5 steps of SCMHRD GDPI 

Picture WAT 1: Three pictures were given and write essay on that.
1. a Facebook logo with a loud speaker on top, a picture of a person in chains and shackles (presumably a black) and a picture of cash bags and currency notes.
2. There were 4 pictures and one needs to write an essay by interpreting 4 pictures together – McDonald Sign, Books, Lamp, Mobile Phone.
3. House on a hill, jail like ceiling, sea shore.
4. Pepsi can, Watch, Perfume bottle.

WAT 2 (Written Ability Test) Give 5 reasons each in support of and against to this statement. Finally, justify your stand.
1. There has to be one uniform global currency.
2. Talk as a PM’s spokesperson on Demonetization and its effects
3. Should some sites be blocked in college and office websites?

Group Discussion, 20 minutes each
1. Should private partners be allowed to participate in government infrastructure projects?
2. Are startups shutting down in India?
3. Is loan waiver good for economy?

Group Exercise Case Study – A board can be used if necessary to explain.
1. You are to construct an underwater city. Give a brief plan on how you’ll go about with the number of residents, governing body, infrastructure etc.
2. Drink and Drive awareness: You are caught by police while you were coming back after having a small amount of alcohol at a party.
3. Plan three environmentally green products and how will you market them?

Personal Interview for 20 minutes.

What musical instruments do you play?
Some questions from engineering. {Intense}
Your greatest achievement in life.
A challenging situation in your previous profession. How did you cope up with it?
The questions were based on the state that I belong to along with a few current affairs.
The process was like a conversation and no stress at all.
There were two panelists in total.


  • My SCMHRD Experience:
    Profile: – Snap- 94.5
    Tenth- 63
    12th – 74
    B. Tech – 68.45
    Work-ex- 40 months in IT.
    Essay Writing   Topic: – One should always play fair when one have all the winning cards. Started with the definition of success. How it varies from a person to person. Stated that it is not the result but means count. Gave example of Mahatma Gandhi, how he was already successful as a barrister, however, he had self- belief, conviction in his methods of Non-violence, that’s why he emerged a winner. Talked about the Tata family, how playing fair has given them an upper edge over others.Case Study- What is harming Indian sports more and exaggerating Cricket? 1. Government 2. Media 3. BCCI. We had to discuss for about 20 mins and then reach to a conclusion. GE started well. We were doing well as a team. No cutting each other, no fish market. I chipped in how providing jobs by government to other sports has encouraged them. Gave example of Buddh International circuit, that without gov support, media played a crucial role. Talked about celebrities from cricket should come and promote other sports. We all reached consensus and eliminated BCCI. Some tussle happened over Gov and Media. Ultimately we settled down that Gov has major role than media.2nd Case Study- A UN International Conference is being organized against Racism. You are representative of India. What all proposals will you suggest other than legal restrictions? We were given one min each to come up with ours solution and then discuss whose is the best. I misinterpreted the case. I thought, they are asking that how will you make India a model state. Thus I talked about Caste system in India, and possible solutions for it. Soon I realised my mistake. Thankfully the moderate intervened and suggested us to re-read the case as we were reaching a consensus and not pointing whose is the best. However, we again missed the point and kept on discussing a common solution. The consensus was reached before time. The moderator was not satisfied I guess.Interview:
    P1: Why you don’t have a surname?
    Ans- No reason.
    P1: Why so many guys from TCS want to do MBA? Are you guys not satisfied with your job?
    Ans- Nothing like that. TCS has the maximum no. of engineers that’s why more representation. If Infy will cross TCS in no. of associates you will get more infosians that TCSers.
    P1:- So have you met a TCS guy here? What was his reason for MBA?
    Ans: I indeed met one, but i dont know his reason for MBA. However, I know mine.
    P2: And wat it is?
    Ans:- Litchi Business:-)(Talked in Detail)
    P2:- Why engineering and then farming? Why u dint go for it initially?
    Ans- was not financially good. So took up job.
    P2:- Asked nitty-gritties of Litchies. Ek tree se kitna aata hai etc. Ek acre me kitne tree…Answered comfortably.
    P1- Tell me the price of Litchi at farm and in the market.
    P1:- Such a huge margin? Wow…wat if i say that i will buy your litchi at a gud margin….Then i think you will drop the idea of MBA…
    Ans- (Tough Question) Yes…..but then you can buy only my fruits. What about the jam, squash and canned Litchi? My revenue will never grow to its potential. So i will come back again to learn marketing tactics from a FMCG major….So MBA is required.
    P1:- Hobbies?
    Ans- Writting poetries…
    P1- Suru ho jao…
    Ans- Recited my best poem. They were impressed.
    P2- Wat if i appoint you in a gov panel to make Hindi compulsory. What wud you do?
    Ans- I dont think that Hindi should be made compulsory.
    P2- Suppose I say that you have to make it compulsory.
    Ans- Gave them examples how Soth Indians businessmen are losing market in North India, need to create awareness in Parents so that they will encourage there kid to take up Hindi.
    P1- Full name of Ghalib?
    Ans- I dont know. Mirza Ghalib is all that I remember.
    P2- Who conferred Mirza Title?
    Ans- Aurangzeb or Bahadur Shah Zafar, not sure.
    P2- There is a lot of time difference between Aurangzeb and Zafar.
    Ans- Told them entire hierarchy of Mughals and why I felt that Either Aurangzeb or Zafar.
    P2- Here also you use logic(Smiling). You can leave. And once again, very good poem.


