you do in MICA apart from studying here?

ME : Sir, I’ll join MICAVaani I think I can be a good RJ.

RT : But the programs are in gujarati mainly.You know how to speak gujarati?

ME : No , But i understand . I can speak and understand Marathi. I will introduce a Hindi program.

Then the conversation led to something about AADHAAR campaign and rural areas and social awareness campaigns and my work profile.

and it ended. I dint know what to make out of it. I just kept smiling through out. But there was no grilling at all. No cross questioning. It was so so smooth. Even when I dint know answers to some questions they told me to chill , dont panic. After 7 hours waiting finally SPOT OFFER!.. and that was it. Happiest day in 23 years!!

However there was a certain Panel 2 which was horrifying and took 35-40 mins for every interview. So luck by chance..

But i’ll again repeat the same old lines everyone who’s been to mica will have to say that just be yourself , keep smiling and do your thing and hope for the best 🙂

There were 3 panelists in each panel for the Panel 2:
An old man who had no role but to keep nodding at whoever had whatever to say whenever..
The lady whose a faculty at MICA
anda visiting faculy from an ad agency..(wo sabki band baja raha thaa)

My PI started wid discussion on
Y leaving job wid 33 months f workex..?
u took 7years to realize u want to do this..(4yr engg+3yrs workex)
i l tell u what u engineers are confused in lyf ..

(i was wondering that now ..i knw datt..but then its nt really our fault..blame the faraday’s law ;P
I gave my reasons..but..)

U r confused..m telling u..after 2yrs u will cum to me saying i wana me a R.J
OK leave R.J ..we can see u r very good at speaking(OOH really) so y dnt u becum a journalist..the nation cud be served..
(i cudnt believe himm..1st he says engg r confused then he tries to lure me into jounalism..)

Questions On Likes/Dislikes
Sort f a deabte on itt..but i think i defended it well

Questiosn abt other calls..( I hd other calls as well IMT-G Tapmi Somaiya with a converted Narsee monjee call as for now)..discussion on y mica and not those institutes..(longg discussion must say)

What career options after mica wud u choose..
agn FIRE form the panelists..
the PI was over..
they asked me if i had any ques..( really..i am living in and out of MICA and its site for quite sm tym now…)

I told them i didnt( lots f reaserchwrk dne from my end, alumini current batch outgoing..faculty..etc)

Wud u believe it..the pI resumed again..on NOT wat i knew..on from whr i knew and its authenticity check…

( felt lyk kicking myslef for the last verbose statement that again resumed the PI)..

Finally it ended..

wait for results didnt kill us as the agony by panle 2..seemed as if the interviews wud go till 10pm with dat speed..thnkfully othr panels took up..
results at had gt late so only spotties announced with merit and not recommended list on the board for evryone to check with..
fisrt 13-16 names out..evry name dat sounded lyk Anshu but didnt turn out to be was deafening ..till then had lost hope..

3rd last(maybe ) in the list..yess..SPOT OFFER..

With tears and overwhelming shock f my lyf..smthing i so long dreamt f ..had cum true..from 21st feb micat to 17march..GE/PI calls announced to till date..6th april..its was a dream for too long now actually turning into a reality..

Just wna thank all u my GE as well as my PI panel..
Not to forget Maalpani,Vivek,Abhimanyu,Sonal,Abhishek,Gautam(the last man of patience to be interviewed at 7pm..salute u yaa..

Just one word f advice for all as it has been said several tymes:
1)BE urself and just chill..
2)back ur SOP to the core
3)Dnt miss the food(u l need to eat to energize urself..the wait seesm endless
4)Make sure thr are no ego issues at GE..
5)Be honest..they respect that..
Coz its MICA..

Date-6th April
Panel 3 for GE
Panel 2( the famouss PANEL 2 for our PI)

We reached the IIM-A gate to board the bus awaiting us..
It takes 40min or so to reach the MICA campus..

We took a note of our groups which had been displayed on the boards according to teh MICA id..
Submitted the SOP form etc..

We were redivided into groups for our Group Exercise(GE)

The task assigned was something(cant remember the exact 2liner given to us)..likewe had to give them a model/chart such that is showed what Mahatma Gandhi would have given his message to the world in the year of 1977,1987,2000,2008,2020.

The group got 5min to think nad discuss and 25min to work upon it..
The first line..WHO’S good in history for none of us cud ejjactly remember 1877 or 1987 events we decided to just join the dots wid wtevr quotes/slogans etc we cud .we were given only 4coloured chart papers with sketch pens..(DATSS IT scissors or stpler or any other props)..

the GE was good..wid Ankit ready to write down slogan s for us..Yoshita more dan happy to draw and make small display cards..Nikita and Sid actively on the charts, Mudit quitely coopartaing wid evryone in need ,Titiksha and Siddarth(2 ;P i knw bt thr were two of them in our group..i still dnt knw whom to call sid 1 or sid2) regulating all with evryone brimming with ideas..we did well..must say..

