NITIE GDPI Exeriences

  •  Date of GD/PI : 12/03/2012


    X – 84.6%
    XII – 79.6%
    Undergrad Major – NIT Hamirpur-B-Tech Mechanical with 8.4 GPA

    NIL/Sector – 26 months as QA/6 Sigma in Core manufacturing sector

    CAT Score:
    Overall – 92.5
    QA+DI -87.xx
    VA + LR – 94.xx


    Topic: Is India’s Foreign policy pro-US?

    Number of People present: 10, the group was a mix of people from PGDISEM & PGDIM

    Time: 2 minutes to think and scribble on the notepad provided, 16 mins to discuss & 2 mins to conclude/summarize.

    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: The topic was a bit unexpected for everyone & hence the discussion was not so good with almost everyone repeating the same points. I could sneak in to speak 2-3 times. 2 guys dint speak a word at all throughout and the panelists asked them to say something in the last 2 mins. I along with 2 others also pitched in to conclude.

    Other Salient Details: Mentioned above.


    Panel Members Intro: 1 Lady, 3 Male Profs (all of them in the early forties)


    Q: Briefly & quickly introduce yourself?
    A: Spoke about college, extra-curricular, project on hydrogen use in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) & major project, then about work-ex.

    Q: What are the pros n cons of using hydrogen in automobiles?
    A: Said

    Q: Explain in brief the working of ICE?
    A: Said

    Q: What safety aspects do you find missing at the place you work?
    A: Said about oil-spills & general safety issues I have come across

    Q: What was your major project?
    A: Designing of a mini tractor for terrace farming

    Q: Why mini & of what weight?
    A: Said

    Q: What was the engine HP?
    A: Said

    Q: Why inclination towards environment?
    A: Gave some funda on involvement in Earth day etc.

    Q: Then why industrial safety?
    A: blah blah…

    The interviews was very short of about 7-8 mins.

    The campus is amazingly beautiful and this landscaping is something not present in any part of Mumbai.

    Guys, the registration starts exactly at 8, so be there on time. But yes, the process is time consuming everywhere, from registration to verification to GD. I waited for 7 hours for my interview turn and hence a short interview I guess. They show you andaz apna apna in the waiting period, a quiz is conducted, highlights of the program along with placement details are shown in PPT. Interaction is conducted with the Team IMPACT & PLACECOM of 2012 batch as well as the VPs of the student council. Each & every doubt from mess to acads to sex ratio to placements & profiles is cleared.

    1 copy of all the docs is required. Don’t worry if you don’t have any document in original as you will be made to sign an acknowledgement. Photocopies can be done free of cost but your process may get delayed and you may be pushed to the last no in your panel.

    For those, having return tickets after 6 pm but before 10 pm, seniors would take care of it, so need not worry on this front either.

    Overall, a very good experience. Hope I get a chance to join NITIE.

    Verdict: Converted in 1st list


  • Acads:
    X – 87.7
    XII – 83.5
    Undergrad Major – GPA 6.8, Aerospace engg

    Work-Ex: 7 months
    Sector – ISRO

    CAT %: 90.95 % SC

    GD: Is auction of cricket players spoiling the game of cricket
    Number of People present: 8
    Time: 3+12+2 (thinking + gd + summery)
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: was ok, covered from the positive and negative sides but talked a lot about the effect on test cricket.
    Other Salient Details: no summary was asked to be written, a note book and pencil was provided for writing down the ideas

    PI for PGDIM

    Panel Members Intro: two were old, two were in 40’s


    introduce yourself
    what is your role in isro ?
    Some questions on my role?
    Any learning from extracurricular?
    why low acards ? went through all mark sheets
    asked about aircraft , fuselage, materials used, if titanium was used if so in making what parts

    was asked to explain about my b Tech proj , asked if the project was an original or a regular repeat of work
    my project was about design of a mechanism……so asked me some questions. I failed in mechanisms course twice so asked me the reason. Asked me the use of mechanisms and some questions. Answered all these questions well, talked about the reasons of failure, justified with good grade in last three sems.

