NMAT 2015 analysis

NMAT 2015 analysis

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NMAT 2015 analysis
Sectional analysis is here..

Language Skills (LS)
Difficult considering the time allocated.
Focus area Vocab and ParaJumbles
Negative marking will help you increase your score so keep enough time to mark them all.

Ideal Attempts – 22 to 25 questions
Cutoffs 55 marks

RC:- There were two passages with four questions each. Mixed two ques fact based and two inference based.
Para Jumbles :- There were four questions. Out of them, two had four sentences each, two lengthy 5 sentences each.
Vocabulary Based Questions :- Two Synonyms, Two Antonyms and two Analogy based questions
Preposition based FIB :- Three questions with three blanks each. It was followed by 6 prepositions and one had to choose the correct combination of the three.
FIB :- two question with a single blank and another with two blanks.
Find the error (in a sentence) :- Three questions
Cloze test :- one set 4 questions

Quantitative Ability (QA) in NMAT 2015
More difficult than CAT Quant section due to time constraints with pockets of easy questions – focus on DI, arithmetic, geometry and coordinate geometry.

Ideal attempt 30 to 35 questions
Cutoffs 72 marks

Data Interpretation :- Two bar chart and one table based, two table based caselets (4 questions per caselet)
Data Sufficiency :- 5 questions
Geometry/Mensuration :- 6 questions
Modern Maths :- 3 questions
Percentage and Profit & Loss :- 3 questions
Work and Time :- 3 questions
Speed Distance :- 3 questions
Number System :- 3 questions
Ratio and Proportion :- 1 question
Calendars :- 1 question

Logical Reasoning (LR)
Lengthy just like SNAP – focus more on puzzles, matrix based question and coding decoding. Students who have taken CAT but not CMAT will face problem while solving these questions. Solve SNAP level LR questions for NMAT.

Ideal attempt 30 questions
Cutoffs 65 marks

Input- Output :- Four questions
Analytical Reasoning :- Two caselets
One case on groupong and selecting team from that and the other on Games and Tournaments with four questions each
Coding/Decoding :- 5 Questions
Number Series :- 2 Questions
Syllogism :- 2 question
Blood Relation :- 2 questions
Venn Diagram : 2
Matrix based : 2
Set Theory etc) :- 1 questions
Critical Reasoning :- 12 Questions ( Find the assumption 3
Strengthening/Weakening the argument 3
Logical Conclusion 2
Course of Action/Miscellaneous 4

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