We again had to gather for a short write up..
Case Study: A newspaper has published a national survey claiming that bottled water and tap water are on equal footing. the newspaper has also published dissent on the part of packaged water distributors. The Bottled Water Company has a 3 crore advertising a/c with the newspaper that its threatening to pull. What would u advise the newspaper to do?

15minutes given for the same
P.S–dont take the case study lightly…they werent questioning everyone on their responses but if they do, just stick to whatever u have written!

we were then asked to gather in the Audi whr we were briefed by the director Mr Ranchhod..

total 76 ppl..4panels 19each. cums the longgg wait..why m saying the wait is something evrybdy present on 6th april 2011 wud knoww v v well..
I was in the panel 2 scheduled for the 7th decently if PI started by 2pm wud be the max i had tow ait..but ..dats whr we went wrong..
All other panels were rushing up wid decent speed of 10-15min ech candidate..but panle 2 had decided to beat that nw..wid interviews ranging from 30-45 min turn Turned up at 4pm..dnt ask me hw the rest f 12 guys gt interviewd..they were outsourced to other panels as [panel 1,3,4 were all free by 5pm i guess..

Date : 8th April
Work-exp : 4+ (I was really apprehensive with this burden)
Profile : Good with healthy academics, extracurricular achievements – upto national level
and social services.

GE : Considering websites like FB, Linked-In as animals and birds, enact a mime how they present themselves to skeptical potential users.
(had lots of fun !!! – I was one of the potential users)

PI : [overall pretty cool] (listing the main points)
What do you like so much about yourself? (I wrote “Myself” as Point 1 in Likes)
You have been awarded in Music/Singing. So let’s hear you sing!
(I wrote “Music” as Point 2 in Likes and also mentioned my awards in Singing in achievements)
You have been awarded in and also have hosted Quizzes. So why don’t you conduct a quiz for the 3 of us on MICA? (googly! but managed-questioned back on the details of each of my questions -also some sports questions introduced)
What do you want in life? Why MICA? Why communications management?
How would communications management be helpful? (told about my dream ambition mentioned in SOP – questioned back regarding them on functioning of Google and Flipkart and on consumer mindset)
Do you think organizations should be socially responsible? What such thing would you do in your organization?
Do you feel your experience would be wasted or what would you carry forward from that?
Give instances of your leadership skills and social service (and questioned back on that)
Questions on MICA logo and campus activities in MICA (answered all except 1 but said that I did remember the answer when I was outside the interview room door)
Finally, Thank You!

Hadn’t stayed back but had been helped by a friend who communicated the same to me when I was travelling back from Ahmedabad and checked the mail when I reached home

10. One rejected PI
Work ex : 28 months in IT industry

GE : You are a fresher in a school. Enact an anti ragging skit. Everybody in the group was contributing and gave ideas as to what needs to be done. People were allocated/decided/given roles and the job was done in a very subtle way. The number of ideas given is important i believe. More or less a candidate is tested on how he/she delivers his idea amongst the peers and how much acceptance does he/she has when it comes to listening to others.

There were charts and sketches provided. It’s your call whether to use them or not. There were groups that focused on the skit rather than drawings. If you want to convey your message through posters then yes the props are important.
Overall, it was a very healthy and interesting GE. The candidates got to converse a lot in terms of ideas and enjoy in a very unique yet subtle way.

PI : I was allocated to a panel with 3 MEN( none of the men was in black J )

M1 : young guy probably in his 27-28s (alumnus I suppose)
M2 : Senior professor .
M3 : Mr. not interested . Another member of the teaching panel I believe.

It all started very early for me as I was the first one to be interviewed for the day. And I believe I was fully prepared and confident. Although a little nervous for obvious reasons.
As I entered the room, I wished all the 3 men and it was all business from there.

Some pointers before I discuss the interview. I had mentioned sports marketing in my SOP and when we talk about sports, they will never ask you about latest matches or mangers or history. They will focus on the aspects of how you relate it to your aspirations.

M2 : So you’ve mentioned sports marketing in your SOP and we see you are a huge follower of European football. Plus you’ve worked for American banks and clients. Tell me how do you relate all of this to your interest?
ME : First of all sir with all due respect follow is a very negative word when it comes to my passion for football , I would rather say I admire it a lot. Then I told him how I related the investment and insurance industry with sports and marketing.

M2 : Smiled. Seemed convinced.