  • SCMHRD GE PI Experiences My experience at scmhrd……
    slot – 7feb ,,, 9am written test topic – something like – “men who know their piece of mind can beat those who don’t have or neither attempt” support your answer with reasons and examplesdidn’t realize that we had to write two pages so was writing slowly at the start…..par jab pata chal ki ek page aur likhna hai 5 minute main,,,,, then what i wrote mujhe bi nahi pata
    so for those who are slow at writing,,,, write bolder and bigger to cover as much space as possiblegd1– case study regarding distributing some prizes among given 5 candidates
    gd2– discussion about drug abuse problem and solutionswe had 7 people ,,,2 didn’t came so only 5 guys.


  • both gd’s went smoothly,, didn’t realize we were in there for 1 hourpi – two panelist(one lady ,, one old man)
    no questions on academics( in fact in my 4 pi’s till now i haven’t been asked a single que on my academics ie electronics engg….. in fact m a fresher )
    some ques not in this order)
    1. what were you doing after b.tech??
    2. hobbies
    3.family background
    4.sud we ask more??
    5. do you read a lot??( i said i mostly read newspapers…..den asked recent happenings)
    6.how many friends and describe your best friend and his qualities
    7.other calls
    8.some situations in life where u leaded a group or were critized.
    9.are you happy till now with the interview??
    10. some ques on college life(best day etc)



  • SCMHRD GE PI Experiences 11th Feb 3.15pmOverall process was extremely well planned and executed showcasing management in true essence….Essay:
    If you have a hammer as your only tool, you tend to assume every problem as a nail
    – Seemed to be a tough nut to crack but had to write something….GE 1:
    Case study about a company raked with a lot of issues like production of low quality goods, trade union problems and some more. We as a group were expected to address the top 3 problems which need to be rectified to increase productivity.
    – Discussion was okay but the problems seem to be linked to each other so coming to a common consensus was a tough thing. Besides it was a 1.5 page caselet with a lot of data.GE 2:
    Case study on the issue of Bullying in schools. Half a page caselet.
    – Prefect discussion, very good points made. Overall satisfied.PI:
    Couldn’t have done better.
    Started with Work ex
    – what kind of work you do?
    – Any programs you use for designing?
    – have u done anything that is other than your routine job?
    – Your biggest official failure?
    – Your biggest official achievement?
    – What is the one thing in your company that u don’t like?
    – Question on Hobbies – read out a line from my favourite Pink Floyd song
    – What books you read? I said not a reader except newspapers but I blog told about the recent topics I wrote on..
    – Give One current national and international news story
    – After 3.5 years in industry, how will you cope up 16 hours of hectic college life? – (was scared a bit but gave him a convincing answer)So relieved after it got over….. was surprisingly confident throughout
    the process….Hope I can make it through……All the best everyone !!SCMHRD students were very supportive and friendly….Thanks to everyone !!!


