Relevance Of MBA In Information Technology

Relevance Of MBA In Information Technology

Relevance Of MBA In Information Technology
Relevance Of MBA In Information Technology

Why an MBA in Information Technology?

A company may provide products and services online or incorporate technology into its infrastructure; professionals are needed to bridge the gap between executive leadership and technical performance. Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in informational technology provide managers with this training.

Bird’s-eye view of an MBA in Informational Technology

At the heart of any MBA program lies a curriculum in business management, strategy and economics. However, business runs on information, and in today’s world, information is shared through technology. Whether the technology comes in the form of a cash register, data warehouse or robotics production, knowing how to incorporate it into a company is essential to modern business. An MBA in Information Technology integrates business management and technology knowledge into an advanced graduate program.


An MBA in Information Technology program combines business courses with information systems policies and practices. Some programs may only take one year of study to complete. Students have the option to take their coursework remotely through an online MBA program.

Business Courses

The core business component of the MBA program teaches students important business, finance and accounting skills. Programs also cover leadership and management techniques in the workplace. Possible course topics include:

  • Economics
  • Analytical decision-making
  • Corporate financial strategy
  • Leadership development
  • International business

Technology Courses

Technology courses in this MBA program focus on the best ways to manage IT systems and employees. Students also learn about using emerging technologies in the business workplace for maximum productivity. Possible technology-related courses include:

  • ERP
  • E-commerce
  • Creating and managing IT departments
  • Controlling technological changes
  • Data, big data, and data mining

Career Applications

With a growing number of businesses either adding Internet presence or providing strictly online sales, an MBA in Information Technology program gives entrepreneurs a greater understanding into management of people, e-commerce and security. Starting a new business requires skills available through MBA programs, and in the modern technology-based world, knowing how to plan a systems infrastructure at the outset can lead to smoother future growth.

Management staff can also offer a competitive advantage with an MBA in Information Technology by providing conceptual vision and advancing a business to change with technological trends. MBA programs give students and professionals a solid foundation in management skills, and a concentration in information technology helps them keep their business practices current.

Job Outlook in the Field

As more and more information technology companies are setting up shops in India, they have an ever increasing demand for qualified IT professionals who also understand business and operations. This provides an opportunity for these MBA graduates to have a successful career within these multinationals. The career progression in these areas leads to the top most positions of Chief Operations Officer, Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer in an organization. The growth also gets accelerated with additional qualification.

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