    I think they tested if you were observant or not and if you can apply engineering to life and how you understood those concepts. They also wanted to see if you are activity active

    feel good about the interview but keeping my fingers crossed till the results are out.


  • gd topic: electronics waste is a great menace

    verdict on gd: fish market from the beginning, panel asked each of us to summarize.

    then waiting, waiting, waiting, lunch, waiting, waiting, andaz apna apna, quiz, big bang theory, waiting, waiting …..
    at last at 4pm i heard my name being called for pi……………….i was so happy to hear my name that one could have thought that i have got my final call

    pi exp:

    three gentlemen (in their 50s)

    p1: why did u reschedule your gdpi date?
    me: iim wat/pi…… the time nitie came up with the list, change date option for iim was closed

    p1: aise hi poochi……….so only 5 months exp?

    p1:IT? after electronics and instrumentation? same programming stuff?
    me: no sir. i am a tester.

    p1: what did u do in between your final exams and your joining date
    me: joining was in random basis, so was in apprehension the whole time……spent time concentrating on cat and reading books

    p1: what books?
    me: sci-fi and thrillers

    p1: no business books?
    me: no

    p1: why? don’t u read anything related to business?
    me: newspapers . i love sci-fi and thrillers

    p1: what u read in paper?
    me: politics and……

    p1: bengal politics? (he said so as am from kolkata) mamta banerjee ha ha ha…..
    me: everything sir

    p1: u don’t wanna leave kolkata , it seems
    me: not that sir…..

    p1: so may i ask u something from instrumentation?
    me: sure sir

    p1: what is LVDTt?
    me: explained (didn’t mention the full form assuming he would know )

    p1: what is L in LVDT?
    me: told

    p1: u should mention that
    me: okay

    p1roximity sensor?
    me: told

    p1: difference between proximity sensor and proximity switch?
    me: told but cut short in the middle……

    now the tricky part….

    p1: (gave a situation involving shaft, rotor etc. etc. and asked me weird questions on that which i told him to repeat twice, to understand )
    me: (tried to beat around the bush but ultimately surrendered)

    p1: see u people don’t understand such things , then we have to go down the level and again make u understand in simple terms…..
    me: sir, in our stream, such things were not in syllabus. ask me from microprocessor, that is my fav sub

    p1: i don’t know that
    me: (dumb filler smile)

    p1: can stepper motor be used for displacement measurement
    me: yes i think. not sure.

    p1: so u r elec n instru…….so what is multiplexer
    me: told

    p1: its usage with example
    me: can i use a simple microprocessor (again) as an example

    p1: (laughs) okay
    me: gave the example of lower address bus and data bus being multiplexed together with multiplexer and how they operate using address latch enable.

    p1: but how do u know whether a particular switch in a multiplexer is working or not?
    me: (explained the select lines funda)

    p2: any recent news u read?
    me: rail fare got hiked…..(cut short)

    p1: and mamata banerjee was angry for that….ha ha ha….
    me: (now what is it with mamata di?? )

    p2: no any news that has an impact on business world?
    me: eurozone crisis

    p2: okay explain
    me: explained

    p3: what should be done with greece then?
    me: presented my points…..

    p3: no, greece should be thrown out and got rid off?
    me: no sir…. (explained)

    p3: ok that is it, u may leave
    me: thanked all

    * okay so no HR questions, final year project questions or work based questions
    * don’t know what to infer
    * nitie made me wait too long for the process, hope i make it



    X – 91.75%
    XII – 93.75%
    Undergrad Major – 8.95 GPA

    NIL/Sector – 33 / IT

    CAT Score:
    Overall – 97.42
    QA+DI – 95.65
    VA + LR – 95.75

    Topic: Should both developed / underdeveloped countries have equal binding in combating climate change.
    Number of People present: 7
    Time: 10 – 15mins (2 mins for preparing)
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

