NMAT RANK 1: Raghuram Raju

NMAT RANK 1: Raghuram Raju

Hi Everyone

This is Raghuram working with Central board of Excise and customs, Govt of India.

I would first like to express my sincere gratitude to Rav sir and his team for their immense support and guidance. It all started in mid of September, When I took one months’ off from work and decided to prepare for CAT. I believed, with proper mentoring and guidance coupled with relentless effort, that I would be able to crack CAT. Then with such a short span of time in hand, my only option was attending crash course or a full time online course. Since my place of posting was not a metro (now I feel fortunate that), I joined RAV sir’s online classes rather going for any crash course stuffs.

First and foremost I loved in this class is, the detailed intro part about both the target college and its exams. I swear there can’t any better motivation than this. It would be more of a zoological dissection where you would get to know the ins and outs of every competitive exam over there and as a matter of fact NMAT was first introduced to me by RAV sir.

The course at Cetking was completely structured, starting from very basics and gradually it goes on par and above CAT.I was so comfortable with this setup, sitting at the comfort of your home, and having the option to choose your subject of study from the extensive list available online and of course with a cup of coffee.

Even a person without any Maths or Engineering background would find it a cake walk to follow RAV sir’s class and I felt as if watching some thriller serial, since he would add different dimensions to solve the same topic.

Every topic has varying importance in different exams, and the road map to prepare that topic for all exams at one go would be prepared by RAV sir on your behalf and all you have to do is just follow it. No complications and only common sense is what I imbibed from RAV sir’s coaching and combined with good practice((a lot of real question paper based mocks(comparable difficulty & No scary demotivating toughness levels) , separately for each exam )), I felt more confident and versatile to deal with not only CAT but other examinations too like NMAT.

Unlike CAT, NMAT would stress more on your time management skill and decision making as well. But the knack and strategies were already devised by RAV Sir and I modified them a bit to choose my requirements. Hence I would say, half the battle for every exam was won, even before entering the exam hall with RAV Sir’s guidance and of course little efforts on my side too.

Then moving on to the next most important GD/PI process, I don’t think you would get the entire package including both phases at such a moderate price. Regarding course content, I got whatever I asked for ,starting from form filling, profile building(even he would suggest some certifications or other related stuffs, which were doable in one or two months, but if followed would yield excellent returns in interview process), current affairs, exhaustive Interview question set with different ways to answer them for persons with different profiles, then sessions on case studies to Group Interviews and what not, to put simple I had sessions on how to answer the most silliest to ever abstract questions. And the whole GDPI content was more college specific rather than a general one, which in turn made me more focused and well equipped ,before every GD/PI process of any particular college.

To conclude I would consider myself more fortunate, to have had a great support and mentoring in the form of Rav Sir’s CETking online courses, at the right time in the right shape and in addition to have got and to have spent the precious time, in the most prudent and efficient way possible

Thanks Rav Sir and team and my Family and friends for this–Overall NMAT Merit Rank 1!

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