Reasoning Short Cut Trick Sitting Arrangement Puzzle Set 5

Reasoning Short Cut Trick Sitting Arrangement Puzzle Set 5

Reasoning Short Cut Trick- Solve Sitting Arrangement Puzzle Set 5
Puzzles are the most important part of reasoning section of CET, SSC, IBPS or any other competitive exam which covers 10-15 questions help to achieve cut-off score.arrangement puzzle mbacet ibps
Puzzles are of many types i.e. circular, position or sitting arrangement, complex circular sitting arrangement with occupations.
Importance of Sitting Arrangement Puzzle- Reasoning Short Cut Tricks
Sitting Arrangement Puzzles are very easy to solve but sometimes it becomes confusing and time consuming. Most of the students leave this section due to lack of practice.
It is recommended to the aspirants to attempt puzzle on the priority basis to assure cut-off marks in SSC IBPS or other competitive exams.

Method of Sitting Arrangement Puzzle – Reasoning Short Cut Trick
LEFT-RIGHT MATHOD is one of 100% accurate and reliable methods to solve such 10-15 questions in 3-5 minutes only.
1. Count all objects and draw a circle. Mark all position in the circle
2. Read the statement line by line (right to left) and write the arrangement as per statement.
3. Put cross mark (x) mark for vacant left and right positions
4. Put first object on the middle at the bottom say A.
5. According to object ‘A’ take all right positions in anticlockwise direction
6. According to object ‘A’ take all left positions in clockwise direction and verify

Circular arrangements in reasoning Set 5

P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting round the circle and are not all facing the centre:

P is second to the right of T who is the neighbour of R and V.
S is shorter than P but taller than V.
S is not the neighbour of P.
T W U and P are facing same direction while other faces opposite direction
Q is shorter than S but taller than U.
V is the neighbour of U.
R is shorter than V and V is not as tall as U.
Q is not between S and W. W is not between U and S.
T is facing the centre and is taller than H but shorter than R.

Question 1: Which of the following pair is odd man out
a)VS b) UP c) TW d) RS e) E

Question 2: Who sits to the immediate left of HW.
a) W b) S c) Q d) V e) R

Question 3: Who sits to the immediate right of T.
a) W b) S c) Q d) V e) R

Question 4: Who sits diagonally opposite of T.
a) W b) S c) Q d) W e) P

Question 5: Who sits diagonally opposite of U.
a) W b) S c) Q d) V e) P

Question 6: Which of the following is odd man out
a) T b) U c) W d) S e) R

circular sitting arrangement reasoning set5

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