    Decent discussion, went off the track for some time though.
    I pitched in 2 – 3 points and dint talk more. (Was pointed out by the panel to summarise the discussion as i was quiet most of the time)

    PI for PGDIM:
    Panel Members Intro: 4 members (1 person was mostly an observer)

    My PI was towards the end of the day and believe me it went for a max of 3mins…. Anyway this is how the interview went…

    Panel: Take your seat.
    P1: You have great marks in engg. What a waste of talent it would be if you came here.
    Me: Umm. Sir… Actually… (Cut short)

    P2: Where do you work ?
    Me: Told (Apparently they’d known about my company)

    P1: How many years of work ex
    Me: 33 Months.

    P3: What do you do there.
    Me: Actually. I work with…. (Cut short)

    P3: Does your software ruun on Linux ???
    Me: No sir it actually is in the initial stages, works on Windows currently (Cut short)

    P1: What was your final yeah projecting.
    Me: Told the heading and started with some explanation (Cut short).

    Panel: Okay you may go now.

    I could not believe my interview was over.. I gave them a very confounded look and I heard them laughing after i left. I guess it was mostly due to the last look i gave…!!

    Anyway, things could have gone better.

    And the IMPACTors were just brilliant.. They made what would have otherwise been a very very tiring day, a looot less boring..
    The highlight of the day was the “Quiz” conducted by IMPACT team to keep us occupied.!

    Verdict: Converted and Joining..! (Totally elated)

    PS:- It is going to be a really long day guys.. I’d suggest taking one or two cans of redbulls..!


    X – 85.2
    XII -83.8
    Undergrad Major – 67% (not awarded marks easily)

    25 months IT

    CAT Score:
    Overall -97.78
    QA+DI – 95.10
    VA + LR – 98.23

    GD Topic: Is faith in god important for well-being.
    Number of People present :10 ;4 in the panel
    2 mins to think ;16mins for discussion ; 2 mins for conclusion

    Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
    All the groups got abstract topics like the one mentioned. The discussions before us were all fish market as told by the seniors , so we were requested to carry out the discussion properly.
    I started the GD but was suddenly cut by 2 people at the very start who also wanted to initiate the discussion. It became a fish market for the first few minutes with people trying to pitch in with all sorts of ideas , but gradually turned to a more subtle talk with evry1 appreciating points of others and allowing others to speak.

    the points discussed were related to Islam, Christianity , Jews , merciless killings and karma in the name of religion.ppl also differentiated b/w believers, atheists ,agnostics at the start. But extreme form of faith- terrorism stole the show (was discussed for arnd 10 mins)

    A guy ended the discussion with a point that it’s our karma that we are sitting here for the GD and it’s on god what he decides. personally i think it was hilarious but the panel seemed to have loved the point.

    Other Salient Details: A few people were chosen by the panel at the end to summarize.(Usually those who have not spoken no need to worry it’s not random.)

    PI for PGDIM:
    Panel Members Intro: p1,p2,p3,p4

    p2:Hw was the GD?
    p2:what was your role in the gd?
    p3:wht was the topic?
    p2:wht do you think about it?
    (5-6mins over p1 & p4 were just listening )

