Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Punjab Universities feature in world top colleges

Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Punjab Universities feature in world top colleges along with IITs.

14 Indian institutions in the World University Rankings and half of them are among the global 400, according to the QS World University Rankings 2015.

University and their rank
480+ University of Delhi
600+ University of Kolkota
701+ Banaras Hindu University
701+ Punjab University
701+ University of Mumbai
701+ University of Pune

However the bad news is that the universities of Delhi and Mumbai have lost ground. Mumbai was ranked in 550s last year but this year is degraded to 700+. But still good to see in top 1000 list.

IITs as usual feature in top 500.
147 Indian institute of science
179 IIT delhi
202 IIT bombay
254 IIT Madras
271 IIT kanpur
286 IIT Kharagpur
391 IIT Roorkie
450s IIT Guwahati

Two Indian institutes have for the first time made it to the top-200 list of the world’s best universities.
The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, has taken the top spot among the Indian peers, bagging the 147th rank. The only other Indian institute to make it to the top-200 is IIT-Delhi, ranked 179th this year. It has made great progress from last year when it was ranked 235th.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the world’s top university , closely followed by Harvard.The University of Cambridge is tied to Stanford for the third place. London is the only city in the world with four universities in the top 50, more than Boston (3) and New York (3) Paris, Sydney , Hong Kong and Beijing (2 each), with the London School of Economics and Political Science making the top 40 for the first time.

Thirty-four countries are represented in the top 200.The US is the dominant nation, with 49 institutions, ahead of the UK (30), the Netherlands (12), Germany (11), Canada, Australia, Japan (8), China (7), France, Sweden and Hong Kong (5).

World top 10
1. MIT (USA)
2. Harward (USA)
3. University of Cambridge (uk)
4. Stanford University (usa)
5. California Caltech (usa)
6. University of Oxford (uk)
7. University college London UCL (uk)
8. Imperial College London
9. Swiss federal inst of technology (Switzerland)
10. University of Chicago (usa)

In an exclusive interview to TOI, Ben Sowter, QS head of research, said, “India’s the primary shortfalls are money and consistent policy leadership.“
It’s high time government focus on improving education system.