M1 : he was waiting for this and now it was his turn to pounce. Quickly questioned about how would your spread your brand demographically when it comes to spreading it to a place where people don’t follow your club.
ME : Explained in a very subjective way and there was no way he could cross question me on this. I knew every bit of the financial institution I have worked for. ( PS : thorough knowledge of what you mention in your SOP helps).

M2 : Did you get to show your leadership skills in GE? If yes how?
ME : explained.

M2 : what is the difference between the captain of a football team and a cricket team.
ME: Explained with examples.

M2 : can a leader of a specific domain be made leader of a company or a state?
ME : On abstract terms leaders have same ideology but when it comes to business or leading a specific domain , you need to have certain experience and knowledge .
That means you cannot make lionel messi or Cristiano Ronaldo a leader of a country. Although they have what it takes to be a leader but knowledge or expertise in terms of a domain is important to lead that domain.

M3 : We are only talking about football here. Lets talk something else.
Me : Seemingly convinced and confident – “Sure Sir”.

M2 : You’ve mentioned in your likes – “Blogging “. What do you blog about?
ME : Told them about various aspects that I blog about.

M2 : what is the latest social issue that you’ve blogged about?
ME : told them about the delhi rape and shootings in Connecticut.

M1 : Ok give me 3 very specific solutions to avoid rapes. And do not give me abstract reasons like increasing police force and all that non sense.
ME : let me think of it sir for a few seconds.
And then the 3 reasons were :
1) A death penality is must because 90 % of people have in their subconscious of what we call as fear of death. If that happens , this fear will definitely help in countering some cases if not all.
2) Technology can be used efficiently as an undergarment company in US places a small GPS alarming device which can be used by the victim to just press the button and alarm about the situation.
3) As the act of crime happens from the sub conscious part of the brain which is only active in 2 cases. Sleep and over drug or alcohol usage. Proper drug control and alcohol usage /consumtion measures should be followed.

PS : These were the best 3 “ absolute points” I could figure out at that time. There can be a difference of opinion of the reader and the writer

M2 : so what target audience will you focus on to help convey this message or educate them.
ME : Sir, I believe there is no target audience because you can never judge by a persons nature if he is a normal mortal during day and an abuser/murderer by the night. Still what I believe is that as most of the acts involve sub conscious, it is good to teach the children at a very early stage about the gravity of the act and importance of being moral.

M2 : smiled again and questioned about a dislike that I mentioned in my SOP.
ME : explained and it made all of them smile.

M3 : (Out of nowhere ). I think we are good here . Anybody needs to ask any more questions? (looking at other two members) . Eveybody said we are good here.

End result – spot rejected.
Unsure about where it all went wrong. Probably MICA wasn’t destined to be the place for me. I enjoyed the process and all the quality people I met.
Somehow disappointed because I was really confient that If not a spot I deserved a ML/WL. But no comments, as it is for the panel to decide the fit .
I hope this experience helps the future aspirants . God bless.

Work ex: 12 months at a business research firm

GE: You are a fresher. Enact an anti ragging skit for your seniors.
The group did well. Our basic concept was that rather than a complete ban on ragging, we as freshers, want healthy ragging which helps in breaking the ice between juniors and seniors. We enacted a street play with 3 scenes showing physical ragging, substance abuse based ragging and healthy ragging. We ended with a message well within the stipulated time. Good team effort by all.

Tip: The panelists also kept some charts, felt pens, magazines etc on the table which were not required for a skit. This was probably done to confuse. The group should be clear as to its objectives.


Harrowing wait as my turn came at 7:20 pm while we were free from GE at 10 am!! Take a book or music along to kill time.

Duration: 25 mins

1.What is the meaning of your name?
2. Asked about the extracurricular activities I had mentioned on the form and what I learnt from them?
3. Why shift to marketing? (my background is in finance)
4.How will you value a company?
5. Asked me to explain my work ex? (Did that with an example)
6. Difference between research finding and insight?
7. Why Brand Management? (had mentioned it in my SOP)
8. Difference between problem solving and creative problem solving. (had mentioned creative problem solving as a quality that had contributed to a particular extra curricular achievement)
9. Gave me an exercise. Kept 5 things on the table – pencil, paper, stapler mobile and spoon and asked me to link them all together.
10. Why Mica?
11. What other calls do you have? What is your pecking order if selected in all?

Any other observation: The panelists are very friendly and have a very conversational approach to interviews rather than the fact/academic based approach of other colleges. One must be very clear with why marketing and why MICA. Also, one needs to be confident and opinionated as that is what they are looking at for communications PGs (IMO).

Result: SPOT!


MICAT 2015 Entrance Exam

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MICAT 2015 Eligibility Criteria
MICAT 2015 Exam Pattern
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