    p3:tell us something about your job profile?
    p3:why civil(1st yr change of branch) to chemical to IT(experience) to MBA.
    -was already prepared for this one gave them some gyan about entrepreneurship and how i will use my chemical knowledge in future endeavors.
    questions on the entrepreneurship and the project in my mind.
    (seemed to be quite satisfied)
    p3:what is the organisational structure followed in your company?
    had no clue.
    p3:u had BOM(business operations management) as a subject in chemical engg .
    me: sir I don’t have any idea but a guess would be hierarchical.
    p2:some questions about agriculture in Punjab and y people are moving out of smaller cities to urban areas and other countries
    me: some gyan and told them that ultimately there would be a saturation pt. and people will start moving back.Infact the reverse movement has already started.
    p2:satisfied smile and he liked the term “reverse movement”
    p2:what do u think would improve the reverse movement?
    me: job opportunities and entrepreneurship programs. Industrialization and other stuff.
    p3: Per capita income of Punjab
    me: no idea about the statistics and m form Haryana not Punjab. Born and brought up in Haryana.
    p3:sex ratio in Haryana
    me: told
    p2:reason for low sex ratio
    me: gave all the reasons(female infanticide,fetal murder)
    p2 to p3:u want to ask about the clg project
    me: thinking no no no
    p4 steps in:u like reading
    me:no sir , i don’t get time to read. I prefer watching a few Hollywood series in my free time. Gave a few examples
    p2:hw does it help u in a mgmt. field.
    me: decision making, using resources effectively
    p2:what is it called. Using resources effectively
    me: stammering ….sir efficiency….caught the expression on his face….optimization
    p2:ya ya …so have u dn nething in your job for optimization
    me:ques i was waiting fr…gave 1-2 mins of gyan.(dint want them to ask about clg project.

    at the end a satisfied look on everyone’s face.
    p1,p2,p3,p4:best of luck.

    may be missed out on a few points. This is all i remember.

    20-25 mins of interview with very less technical. This is all i wanted.
    rest is with god.

    FAITH in god is important.


  • Date : 12/03/2012

    X – 90.5%
    XII – 86.9%
    Undergrad Major – (DGPA)8.08

    Work-Ex: 4 months(IT)
    NIL/Sector – Number of Months

    CAT Score:
    Overall – 98.41
    QA+DI – 97.04
    VA + LR – 97.05

    Topic: Is India’s Foreign policy pro-US?
    Number of People present : 10
    Time: 2minutes (think and note), 16 minutes (discuss), 2 minutes(summarize).

    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Initially I felt everyone was waiting for any other people to start the discussion. A topic which was unknown to almost all. So no one really provide anything significant. It was a normal discussion type with no fish-market kind of situation. 2 persons were absolutely silent. Every other people chipped in for 3-4 times I guess but at the ending stage points were getting repeated & some were off the topic also. Finally the co-ordinators asked few people individually to summarize.

    PI for PGDIM/PGDISEM/PGDITM: PGDIM(I was the first IM candidate in that panel, before me everyone had ISEM call)
    Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) 4 persons – 1 lady, 3 male profs

    (I am only mentioning the questions here, otherwise it will be too long)
    tell me something about yourself
    what do u do
    what type of involvement in your business you have
    define your exact role in your work
    in which region the business occurs
    why I left my job previously
    in future what do you want to see (5/10 years’ timeframe)
    one favourite subject from grads & couple of simple questions from that
    final year project in the engineering
    the project overview in details
    the implementation of the project & my role in the whole project
    how IM will help me in reaching my goal in future
    as a normal citizen, what is your expectation from the coming budget
    as a normal citizen, what is your expectation from the coming railway budget
    what idea do you have about operations
    what you generally do in leisure time
    why no extra-curricular activities mentioned

    Misc.: Final year project is a must knowledge to have for almost every people

    PS : many people(who stayed in the mdp hostel) in our day missed the breakfast as the reporting time was 8 am but make sure to have it as it was available from 7.30 in the morning. Otherwise it will be tough to get time in the middle.

    all the best to all


  • Mine was on 12-Mar-2012 ( first day first show )

    call for PGDIM, General category

    Profile :
    10th : 87 %
    12th : 89 %
    B.Tech Mechanical 6.5 / 10

    Work-ex : L&T; Power Core manufacturing experience of 32 months

    CAT :

    97.32 %ile both sections 93+ (never even dreamt of getting call at such score )

    Experience :

    Firstly, thanks a lot Team Impact !! expertly co-ordinated the whole thing….
    and they were very helpful, answering any and all queries….
    If i get thru, i’ll be an Impacter next year

    When i first arrived, they checked all call letters at a desk, those who didn’t have one were given their call letters on the spot.
    Then we were sent to a large audi to wait. here the Impacters showed us a few presentations on Nitie while candidates were serially called for doc verification.

