Self Test Of Latest Updates For Honest Evaluation – CAT 2015

Self Test Of Latest Updates For Honest Evaluation – CAT 2015

Self test of latest updates for honest evaluation – CAT 2015
Self test of latest updates for honest evaluation – CAT 2015

CAT 2015 (Common Admission Test) is the key to admission to premium management institutes in India. From IIMs, FMS, XLRI to what not – this entrance is the provision! And, if you are not acknowledged about it, let us inform and update you about the various updates coming this year. As a good candidate, you also must be curious to evolve in accordance with the most recent changes.

*First section

The first section is dedicated to the Quantitative Aptitude (Quant). The questions based on Data Interpretation are no more the part of this segment but other. There will be 60 minutes dedicated to this part in order to solve the 34 questions.

*Second section

It will contain the two previous parts of the other two sections. You will be offered 32 questions based on Data Interpretation (DI) and Logical Reasoning (LR). The latter was previously the part of Verbal Ability section. As usual, an hour will be given to solve this section.

*Third Section

It has been given a different name this year – VRC (Verbal and Reading Comprehension). There will be 34 questions in this segment. There would possibly be around 4 RC passages with an estimated number of sixteen to eighteen questions revolving around them. This part is meant to check your grammatical skills, vocabulary and sentence formation.

*CAT 2015 computer-based but not online

The most common blunder is to describe the test in a less appropriate diction. You would end up hearing that CAT is an online entrance. But, literally ‘online’ means ‘present on internet’. CAT is conducted, by assigning a computer or laptop to each candidate. So far no candidate has been seen admitting the use of internet in the exam. They have to click the right answer. And, therefore, whichever centre is assigned,  you ought to take the exam from there only. However, you may fill the preferable city in the form to fill the candidature for CAT.  

*One test, one day and 136 cities

November 29, 2015 is the only hosting day for CAT 2015. It will be divided into two slots. There are 136 locations throughout the country which will be the test centers for CAT 2015. It is going to be a record number because otherwise CAT has had the maximum 99 test centers.

*On-screen time and calculator

Feel lucky this time. You won’t have to waste time on any calculation. Besides, the on-screen time will also help in using the limited period more efficiently. It will also aid in shuffling between the questions time and again.

Addition of one more section and 10 more minutes

It’s a huge and unexpected change. Now there will be three sections. And the total number of questions will be 100. There will be a marginal increase in the allotted time period for test. It has been increased by 10 more minutes.

 This time, no to and fro movement from one section to the other

The candidates will not be permitted to visit and solve any section any time. For each section,. There is a pre-decided time period of 60 minutes. Till the time, that one hour is not spent; they can’t touch the other section. After one hour, they will be routinely introduced to the next section. Also, they cannot start with the section of their choice. First section will be introduced first.

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