Prepare for CAT 2016 in 100 days

Prepare for CAT 2016 in 100 days

 Prepare for CAT 2016 in 100 days

It is very important to firstly decide whether to take CAT 2016. An MBA aspirant should first research the prospects of this test and should have a clear aim and vision to be in a flagship B-School. If this is the case, take a pen and paper and draft a roadmap.

CAT has been known to test extensive and in-depth knowledge of its three sections- Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Verbal and Reading Comprehension. For many years it has proved itself to be a tough nut to crack also because of its vast syllabus. So every CAT aspirant should be ready to be tested on wide range of topics and cohesive questions. Following are some important criterions for a successful approach to CAT 2016:

Coaching: A systematic approach towards any exam makes it achievable task and many Coaching institutes offer to do just that. Formal coaching offers a constantly guided assistance and also illuminates many ins and outs of subjects. Coaching also strengthens the weak areas of many students by rigorous practice. So if you’re giving CAT for the first time and have no idea where to start or you weak at one of the subjects then formal coaching might be a good option for you.

Knowledge about subjects: It is vital to know the exact syllabus of all subjects and an idea about section wise distribution of topics. On through research, one can also get the list of prominent topics asked in the exam.

SWOT Analysis: Before starting preparation for any major test or approaching for any major assignment, it is important to know the areas where you excel and where you need lot of practice. SWOT Analysis is a concept of identifying ones strength, weakness, opportunities and strengths. A student through this analysis can draft a much more appropriate and pragmatic plan. So know your weakness and practice them and brush up your strengths.

Section-wise Study: There are three sections Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Verbal and Reading Comprehension. Ignore all misguided perceptions towards any section and start with honest attempts towards basics and identify important topics.

Practice is the key for Section I and II. In addition, to be good at Data Interpretation you should be fast in calculations. Spend 20 each day fast math calculations, try to solve complex multiplications and divisions sums in minimum time.

 As for section III, rigorous reading would improve vocabulary and grammatical strength.

Mock Tests: It is essential to check your progress to know where you stand and how much have you improved. This information will help identify areas where further practice is needed. Mock test do exactly that. There are number of websites that offer certain free mocks and charge for more. Research the internet for such sites and take the tests.

After a brief knowledge about your strengths and weakness through Mock Tests, firstly go through rigorous practice of weaker sections. However, don’t be complacent about your strengths, practice of higher difficulty levels.

Time Management: For CAT, time is a very important constraint for the exam and for preparation too. It is advisable to take Mocks in a limited time window. This will stimulate the actual CAT exam experience. Also allocate appropriate time for each subject/topic during preparation.

Some important Dos:

· Book your slots early

· Finish entire syllabus by October

· From October shift your focus from preparation towards Mock Tests

· Make sure to do immense hard work in August, September as these are critical months



Last but not the least, remember that CAT tests you on your aptitude which can be sharpened and improved through rigorous practice. It is very much an achievable goal provided efforts are sincere. So be positive and know that it is very much within the reach of every student. Lastly, keep an eye on registration dates and any news relating to CAT.

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