  • Step 1 – reached auditorium before the designated time. called for registration and asked to recheck form if there were any discrepancies and if there were any changes needed.. got the package with a notepad a pen and an ID card which was my identity for the rest of the process.Step 2- GEpart1 – a case study on a new restaurant being opened in a locality. Some 8 to 9 factors were given.. we had to choose the most important 3 and reach on a consensus.. unluckily more of a fish market.. had to raise my voice to get heard.. but pitched in with some crucial points.. in the end we could prioritise and the moderator asked us some pertinent questions on our conclusion.part2- another case with no pre chalked out options.. educational reforms to reduce the suicidal tendencies amongst students.. you’re a part of the committee of principals of schools/colleges .. we had to find out solutions and prioritise again.. again the same fate..3-4 ppl talking time.. but this time we were a lot in control in later stages.. everybody participated and we could finish well within the time..the moderator mocked in the end saying that we should have come up with a point which said that there should be no GD et al.Step 3 – PI
    a sir and a mam in the panel..
    won’t get into question wise details
    but it was short and quick one..
    everything from hobbies to work-ex to FDI-Retail , corruption was discussed.
    was confident in answering ..Let’s c what happens now.. Fingers crossed..


  • SNAP Score: 96.25
    Slot: I had my GEPI on the 10th, 10:15 slot.
    Background: Comp. Engg.
    Work Ex 1.5 years
    Campus: Nice and green.First things first, the process was excellently managed. The best management I have seen so far this season.After the identity check, we were taken to the WAT room. The theme was – should freedom include the freedom to make mistakes? The time allotted was 15 minutes which went away too quickly…Next up was GD. There were two panelists – a middle-aged man and a lady. 6 people to a group. There were 2 processes:1. Ranking the factors that affect customer choice when he picks a telecom service provider. The points included Value Added Services, Billing and the like… around 6 of them. We managed to reach consensus on most. The discussion was thorough and smooth… went on for a good half hour.2. A case study based on a new B school. How would you go about branding the same and attracting applicants? This too went on nicely; there was no fish market and everyone got a chance to speak.Overall, I was happy with the GE. Both of them.Finally, it was time for PI. While in the waiting area, they had this excellent colour code system on the projector. Your ID would be blue if done, green if next in queue and red if waiting. I like!My panel had two gentlemen. I will list some of the questions I was asked:* Tell us about yourself
    * Biggest crisis faced in life so far
    * Weakness
    * Writing – what inspires, what do you write, how will management help nurture it (hobbies and extra co-curr)
    * SIBM or SCMHRD?
    * Why do you want a paradigm shift from IT after 1.5 years of good work ex
    * What kind of job do you want after B school
    * What if you do not make it this year? Will you again take up IT?
    * Do you have any questions for us?Chilled out panel for the most part… a little bit of stress created esp. about the why management part. But then that was to be expected.


  • Snap score :97.25
    10th: 86.2
    12th: 87.6
    Grad: (B.A.) 58.3 (DU)Written Exercise : topic about new ideas something, was good wrote a more eccentric thing than the topicGD1: A case analysis on new entrepreneurs and reason for failures
    Group was all boys and reached conclusion
    Discussion was OK spoke twice or thrice
    Group had some people speaking too much and saying nothingThe observer asked questions about the choicesGD2:About commission on research sector in India
    Beginning was pathetic
    Observer intruded and we got on the track
    performed better than the first onePI: Two gentlemen one around 60(A)
    Another around 40(B)A: started with potentiality of being a pace bowler identifying a particular one
    In the beginning i disputed it(my big mouth) and gave reasons
    Reasons led to B asking about a prominent world figure asking views on it and about a movie on his life (as i had mentioned movies as a hobby)
    Asked about “genre” pronunciation
    B disapprovedThen there were a lot of question about movies some i knew some didn’tThen came on the topic of studies asked long questions about it Humanities related from international scenarios to domestic and economicsAsked about books which i haven’t readAsked whether i want to ask some questions so i did!B: advised to read more and then shook hand in the end
    A: said nothingWas the longest interview i gave actually had to use brain in this one

    Can’t comment on whether it was good or not only result will decide but scmhrd gave a test of full potential


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