    Important : They are asking for 2 copies of ALL documents including cat scorecard and charc certificate. If you don’t have, they’ll take copies there for you, but still now that you know, go prepared so as to not give the Impacters too much trouble
    Also take two photos (mugshots of yourself) with you…

    After the doc verification ( which was quite smooth ) i was immediately in line for the GD was one of the first few GD batches…

    GD Topic : Is profit the only Business of Business ?

    2 mins to think, 15 min gd, 2 mins summary
    4 panelists
    10 candidates

    discussion veered off towards CSR….was threatening to become fishmarket but people controlled themselves and everyone spoke well…

    Tip : you get only 2 mins to think on the topic b4 start of gd so think hard and think while discussing as well so as to cover all points and give the discussion a logical flow. Also each of us was given 50 secs to summarise, so be a good listener !!!

    Then after gd, there was a long waiting period for me since i was far behind in the serial order for PI. They gave a 35 rupee lunch at one of the hostels which was good.
    TIP: get an idea of how long you’ll have to wait and take lunch accordingly…

    while waiting they gave us a quiz on the projector…it was fun…

    Finally i was called for PI :

    Panel of 4, 3 gentlemen and a lady
    all 4 pretty cool people
    started with tell me about yourself
    when i got to the part of where i work, something interesting happened…
    i said “L&T;” and their faces lit up and they said in unison “L&T;??”

    TIP: so I’m assuming they have a special thing towards core experience…
    so anyone from such fields, be warned you might be favoured but your expected to know everything about where you work and your industry….

    Then they probed deeper into what i do, whats my profile, what i am aiming for in terms of a career path, what kind of work i want to do later, basically trying to judge whether ive a clear career plan in mind
    then suddenly one of them popped a question “how will a nitie mba help in this?”
    then i explained that because ive seen managers in action in my organisation i know that need a broader perspective and greater knowledge than simply technical learning, and this i can get thru their PGDIM course….they seemed convinced….i guess this was their way of asking why MBA ?
    Then they probed deeper into the details of my work and what i do, how i contribute to the company etc. etc…
    after about 10-15 mins they seemed satisfied, said thank you and i left….

    Interesting : no questions on technical acads or final year project which was a pleasant surprise
    only work-ex based interview, so again people with core-industry work-ex, prepare accordingly….

    Update : CONVERTED !! In First List !! PGDIM Gen, and i’m definitely joining !!



    X – 91
    XII – 86
    Undergrad Major – 75%

    NIL/Sector – Telecom
    Number of Months : 32

    Topic: Fear of God leads to wisdom
    Number of People present : 10
    Time: 15
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Worst GD that I ever had a total Fish Market
    There was this guy who that he is the moderator and because of this feature of his it contributed to the machchiiii mkt…

    God save the poor soul

    Other Salient Details: 2 min to think + 15 min + 2 min summary (nothing individualistic all in grp)

    PI for PGDIM:
    Panel Members Intro: 2 proffs in the start then 3 then again 2

    1. So u working in XXXX ?
    Ram kahani shuru co ke baare mein
    2. So wht is your role and about my product
    3. U have so much work ex u r gr8 for PGDITM wjy u want to learn Fin, mkt etc.
    Started to ans 2 words then interrupted
    Proff : no no I am not doubting u have chosen the wrong stream just aise hii

    4. what is XXX ( kuch to thaa smth in short form)
    No idea
    Proff – It’s realted to H/w, kabhii sunaa hai……(ab sunaa to bahut hai sirjee…….hur cheez sunni hue see lagtee hai)
    No idea sir

    5. Achaa apne kaam ke sivay aur kahin interest hai….(academic/learning area perspective) ?
    Said was interested in cloud computing as a field
    phir ram kahaani cloud computing ke baare mein

    6. achaa isse kyaa jobs inc hongee
    I said yes and discussion on this

    7. wht is the role of mngmnt in this
    Tried to justify

    Then the Proff started telling cloud computing small startups…more opportunities and more….

