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KJ SOMAIYA CDPI program includes:
Dedicated program for KJ SOMAIYA CDPI. Includes Case studies, SOP writing and PI workshops.

KJ SOMAIYA dedicated CDPI.
Case study is totally different from Group discussion. KJ SOMAIYA case study discussion is full of fishmarket so you have to manage it well. Cetking presents dedicated program for KJ SOMAIYA.
KJ SOMAIYA CDPI workshops…
Cetking launches intensive workshops for KJ SOMAIYA.
Part 1 Case Study Discussion
– 7 workshop videos
– How to kill Case study
– 5 case studies with video solution
– DMAIC and FishBone approach for solving cases.
Remember Case study is back bone of KJ SOMAIYA. So students who got calls at low score can excel with good score in CD..
(Note: No live practice CDs as GD need live 10 – 12 students in real environment) we cover the content
PI will be done on phone.

Part 2 SOP Writing
– 06 workshops on SOP writing
– How to sell yourself in SOP
Remember your PI is going to be based on SOP so write carefully and sensibly.
Phase 3: PI Skills
– 10 Workshops on PI Skills with Important questions and their answers.
– Must prepare questions for Interviews.
– 2 Telephonic Interviews on phone

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Complete content:
Index of the content

Start up -Interview Skill Basics
Lesson 1 – Introduce yourself! – 3 in a box
Lesson 2 – Profile building 2 – Why Marketing Finance
Lesson 3 – Strengths & Weaknesses
Lesson 4 – Career Goals
Lesson 5 – Hobbies & Interests
Lesson 6 – Idol or Ideal in life
Lesson 7 – Why applying for college
Lesson 8 – Why should we select you?
Lesson 9 – Marketing or Finance or others?
Lesson 10 – Have you ever failed?

Lesson 1 – Group Discussions Basics
Lesson 2 – Welcome to Management Development Program
Lesson 3 – Important GD topic workbook
Lesson 4 – GDs: Case studies
Lesson 5 – GDs: Abstract GD
Lesson 6 – GDs: Management Activities
Lesson 7 – Content: India Story – MUST READ
Lesson 8 – MBA in a day!

Lesson 1 – MBA – Consulting
Lesson 2 – MBA – Marketing
Lesson 3 – MBA Operations
Lesson 4 – MBA – Finance
Lesson 5 – MBA Systems
Lesson 6 – MBA HRM Human Resource Management
Lesson 7 – Content: IPL a business perspective
Lesson 8 – Content: How to sell yourself!
Lesson 9 – Basics of Stock market
Lesson 10 – MBA in a day!

0 Psychometric testing strategy video ZERO
1 Why Psychometric Testing Intro
2 Type of Psychometric Testing
3 Main 5 traits OCEAN
4 Psychometric Personality of an MBA
5 Trait 1 Motivation
6 Trait 2 Understanding
7 Trait 3 Judgements
8 Trait 4 Action Orientation

Creati1Creative Testing ability MDP Cetking
Creati2 Brainstorming Ideas
Creati3 picture writing
Creati4 group pictures
Creati5 Words
Creati5 Words2
Creati6 Group Lists activity
Creati7 Group task activity
Creati8 Creativity workshop

UNIT 8 WRITING ABILITY – Writing Skills 10 workshops
WAT 0 Essay writing Type of essays Cetking MDP
WAT 1 Getting Started with WAT
WAT 2 Brainstorming Ideas
WAT 3 CSE Strategy
WAT 4 Introduction of essay
WAT 5 Body of the Essay
WAT 6 Conclusion writing
WAT 7 Reviewing the essay
WAT 8 Summary of Essay writing
WAT 9 Common WAT topics by Cetking MDP Program
WAT 10 Common Mistakes in Essay writing Cetking MDP

SOP1 Getting started writing SOP
SOP2 Checklist for the SOP
SOP3 Building skeleton for the SOP
SOP4 10 common mistakes in writing SOP
SOP5 Priming of the SOP
SOP6 Reviewing your SOP

Lesson 1 CS Introduction – getting started with Case studies
Lesson 2 CS Cetking Case Process – Cetking’s foolproof process for approaching cases
Lesson 3 CS Drawing a case – How to draw to impress panelist
Lesson 4 CS HR Case – Most common case
Lesson 5 CS Sales Case
Lesson 6 CS Product Case
Lesson 7 CS Customer Satisfaction Case

UNIT 13 Group Activities and Exercises
GA1 types overview getting started
GA2 Crash survival items
GA3a Zombie attack case
GA3b zombie case continued
GA4 Crash Survival Case
GA5 Marketing iphone case

UNIT 14 Finance Workshops
F1 Financial Statements Intro 1
F1 Income Statement
F2 Balance Sheet Statement 2
F2 Cash flow Statement 2
F3 Bitcons 1 what is money
F3 Bitcons 2
F4 Company Business Entity
F5 Stocks and Stock Markets
F6 Inflation
F7 National Income GDP GNP
F8 CRR and Other Rations
F9 Merger and Acquisitions
F10 Investment banking

UNIT 15 Marketing Workshops.
01 Marketing Overview
02 Careers in marketing
03 Marketing vs Sales
04 Market Research
05 Marketing Analysis Segmentation Targeting Positioning
06 Marketing mix 4P
07 Sales Process
08 Digital and Social media marketing
09 Marketing Communications