Yes Saras Suhane was Cetking student

Is Saras Cetking student or not!Answer is yes Saras Suhane was paid Cetking student. Joined us on 16th Feb 2017 in Pune branch for CET++ program (workshops and mocks.

Saras CMAT topper.
Saras reached JBIMS via CMAT. He is rank 1 of CMAT with score of 350/400 (highest marks ever). So Saras is DTE Rank 1 in AI category. In CET he scored low not enough for JBIMS.

Saras joined cetking after cmat. He definately did a fantastic job in cmat and bank po exams as CET is a different exam mainly to understand paper pattern and give mocks he choose to join Cetking.

Why CMAT important for CET
JBIMS accepts cmat scores as well as cet scores. So we recommend all our students to give cmat as well.. as 18 seats are reserved for for OMS students..

As a policy of all coaching classes we can put student’s photo in their results irrespective of any programs they join let it be books mocks or workshops.

Just had a word with Saras, he is not comfortable that his used in cetking marketing material. So respecting the fact Cetking is not going to use any student’s name in the material going forward.

Hope that clears most of the doubts.. We had Parag Mhatre 99.99%iler from vile parle branch to show Saras was not the only topper who joined cetking. But we put Saras in the top seat as he used to talk to me and call me regularly since cmat results. Anyways it’s sad that he feels this way.

Please find attached proofs his Cetking login iD, 2 mocks he took and payment receipt of pune centre.

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