    Nd It struck me ” The APP market is similar to this ” (Eureka…..)
    I told the same

    Then the proff said “Nw thts wht I was expecting”

    (Sounded like Remo’s style in DID – Now thts wht i call a perf )

    Ok we are done….. pleasantries exchanged

    Hope it helps :cheers:

    P.S. – My process was over arnd 12……..Nitie campus phir mastii maari ……some cllg frnds some new frnds made with seniors and gd/PI grp……


  • date:13th march
    10: 84.66
    graduation:62.7 (Electrical)
    work ex:40months

    CAT:92 (sc)
    QA DI: 95
    VA LR:87

    hav to pick a slip from the lot for a topic.
    GD PI TOPIC:Exposing scams: Is it media’s responsibility?

    two min to jot down your thots,sixteen to discuss and two to summarize.

    topic has enough content to discuss but people started blurting out anything and everything about media.puking went on n on.
    kinda of a fish market with guys making tangential points with regards to the topic with some passion.more in the lines of om puri and kiran bedi at anna hazare’s fast.

    funny points: china regulates media. Which keeps them in control?…one guy said this exposing happens only in India..arushi murder case was apparently a scam! one guy went on judge India pak semi-final was fixed and that scam has been exposed thanks to media!

    made out a lot of entries but um not sure panel could make out anything in that din.
    got frustrated and negated the guys when they were summarizing in the end. Saying i don’t agree to the summary which says we all agree that it is media resposibility.went on to add it is a byproduct of its job that is good for the any nation but it is media’s job only as much as it is everones job.for debunking and exposing or monitoring,there is a system in place.we can’t expect a private body to take up responsibility jus coz the system is ineffiecient.and also that is a business for them with their own underlying agendas..jeez the shocked expresion from all made me stop there.

    was in andaz apna apna mood..before entering the room,
    yes fir se andaz apna apna was the popular choice.

    team impact really has an impact on your state of mind. Constantly trying to engage you in something or the other to preclude you from feeling tired from the long drawn out process

    i wish there were more chairs though in the syndicates so that everyone cud sit.

    Pi questions:

    Brief intro:
    blah blah went on and on and on

    whats fcc?told
    what are its main products? Told
    what is its feed? told
    whats dhds? and its products? Told something

    p1 says um done

    P2whats your favourite quote??
    was caught off guard coz i was expecting a core interview. Switching was difficult..
    quoted Jordan “Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships”
    was asked to explain..did..he pressed further asking my why isn’t talent enough…quoted instances. Team India or ipl teams that lost which had stalwarts. Football seems convinced in the end when i said one talented guy can’t pull off everything evrytime on his own.

    who inspires you? was about to say Stephen hawking but thought of sticking to sports n said kumble and dhoni.
    he was surprised.
    went on to explain that people who raise the bar inspire me the most. These two are epitomes of that for one they are not gifted and two they are effective and successful despite their shortcomings.
    over to P3
    biggest achievemnt?told
    whats good and bad about your company?told
    why do u want to quit? Told

    the panel seemed happy to have me arnd. Which is quite rarely

    n btw the nitie director showed up at the audi n spoke for a couple of mins. He went to comfort aspirants that it will be not a stress interview. This was quite a gesture on his part.

    team impact is easily one of the best admissions coordinating team in India. Their energy levels are astonishing!

    the college felt like a temple with so many steps!!sirf ek moorthy ki kami hain.but jokes apart…
    felt really awful when i saw a handicap trying to reach the top floor…the campus may be gods own campus n all…but it is kind of a hell for handicaps and lazy bums.

    a few pointers in the end

    1 no need to carry your c v.the panel won’t even ask for your file.ur form is the bible.expects question based on whatever is mentioned in there.
    2 panel is seated atleast five feet away in the pi rooms. Meaning u won’t be grilled to draw and explain stuff
    3extra curricular certis are not chill on that front
    4 once called for gdpi,itis a level playing in there is no further weightage for your scores. .like cat percentile or tenth or twelfth percentages.
    5 weightage for gd and pi is 50 50
    and weightage for your past academic performance is gauged based on your knowledge u display or rather demonstrate in the pi

    P.S:do not skip breakfast unless u want to be one of the few grumpy faces at nitie.

