How to Improve Your Scores for Repeaters

Some students aren’t satisfied with the score they receive the first time they take the competitive exams, so they make the decision to retake the test. Naturally, these students want to know how to improve their scores so they can perform well on the test the second time around. Let’s take a look at some simple tips that can lead to score improvement:

Examine the Results of Your First Exam
Students who take the exam receive their scores only but if you download and solve last year papers from and that will be a lot more than their final scores – the paper will give you a detailed breakdown of your performance on the exam. These results can be tremendously helpful to a student who wants to pinpoint their weakest areas on. For instance, looking at your detailed score report, for example you may notice that you answered a large percentage of algebra questions incorrectly, but performed well on questions that involved data analysis. With this information, you can avoid spending too much time reviewing your strong skills and focus instead on sharpening your weaker skills.

Focused Study
A student who knows where they went wrong on the first test has the tools for improving his or her scores the second time around. After analyzing your first results, it’s time to create study aids that can strengthen your skills that need attention.

For example, you might learn that you need to expand your knowledge of concepts that will be tested in the new Math section, so it’s a good idea to find a list of concepts commonly tested  and creates mnemonics for each of them. These mnemonics all might relate to your family or favorite hobbies so they are easy to practice and remember, and can help you improve your score on this section as a result. Finding study tactics such as this and utilizing them to focus on your areas of weakness will be key to improving your score.

Evaluate Other Aspects of Performance on the First Test
In some cases, there are other factors that influence a student’s performance in exam. It’s worthwhile to think back to the day of the test to examine what these other factors might be. Perhaps you weren’t feeling well on test day. A student who has a terrible cold or cough is not likely to do their best on the exam. Or maybe you didn’t slept well the night before, which could have caused you to be tired and unfocused during the exam. By analyzing what went “wrong” on test day, you can work to avoid these problems the second time around.

Also, some students experience test anxiety: they arrive to the test well-prepared, but feel very anxious in an actual test-taking situation. As a result, they aren’t able to focus on the material. If this sounds like you, fortunately, there are ways to deal with test anxiety that can improve scores. Students who are feeling good and have a sense of confidence are able to showcase their skills on  and truly improve their scores.


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