RC – Requires Analytical Reading!

RC – Requires Analytical Reading!

Good reading skills require much more than just basic comprehension. Analytical reading is an approach that probes more deeply to understand the message and goal of the piece you read. Standardized tests such as the CAT, as well as classroom assignments like book reports and papers, may test your ability to read analytically. CAT verbal section contains at least 1 analytical passage and to understand the core one needs to follow some rules of reading analytical passage.


Breaking it Down:

Analytical readers break a book or text down into each of its parts, strive to understand how the work relates to other works and society as a whole, and examine the role of each character. For example, you might begin by identifying the conflict and resolution of a story, and then assess what role each character plays. From there, you might be able to find similarities to and parallels with other works of literature, political beliefs and general themes.

Reading Techniques:

There’s no single way to read analytically, so find a method that works for you. You might highlight relevant passages; take notes or jot down thoughts on a particular character or theme as you read. If you’re required to answer questions about what you read, consult the questions as you are reading, and then form your responses as soon as you’re done.


Sometimes it’s insufficient to only read a work once. CAT reading comprehension is so tricky that one can hardly understands it at the first reading. When you re-read, with a particular goal in mind, such as understanding the goals of a particular character or gaining more insight into the main idea than you understand it more easily.


Determine what is important in what you are reading and to put it into your own words. Instruction in summarizing help in:

  • Identifying or generating main ideas
  • Connecting the main or central ideas
  • Eliminating unnecessary information

Try these four rules while reading or solving reading comprehension to understand analytical passages more easily.

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