  • DATE of GD/PI: 13/3/12 0800

    X – 96.96
    XII -95.5
    Undergrad Major – 75.97%, PESIT Bangalore.

    NIL/Sector – 34 months, BEL
    CAT Score:
    Overall -97.86
    QA+DI – 97.72
    VA + LR – 93.73

    Topic: Despite a large population, India lacks knowledge power.

    Number of People present:10
    Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Everybody got their turn and time to speak. topic discussed from various dimensions such as Space, defence, energy, education, brain-drain, inclusive growth. what needs to be improved and how etc. All in all, a well conducted gd.
    Other Salient Details: asked to summarize in last 2 min, everybody pitched in.

    PI for PGDIM:
    Panel Members Intro: 3 male profs, in 40s or 50s. (LP, MP, RP)

    MP: (all smiles) take a seat, so what does your name mean, explain it. how are you that?
    Me: gave meaning. Also explained how I am that with one example.

    MP: where do you work, how long, and tell me about work profile?
    Me: said what do i do and my current project.

    MP: questions about current job. How do you go for dynamic updating(related to work)
    Me: answered satisfactorily. Functional aspect of work profile.

    MP: so if you are so passionate and proud about your work, why MBA, continue doing that.
    Me: Growth in terms of career. my MBA reason etc.

    LP: You come here but don’t learn what you told you want from a MBA.
    Me: Intangible benefits, Marketing and finance courses help to realise my long-term goal.(smiles all around)

    RP: So what preparations are you doing if you have decided to do your MBA and for your interviews
    Me: sir, joined coaching class for GD/PI

    RP: what else?
    Me: sir, started reading management literature gave some book names.

    MP: so in your final year B Tech project, what was the market analysis you did?
    Me: did reach out to different products and looked upon their features to provide new ones.

    LP: so I have this security system, how do you differentiate b/w pets and human threat?
    Me: biometric system

    RP: come on, you can’t have such complicated system at houses, give something economically feasible
    Mek 3 different sensors at different heights

    MP, RP: ( here, PI gets interesting) told I will crawl, what will you do?
    Me: I will put weight sensor

    LP: again its very complicated
    MP: (at last, he gave the answer). Told that use motion sensor to figure out movement within the house.
    Me: ok sir, (sheepish smile)

    LP: so what do you know about current affairs?
    Me: I follow international polity, spoke about Arab Spring, why, how and specifically about Yemen and Mr.Ali Abdullah Saleh.

    LP: tell about economic scenario
    Me: I started with euro debt crisis.(MP cut it short)

    MP: (was very helpful) you can just tell us economic impact of arab spring.
    Me: (what!!) ok. hindrance to pump oil. Much of oil reserve in Arab and political instability hinders oil production so haywire oil prices. no control. Somewhere I told about gdp and industry sector, inclusive growth.

    RP: now explain inclusive growth.
    Me: started explaining about GDP distribution and skewed sectors

    LP: tell in layman terms
    Me: attempted but again cut short by MP.

    MP: I don’t know economics, I am uneducated now tell whats inclusive growth
    Me: told about how poor, middle and elite class are included

    MP,LP,RP: (all smiles) ok at the last, you got it
    Me: smiles

    MP: ok thats it
    Me: thank you sirs.

    Seniors are extremely helpful.
    No stress interview at least in this panel. Relaxed profs. They were trying to know about me. Stick to basics. If you throw in high funda, be ready to back it.

    hopeful to convert.

    verdict: CONVERTED

NITIE GDPI Experience