How To Prepare CMAT GK

How To Prepare CMAT GK

How To Prepare CMAT GK

For students preparing for competitive exam like CMAT, the major question faced by everyone is General Knowledge, How to prepare for CMAT GK. The reason for extra importance of General Knowledge topics and questions is that it will not only assist you to score very high marks in less time but it will also help you to perform well in Group Discussions and Interviews. General awareness has always been taken at the lighter side by many of the candidates not realizing that how major it can be in competitive exams.

Here are some useful tips for preparing CMAT GK:
Tip- 1: Read Newspapers Daily
Tip- 2: Watch Current affairs special programmes on News
Tip- 3: Read Business Today & India Today magazine thoroughly
Tip- 4: Complete Cetking’s GK40 program

Lets take a small test to know how you stand as of now in your CMAT GK preparation.
If you score 00 – 05 = poor score
If you score 05 – 10 = poor score
If you score 10 – 15 = poor score
If you score 15+ = poor score

1. What has been accorded geographical indication status recently
a. Darjeeling Tea
b. AranmulaKannadi
c. SolapuriChaddar
d. Chengalikodan Banana

2. What is Web Casting?
a. Casting a Mobile TV Star in a role on the web
b. Transmitting the video and audio on the Internet
c. Playing of Music on the Internet
d. Searching on the Web

3. Who is the new chairman of the 20th Law Commission of India?
a. Justice DK Jain
b. Justice AjitPrakash Shah
c. Justice K. V. K. Sundaram
d. Justice A.R. Lakshmanan

4. Name the oldest stock exchange in the world?
a. New York Stock Exchange
b. Bombay Stock Exchange
c. Amsterdam Stock Exchange

5. Who has been elected as the new President of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB?
b. Anil Kumble
c. Sunil Gavaskar
d. Mohamed Azarudden

6. Controversy over origin of iconic sweet Rasogulla is going on among which States?
a. Odisha-Rajasthan
b. West Bengal-Rajasthan
c. West Bengal- Odisha
d. Gujarat-West Bengal

7. According to Forbes, MukeshAmbani is the richest Indian for the ————- consecutive year?
a. 5th
b. 4th
c. 7th
d. 9th

8. Who among the following persons has been added to fresh list of Billionaires by Forbes India?
a. Sachin&BinnyBansal
b. MukeshAmbani
c. AzimPremji
d. DilipShanghvi

9. Excercise ‘Konkan’ 2015 belongs to which force
a. Army
b. Navy
c. AirForce
d. BRO

10. At Present India is divided into how many Zonal Councils
c. SIX

11. The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense is located in….
a. Washington
b. New Jersey
c. New York
d. Virginia

12. Moscow is situated on the banks of which river?
a. Saigon
b. Tiver
c. Moldau
d. Moskva

13. Vikas Krishnan plays which Game
a. Chess
b. Boxing
c. Tennis
d. Table Tennis

14. Which bank is planning to launch “Green Bonds” this year India to enable fund raising for investments in projects with environmental benefits?
a. Yes Bank
b. HSBC Bank
c. Citi Bank
d. Deutsche Bank

15. Mission 2022 is launched in which country?
a. Russia
b. China
c. US
d. Japan

16. India’s first Butterfly park is located in…..
a. Tamil Nadu
b. Maharashtra
c. Karnataka
d. Goa

17. Sunita Williams has been honoured with which Indian award?
a. Ramanujan Award
b. VigyanGaurav Award
c. VallabhBhaiVishwaPratibha Award
d. India Science Award

18. Vittal trophy is associated with which game?
a. Football
b. Hockey
c. Cricket
d. Chess

19. What is the theme of the 2015 World Maritime Day?
a. Maritime Education Waves
b. Maritime Training for the Nations
c. Maritime Education and Training
d. World of Maritime

20. For which military helicopters govt of India has given its assent for purchase from US aviation giant Boeing?
a. Osprey
b. Chinook
c. Venon
d. Seahawk

21. Babina Army Range from where Amogha 1 anti-Tank guided missile was test fired is located in which Indian state?
a. Rajasthan
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Odisha
d. Andhra Pradesh

22. Who Indian is appointed as new Sherpa for G-20 talks?
a. BibekDebroy
b. ArvindPanagariya
c. VK Saraswat
d. Ramesh Chand

23. Under the new secular constitution of Nepal unveiled by Nepalese President Ram BaranYadav at Kathmandu, name the National Animal of Nepal?
a. Tiger
b. Peacock
c. Elephant
d. Cow

24. She holds the record for the maximum number of spacewalks by a woman and is the one of the most experienced space walkers in the world
She is————–
a. KalpanaChawla
b. SunitaWiliams
c. Valentina Tereshkova
d. Janice E Voss

25. The Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books is an annual prize celebrating outstanding popular science books from around the world. Name the winner for 2015
a. Matthew Cobb
b. David Adam
c. Gaia Vince
d. Alex Bellos


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