How to Prepare GK for IBPS PO

How to Prepare GK for IBPS PO


The GK section in IBPS PO exam comprises of three subsections:

-Banking Awareness
-Computer Awareness
-General Awareness (contains topics not covered in the above two sections)

General knowledge in itself is a vast and unbound sea. There is no limit as to what you learn and what you should not.  But every exam has a pattern and depending on that, we can narrow down our preparation to study the topics which are most likely to come in exam. Some of the topics that must be read for IBPS PO exam are economic surveys, union budget and railway budget, countries, their capitals and currencies, cabinet ministers, national movie awards, asian games, full forms of important organizations, banking terms and important schemes of NDA govt. like PMJDY, BBBP, SAGY, PDUSJY, etc.

Given below are some tips that will aid you in your quest to ace the General Knowledge section of IBPS PO exam :

  1. Previous years’ papers

The best way to familiarise oneself with the kind of GK questions that come in IBPS PO exams is to go through previous papers of the exam. If you have not been studying GK over past few months then referring the previous question papers is a wise thing to do. Check out the trend of the questions that have been asked and prepare on similar lines.

  1. Frequently asked questions

There are a set of questions that are repeated every year. Check out the nature of questions which are repeated and specifically prepare for them. The list of frequently asked questions in IBPS PO exam can be prepared from internet or books containing previous years’ papers.

  1. Stick to the pattern

Every exam has its own pattern. In GK for IBPS PO one needs to focus on banking and economics news. When you have just 1 month left to prepare GK, you cannot think of learning about everything.


  1. Follow a good new channel and a newspaper

Schedule an hour out of your daily routine and watch news for at least half an hour. Listen to headlines and business news. More specifically, read or listen to banking industry related news carefully. Maintain a notebook of the news. This notebook will come handy later on while revising just days before the exam. You can skim through the notebook and be  updated with all the important news of the past.

  1. Online Quizzes and Mock tests

Cultivate a habit to participate in online quizzes and take mock online tests. This will help in   evaluating your performance and knowing where exactly do you stand.  Taking IBPS-PO mock exam  in a time bound environment and in the format of MCQs is all the more better.

While preparing for GK one should keep in mind the fact that it is not possible to answer all the questions right. To ace the GK section of IBPS PO exam it requires selective, smart and effective study.

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