July 10, 2012

SNAP test series

SNAP test and mocks MockEngineering

Increase your score by 20 marks only via SNAPking Mocks taking strategies program!

SNAPking presents No Nonsense mocks which is based 100% on last years SNAP test and papers.

Mocks available here: > MockEngineering

SNAP test and mocks MockEngineering Advantages:

  • Mock tests siwith mulated national level ranking
  • Sectional tests for practice along with the mocks
  • Each mock specially proctored keeping SNAP and NMAT in mind
  • Heat map and temprature check for each mock
  • SNAPking’s famous Test taking strategies
  • Schedule on how to prepare for last few weeks
  • Expert guidance by CET and SIBM alumni and students
  • Correspondence facility available to conduct mocks
  • Includes questions from actual SNAP test and papers 2010 – 2005 and NMAT 2010 – 2005

Mocks available here: > MockEngineering

LoP1: Level of preparation 1 will concentrate on building your basics

LoP2: Level of preparation 2 will concentrate on building your attempts
LoP3: Level of preparation 3 will help you maximize your potential

We wont stop you but ideally you should not move to Lop 2 without completing Lop1. and same from Lop 2 to Lop 3. Like all our other products MockEngineering program is all about smart working.

Mocks available here: > MockEngineering


Mocks available here: > MockEngineering